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Date Night

Our usual date night ends better than expected
Be ready by 7 xoxo” the text read. You managed to put so much anticipation in just one line. Tonight is Friday, our usual date night but tonight you told me that you had something special planned for us. I was curious as to what you were planning. You’ve have always been one for surprises and tonight, I’m sure, will be no exception.

Once I arrive home from work, I start getting ready. I step into the shower and relax immediately. It’s been a tough week at work and this is just what I needed. I rub your favourite body wash all over my body. The smell of ginger and orange blossoms surrounds me in the steam. I concentrate on my breasts and glide my hands down my stomach at the apex of my thighs. I start a slow, torturous rhythm around my clit for a few minutes. I get myself worked up just enough to make me crave your touch. My hands just won’t do, you have the special touch and you know it. I exit the shower and start toweling off. I dry my hair and style it just the way you like it. I make sure my makeup is absolute perfection. I walk into my closet, open my drawer of special lingerie and gaze at all of the lace and silk. Which will you like best? I decide on a white and champagne lace bra with matching thong and garter belt.

I sit down on my bed and slide my thigh-highs up my legs. I slip on my thong and belt and attach my stockings. Slipping on my bra I stand in front of my full-length mirror. Damn, now I remember why I love this bra. My breasts are pushed up and together giving me great cleavage. I slide my hands over the soft cups and my nipples raise, giving my arousal away. I slide my hands lower, over my flat stomach to the top of my thong. I slip my hand in the front of my thong and I am about to start pleasuring myself when my phone vibrates.

You better not be rubbing yourself. I want all of your pleasure tonight : )”

I’ve been caught by how well you know me. I stop myself and walk back into my closet. I pick up a red, skin tight, silk dress and lay it on my bed. I choose a pair of sky-high platforms shoes in black patent leather. I put on my dress and slip on my shoes. Just as I choose my bag, there is a knock at my door. All of my muscles clench deliciously. You’re here, and I am ready to jump your bones right now.

I go and answer the door and I am speechless. There you stand, in all your glory. You are six foot three, slim but so well muscled with dark tousled hair and piercing blue eyes. You look positively edible in this navy blue suit and white button up shirt. All I can do is stand there gawking at you.

“Well, hi there, gorgeous,” you say with a smirk on your face.

“Hello yourself,” I say, finally able to make a coherent sentence.

“Shall we?” you motion to the door.

I take your hand and we walk outside into a gorgeous summer night.

“You look absolutely perfect,” you say, while gazing down at me.

I flush and mutter a thank you to you. We get in your car and head to my favourite restaurant. We arrive at the restaurant and I find out you have reserved a small two-person booth in a quiet back corner of the restaurant.

“Quite the intimate spot you chose here,” I tease.

You smile back but say nothing. We sit down and order some drinks. As I glance over the menu, I see you staring at me with a look of pure lust in your eyes. You lean over the table and whisper “Go take off your panties.” The tone of your voice leaves me weak in the knees as I get up and go to the bathroom. I return and I am about to put my panties in my purse when you shake your head at me.

“Give them to me. I’ll be keeping those for tonight,” you say in a husky voice. The look that you give me could make me combust right there. Our meals arrive and they look delicious. We both dig in to our dinner and drinks. As I’m about to take another mouthful, I see you take my panties and bring them to your nose. You inhale deeply as I sit there with the fork dangling in front of my gaping mouth. I stare at you incredulously. I cannot believe what you have just done. You grin at me wickedly as you put them back in your pocket.

“They smell way better than our food,” you say, as if in explanation.

As we finish our meals, the waiter comes back to pick up our plates. He asks if we would like dessert. In unison, we both shake our heads no. I know that we are both anxious to get out of here and back to your house. On the drive back, I can feel your mood shift. You start getting giddy and I can see you fidgeting in the seat. I lean over and rest my hand on your thigh. “You alright?” I ask and I move my hand higher up your lap. You can only groan in response and I rub right over the front of your pants. I decide to take it a step further and I unzip your pants and stick my hand inside, surprised to find you have gone commando. I hear you gasp and I gently squeeze my way along your length. I pull your quickly rising erection out of your pants and lean closer to your lap.

“Babe, what are you doing? I have to focus,” you say slightly nervously, glancing from me to the windshield. Right now though, I don’t care. I want you so much. Your cock looks like a great dessert. I take you in my hand and gently kiss the head of your cock. I trail little kisses from the base to the tip, which earns me a groan from you. I slowly take the head into my mouth and give you a small suck. Swirling my tongue around you I pull you further into my mouth until you hit my throat. You shift in your seat and moan my name. I feel your hand on the back of my neck and that gives me a boost of confidence. I start bobbing up and down in your lap and stroking you as I do.

“Babe, you have to stop. I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” you say, as you push me up from your lap.

“Fine, but not for long,” I agree. Luckily, we are just pulling up to your house. As I get out of the car, you grab my hand and basically pull me into the house. As soon as the door closes, you are on me. You take my face in your hands and start kissing me with a passion I’ve never felt from you before. I immediately respond with a moan and you slip your tongue into my mouth. You push me up against the door and run your hands down my body feeling every curve. You glide your hand around to my ass and give it a squeeze.

“The bedroom?” you whisper against my mouth. I nod enthusiastically which makes you chuckle. You motion for me to go up to stairs first. I sashay my way up the stairs and give you a good look under my dress. You stop me when you are eye-level with my ass and dive in under my dress. You take full advantage of my lack of panties and immediately start swirling your tongue around my opening. I am dripping wet and you lap at my juices eagerly. You work your way up to my clit and start an assault on it. You nip at it gently and I yelp in surprise. Inserting two fingers into my dripping hole, you start working them in and out quickly and harshly. After just a few moments, I can feel my muscles start to clench and quiver.

“Babe, I’m going to cum!” I tell you and you cease all movements. I look over my shoulder at you in despair.

“Why did you stop?” I whine at you.

You smirk and reply, “Because I can.” You slap my ass and tell me to continue up the stairs. I head up into your bedroom and turn back to face you. I give you my most seductive look and you return that look. I walk towards you and grab onto your jacket lapels. I pull you back towards the bed with me. I take off your jacket and throw it onto the chair in the corner of the room. I start unbuttoning your shirt and leave little kisses on your chest with each button. I tear your shirt off you and discard it on the floor. I start on your belt but you stop me.

“You have too much on still,” you whisper in my ear and nip at my earlobe. “Turn around.”

I comply and you start the slow journey down with the zipper on my dress. You trail your tongue down my spine as you drop the dress to the floor. I turn around and I see you inhale sharply when you get a good look at my breasts encased in white lace. You groan in appreciation and lower your face into my cleavage. You kiss and lick my breasts all over. You then reach around and unhook my bra, dropping it on top of my discarded dress and giving you unlimited access to my boobs.

I reach over to you and run my fingers around the waistband of your pants as you continue your assault on my nipples. I reach forward and start unbuckling your belt, followed by your pants. I shove them to the floor and your erection springs free. I grab hold and start stroking you slowly. You moan into my breasts and look up at me with pure lust in your eyes. You stand up straight and push me back onto your bed. I move up so that I am lying spread-eagle in the middle of the bed. You stare down at me and say “You are perfection. I’m so lucky.”

I flush from head to toe. I then sit up and grab you, pulling you down with me. We both laugh as you fall, not so gracefully, onto the bed beside me. You lean over me and we start kissing passionately again. You move your legs around mine and this forces your cock in between my thighs. You start to move your hips, rubbing your throbbing erection against my pussy. It feels heavenly and I can only moan against your mouth. You stop kissing me and take your cock in your hand. You start rubbing it up and down my pussy hitting my clit each time.

“Come on, babe, I want you so bad!” I say to you, but you just grin at me and continue your rubbing. It’s driving me crazy! I try to move my hips to make you slip inside but you hold your hand on my pelvis.

“Oh no,” you say, “I’ll decide when I’m ready.”

I close my eyes in frustration and I feel you start to enter me. You push just the head of your cock into me and immediately pull back out. I groan at you and plead for you to just fuck me already. You chuckle and shake your head at me. You slide in again, deliciously slow about 2 inches deep, then right back out again. You continue your torturous game until you are all the way inside me. You bottom out and we both moan in pleasure. You pull back and slowly enter me again and again. You start picking up speed and our moans increase in volume.

All of a sudden, you pull out and flip me over. You bend me over and leave me with my ass in the air, and my pussy open and inviting. You take a moment to gaze at my ass appreciatively before running the tip of your cock over my clit. The friction between us makes me jump and I groan, reveling in the feeling. You slide your cock back into my pussy and the new position makes me feel so full. I tell you how good it feels with you like that. You lean down and start kissing my back as you glide in and out of my sopping pussy.

You are pounding away at my pussy and I can feel it starting to build inside me.

“Oh… I’m almost there… don’t stop!” I moan at you. But you stop right before I hit my peak. I groan at you, “Why would you do that? Just let me cum!”

“All in good time,” you reply as you flick my clit with your thumb. You spin us both around so that now I’m on top. My favourite spot and you know it. Now it’s my turn for some revenge. I spread my legs around your hips and bend so that my pussy is wrapped around the shaft of your cock, not letting you enter me. I start moving my hips back and forth, rubbing myself up and down your cock for friction. I am spreading my juices all over your cock as I watch you coming unraveled beneath me. Your groans are telling me all I need to know. I lift up your cock and position it at my entrance. I slip the head inside and start bobbing up and down on just the head. You close your eyes and lean your head back in pleasure. Taking this moment, I choose to surprise you and slam down onto your cock without warning. I start riding you as fast as I can. Your eyes whip open and your mouth opens in complete surprise.

“Oh my god, baby, don’t stop. That feels amazing!” You are almost yelling now. I ride you harder and your moans get louder and louder.

“I’m…. so close! Don’t stop!” You moan at me. But this is my revenge and I stop and remove you from my pussy. You groan in absolute despair.

“All in good time,” I whisper, echoing your words from before. You grin at me and pull my hips closer to your cock again. I rise and you slip easily into my dripping entrance. This time we both know, we will not stop again. You start moving in a delicious rhythm, fast and then slow, dragging out both our orgasms. I lean down and start kissing you with as much passion as I have. You are slamming into me now as hard and as fast as you possibly can. We are both moaning loudly against each other’s mouths.

“Oh baby, I’m so close... I’m... going to... oh!” I moan in your ear as I hit my climax. All of my pussy muscles clench around your shaft and start to quiver as I lose all control.

“I’m cumming too, babe! Here it comes!” you yell back and I can feel your cock twitch once, twice and then you release your load deep inside me. We continue to move against each other during our orgasms, prolonging them. When we can finally breathe again you kiss me hard.

“Safe to say that was the best sex I’ve ever had,” you tell me, and I have to agree with you. We lie together with me on your chest and fall asleep in each others' arms with your softening cock still inside me. 

This is my first story, so any constructive criticism is encouraged!
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