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Date night

Date night

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Date night was a way to spice things up
It was the last Friday of the month, which only meant one thing, date night.

Since they had met, Lyndsey and Steven had liked to keep things fun in the bedroom and try different things. Just one of the things they had recently started to do was date night. Once a month they would decide on a place to meet. They would turn up separately, sit in a bar and pretend they didn't’t know each other. Steven would then approach her and chat her up. Lyndsey played along, loving the excitement of it.

Tonight they had picked a bar and arranged to be there for 8pm. Steven arrived first. Looking around the room he didn't’t see Lyndsey yet, so he went and got himself a beer. He took a seat facing the door so he could see when she got there.

After 5 minutes she walked in. Wearing a low cut red top that showed off her amazing tits, she headed to the bar. As she ordered her white wine, Steven approached the bar and told the barman he would get this. Turning to face him, she smiled and politely thanked him. They told each other their names and started to make small chat.

A bottle of wine later and Lyndsey was feeling rather tipsy. Her hand brushed his as she gave him her sexiest smile. He knew what she was thinking. Sliding her hand onto his leg, she moved up towards his cock. Already there was growing bulge. Looking around the bar, she noticed a small booth to sit in at the far corner. Taking his hand, she led him over there. Sitting down, they started to kiss. Her hand found his cock again and started to rub it up and down.
They didn't care that more people were in the bar now. At that moment it was just the two of them.

Stevens hand was now sliding under her top. Cupping her tits and rubbing her nipples through the lacy cup of her bra. Kissing Stevens neck, she whispered in his ear, "I need to fuck you".

He didn't have to wait for her to say it again. He stood up and grabbing her hand, led her outside.

Outside the cool evening fresh air hit her and she stumbled. Steven caught her before she fell. Scooping her into his arms he told her he needed to fuck her right now. Lyndsey was so horny and needed to feel him inside her. She kissed his neck and nibbled his ear as people were walking past watching them.

The Hotel was only a short walk away from the bar. This was good as neither of them thought they could hold on much longer.

Entering the lift, Steven slid his hand under her top again. He started rubbing her rock hard nipples. She threw her head back, enjoying the feeling. His lips were kissing her neck as she was groaning with pleasure. Just then the lift stopped and an older man got in. Steven stood in front of Lyndsey facing her, still kissing her, still teasing her nipples. The man must have known but they didn't’t care at all.

Loving the excitement of it, he now slid his hand up her skirt. She parted her legs inviting him in. Moving her knickers to the side, he began rubbing up and down her slit. He pushed a finger inside her, feeling just how wet she was. In and out, his finger fucked her faster and harder. Then he took it out and moved his finger up to her mouth. He rubbed it along her bottom lip, teasing her. She parted her lips and licked his finger, before he slipped it in her mouth for her to suck.

Just then they remembered the man in the lift with them. Lyndsey looked over Steven's shoulder and saw the man had his own hand down his trousers. He must have been enjoying the little show they put on and needed some relief himself. Even though they all knew what they were doing, they didn't stop. Well not until they heard the lift bing and the doors open.

This was Steven and Lyndsey's floor. They smiled at the man and left the lift, leaving him to finish himself off.

He led her to his room and opened it up. The room was big with a nice inviting bed. Without turning on the lights they undressed each other. Stumbling over to where the bed was, their hands were all over each others bodies. She needed him inside her, needed him to make her cum.

Pushing him down on the bed, she instructed him to lay back as she climbed on top.

He wanted to see her so reached for the bedside lamp. Switching it on he was greeted with a view of her full round tits in front of him. He nuzzled his face between them as she slid down on his big hard cock. Oh wow he felt good, his cock filling her up, making her throb.

Sex with Steven just got better every time. She couldn't’t get enough of him or his amazing cock. She only had to think about kissing him, and him sucking on her lip and she was soaking wet.

As she was riding his cock, he was talking dirty to her. She loved it when he did that. Telling her how good her pussy felt. How his cock belonged inside her. He told her to cum for him, it was a demand that she couldn't’t say no to. Just hearing him say the words made her ride him harder, grinding down on his cock. She leant back and started to rub her clit as she was fucking him. He loved watching her play with herself. Seeing her bite her bottom lip he knew she was ready to cum, she always did this as she was about to have an orgasm.

Seconds later she was shaking, legs trembling as the orgasm shook through her body. It felt amazing, her pussy muscles gripping his cock tighter. Pulling his cock into her.

Knowing her favorite position, he told her to kneel on the bed. Excited at the thought of him fucking her doggy style, she did as she was told.

When in position, he started to rub her pussy. She felt so wet, he wanted to taste her. Lowering his mouth to meet her dripping wet pussy, he slowly licked her slit. She raised her ass and he licked her from ass to pussy. His tongue teasing both holes, she begged him to fuck her. He wasn’t ready just yet. He slid his tongue between her pussy lips, lapping up her juices.

When he was done he slid the tip of his cock inside her, then out again. He did this a few times, very slowly. Then just as she was about to tell him enough was enough and fuck her, he quickly pushed his full length inside her. Holding onto her long hair and gently pulling her head back he fucked her hard and fast.

He told her to tell him where she wanted him to cum. She didn't’t have to think much about it, she knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

When he was almost ready, he pulled out and told her to turn over. Laying on her back, she opened her legs and slipped a finger inside herself as Steven knelt beside her head, wanking over her. She loved watching him stroke his cock as she played with herself.

Watching him close his eyes as his body shook, she opened her mouth ready for his hot spunk. When he was ready, she wrapped her lips around his cock. Feeling his cum hit the back of her throat felt amazing and tasted so good. She swallowed every last drop before licking up and down his cock, cleaning him with her tongue.

Another good date night almost over, they lay in bed satisfied . All they had to do now was decide what to do on their next date.
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