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Date Night

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Going out with friends... or spending the night with your boyfriend?
Best Date Night Ever

It was finally date night! We finally found some time to have a night with our friends and not have to worry about coming home late. I couldn't help but be excited. 

As I finished getting dressed, I heard the unmistakable clicks of the door locks being turned. Nate was home! I was so excited I ran out of the bedroom to greet him. He barely put his things down before I jumped in his arms. I hadn’t seen him in days, it was his first year in med school so he tried to spend most of his time on campus to focus.

“Hey you.” He said kissing my neck. “What I’d do to get such a welcome home? Or did you do something bad and you’re trying to charm your way out of it?”

“I just missed you silly.” I tightened my legs around his waist so I could lean back and get a good look at him. He didn’t look like the horror stories that they used to describe in college. When he first got accepted into UCSD med school everyone warned that we wouldn’t make it through our first year together. Med students were always tired, angry, obnoxious, and most importantly sleep deprived – all the things that didn’t bode well in a relationship. But we made it through the first 6 months without any trouble and I was thankful.

He looked good, tired but good. “You’re scruffy.” He had some stubble around his chin and cheeks, which made him, look all the sexier. I couldn’t help but rub my own cheeks against it.

He set me down and gave me a kiss. It really had been too long but I didn’t want to waste any time dwelling. I knew he was busy. I gave him a quick pat on the chest before walking back towards our room. I called out behind me. “Hey hop in the shower so we can get going, I don’t want to keep them waiting and don’t forget…”

His arms grabbed me from behind, making me lose my train of thought. He nuzzled his face through my hair near my ear.

“Do we have to go? Let’s just stay home.” I tried my best not to whip around and stomp my feet at the idea.

“It’s our first night together in a long time babe. We should go out and have some fun! What would we do instead?” I turned my head to give him a kiss on the cheek. I brought my hands up to cover his on my waist and started to pull him with me towards the room.

But he wouldn’t budge. “I could think of a couple of things.” He said as he kissed the back of my ear, his breath hot against it.

I looked around our living room to see what we could possibly do. It was plain, which I loved. We had a big dining table that was more for studying then eating, a big flat screen and a huge DVD collection. I guess a movie night wouldn’t be so bad.

“I don’t think Tom and Chris are going to want to come over for a movie night not until we’ve done something first. I think everyone else would be okay though. Let me grab my phone.” I tried to move away from him again but he held me tightly against his chest, my butt pressed against his thighs.

“That’s not what I had in mind.” And before I could ask him what else was there to do at home. His hand reached down and cupped me between my legs.

My legs grew weak at his touch. IT HAS DEFINITELY BEEN TOO LONG since we did anything in that category.

“What do you think babe?” He kissed the nape of my neck as his hands continued to rub me through my jeans. I was already starting to get wet but I didn’t want to just bail on our friends. They were all looking forward to hang out.

“I don’t know Nate I’m not really in the mood. Maybe after?” I tried to bite back a moan as his other hand reached up to cup my breast, his thumb stroking my nipple to life.

“It’ll be fun! We haven’t had a date in so long. I feel like an old married couple already.” I tried to persuade him. He hated the idea whenever people said that. He didn’t believe that it was normal for long time couples to just lose interest each other. If they did then maybe they weren’t right for each other. But my comment did nothing to deter him. He continued to rub my crotch, his other hands moving to unbutton my jeans.

“Come on babe, date nights are so predictable, I could probably even tell you exactly what’s going to happen the entire night. And it’ll be like we went.” I had to laugh at the idea. I turned around and stared at him.

“Oh really? Okay persuade me. How would it have gone?” I raised an eyebrow to let him continue.

“Well first I would have come home and this whole conversation would have happened – and you amazingly convinced me to go saying it’ll be worth it. And I showered while you finished getting ready. Then you would have called Christina to tell her we were on our way over.” He paused looking for my nod of affirmation.

“Well that’s no surprise. How else do people start going out of course you have to get ready! You’re going to have to do better then that mister.” I poked his chest hard. “Not to mention, boyfriends come home with flowers on date night.” I made a face before pushing away from him to walk towards the room. I barely got through the door, only to get spun back into his arms and lifted onto our dresser. He pushed himself snugly between my thighs.

“You didn’t let me finish.” He smiled as I turned my head to pout. He grabbed my chin so that I would face him. “Then I would have explained to you why I didn’t get you flowers. I didn’t want them to pale in comparison to your beauty.” He leaned in close to my ear whispering that I was beautiful as he kissed his way down my jaw to my lips. I couldn’t help but smile against his lips.

“You are so corny. And then what?” I wrapped my arms around his neck waiting for him to continue.

“Well then we drove over to Christina’s and while on our way there you tried to make me feel better.”

“How did I do that?” He grabbed my hand placing it over his semi hard dick. Guiding my hand up and down to rub it.

“Just like that.” He leaned his head against mine, moving his hands behind my back under my shirt and I didn’t stop stroking him. I thought I might as well indulge in case we get too tired later.

“Would it have worked?” I asked. I smiled as he nodded his head slightly, his eyes were closed, his breathing deep.

“For a little while anyways. Since the drive to Christina’s isn’t that long.” I shook my head at his response. He was so silly. He held my hand still as he continued his story.

“Since Christina is always the last one to finish getting ready, we’ll probably be sitting on her couch underneath the blanket watching TV. Since her house is always freezing!” He lifted me off the dresser and sat me on the bed, while he moved to sit behind me, holding me close.

“And while everyone is busy talking…” He slipped his hand into my jeans underneath my panties, already unbuttoned from earlier. He started stroking my slit, already wet, with his middle finger. He definitely caught me off guard; my hands gripped his things in response.

“You like that?” He asked, whispering against my ear. I could barely nod in response. I could feel his erection pressed up behind me; unconsciously I rocked back into him.

He continued to stroke me as he went on. “ Then after that we’d go to dinner, probably Cheesecake factory. Leslie is always about the ambience when we go out.” He talked as if we were simply sitting there, he seemed unaffected while I was trying to keep back my orgasm has his fingers played with my clit.

“Nate.. Baby…come on..” I tried to form some words to stay stop, ANYTHING but my thoughts were incoherent.

“While we wait for our food I would have grabbed your hand so we could continue where we left off.” He grabbed my hand and moved it to his erection. I groaned at the feeling. He was so hard. I stroked him without any urgings from him. 

While one hand stroked, his other hand started pushing my jeans off and I did nothing to stop him.

“After dinner, we always go dancing.” I was so close and wanted to cry when he withdrew his hand from my panties. He moved to squat down in front of me smiling as he did so. I glared at him for being so mean. He started to pull my jeans off completely and he stripped down to his boxers as he talked.

He moved me back on the bed until I was on my back; his body nestled between my legs. At this point going out was the last thing on my mind but I didn’t want to tell him.

He leaned over me, slipping a hand beneath my top, under my bra to massage my breast. I gasped in response, my hands coming up to grip his shoulders. We started to kiss, his tongue demanding and searching inside my mouth. He leaned back onto his elbows.

“We would have gone to that new club on 1 st street and danced for a few hours.” He started to grind his erection into my already soaking niche. “Just like that....” He continued to move against me and I raised my hips to add to the pressure. 

He started to kiss my neck, giving me tiny little licks as he went along. I gripped my thighs around him tighter, trying to increase the sensation.

“Then what’d we do next?” I asked, my breathing already shaky.

He looked up and smiled. If I weren’t already panting beneath him, that smile would have doubled me over.

“Is somebody getting antsy?” He pressed against me harder. His hands moved to lift my shirt up past my tummy. He moved down and started kissing his way around stomach, one hand still on my boob massaging lightly. I kept my hand on top of his to keep it there. The other hand gripped his hair.

I tugged his hair slightly to have him look up. “Get back here. We’re not done dancing.” He laughed at my comment.

“No?” He asked as he moved between my legs again, returning to the delicious rhythm he had earlier.

“I think you’d be tired by now. We still have to go back for Tom’s for the movie night remember?” He grabbed the hem of my top pulling it over my shoulders.

His hands reached behind my back unclasping my bra. He murmured against my mouth as he went about sliding it off my shoulders. “It’s going to be a long movie so we should get comfortable.” Throwing my bra aside he moved down towards my panties, hooking his fingers underneath to pull them down. The cold air rushed through me giving me goose bumps down to my toes, and instantly making my nipples painfully erect.

I saw his eyes darken at the sight. He burrowed back in between my legs. The first touch of his cock catching me by surprise, I didn’t see him take off his boxers. For the first time in weeks, we were completely naked against each other.

“I got us the couch so we could snuggle. Thoughtful huh?”

His dick slipped right between my lips causing us both to moan at the sensation. He started to slide back and forth between me. His eyes not leaving mine, he licked his thumb and index finger before moving it to circle my nipple, squeezing.

“Hmm… Nate…” My hands dug into his shoulders. I tried to keep my head on straight not wanting him to stop. So I asked, “What movie are we watching?”

His eyes were on my nipple, watching as he rolled them through his fingers. He didn’t look back to answer my question. Instead, he leaned down towards his fingers, pinching my nipple up towards his tongue, giving it a nice hard lick before answering casually “I think Gladiator, I love that movie.”

He gave me a smile before taking me in his mouth. I arched up beneath him trying to escape but he continued relentlessly. He started to suck and pull with his lips, moving one hand to stroke my aching pussy. I tried to shimmy out from under him, to try and move my hips with his hands but he held me down with his other. It was unbearable, I felt utterly defenseless. All I could do was moan out his name.

“Nate baby, you’re driving me crazy..”

“Now you know how I feel.” He smirked, his finger deftly stroking my clit. He stopped turning to look at the clock. “We should get going wouldn’t want to be late.” And he just stood up and walked to the bathroom.


I was stunned. I laid there in bed for a second, completely naked, incredibly horny and my boyfriend went to the bathroom to get ready…

I thought maybe he felt bad and decided we really should go the other part of me wanted to run after him and give him a piece of my mind. I quickly got up, bare naked and stomped my way to the bathroom. I walked in ready to yell at the top of my lungs. I pushed the door open only to get pressed up against the wall.

He grabbed my hands pushing them together over my head, while his other hand snaked around my bottom and lifted me onto his throbbing erection. I felt breathless.

“Took you long enough.” He grunted against my ear as he started slowly thrust in me.

I stared back at him, overwhelmed, but not wanting to let him win. “I was thinking of what to wear, since you wrinkled my outfit.”

He plunged deep, lifting me higher up the wall. He growled at my retort. “Liar.”

I freed a hand from his grasp to pull his head towards me, kissing him thoroughly. I could feel my orgasm already building up, it had been to long and his teasing wasn’t helping my stamina.

Our foreheads rocked against each other, our lips only breaths apart. His movements were unhurried and tantalizingly unbearable.

“Nate, fuck me baby.” I tried to push my hips against his thrusts, to make my meaning more plain. “I need you to fuck me right now.”

His thrusts remained steady; one hand came up and smacked me hard on the butt.

I yelped from the pain. He’d never done that before. I was surprised to say I liked it. His aggressiveness was utterly sexy.

“Babe, you’re so naughty. You want me to fuck you in front of all our friends? Don’t you think they’ll notice?”

He was still going on with our “date” and the idea of getting fucked in front of all our friends only made me hornier. His hand went to rub the spot he had just hit., massaging it gingerly.

“Did you like that? Did you like it when I smacked you for being so naughty?” He was absolutely grinning now. He loved to toy with me every chance he got.

I nodded. Not sure what else to say, I gripped my thighs tighter, trying to squeeze his cock deeper into me. The new grip had gotten him by surprise, knocking the air out of him. He licked his lips staring straight at me.

“Do you like it when I’m rough baby hmm? Where’d this new side come from?” He nuzzled my ear.

“I like you acting naughty, makes me want to fuck it right out of you.” He said roughly against my ear. “You want me to?”

I could only moan my agreement, his thrusts already getting harder and faster. He pressed my body so hard against the wall, grabbing both my hands raising them above my head. He pounded into me and it wasn’t long before I felt my legs quivering around him.

“Oh…Oh.. Nate. Harder baby please…” He grunted in response, pushing deeper inside me. I felt the orgasm roll through me, it was too much. I leaned into him, biting his shoulder to gain some control.

Once, twice, his moan was harsh, deep. It sent a tingle through my pussy as I his cum drip between us. He let go of my hands and I clung to him, holding tight. I didn’t think I could support myself after that. We stood there for a while, my body still pressed against the bathroom wall, him leaning into me. His breath fast and heavy.

I saw our reflection in the mirror, his tight butt gleaming with sweat. I nuzzled into his neck, wrapping my arms around his neck.

His hands wrapped around my back and carried me to bed. He put me down in the center of the bed kissing down my neck, whispering that he’ll be right back.

I laid still too tired to move. Barely noticing when his lips moved down the valley between my breasts, kissing each one before moving down to my stomach.

His lips hot across my belly, made me tremble. He brought his face back up to mine, kissing me lightly, flicking his tongue out sporadically.

Finally he laid down next to me, gathering me in his arms. He reached on our nightstand to turn on the TV, apparently he put in a DVD when he left, I had to giggle, it was Gladiator.

My butt was tightly tucked in the crook of his thighs as we spooned. He turned the TV on low and started whispering into my ear. One hand moved between my legs massaging gently.

He nudged my ear, sucking my earlobe into his mouth. “Did I hurt you baby?”

“No,” I sighed at his touch, probing my lips, so gentle. “it was amazing.” He continued kissing my neck.

I felt my eyes get heavy and I snuggled my body deeper against his. His hand making me melt all over again.

“Good, we should pay attention to the movie now.” He said softly.

I mumbled in agreement, not sure if I could stay awake. All of a sudden I felt his cock slide into me. I gasped in surprise.

His hand cupped my chin, turning my face towards his as he slowly rocked his body into mine.

“Thanks for convincing me to go baby. Best date I’ve ever had.” He kissed my lips whispering I love you against them.

“Told ya,” I smiled, trying to stifle a yawn.

“Don’t sleep yet, we haven’t finished the date!” I looked at him through half closed eyes.

“What else is there to do. We normally go home after movies.” I asked, rubbing my cheek into the palm of his hand, kissing the inside of it. I was so sleepy….

“Have hot sex.”

Well that woke me back up! 

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