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Two married people seek something more
We agreed not to tell anyone how we met.

Who was going to tell, anyway? We were married. Each of us seemed mismatched sexually with our spouses, desiring far more intimacy than the one at home.

It was craigslist.

Dawn’s ad caught my eye and brought us into contact, but it was her fun and erotic emails that grabbed my attention.

Dawn: "I miss kissing. Would you take me to dinner and kiss me?"

Me: "On a first date? Only if you eat all your vegetables. lol."

The first time we met we had dinner together. We talked and laughed throughout. Those first dates can be so awkward for two who meet online, but ours was the exception! I loved her mouth...her resort to vulgarity at terribly funny moments. I remember looking at her and realizing I could definitely see myself holding her in my arms and kissing passionately. I had a hunch she was an amazing kisser. There was a smoldering sexuality just below the surface. One of those women you just know are voracious in bed.

It didn’t take long to find out. As we got ready to leave I wondered what her impression of me had been. Would she want to see me again, or would she cut her losses and move on? By nature I am a gentleman, so without giving it any thought I walked her to her car and opened the door for her. She started to get in and then stopped, pausing to look into my eyes. Then she stood again.

"Mark, did you notice I ate all my vegetables?"

Without another word, she kissed me. Hard. Tongue reaching, greeting mine. Soft lips urgently pressing, moving, searching. I had my answer. And an erection.

"Mark, I loved kissing you last night."

"Probably not as much as I loved it, Dawn."

"I've never gotten wet like that so quickly."

"Dawn, you made me hard then and you are doing it again now."

"I want to make you harder."

For our next date we planned a casual snack, but Dawn asked if we could just skip food and find a quiet place to park. We found a nearby, nearly empty parking lot. We had agreed that unless and until we decided to fuck we would not spend money on a room. Save it for then. I stopped, shut off the engine and turned to her, but she was already climbing into the back seat. Very practical, I thought. Direct. No nonsense.

For those who love prolonged kissing, this was a feast. We kissed. We touched. We stroked and rubbed through our clothing. We drove each other wild with passion. My cock was so hard it hurt, and I was confident Dawn was very wet. Dawn paused and looked at me for a moment, then, without breaking eye contact, she unzipped me and took me in her hand. She slowly licked the head, then my shaft, then took me deep in her throat. What followed was amazing. Intense. Someone asked me once whether I had ever had a full-body orgasm, but I didn’t know what it was. Now I do. I actually roared. She swallowed.

We sat for several minutes. I was holding her in my arms.

“Dawn?” I whispered, "Is there a day we could meet in the afternoon, when I could get us a room and we would have a few more hours together? I would like to get to know your body, kiss you all over. Worship you. Make sweet, slow, love to you. Then I want to fuck you hard, doggy style.”

We had to wait almost two weeks. Our emails back and forth reflected our simmering desires:

“Dawn, what touch, or kiss, or spoken words get you hot the quickest?”

“Mark, I love it when a man takes me to dinner and whispers what he is going to do to me later. A perfect gentleman in public, but an animal when he gets me alone.”

“Dawn, do you like gentle or rough?”

“Please don’t make me choose, Mark. I need both.”

“Dawn, imagine I am poised between your legs, my cock just touching your lips. Tell me how you feel.”

“Mark, I can hardly concentrate on work, thinking about your beautiful cock penetrating me for the first time. Hurry and do it!”

“Dawn, I want to kiss you all over. I want to spend hours making love to you.”

“Mark, can we meet tonight and just kiss for a few minutes? I am so hungry for your lips.”

“Dawn, close your eyes. Imagine yourself on your hands and knees on the bed. I am behind you, ready to take you. You are waiting.”

“Mark, I am so hot for you. I think u live to be fucked hard from behind. Just sayin.”

And so it went. Two weeks of torture.

On the appointed day we arrived at the motel and checked in. The young woman at the reception desk slowly explained the amenities awaiting us: pool, sauna, exercise room. I noticed Dawn was fidgeting as much as I. There was only one amenity on our minds.

We got in the elevator and headed up to the third floor. We kissed. She felt my hard cock through my pants and moaned into the kiss: “I want this!”

I dropped the keycard twice. Dawn laughed, her hand on my ass. The lock finally succumbed to my efforts.

We stood and kissed, more slowly now. It was as if we sensed we were finally alone and had time to enjoy each other. I slowly undressed her, and she me. Soon, we stood naked in a circle of discarded clothes. Our kissing had only been interrupted when removing an article of clothing mandated. Now our focus returned.

I pushed her slowly backward, steering her to the bed. When she felt the bed behind her she sat and pulled me closer. I knew she was going to swallow my cock, but I didn’t want to cum in her mouth this time. This load was for her pussy.

She obviously felt the same, for after just a few strokes with her mouth, she moved back on the bed and beckoned me to join her. We spent the next hour exploring, touching, nibbling, sucking and tasting. Getting more and more aroused. Finally, I kissed down Dawn’s body until I could lick her slit, my tongue caressing her wet folds, then reaching deeper and deeper. As she writhed under me I began to assault her clit and she came hard. While she was still crying out, I raised up and plunged deep into her in one thrust. We both gasped. What followed was powerful, both of us pushing together as hard as we could until first one, then the other came.

As wonderful as that love-making had been, I kept thinking of Dawn’s statement: “u live to be fucked hard from behind.” That’s what I planned to do.

I rolled Dawn over on her tummy and slowly stroked her back. I was rewarded with a contented smile. I reached lower and caressed her ass. I moved up and whispered in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you hard now.” She moaned.

I moved between her legs and lifted her hips a few inches. I rubbed the head of my pole along her slit a few times. Then I plunged hard, balls deep, forcing her body flat on the bed. She lifted her head, cried out and grabbed the sheet in her fists, bracing herself against my onslaught. It was animalistic, intense, deep. She cried out as she came. I followed with a roar, then collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried in her.

“Lisa, why don’t we do this at home?”

“Jack, you are not as hot as Mark.”

The next day, another email from Dawn: "You have no idea how much I crave having you inside me again. How soon can I see you?"

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