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Deception, duty or reality?

My name is Mike and I’m a retired Air Force officer with 23 years of service. I served in Iraq for three tours of duty as well as numerous other posts, retiring after reaching the rank of Major. I was an only child, raised in a midsized New England city, where my mother was an English teacher and my father an Attorney. I grew up with privileges many of the children I attended school with only dreamed of. Other than school, I never had much interaction with others my age. I usually went to functions where older, more mature people were present. Because of this, I was quite shy and never much of a lady’s man.

My shyness lasted all throughout high school and, and when I dated, I never “scored” like a lot of my classmates bragged about. As a matter of fact, I did not have sex until I was in my early 20’s and that was just a stroke of luck, having nothing to do with my skills at lovemaking. I went off to college right after my high school graduation but during my freshman year, my entire world fell apart. My parents had taken a vacation and visited Scotland. They were taken from me when their return flight, the famous Lockerbie flight, crashed killing all aboard. I struggled through the rest of college and upon graduation accepted a commission in the United States Air Force.

It was while stationed at a Florida base that I met Julie. I was smitten by her from the very beginning. She wasn’t very tall, about 5’6” and had the most beautiful smile. She had a sense of humor that could make even the most serious person chuckle. She was a wildflower, free and adventurous. Unlike me, she did what she wanted to do and I found this, and her, irresistible.

I began to pursue a friendship with her even though. I was a lieutenant and she was enlisted. By unspoken military norms, fraternization between officers and enlisted was a no-no, but I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. After many fumbling words and days, I got up the courage to ask her out. While I was prepared for a refusal, I was totally crushed with her reply.

“Mike, I’m a lesbian, I don’t date guys, so please direct your efforts elsewhere”

Red-faced and hurt, I walked away, but could not stop thinking how cute she was and at the same time, how stupid I felt. I would fantasize and picture her naked, with those small breasts and that cute little ass she wiggled around when she walked. My thoughts ranged from visualizing her in the buff and her sucking on my cock until my balls turned blue, to shoving my cock in her ass hole and watching the look on her face as I pushed in and out. I would stroke myself as I had these thoughts and pretend I was shooting my jizz deep inside one of her holes.

I guess I became one of ‘those guys’ who thought they could ‘change’ a lesbian or at least help her decide she was bisexual. Or I decided maybe it was just a fence she put up to ward off advances. Despite all the military guidelines, it was a common practice for men to hit on the females. Add to that, the fact that coming out as gay could mean her discharge under less than honorable conditions and I convinced myself I could eventually win her over if I just kept on trying.

So despite her claim, I continued to pursue her and eventually, we started dating. I still couldn’t quite figure her out though as I found her to be hot one day and cold the next. Our experiences went from a hand job to a quick blowjob in the ladies room to me finally fucking her in the back of my car. We were both constantly on the alert making certain no one saw us. One evening Julie allowed me to photograph her in a bunch of different poses. My favorite was her bent over with a giant dildo up her ass while she masturbated. Every time I looked at this photo later, I could still smell the odor emitting from her as her fingers ran with great speed on her bare clit and after a few moments I would end up masturbating.

I wanted to know everything about her and often asked her about her childhood, why she joined the Air Force and just exactly what her job was. It was never very clear to me what her job consisted of; at times I saw her collecting oxygen masks and on occasion going into the cockpit of an airplane that had just landed. This seemed strange to me and I often wondered who authorized this and for what purpose.

Julie was always very distant and evasive when I tried to talk to her about herself or her job, either giving vague answers or changing the subject. On the other hand, she often asked about my job and my friends, and being a typical male and flattered by the attention, I chatted away.

Time went on and the war in Iraq escalated. I had been promoted to Captain and put in charge of a data communications unit. The time came when I was told I was to be sent to an Iraqi base after some additional training at another base first. Because of the urgency of my deployment, I was told to pack and be ready to leave the next day, so I had no chance to find Julie and tell her I was leaving.

When I finally arrived for the first day of my new command in Iraq I was amazed by the sight of a young woman bending over a table and writing something on the cover of a magnetic disk pack. That cute little ass looked very familiar and it didn’t take me very long to renew an old friendship. Julie and I began seeing each other again, soon picking up where we had left off. We went out for coffee, met for a movie or a stroll on the streets of Baghdad that often ended up in deliciously wonderful sex.

The walks were particularly dangerous, and all personnel was admonished to stay out of certain areas. One Saturday afternoon we accidentally broke this rule and wandered into an area that had been declared unsafe. As we walked along I happened to see a band of men in a large truck driving up the street. They were all armed and suddenly one of them fired a missile that struck a vacant building close to where we were. Taking Julie by the hand I half dragged her into the nearest vacant building seeking out some shelter. I was scared, but I will never forget the sheer panic in her eyes.

We huddled behind a pile of half burned furniture as more and more missiles were fired on the street and at the buildings. Julie clung to me, the fear of death on her face and in her eyes. I clung to her also and felt her body up against mine through our summer fatigue uniforms. I glanced over a table and saw two Iraqi men come into the building holding automatic rifles.

Julie saw them too and let out a little whimper. I placed my hand behind her head and pulled her face to my chest so her sounds couldn’t be heard. I held her tightly as the two men walked into the room, looking about. I could feel her pressed up against me, her breath coming in short spurts and the smell of her hair filled my nostrils. Julie pushed herself into me and I could feel her mound on my knee as her arms became tighter and tighter around me I think we both felt we were seconds from capture or death.

To my surprise, one of the men said something to the other and they walked back out into the street. Julie and I clung to each other for another minute or so and then as she pulled her head back her lips found mine and I tasted her breath, her tongue and felt her body melt into me. We kissed again and again and then Julie broke it off.

“You saved our lives. I was about to scream.”

After waiting a few more minutes and making sure the coast was clear, we ran out of the building, her hand in mine; a grip I maintained until we were out of the danger zone. We headed back to base and Julie stayed very close to me as we walked. We stopped at Julie’s quarters but as I was about to say good night, Julie gripped my neck and began kissing me. There was so much passion in those kisses. Tasting her sweet mouth again brought up something in me I had never felt before.

As she pressed herself into me, she asked: “Do you think your quarters would be safe?”

“Safe for what?”

“If your father was anything like you, it’s a miracle you were ever born, Don’t you know I’m in love with you?”

I all but carried her to my quarters, pushing open the door and locking it after we both got in. There is no way to describe the next few hours. I quickly undressed her as Julie began tearing at my shirt and pants. She fell onto the bed, pulling me after her.

I entered her very slowly as she savagely bit at my neck, as we had done many times, but now it felt different somehow. She was so beautiful, and as I felt the softness and the wetness of her I gently suckled her lovely little nipples, listened to her moans and felt the approval of every thrust.

My first climax came in a short time and was unbelievable. We continued, Julie maintaining a pace I had no idea I was capable of. It was like we had never fucked before it was so enjoyable, Her kisses erupted a searing fire inside me.

Julie spent the night in my quarters and in the early morning, we both awoke eager to reacquaint our bodies again. We had not showered and an odor of sex prevailed in the room. The odor coming from her was irresistible, compelling my full attention as I attempted to give satisfaction to that sweet moving target. Nothing could ever be more beautiful.

Our relationship became more and more beautiful and intense as time wore on. Then one day Julie came to me and told me she was being moved back to the states. Julie then told me she had to clear the air about our relationship. The shocker was that she was not military but had been planted on the base as a drug enforcement agent and was gathering the evidence needed to dismiss several of my fellow officers who were involved in drug trafficking back home.

She was then sent to Iraq deliberately to continue using me to gather evidence. The next day, without a word, she was gone, leaving me with the knowledge I been played. How could I have been so stupid as to not see this? I will probably never know for sure if any of what she said she felt was real, or if she had just used me the whole time.


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