Delectable -4

By redvixen

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a lovely afternoon...
It was an eventful afternoon. The urge to press her body against the glass in my office had been overwhelming. This creature was fascinating. She's not a submissive even though she's willing to do whatever I wish. Her moans, the heat of her body, the feel of her lips on me, and the incredible tightness of her is very dominant.

We left my office and arrived at her apartment. It my first viewing of her side of life. It was a quaint little place several blocks away from the city. We spoke casually on the drive as she caressed my arm as I drove. We didn't touch on the ride up in the antique freight lift.

I entered her private sanctuary, admiring the way she moved. The remembrance of that made me groan and smile.

Ali tossed her keys and purse on a little table and headed to a door on the left.

"Feel free to look around." She spoke as she walked into a dark bedroom. The place was small but very comfortably decorated. Deep blues, greens, burgundies, accented by silver, cherry wood, and the ever-present stuffed animals laying about.

I heard running water and walked to her bedroom to investigate. At the center of this bedroom stood a running fountain. A flowered granite style with an enormous pool at the bottom of it. It almost looked like a bath.

She had stripped and was picking out knickers. I walked up behind her and kissed her shoulder softly. She moaned.

Very responsive, indeed.

I slid my hands up her arms and she laid her head back on my shoulder. We faced the mirror and I studied her body.

I've always bedded women who were sleek, muscled. Alisandrea had soft round hips, a slight tummy, peach colored skin. Her breasts were full with dark peachy nipples. I liked that.

I reached up and cupped the warm flesh. They fit my hands perfectly. I simply held them, enjoying their warmth and heaviness.

My hands tightened slightly and she moaned softly.

I looked at her sex, the soft decorative hair above it. Full lips with a bit of clit protruding from them. I let go of her right breast and let my hand smooth over her hip. I released her left breast and let my hands slide across the creamy flesh.

She leaned forward on the dresser as I took in her form. She was curved, soft and tasted like peaches. My cock pushed at my slacks. My hands caressed her back, moving up to her neck.

The welt was red but well worth it. I love to bite. I was enchanted that she had enjoyed it so.

I pushed her forward a bit and knelt down to taste flesh. She shivered under my mouth. I could smell our previous encounter on her skin. Only hers, though. I am always appreciative of the cleanliness of the condom.

I grazed my lips across her buttocks and she tensed a bit. I would imagine she was still sore. I stood up.

"Lay down, Alisandrea," I said quietly.

She spread herself out on a scarlet coverlet. I undressed for her. Her breathing changed and her eyes glittered. For me.

I walked to the foot of the bed and undressed. She watched me through half closed eyes. I laid my clothes on a chair and kneeled on the bed. I ran my fingertips along a calf and watched as the muscles twitched.

She pressed a button on a cd player and low, moody metal music filled the room. Ali relaxed against the bed and let her legs fall open.

She was aroused. Her clit was standing out from her lips. The sexual prowess this woman possessed amazed me.

I moved over her legs and let my hands rub the soft skin, my cock brushing her ankles. I twitched at the contact of her skin on my head.

I bent my head to her sex, keeping her legs closed. I nuzzled my face into her lips and I heard her gasp as her hands grabbed the coverlet.

My lips found the throbbing bud and I gently sucked it into my mouth, coaxing it out of hiding. I rubbed the bottom of my tongue on it as I watched her head push into her pillow.

The taste of a woman is indefinable, but when you've got the core of her sex pulsing in your mouth, it is a powerful and pleasurable feeling for both. I'd never had one throb like this before and I flicked the tip of my tongue along the underside of her clit. She jerked and groaned.

"James," she pleaded. My hands held her hips in place so I wouldn't hurt her. I continued my assault on her clitoris and watched her skin flush with desperation. I knew she was ready to climax, but I backed off. I kept my mouth covering her clit, but stopped my tongue from lashing it.

Ali's body was tense, ready for anything that came next. I could feel her relax and she opened her eyes to watch me. Her clit softened a bit and stopped throbbing in my mouth.

I flattened my tongue on her clit and pushed hard on it. She moaned a bit, unsure of what I was doing. I released her sex entirely, and wiped off the wetness.

"Watch," I commanded and she raised herself up on her elbows. I slid my lips around her clit, enjoying the taste of her. It was sweet, no bitter aftertaste at all. That I approved of.

I flicked my tongue on her clit and she jerked hard. She continued to watch me as my tongue danced on her clit softly. Ali tensed up again and as I wrapped my lips around her clit once more, she sighed softly. She laid back on the pillows still watching me. Her hands in my hair.

I rubbed my clit on her tongue as I sucked it back into her mouth. I sucked deeply and grazed my tongue along the tip. Ali laid back and began panting again. Good.

I knew her clit was so sensitive that it was almost painful, so I licked around it. She grabbed the coverlet again and tensed. I knew she was close.

It was literally throbbing in my mouth. I could feel her heartbeat on my tongue. Ali whimpered my name.


I released the bud and massaged it with my fingertips. "I want your desire Ali. Give it to me."

"Y-Yes," was all she could manage to say.

My lips wrapped around her sex once more and I pushed my tongue against it. She gasped as I felt her clit quiver under my tongue. I pushed harder, demanding her orgasm be given to me.

It hit with such force that her clit literally jerked back and forth in my mouth and she groaned so loud that she sat up and cradled my head while I sucked on her. She panted, gasped, her body convulsed around me.

I pushed my tongue as hard as I could against her clit and I felt her release. She writhed as she fell back on the bed, back arched and unable to breathe, only feel the intense orgasm ride through her body. Her hands never left my head. Her clit danced in my mouth, jerking one way then quivering at a standstill.

She collapsed against the bed, whimpering and shaking uncontrollably.

She had given her lust to me. It was mine to keep, savor and pluck from her body when I wished it.

I slowly released her shiny clit, red from my tongue.

I moved up her body, releasing her legs, pushing them aside. My cock was stone. It needed her heat. I needed her heat. I slowly sank into her body, feeling the wetness I created.

Ali sighed and opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"I've never felt so," she trailed off.

"Complete," I finished for her and pushed myself in as far as I could. She moaned and pulled up her legs and drew me in.

We kissed softly, as I fucked her slowly.

"Perfection," I whispered in her ear as I licked the angry red welt.

"Bliss," she countered as her body rocked with mine. I knew I wouldn't hold out so I pulled out of her to the tip of my cock and slammed back into her. Ali groaned in my ear and shifted her legs higher. She kissed me hard. I could feel her muscles grip me as I pounded into her.

"I want to see you," she said softly.

I looked into her eyes to see them full of lust, desire. Her body shook under me as she came again, her pussy gripping me so tight I had no choice but to spill into her.

I kept eye contact as I exploded inside her, letting her see the true desire in my eyes that I had for only her.

I sagged against her as I finished. We were both spent. We kissed softly, warm lips against warm lips. I shifted to my back and pulled her to me. We could get dinner later...