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Meg walked through the wood. She was thinking about Guy again. He had saved her life. For that she was eternally grateful and would do anything for Guy in a way of thanking him. She ran her hands through her hair. She was so confused. Guy was such a brutal man, but he had shown her a side to himself that she had always known he possessed. She was walking to the clearing near to the river. It was one of her favourite spots and was always deserted. She liked to imagine that no one else knew it was there.

Just as she approached it she saw that the clearing was already occupied. She couldn’t quite make out who it was, so she carried on until she could make out who it was. She gasped. It was Guy. He was lying on the grass sleeping. He was only in his breeches. She realised her mouth was hanging open, so she closed it quickly and made her way silently over to the sleeping man.

Guy sighed to himself. He hadn’t realised until this moment how much Meg had affected him. She reminded him so much of Marian but yet she was different at the same time. He had thought it impossible to fall in love with another woman after Marian. She had been his everything, well until he murdered her in the Holy Land. He still couldn’t forgive himself for doing that to her. He heard a rustle and a branch break in the woods near him. He looked up and saw Meg coming towards him.

“Meg…” he breathed.

He sat up in the grass and watched her. She was beautiful. He could feel a stirring in his breeches. He shivered at the thought of Meg with nothing on. Meg stopped when she realised that Guy was in fact not sleeping but watching her. She started to turn to leave him alone but he shook his head and beckoned her to come to him. He held out his hand for her and when she reached it she placed her hand in his. He took hers firmly but gently in his and told her to sit next to him.

“Guy, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to disturb you or anything. It’s just that this is my favourite place, and I have never seen anyone else here,” Meg spluttered.

Guy placed his finger to his lips and silenced her. Meg shivered with pleasure. She had dreamt of this moment for so long. She took his hand in hers and kissed it. She had thought he would draw his hand away from her, but he didn’t, he looked deep into her eyes with his piercing blue eyes. He seemed to be searching her soul for a hint of something she couldn’t quite make out.

“You didn’t, Meg. I was thinking of you to be honest. You have made me believe that I am worth something. No one has been able to do that to me since…well since Marian. Meg I think, I’m…”

Guy never got to finished his sentence; Meg kissed him passionately on the lips, leaving him with no doubt of how she felt. To begin with he was too shocked to respond. It wasn’t until he felt Meg’s hand near to his now very hard cock that he started to kiss back with real passion. Meg pulled away from Guy and searched his face for any sign that he wasn’t enjoying himself. She couldn’t see it. She smiled and moved her hand down his firm chest, down to his breeches. She pulled at the laces and they came undone easily. Guy stopped her before she could go any further.

“Is this what you really want Meg? I won’t do anything that you don’t want to do,” Guy asked taking Meg’s face into his hands.

“I want this, Guy. More than you can imagine,” Meg replied, silencing him with a kiss before he could say another word.

Guy ran his hands up and down her back, pausing only to undo her dress. Meg stopped what she was doing and stood up so that she could remove her dress and slip. She cast them to the side and lay down next to Guy. She had full breasts and full hips. She was perfect. Her milky white skin had no imperfections. Guy ran his fingertips lightly over her nipples, causing them to stand hard and proud. He lowered his head and sucked gently at first on one of them. He heard Meg moan with pleasure so he increased the pressure. Meg could feel her pussy starting to twinge with need.

She pushed Guy onto his back and straddled him like she would have done a horse. She had never been with a man before but yet somehow she knew what to do. She covered his firm chest with light kisses and made her way down slowly before stopping when she reached his hard cock.

She felt unsure as to what to do next when Guy rolled her gently onto her back. Meg parted her legs for him and let Guy guide himself into her now dripping pussy. He placed the head of his cock at her entrance and very slowly pushed his hips towards her. He felt the entrance of her pussy break at the pressure from his cock. Meg gasped with shock and pain. Her eyes filled with tears, which fell down her face. Guy leant forward and kissed them away.

“If you want me to stop, Meg, I will. I would never do anything you didn’t want me to,” Guy said kissing away another tear.

Meg shook her head.

“I do want this. Just go slowly with me,” she whispered.

Guy nodded and braced himself over her before pushing further into her tight pussy. He had never felt anything so good before. He thrust gently to begin with until he felt Meg’s legs wrap around his body and small moans began to emit from her mouth. He went faster until he felt Meg’s pussy clamp even tighter onto his cock.

She milked the entire length of his shaft for all it was worth. Meg could hardly believe the feeling that was building inside her. Then wave after wave of pleasure hit her and she let out a sound of sheer ecstasy. Guy felt his balls contract and the contents of his cock filled Meg’s pussy. He collapsed on top of her in a sweaty pile.

Guy rolled off her and propped himself up onto one arm. He looked at Meg. There didn’t seem to be any regret registering on her face. He smiled and pulled her into his arms and held her close to him. Meg snuggled into him and fell asleep in his arms. Guy kissed the top of her head and breathed in her sweet scent.

“I love you Meg,” he whispered quietly before falling asleep.