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Desires, Needs, Wants

Part fictional, part fantasy, actual experiences shared with somone special.
I never expected to be on an adult website, but my desires, needs and wants drew me into this crazy world called Lush. I originally came here for the stories, mostly to read about other woman together. I've had experiences with woman in the past and there is something about the beautiful smooth skin of another woman’s body against yours, your bare breasts touching, the tracing of one another's silhouette, the best way to describe it, euphoric.

I started to enjoy the stories here so much I soon found myself creating a profile page and coming back daily to see what new stories had been posted. Soon after I created my own bio. I was careful not to say too much about myself at first because I did not want to draw attention or lure anyone in under false pretenses. I was not interested in cybering, or so I thought. Oh how Lush as taught me so much about myself and allowed me to explore other parts of myself I never knew were there.

I was nervous and unsure of myself, but soon found after chatting with a few women here, it instantly came back to me. The first time I was with another woman, the rush, the anticipation. To me it was almost like losing my virginity all over again. At first it was just a kiss a soft sensual kiss, then as we became more aroused we reached out to explore the other and started to run are hands across each others bodies. I still remember her firm nipples, the touch of her bare skin, the way she tasted and all the exploring we shared together that very special day. I was feeling this again, this amazing electricity buzzing with heat and desire inside of me from the connections I was sharing with the woman here on Lush.

I really started to come into my own and the only rule I had was no chatting with men! I'm married and thought in some strange way it would be cheating if I was to have the same type of connection I had with these women with another man. I thought being with a woman was like a safety net, but a man; well that was breaking all the rules. There were so many times I denied chats from men, blocked them from my profile, and even wrote in my bio "please don't take it personally if I don't accept a chat from you."And this is where my story really begins.

I don't know why this time was different from any other, but something made me accept a chat from him, how did this happen, why did he choose me, why did I choose him, well I did accept his invitation to chat and this is how I met Mike. Even saying his name now feels as if the whole experience, our journey together was a dream, something beyond me as if it never actually happened. I clearly stated at first, I was not interested in cybering so not to feel bad if he wanted to move on and chat with someone else. We continued to talk and I found him to be really funny and quick with his come backs. He checked in with me every couple of days just to say hey, or thanks for the chat, hope to connect again, always very kind, open and thoughtful. Maybe that was part of his plan to lure me into cybering with him; at least this is what I thought at first. Why would he waste his energy on me when he could chat with anyone else on Lush?

My interest started to peek, I wanted to know more about this guy, and I started to wait with baited breath each time I logged in to see if he was there. It was like a game at first, a poke, a quick hello, a message here and there, and then we decided to exchange emails and started to chat daily. It was as if we had officially stepped out of the world of Lush and it was just the two of us, in our own world.

My desires, my needs, my wants were drawing me in again and again, I could not get enough of him. Our conversations intensified overtime. It was like an addiction an obsession; I was drawn to Mike more so than any other woman or man for that matter. He had fulfilled this passion within me that I thought was lost, a part of my youth never to experience again. At first it was mostly flirting, asking what the other likes sexually, what gets you off, the conversation could be as simple as that and my panties would be so damp I could feel the fire burning in between my legs and my lips would start to pulsate.

The first time things got sexual for us, it was really on a whim, he was at work, and I was at home. I wanted to cyber with him, but did not want to come across as being to aggressive, so I waited to see which way the conversation would go and quickly the heat was on. Images of being naked together floated through my mind and it did not matter to me that I had no idea what he looked like. I told him how much he was turning me on, how wet I was that I wanted to slip a finger inside my warm pussy, he said "go for it girl"! Soon my legs were open, lips parted as I rubbed my clit even more frantically pressing my finger deep inside myself. There was no denying at that moment that Mike had to be working his cock while I was describing to him every touch and sensation I was experiencing. Quickly he said "insert two fingers baby" my clit painfully languished now, I felt lightheaded and overwhelmed, my heart was racing, my pussy was so saturated from my juices, I was ready to cum, I needed to cum and I wanted to share this with Mike, at that moment nothing else around me existed.

There was a time difference for us, so we managed to work around our schedules making sure we would connect. Things quickly started escalating when there were times we were not in touch and the other was concerned something had happened. We decided to exchange numbers, he was hesitant at first, but with a little push from me and to my advantage he changed his mind. We only spoke a few times; at first he left a few voice mails as we both were nervous. Just hearing his voice was enough to make my stomach flutter and my mind spin wildly. I would play his messages over and think of him while touching myself bringing myself to climax over and over again. We spoke briefly about instances when we were intimate with are own partners and how we had imagined it was the two of us together. We were now treading on dangerous territory, getting in to deep. The connection was getting stronger and the guilt we felt about our partners, heavier on our hearts.

Mike had the opportunity to travel with his job, he learned he was coming to my city and said it would be impossible not to meet each other. He asked if we decided to meet, could it be platonic, I said yes, because it was the right thing to do, but we both knew it could never be that way. The thought of meeting was so enticing. I had this fantasy of what would happen when we would first meet. It would be at the airport, we would embrace, say a hundred times over how wrong this was, and chat as if we were old friends, but the chemistry was instant and there was no going back.

We walked past the woman’s restroom, and I quickly pushed him in before anyone noticed. We went into a stall and I had no were to go except against the stall door, my skirt was now up, panties down around my ankles as he lifted me up so I could straddle my legs around his waist. He hoisted me up higher so I would be right over his now exposed erection, he was rock hard, ready for me to take all of him in. He pinched at my erect nipples, taking them in his mouth biting me softly as I moaned in delight not wanting the pleasures to escape me. I reached down to stroke him and whispered in his ear, now, take me now. He slid his hard cock inside of my very wet pussy at first very gently and then with such a force he began pushing him self in and out of me rocking me so hard against the stall all the while holding me up with his strong arms while I was wrapped around him. He was fulfilling every one of my needs, my wants and my desires. He was every bit the man I envisioned and hoped he would be. My orgasm was so hard and lasted for what seemed like an eternity I couldn't move, my whole body was limp. He leaned all his weight on me and I could feel his chest heaving in and out.

We stayed that way for a long time and then it happened; we looked into each others eyes and knew instantly the time had come. Our story was coming to end, our journey could be no longer, our passion had turned into emotion, and our fantasy was now turning into a reality. I held onto him and with tears of frustration and surrender knowing there was nothing I could do or say to change his mind to make him want to stay, we had to let go there was too much at stake. I was so hurt and emotionally affected by the turn of events, from being on this emotional high with him to having to say good bye. It was inevitable it would have to come to end, but I wasn’t ready. Losing him was going to be like living in a world with no air. I felt as though he was mine and I was his, but this commitment was made to others in our lives, who did not deserve to be hurt by our actions.

We chatted for a short while about how much we cared for one another and that we were grateful for the times shared together. Our chats always ended with “miss me” we never once said good bye. I whispered into his ear and said “miss me, miss me truly” and as I walked away I knew in my heart it was really good bye. Our journey was meant to happen, I can say this with certainty. I was not to look back but to look forward towards the future, whatever that may hold.

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