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Dessert is on me.

When dessert is on me is taken literally.

Just another day at the gym. Today is my chest and back day and I have worked my chest pretty hard, I am very tired and sweaty. I should have left the gym about 20 minutes ago, I will probably be late for work. I am just hoping to see her again. We have been flirting with our eyes for the past month. I am not sure if she wants me to make the move or if she is just checking me out while she waits to use the next machine. All I know is that she is breathtaking, she is perfect. She comes in and runs for about 20-30 minuets and I cannot help but position myself to watch her body move and bounce in ways that drive me crazy but I have to get a hold of my self. I am in the gym to work out my muscles in thin shorts and if I am not careful I tend to flex the wrong muscles if you know what I mean. She usually does a full body work out and I can tell that she puts a lot of time into her body. I have only given a nod hello a few times while we were working machines close to each other, it seems that we have been doing a sort of waltz around the gym, I am not sure if she is running or playing hard to get. Her legs are things that women dream of, perfectly toned. Her butt is not to big and not to small but just the right size. She sometimes wears a tight fitting tank top and I can see the outlines of her stomach and how smooth and flat it is, what I would not give just to stroke my fingers around her belly button. One of the times we were doing our waltz I was doing the chest fly machine (which was pointed right at her) and she caught me looking. I was so embarrassed I think my entire face was lit up brighter then a Christmas tree. I turned away out of shock but looked back to see her give me a nice little smirk and she bent over to put her towel back in her work out bag. I was not sure what I should look at, her well toned butt that was pointed right at me or her lower back tattoo in the shape of an infinity symbol. She picked up her bag an walked away, just before she was out of view she turned and gave me a little smile. Now I was sure that little show was not an accident but more of a gift, a gift that I was more then happy to receive. Oh how I wanted to tell her that if her beauty could ask the moon to stop setting it would, that the tenderness in he eyes could calm a raging sea. But how? Who picks people up at the gym? She would never, that's not why she is here. I see her take her normal place on the treadmill and begin a slow jog. I pause for a brief moment but I have to leave, I have a huge project at work and I cannot be late. So against all my better judgments I leave, but not before taking a quick COLD shower in the men's locker room. I get dressed and gather my things, on the way out I walk close enough to see her badge hanging from her workout bag, Beth Honeycutt. Before this date I just called her my muse, she is my rose in a world of thorn bushes. She is the only woman I have ever seen that just the sight of her would make me break the law for her. But although she is my muse, my reason for working my body so hard, it's nice to have a name.

I have figured out her work out plan, 2 days a week. Tuesday and Thursday, I have adjusted my workouts so that I would always be there on a day she was there. Today is Tuesday, and I have just let her go again. Beth is my muse, my siren, the woman that calls be back to work out my body for her every week. I know that I cannot keep letting her go, I have to act before it's too late. But how, when is the right timing. My mind is racing and I am sitting at my desk tying to work. Questions keep coming into my mind. How do you tell the most beautiful woman around that she is beautiful? How could my “come on” line beat everyone else's? What is so special about me that she would dare take notice? I have to focus on work, because if I cannot finish this project then I will be out of a job and then I would not be able to go to the gym anymore. It will have to wait until Thursday.

The morning alarm chirps and I am no closer to discovering the right words to tell her then I was on Tuesday. I get dressed and put my gym bag into the car. On the way I eat my quick breakfast of a pop tart, still trying to discern the best most non-stalker way of telling Beth my feelings. I have been showing up later then normal to the gym to try and get there just before Beth does so I can see her walk in. I am not sure if it's the weight that I am trying to lift or the fact that my muse has arrived but time seems to have slowed down, not all the way but enough to make every millisecond seem like a full second. I can see her long brown hair with streaks of blond flowing with every step. I can see every little ray of light bounce off her lip balm that must have sparkles in it. I try to hold my gaze as long as I can with out being caught. I have to take my eyes off of her but I don't want to. I get a bursts of energy when she walks near, it might be the primitive way of showing male dominance or just the fact that diverting the blood flow away from my second brain can help keep it in check.

This time we seem to be waltzing around the gym together instead of a sort of teasing chase. I have been close to her for about 20 minuets and I can smell her perfume, oh how sweet it is. Beth is a very athletic woman, a woman that on any court would set physical dominance against any other woman. But I see that she has laid down on the flat bench press and put 45lbs on each side. I stare at this woman probably about 70% of the time she is at this gym and I know that she cannot handle this weight. Something does not seem right, why would she try this? It's crazy! It's a total of 110lbs with the bar. I can see that she is very fit but I am not sure about this, it's a lot of weight, I would be surprised if she could even get it off the rack. Just in case I stop my exercise and watch to see if she can do this, if she could I would be flabbergasted. Beth grunts and lifts the bar and all that weight of the rack. I am impressed, I guess she does know what she is doing. I know she is focusing on the bar she is trying to lift and thus cannot see me intently focusing on her so I keep my stare. Beth slowly starts to lower the bar to her wonderful chest and her arms start to shake. I am starting to get worried, she really looks like she is struggling. I stand up and get ready to run to her aid if she cannot return the bar back to the rack. I hear a little whimper of “help” and the bar falls on her chest putting 110lbs flat on her chest. No sooner then the bar hits her chest I grab the bar and lift it off of her and return it to the rack. Beth grabs her chest and has a look of pain on her face. I am mad at myself, how could I let anything bad happen to my muse! How could I have been so naive as to think she could lift the bar that's as heavy as she is! I rush to Beth's side, bend down on one knee next to her and I help her sit up. I don't realize that I am still holding her hand as we are staring into each others eyes, both our eyes are filled with pain, hers for the weight that dropped on her chest and mine for letting it happen. Beth is the first to respond and all she says is “Do you know how hard it is to get you're attention?” without even pausing or thinking I respond with “You have always had it Beth”. What did I just say? I was thinking it but I did not actually mean to say it! Beth just smiles at me and thanked me for being so quick. I ask her if she would like to take a break and join me at the juice stand to recover and I offer it as “My treat”. Beth just looks at me with one of her room lighting smiles and stands up. As we walk over to the juice bar I realize that we are still holding hands, I don't dare let go because she is holding mine as well.

We sat drinking some banana smoothies for about 45 minuets which is all the time I think either of us had to spare. As we start to part ways I ask her if I could treat her to dinner. Beth looks at me for a second and tells me “no”, “You saved me today, and gave me a smoothie, dinner is on me and if you're a good boy dessert will be on me too”. I am so excited, she gives me her address and tells me to arrive at 8pm. We exchange a hug and as we are pulling away Beth kisses me on the cheek and turns to walk away. I know I need to get to work but I cannot turn, I cannot take my eyes off of her! As Beth turns the corner into the ladies locker room, she pauses and turns her head to see me still standing their staring at her, she smiles and enters the locker room. I take my routine cold shower and get dressed thinking that I can have my date with my muse. Work was anything but productive and it did not end soon enough.

I arrive at Beth's apartment at 8pm sharp, I knock on the door and Beth opens the door with one of her signature slow motion actions. Beth's hair is straight as opposed to her normal workout pony tail and it's shimming in the light coming from inside the house. Her silky knee length red dress is shining and her eyes seem to see deep into mine and I cannot break my stair. After what seems like 10 minuets Beth invites me in and I hand her a single yellow rose, Beth lowers her head and smells the rose. When she lifts her head I can see her perfect eyes, hazel with a little hint of green, and if I were God I could not make them better myself. Beth walks to the kitchen and get a small bud vase to place the flower into on the table. I walk into the front room and I can smell the wonderful aroma of Alfredo coming from the kitchen. Beth offers me a beer and she takes her glass of wine over to the entertainment center to choose a few tracks from her Ipod. Beth puts on some mellow jazz and starts to light a few candles around the room. We sit down on the couch and start to divulge the secrets to how long we have been dancing in the gym. We make our way to the table when the egg timer go's off. Beth offers me a seat and puts a plate of mushroom chicken Alfredo in front of me. Beth starts to tell me how she has been impressed with my body and has changed her workout times to see me more. I was shocked I told her I did the same. We laughed at how hard we were trying to see each other.

I looked onto the counter and I see a bowl of fresh cherries and whip cream. I am thinking we might be having a nice ice cream snack after dinner, I was full but not to full to indulge in a little dessert. Beth and I had finished our dinners a while ago so I asked if her if I have been a good boy? Beth just gave me a frisky little smile and said “yes, it's time for dessert if you are ready?”. Beth got up and left the table.

With my beer in hand I was studying the DVD collection on the wall, a few DVD cases had no cover and only a small piece of paper tucked into the binding with it's title. I thought to my self, I have never heard of this movie? Just as my curiosity was about to get the best of me and maybe find a woman's “special” movie collection Beth came back into the room. I just about dropped my beer on the floor, though I think my chin would have landed first. There Beth was in high heels, white stockings and a small school girl plaid skirt and a tight tank top. I was shocked, on any given day Beth was the most beautiful woman in any room but now she seemed to have taped into the very definition of sultry. I stood there like a moron just staring not knowing what to do. Beth walked over to me, lifted my chin back to it's rightful place and then moved within inches of me, I could feel the warmth coming off her perfect perky breasts. She grabbed my tie and started to pull me like an animal to my chair back at the table. Beth cleared the plates and said “I told you dessert would be on me didn't I”. Beth walked to the whip cream and motioned with her finger that I join her. I walk over and slowly slide my hand behind her neck with a delicate touch I pull her head close to mine, our eyes are locked as I start to kiss her neck. Beth's hands begin to search my back, I start kissing Beth's shoulders and pull back to make sure this is not a dream. This is my muse and I finally have her. Our passionate kiss continues for minuets while our tongues are exploring every inch our mouths. Beth's tongue is driving me crazy and I am thankful that this time I will not have to take a cold shower. We are holding each other in a tight embrace and I am sure that she can feel me getting hard in my pants. I start to kiss down her neck again, as she starts to unbutton her shirt I kiss just above her buttons following her down her stomach. I get down on my knees and let my hands search her legs while I am kissing her beautiful belly button. Beth takes off her shirt and tells me to take my seat. I step back not sure what's going on but I obey. Beth then strips her skirt off in a slow motion and I can see that she is not wearing panties, next comes the bra and I can see her perfect breasts just staring at me. I have never seen a woman whose body was so perfect. I stand up and take off my shirt and Beth walks up to me and kisses me then pushes me back down in the chair. I am not sure what's going on but all I know is that she wants me to sit down.

So there I am shirtless, rock hard and Beth is just in her stockings which are so sexy on her. Beth switches the music to a softer genre I think the only thing tonight that is going to get softer. She walks into the kitchen and motions with her head that I follow, of course I obey. She places the whip cream on her body in the shape of a bikini and places 1 cherry on top of each hard nipple. Beth's nipples are inverted but I swear I will get them to poke out like oven turkey timers. Beth then hands me a napkin and lays down on the table. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. I stand up and tell Beth to close her eyes, the only light in the room is a soft candle flickering on the counter and smooth jazz is being played over the speakers. My mouth hovers over her, she can feel my hot breath on her, I look up at her and I notice that she is biting her lip, I know that she will enjoy this. I move my face down to her whip cream bikini bottoms and kiss her inner thigh, she moans and I know that I have her wrapped around my little finger right now, later I will have her wrapped around my not so little finger as well. I move my face up to her whip cream top and while my hands are exploring her neck and legs I slowly pluck 1 cherry off of her nipple with my mouth and eat it, “1 down” I say. Beth's back is slowly moving in anticipation of the excitement that she will experience. I begin on her side where the bikini strap would be and with 1 long lick I clean off everything up to her breast. Another moan, as I Lick slowly around her perfect breast, I keep licking slowly in smaller and smaller circles until I am almost at the peak of her wonderful bosom. I am thinking I hope she got “Light” whip cream but even if this whip cream was 3000 calories I would still lick her clean. I make it to one of her nipples and I make a few extra circles around just to heighten the anticipation of cleaning off the first breast. My left hand is still exploring Beth's inner thigh, coming dangerously close to the whip cream, my right hand is bracing me and Beth has grabbed my wrist and is squeezing hard, I guess she likes what I am doing. I start a slow trail of kisses down from the newly uncovered breast to Beth's lower half. I kiss every single inch and I pause around the belly button and make a circle around it and return slowly to the other breast. Beth's grip on my right wrist is getting tighter. My left hand makes it way up Beth's side and make contact with the uncovered nipple and slowly starts to circle. I proceed to lick off the whip cream to get to the cherry as my hand is making the same motions on the other side. With the bikini top almost clean Beth moans loudly and arcs her back as if to push her breasts into my face. The last cherry makes it way into my mouth and I moan while eating it, It seams that even food eaten off Beth's body is better. I swallow the last cherry and I say “no more cherries”. Beth just smiles and with out lifting her head or opening her eyes she says “you forgot one, have at it tiger”. I look around and I don't see another one, then it hits me. Damn she is frisky I think to myself as I move around the table to get a better view. I slowly spread her legs and I sit down in the head chair, I put her legs on my shoulders and pull her hips to the edge of the table, from here I can take my time and my hands are still free to wander up and down her body. Beth moans and arcs her back wildly because I am mere centimeters away from exploring her pussy with my tongue, at this point I am not sure who is wetter, My mouth or her pussy? I start licking away from the inner thigh, from the bottom to the top. While my hands tease and twist Beth's nipples I clean off her waist and leave only a small strip of whip cream over her. I start kissing her inner thighs again as I debate whether I start from the top and work my way down or the other way. I choose neither. I started to shave a small sliver of whip cream off the left side just missing her clit and then the right side. One of Beth's hands shoots down to my head and grabs my hair, I am not sure how much longer she can take this. I start to dig into her pussy with my tongue, exploring every little corner or crease. Although Beth's pussy is sweet my tongue hits something sweeter, it's the final cherry. I start to work my tongue around the cherry slowly extracting it from this sacred vessel. As I finally remove the cherry and swallow it, I ask Beth if there is another one hidden. Beth just shoves my head back between her legs and says with a moan “Look again!”. I can tell that Beth is on the verge of orgasm so I focus on the clit making sure there is no more whip cream left anywhere on her. Beth's legs wrap around my head, I can barely breath but she is almost there. I start flicking my tongue up and down her clit just how she likes it and then she climaxes. Beth orgasmed so hard she knocked the bowl of cherries on the floor and nearly crushed my head. It would be a lie if I said that I did not enjoy it.

After a few moments when the muscle spasms settled down a little, I leaned back in awe of the view. I leaned forward and asked Beth “Did I missed the other cherry, Should I go back in or does it require a more deep penetrating probe?”. Beth just laughed and asked me to take off her stockings. I was actually really liking them but I took them off anyway. Beth got off the table and said “Now lets get you cleaned up”. We walked to the shower and Beth told me to get in and she shut the door behind me. I was a little let down and was not sure if I was supposed to take a cold shower or not. The shower is a nice large open shower with a nozzle in the front and a nozzle over the top of the shower so that 1 person cannot hog the water. I was caught thinking about what had just happened, this night if it had stopped here would still be amazing but then I feel a pair of hands working their way around my body. I was so caught up thinking about Beth on a table with hidden cherries I did not notice that Beth found a small stool and joined me in the shower. Beth was sitting right in front of me, I was a little shocked that she sneaked up on me like that but I was glad I opted out of the cold shower. Beth was moving her hands all over me, from my chest to my butt. She just looked up at me and said “I promise I will not bite... hard.”. Beth started to stroke my penis and while she was doing that she was using her mouth to suck on my balls, delicately using her tongue on them. With all the excitement I was really to pop and Beth knew it, she put my penis in her mouth and began to suck it. This felt to good I never wanted it to end but the end was near I could feel it. I am moaning loudly as Beth is sucking on my cock with her hands grabbing both my cheeks, she is moving faster and faster. I am almost going limp in the knees, with all this pleasure. I let her know that I am almost there and she takes my cock out of her mouth and starts stroking it very fast, It feels so good. She is using one hand on my cock and another on my balls just massaging them as she is stroking. I can feel it getting closer, the climax... My whole body tenses up getting ready for the release. As I orgasm I spray ropes of cum all over Beth's beautiful perfect chest. I just about fall to the ground but I manage to stay standing up. I put my hand under Beth's chin and bring her up to eye level, I just stare at her and begin kissing her passionately, I have never been with a woman this exciting.

I shut the water off and we get out of the shower, Beth gives me a flirting look and walks away from me, I can see her perfect toned butt and I can see how it shimmers with the water falling off of it. I chase Beth and pick her up and lay her on the bed, Neither of us seem to care that we are still soaking wet. We are laying next to each other completely naked and I started to trace my fingers up and down Beth's body. I was starting to get hard again and Beth looked down to see I was hard and pulled me on top of her. I started to grind myself on top of her clit just to tease her a little. We were locked in a steamy kiss when I put myself inside her. Beth released from our kiss and moaned loudly pulling my face down to her chest. I can not believe how tight and warm she is. I let my hands explore her entire side of her body from her caves to her under arms. We are locked in an intimate embrace as I am thrusting myself inside her, my muse is bringing out the best sex of my life. I am trusting myself deep inside of her. Beth arcs her back in ecstasy and digs her nails into my back, the pain just fuels my lust for her. We are both moaning loudly, moving back and fourth with our bodies closely entwined. Beth pushes me up and puts a pillow underneath her lower back. As I push even deeper into her now we are both moaning louder then ever. I thrust myself into her faster and faster, I almost think I am going to break her but I can tell by her loud moans are that she is enjoying it as much as I am. I bend down and start licking her nipples, they are rock hard now. I know Beth is at the height of climax about ready to explode. She is waiting for me, I know she will orgasm with me. It's getting closer and Beth wraps her legs around me and tries to force me into her even faster. I am thrusting into her as fast as I can and I can feel the orgasm about to explode. As I climax and orgasm Beth digs her nails into my back harder then ever and I can feel her muscles contract around me. I stay inside as we finish cuming together. I roll off of her and we grab the sheet to cover our selfs. We cannot stop staring at each other, we have both had a night that we will never forget. I can't help but to think that I love this woman, she truly is my muse, I did not know I could feel like that. After a few minuets I broke the silence and asked if breakfast could be on her as well. Beth just smiled and rolled onto my chest.  As we fell asleep together all I could do was to hope this was not all some perfect dream.

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