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Dessert! Laid out on the table…

Yummy. Tasty. Sticky

“It’s time for lunch! Strip off, lie on the table and spread your legs.”

“Are you serious?”

“I'm gonna have lunch and YOU are the main course!”

“Are you serious?”

“Strip and lie on the table!” I command. “I'm going to the kitchen to get some things.”

“What are you going to get from the kitchen?”

“Lie on your back on the table… You’ll see.”

In a few moments I return from the kitchen with a pressurized can of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries and a banana. You are lying on the table, as instructed, every delicious curve of you, naked, waiting in anticipation.

“Open your mouth and I’ll give you a little taste.”

As your mouth opens, I squirt just a little of the whipped cream onto your tongue.

“Suck it back into your mouth and swallow it. Just like you swallow my cum.”


I shake the can and squirt a circle of cream around each of your breasts and a little mound of cream on each of your nipples.

The cream is cold from the ‘fridge and your nipples react by standing up stiffly.

Then, a quick squirt into your tummy button.

Your body flinches slightly at the cold.


And then, a line of cream from your tummy button down to your little hole.

Next, a dribble of chocolate sauce.

“Do you want a little taste?”

“Mmmm, yes please.”

I dribble the chocolate onto your tongue

“Mmmmmm, delicious.”

And then, drip, drip, drip, over your chin and down, over your throat; a gob of chocolate onto each nipple and I trace a heart shape over your tummy.

“Take the banana and peel it half way down.”


“Now dip the banana into the whipped cream on your body and suck the banana like you suck my cock.”

“Don't bite it!! Suck it!”

You look at me quizzically. Then your tongue and mouth go to work on the cock-like fruit.

“Taste good?”

“Mmmmmm, delicious,” you repeat.

“Now roll the banana in the chocolate and whipped cream… And suck it some more.”

“Oh, God, what are you thinking?”

I place a strawberry into the whipped cream mound on each of your nipples; another strawberry into your tummy button; and a final strawberry in the whipped cream between your legs.

“Do you want a strawberry for yourself?”

“Yes, please. Bite it in half and drop it into my mouth.”

“Do you want whipped cream on it? Or do you want chocolate? Or do you want to be greedy?”

“I’m going to be greedy,” you giggle.

I roll your strawberry in the whipped cream and chocolate on your tummy, take it between my teeth and hold it over your waiting mouth.

“Open your mouth,” I say between my teeth. As I bite into it, the sweet blood-red juice drips onto your tongue. My teeth cut through it, and half of the sweet red berry drops into your mouth.

“Mmmmm. Yummy.”

Spread across the dining table is the sweetest dessert I will ever eat. I lick upwards from your chin, coating my tongue with the chocolate that dripped there.

I hold the sauce in my mouth and bend over you.

As our lips join, my tongue forces its way into your mouth.

Your mouth begins to suck at my tongue. We share the flavours of chocolate and strawberry.

My tongue withdraws but never loses contact with your skin. I follow the line of chocolate until it blends with the circle of cream around first one breast and then the other.

You begin to giggle and one of the strawberries perched on your nipple begins to slide down the side of your breast.

I catch it with my teeth, and bite it in half again, over your waiting tongue.

Again my tongue traces its way to your breasts and the remaining strawberry sitting on your sweet little nipple.

This one is mine!

“I want half,” you plead.

I bite into it and let the juice drip from my mouth on to your belly.

“It’s too late. You can't have half. If you want some, slide your fingers through the sticky mix on your tummy - chocolate, cream and strawberry juice.

Then suck your fingers.

Or use the banana. And suck it like a cock.”

“I think I prefer the banana. Can I bite it?”

“Do you bite a cock?”


“Then, don't bite the banana - suck it.”


“There are two strawberries left. Do you want one?”

“Mmmm. Yes, please.”

“Which one do you want? There’s one in your tummy button. And, one warming near your cunt.”

“The one warming near my cunt.”

My tongue laps up the chocolate, cream and berry juice, ignoring the tasty red berry in your tummy button.

Down, down, down.

My prize is another juicy red morsel between your legs. My lips and chin are covered with chocolate and cream.

The berry slips deeper between your legs. My tongue searches and finds a new flavour.

The berry is forgotten for a moment as my tongue traces up the length of your slit and finds another berry at the top - red, swollen and pulsing.

With a flick of my tongue I send a shiver through you.

“Oh god. Oh god oh god!”

I quickly snatch the strawberry between my teeth and slowly begin to bite it, teasing you and dripping the juice over your tummy, between your breasts and over your chin.

“Open your mouth.”

I kiss you and my tongue pushes the strawberry mush into your mouth.

“Now lick my face.”

Your tongue relishes the taste of chocolate and cream and a little of the special flavour that your cunt has added.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

I move to the bottom of the table and sit on one of the chairs.

“Open your legs, lie back… and enjoy.”

“Mmmm, gladly.”

Sitting on the chair, I lean forward and again trace the length of your wet little hole with my tongue.

“Oh god.”

It is so easy to find your clit - It peeks from between your cunt lips waiting to be sucked. My tongue opens your little lips as it ploughs into you and slides upwards. Your clit throbs and I close my lips around it and suck while my tongue flutters gently over it.

“Oh god oh god oh god OH GOD!”

A wonderful mix of flavours coats my tongue, chocolate, cream, strawberry and cunt juice.

“What are you doing with the banana?” My words are muffled by your thighs.

“What should I do with it? It’s easy to break.”

“Then, be very careful. Suck it like a cock and when you are ready, BITE IT!!!”

My tongue is busy at your little hole, begging you to drip your own juice to add to the rich cocktail of flavours.

I plunge my tongue into you and your cunt spasms and soaks my chin with cum.

Your body spasms and your back arches off the table.

As your orgasm sweeps through you, your teeth clamp onto the banana, biting off the tip.

I love the taste of your wet when you come.

I lap up your juice like a kitten lapping up milk.

I suck your clit again and again as your orgasm floods my tongue.

As your orgasm slowly wanes, you ask, “What about you?”

“Slide your body up on the table and let your head hang backwards over the edge.”

Again, a quizzical look from you, but you comply.

I rise from the chair and as I walk around to the other end of the table, I unzip my pants and pull them down to my knees.

As you look back you see my cock, hot, red and swollen, trying to escape from my underpants.

I pull down my underpants and squirt a small amount of whipped cream onto the tip of my cock.

“Do you want chocolate too?”

“God, yes!”

I dribble a little chocolate over the length of my shaft.

“Open your mouth.”

Your mouth opens, willingly.

I slide my cock between your lips and you begin to lick and suck the cream and chocolate from the head.

This is an unusual position for my cock. Your tongue is over the top and the bottom of my cock travels across the roof of your mouth.

I pull back and you lick me; hungrily.

Your eyes become fascinated by my balls which are directly in front of your eyes.

“I'm going to fuck your mouth.”

I have to be careful not to go too deeply.

“Suck me. Suck my cock.”

“Tell me where to fuck you. I want to hear the words.”

“Fuck my mouth.”

My strokes are short as you suck my cock.

You reach back with your hand and begin to stroke my hot, sticky shaft.

“Gently? Or fast?”

I lean forward and reach that final strawberry still in your tummy button.

As I stand, I chew the strawberry and save the juice in my mouth. “Stroke me faster.”

Your hand pumps up and down along the length of my cock; faster and faster.

I tilt my head and let the berry juice drip from my mouth. It drips onto your lips and along the shaft of my hot dick.

You can see my balls contract and your other hand takes them gently and rolls them through your fingers.

My balls leap in your fingers and my cock swells.

You quickly slide off the table and drop to your knees, grasping my ass in your hands.

You stroke me and pump more and more cum from me.

“Stand up, turn around and bend over the table.”

I shove my cock up your steaming hole and your cunt spasms with a final orgasm as the last load of my cum splashes your insides.

I fucked your chocolaty, creamy cunt with my tongue. I fucked your mouth with my chocolate, strawberry cock. I fucked your cunt with my cock. That must be the best dessert ever invented?

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