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Dessert Without Dinner Can Be Fun

Tags: m/f, oral, hj, anal, force
dropping to my knees and spreading her thighs, my face dropped to her honey pot...
I had just pulled into Tracy California and was expecting to deliver the next morning a load of orange juice I was hauling. I wasn’t sure where the warehouse was, but this not being a big town, it seemed it wouldn’t be hard to find.

As I pulled along a city street, I saw a young gal walking along to what appeared to be the bus stop up ahead. She was a delight to ones tired eyes, wearing a pair of tight jeans that made her sweet young butt wiggle as she walked.

As I passed her, I noticed her perky young breast jumping up and down in a little too tight tee shirt.

Being in a warehouse district, I decided to pull over and ask her if she knew of the company I was looking for. If all else failed, maybe I would get lucky, and at least get someone to share a dinner with.

Pulling up to the curb and setting the air brakes, I started to step down out of my truck, when I noticed the gal stopped in her tracks. Thinking better I slid across to the passenger seat and rolled the window down. "Do you know where Acme Warehouse is on Holly Dr?"

"Sure it’s over that way," she said pointing off in a direction.

"You know how far?" I asked.

"Well it hard to say," she said. "But I could show you, if you want."

"That sounds good to me," I said stepping down from the truck to hold the door for her.

"Nice truck," she said as I helped her up in to the cab.

I dropped the tranny into gear and asked as I pulled from the curb, "Any place to eat around here?"

"There is a little café down the road a bit."

"You hungry?" I chimed in.

"Ah, you don’t have to do that."

"But you helping me out," I replied. "That’s the least I can do."

"Well, I was just going home, and I would be eating alone again," she said with a little girl smile on her face. "That would be nice."

We pulled up in front of this little diner that looked like it served the best grease in town, climbed down and went in. After some small chat, a couple of burgers, her with a coke and me sweet ice tea, I paid the bill and we were on our way.

Back in truck, I questioned her where the receiver was I had to be at in the morning.

"Just down the road," she said. "You're not going to sleep out here are you?"

"That’s where I sleep." I said pointing to the sleeper behind the seats.

She turned, pulling the curtain back and looking into the sleeper. Standing up she went into the sleeper and stretched out on the bunk. "You want some company?" she asked.

"You don’t have to do that."

"You bought me dinner," she smiled at me. "Besides, you being all alone doesn’t seem all that much fun."

I stood up and walked back into the sleeper and laid down next to her, and pulled her close to me. I gave her a deep wet kiss. She did not disapprove or try to pull away. Holding her with my right arm as we kissed, I reached up under her tee shirt and fondled her ample breast with the other hand.

Her bra was made of that thin see through type material and I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. A whimper came from her throat that excited me more.

I always loved giving pain to others or even receiving it myself during love sessions. It always caused me to build to a greater crescendo.

I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans sliding my hand down inside. Wow, I thought no panties. My hand slid down to cover her muff, my middle finger sliding up and down the lips of her wet, warm slit.

With my middle finger I went for the prize, trying to push it inside of her. Damn she was tight, either a virgin or hadn’t been fucked in a while. Either way this would be an adventure.

After, using some force I was able to insert my finger into her hungry moist hole.

"Oh God! Finger me baby," she whined loudly. "Oh yes, right there," she cried. "OH YES, YES!"

Her hand moved to the huge bulge in my jeans. She started rubbing it. "I want your cock."

I tugged on her pants, and with her help I pulled them down around her ankles. She laid on my bunk, her shirt up around her neck, one of her tits hanging out of her bra and naked from there down except her little white socks. Certainly, a gift for the taking, I thought.

I dropped to my knees, grabbing her inner thighs I spread her legs wide exposing her sweat little muff, glistening with her juice’s. My face dropped to her honey pot lapping at her lips and nibbling her cherry red clit. Moans drowned out the traffic noises outside, as my tongue flicked in and out of her pussy causing my cock to become rigid hard in my jeans.

Standing up, I unlatched and unzipped my jeans letting them drop to the floor. My cock sprang forward sticking its helmet out the fly in my boxers. "My god," she said grabbing it and giving it a few quick pumps with her hand. "It’s so big," she sighed, pulling it toward her and engulfing it in her mouth.
"Oh yes, suck me baby," I stammered.

She was gurgling and slurping as I grabbed the back of her head and tried to force my manhood down her throat. She tried unsuccessfully to push me back but I refused, pumping in and out of her mouth, like women with two pussies. The excitement was building and I did not want it to end in her mouth, so I let her have her way and pulled away from her.

Reaching down I took one of her legs and pushed it up over her shoulder. Lowering myself I took my saliva covered cock in the other hand, and putting the purple head against her honey pot opening, forced it into her being. With little tears trickling down her cheeks, she cried out "It’s so big, it hurts."

"It will stretch out," I answered with a smirk on my face.

Forcing my cock deep inside her and lowering myself to her I began to pump with a vengeance. I would not be denied my sexual pleasure.

She soon began to moan with pleasure as my up and down pumping became faster and deeper with every stroke of my big tool. I love the sound of the sloshing noise as her juices started seeping from her love nest.

Before I could stop her, she pulled her legs free, wrapping them around me in a force of a bear hug. She hung on for what she thought would be a wild ride. The bull began to buck and the cow held on for dear life.

Soon I knew I needed more. My sperm wasn’t flowing; my satisfaction was being denied.

I grabbed her legs around me, pulling them lose I stood up and using her legs I turned over on her stomach. Pulling her butt cheeks apart I laid my cock tip up against her brown candy hole. With all my force I pushed to cram it in her ass. It wouldn’t fit, as she was too tight.

As she let out a violent scream, I grabbed the pillow and put it over her head muffling her sounds.

I pushed again and the helmet of my cock pushed inside her. I forced again driving more of my fat cock inside. "You’re so damn tight," I said to her as her screams turned to moans.

"Put it in deep," she replied. "It’s so big. I want it in deep, baby."

I started to pump in and out of her brown hole; my balls tightening engulfed in pain to explode.

"Fuck me harder! Baby, fuck me!" she yelled.

Pumping faster and faster my rod erupted, gushing a stream of hot thick cum. My balls were emptying as I continued to pump faster and faster. I wanted to drain the whole thick, sweet load. I wanted to fill her to the limit and leave nothing behind.

Finally, drained I collapsed on top of her sweaty body. I could hear whimpers coming from her.

"Damn, I’ve never had anything like that." she uttered.

"Me either." After a few minutes, I got up and pulled my pants on. She did the same and followed me to the cab of the truck.

We pulled down the road and about a mile was the Acme Cold Storage Warehouse. This was the place. A couple of miles beyond was an apartment complex where I dropped Linda off.

"I hope we can see each other again," she said with a slight question mark in her tone.

"I get through here about twice a month," I answered. "I would love to see you again."

We exchanged phone numbers, she went home and I went back to the warehouse to spend the night.

I saw her a few times afterwards. Dinners got shorter, and the sex got better. She finally met a man and moved away and I changed routes. But the memories of Linda satisfying my straight stick will never be forgotten.

Hope you enjoy another story of StraightStick on the road and that you will stop by leaving some feedback. For those that already have or those that’s read my works, thank you!

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