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Natalie has earned a detention at college but decides to make it a lot more fun than normal.
Natalie looked at her watch. “Ten past four. Ten past fucking four!” she said to nobody in particular. As far as Natalie was concerned, it wasn’t fair that she was the only one that had been given detention. Okay, she had a reputation with the lecturers for being a bit disruptive but on this occasion, she was trying to hear what Miss Williams was saying. It was that cow Denise that had been sat behind her poking her with a ruler that should be in detention. Typical that Miss Williams should look round just as Natalie had spun round, grabbed Denise’s ruler and snapped it in half.

She looked up and down the corridor. From where Natalie was stood outside English Room 3, she could see both ends of the corridor and the top of the stairs that came up from the ground floor below. “Another five minutes” she said to herself “and I’m going. Detention is supposed to be at four o’clock. Looks as though I’m the only one as well. Great.”

Getting detention wasn’t something Natalie made a habit of and this was only her third time since starting at her college. The first time was in her first year when she had bunked off German and got caught, the second offence was in her third year for slapping that twat Ben when he grabbed her arse and now here she was in her sixth year, waiting to do some mind numbingly tedious task for the next hour. Natalie wondered who was supposed to be taking the detention and hoped that it wouldn’t be that battleaxe from RS again. She didn’t know whether she could cope with copying out more verses from the Bible. She looked at her watch. “Quarter past. Right I’m off” she said and started down the corridor towards the stairs.

Sods Law decreed that Natalie had her foot on the top step of the stairs when the door at the corridor end nearest her opened and her maths teacher, Mr Darby, stepped through.

“Bugger, bollocks, wank!” Natalie screamed inside her head as she looked at him and caught his eye.

“Ah, Natalie” he said. “Sorry to have kept you waiting. Got a bit held up in a staff meeting. Follow me will you.” He walked past her, took a key from his pocket, inserted it into the lock of the door to English 3, turned the key and strode through the door as he opened it. Natalie followed behind, her face like thunder.

Mr Darby put the pile of books he was carrying on to the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. “I understand you’re the only one today Natalies so you can come and sit at the desk in front of me. Come on, hurry up. And there’s no point in pulling a face, I want to be here as much as you do,” he smiled.

Natalie grinned at him. She liked Mr Darby. He was one of her favourite teachers and was okay. He dressed in expensive suits that showed off his great bum! All the other male teachers wore sports jackets with leather elbow patches and brown corduroy trousers. Not at all attractive.

“Right,” said Mr Darby as Natalie sat down. “Here’s some graph paper. Whilst I mark your class’s test from today, I want you to copy out the first five pages from your Log Tables. You do have your Log Tables with you don’t you?”

“Yes Mr Darby,” she replied.

“Excellent. Off you go then!”.

He took off his jacket, hung it on the back of his chair, sat down, took the first book off of the pile he had brought with him and started making red marks all over the test paper with a flourish of his pen. Natalie opened the cover of the Log Tables and looked at the columns of numbers on the page. She sighed heavily, making Mr Darby look up whereupon she poked her tongue out at him. He returned the favour and grinned at her before going back to his test papers. With another big sigh, Natalie started copying the columns of numbers onto the graph paper in front of her.

It wasn’t long before Natalie was bored and her attention wandered. The room they were in had very few posters up and she soon grew tired of reading about metaphors, subjunctives and other boring things. She looked at Mr Darby who was engrossed in the test papers and hadn’t noticed that she had stopped writing. He was in his thirties, about six foot, not exactly beefcake she thought but quite fit anyway and was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and a naff tie. Natalie liked his arms; they were quite toned and because of this, she decided to forgive him for the crap tie he was wearing.

She smiled to herself and turned to look out of the window. There wasn’t much to see from where she was stood but she could see the end of the playing fields and the groundsman’s storeroom in the top corner. “Ah yes,” she thought to herself, “the groundsman’s storeroom,” and she smiled to herself as she started to daydream…….

Natalie had an intimate knowledge of that storeroom, intimate in the sense that she had had more than one shag in there. In fact, she had her first sexual encounter in there with Tom. It was earlier that summer term and she and Tom had been “going out” for a few weeks. He was in last year at college and they had met at Denise’s 17 th birthday party. They hit it off and by the end of the evening, had been kissing in a corner with Tom’s hand up her skirt. This was new territory for Natalie but she’d had a few drinks and her inhibitions had taken a holiday. Besides, she actually liked the feel of Tom’s soft hands caressing her thighs and bum cheeks.

That evening she had gone straight to bed when she got home and promptly masturbated. She had been surprised at how turned on and wet her fanny was and while she was fingering herself, thought about Tom’s hands caressing her naked body, imagining what it would be like to feel his hands on her tits and his lips on her nipples and his fingers in her wet fanny. Natalie wasn’t surprised at how quickly she came but was amazed at the strength of her orgasm. It took a while for the waves of pleasure to subside and when they did, she soon fell asleep, a smile on her face and her fingers still between her legs.

Over the next couple of weeks, Natalie had seen Tom most days and they spent a lot of time in each others bedrooms. On each occasion, their petting had become more adventurous than the last time and before long, Natalie had her top half naked whilst Tom’s hand was up her short skirt with his fingers gently caressing her pussy through her skimpy knickers.

At the moment, she was laying on her bed with her legs slightly apart and Tom was sat next to her, bent over so he could suck her left breast, running his tongue over her hard nipple as he did so. Tom’s trousers were unzipped and Natalie had his cock in her hand, gently pumping it. She loved the warmth of it and the way it throbbed when her thumb passed over the sensitive area just below the head.

Suddenly, they heard the front door go and Natalie’s little sister burst into the house. In a flurry of clothing, Natalie quickly threw her jumper on whilst Tom desperately tried to push his still hard penis into his trousers. They both stood there looking at each other, a torrent of hormones raging in their bodies. “Come on,” said Tom. “I know somewhere we could go.”

They walked quickly, kissing every few minutes as they went. Natalie could feel Tom’s cock still hard in his trousers and took every opportunity to rub it, teasing him mercilessly. At one point, she even pulled her jumper up, flashing her boobs at him. He groaned and grabbed her hand, walking even quicker.

Before long, they were at the top of the college fields, the wrong side of the fence. “Where are we going?” Natalie had asked. “In there!” Tom had replied, pointing at the groundsman’s storeroom. He looked around to make sure nobody was around before pulling up a section of the fence so a gap appeared at the bottom. Tom motioned to Natalie to duck under which she did and he followed her before grabbing her hand and scurrying the few yards to the hut.

“But what if it’s locked?” cried Natalie, apprehensively.

“It’s never locked” Tom replied and wrenching the door open, pulled her inside.

There wasn’t much to the storeroom, just a few tools and an old table in the centre of the floor. Tom spun Natalie round and kissed her, his hands going to her tits. She pushed him away quickly and pulled her jumper over her head, throwing it onto the table beside her. Tom’s hands were on her again, one hand on her backside and the other massaging her boobs, his mouth pressed to hers in a hard kiss.

Without thinking, she undid the button on his trousers, pulled down his zip and pushed his trousers and briefs down over his arse. His erect cock sprang out and she took it in her hand, pumping it in her hand.

“Stop!” Tom panted.

“Not like this. I want you.”

Natalie hesitated, her heart pounding. She had never gone this far with a boy and a little voice inside her said “No” but she was on the pill and a much louder voice was screaming “Yes, oh yes!”

In a flash, she had decided and in a swift movement, her skirt and knickers were around her ankles. For a moment, they stood facing each other; Natalie naked, her nipples hard, her chest heaving and her pussy wet. Tom with his hands by his side, his trousers halfway down and his exposed cock erect. He pushed his trousers off and then lifted Natalie up onto the edge of the table, spread her legs and thrust inside her. A small gasp escaped her mouth as a wave of pleasure flooded over her and Natalie’s eyes widened at the sensation of Tom’s cock sliding in and out. Suddenly, she felt Tom’s penis throb as a warm sensation filled her fanny. He stood still, holding himself in her, his eyes closed and his head back. Natalie knew what had happened but felt unsatisfied herself so without hesitation, put her fingers on her clit and wanked herself as quickly as she knew how. The jiggling of her masturbation brought Tom back to reality and his eyes opened to see her playing with herself. She came quickly and she smiled at the expression on his face as her pussy tightened on his still hard cock.

After a few minutes, he let her go and without speaking, they got dressed. Before they left the storeroom, they hugged and kissed. They walked home wordlessly, each lost in their own thoughts.

They made had sex several more times in the groundsman’s hut before Natalie found out that Tom was visiting the shed with other girls.

When she confronted him, he just shrugged his shoulders and wandered off. Natalie didn’t know she knew some of the words she called him as he walked away but she left him in no doubt what she thought of him.

Mr Darby coughed. Natalie jumped at the sudden noise and came back to the present, startled by the sudden intrusion to her daydreaming.

She glanced up to see Mr Darby looking at her.

“Only another 40 minutes to go Natalie”, he said before going back to his marking.

Natalie could feel her heart racing and realised her reminiscing had made her more than a little horny. She tried to ignore the tingling between her legs and went back to copying the Log Table onto the graph paper.

After a minute, she realised the feeling wasn’t going to go away. Natalie was no slut and didn’t sleep around but she enjoyed an orgasm and all she could think about now was pleasure she got from wanking. Without raising her head, she looked at Mr Darby through her fringe. He was still engrossed in his marking. Hardly daring to breath, she let her hands slip under the table and into her lap.

“He hasn’t noticed me move and he can’t possibly see under the table from that angle!” Natalie smiled to herself at the thought of what she was about to do and her pulse quickened.

Her skirt was short when she was standing up but sitting down, it barely covered the top part of her thighs so it was no trouble to pull it up to her lap. Natalie gently lifted her bum a fraction off of the seat so the skirt rose up her legs further and moving as slowly as she could, she pushed it up around her waist. Natalie was only wearing a lacy white thong and the cold hard plastic of the chair on her bare legs and backside made her shudder for a moment.

Looking through her fringe, she could see Mr Darby was still preoccupied with the test papers. Without taking her eyes off of him, Natalie opened her legs apart, gently put her right hand into her knickers and over her pubic mound before sliding her index finger down the crease of her pussy. As her finger passed over her clit, her body quivered at the sensation but Natalie didn’t stop there and she moved her hand further down before gently inserting two fingers into her wet fanny. There was no way she could stop now and without giving a thought to where she was or the fact that Mr Darby was sat not 10 feet in front of her, Natalie started to masturbate, her fingers gently thrusting in and out of her soaking wet vagina, all the while watching her maths teacher and praying he wouldn’t look up.

It suddenly dawned on Natalie that although Mr Darby was still holding his pen and was looking at a test paper, he wasn’t actually writing any more and that his left hand was under the desk and in his lap. From where she was sat, Natalie could see his legs were open and he was rubbing the front of his trousers.

“Oh my god, he’s got a hard on!” she thought and for a moment she panicked, her fingers frozen half in and half out of her pussy. Mr Darby looked up at her.

“Don’t stop,” he said, his voice quiet and low.

Natalie could feel her heart pounding and without hesitation, she slowly started to thrust her fingers in and out of her fanny again. The fact that Mr Darby couldn’t take his eyes of her lap made Natalie even more turned on and a smile crept over her face.

She stood up, walked around to the front of her table and looking him straight in the eye, started to undress. Off came the college tie she hated so much which she promptly threw at Mr Darby. His right hand dropped his pen and he caught the tie just before it hit him in the face. He grinned at Natalie and she grinned back as she slowly undid her white blouse, letting it drop to the floor. Kicking off her shoes, she undid the waistband on her skirt, pushing it down over her hips before letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it.

Natalie stood there in her matching white lacy bra and thong.

“See anything you like?” she said to Mr Darby, running her hands over her boobs.

“Oh yes, oh yes!” he replied hoarsely.

“Would you like to see more?” she said coyly, a mischievous smile on her lips.

He nodded, unable to speak the words. Natalie reached behind her back, undid her bra and holding it at arms length, let it drop to the floor. Her breasts were a modest 34C but were firm and pert and the excitement of the situation made her nipples hard.

At the sight of her tits, Mr Darby started to rub the mound in his crotch more fervently.

“Hey,” said Natalie. “You might want to ease up there!” and he obediently slowed down the motion of his hand.

Natalie lent back and feeling the edge of the table against her bum, she extended her arm and beckoned Mr Darby forward with her index finger. He slowly got up out of his chair, a mixed look of terror and anticipation on his face and walked around his desk before standing in front of Natalie.

“First of all,” she said, “no touching. Understand?” Mr Darby nodded.

“Good,” she said. “Now,…..undress!”

Mr Darby paused for a moment and then proceeded to take off his tie before dropping it on the floor where it fell on top of Natalie’s bra. As she watched him undo the buttons on his shirt, Natalie caressed her breasts with her left hand whilst she rubbed her pubic mound with her right hand, amazed at how wet her knickers were. Mr Darby dropped his shirt, undid the waistband on his trousers, pulled down the zip fly and let his trousers fall round his ankles before stepping out of them. Natalie could easily see her maths teacher’s erection in his underpants, the lycra making the outline of his penis very obvious.

Mr Darby stood there, looking at Natalie and wondering what to do next.

“Let me see it,” she said without taking her eyes off the bulge in his pants.

Mr Darby slowly hooked his thumbs into the top of his boxers and pushed them down. As his hard cock was revealed to Natalie, she could felt her heartbeat quicken. It looked slightly bigger than Tom’s and she suddenly felt the urge to feel it in her hand.

 Natalie reached out and took her teachers penis in her hands and was amazed at how hard it felt. As she took hold of it, she heard Mr Darby gasp and his penis throbbed in her hand. Without thinking, Natalie started to gently pump it with her left hand and leaning back, she spread her legs apart and slid her right hand inside her panties. She could hear Mr Darby groaning and the sound made her wanking more frantic and very quickly, Ali felt her orgasm build in her fanny before her whole body exploded in a massive wave of pleasure. She pushed her fingers deep inside herself and could feel her pelvic muscles tighten around them.

As her orgasm subsided, Natalie realised that she had stopped wanking Mr Darby’s cock and he was stood watching her, his erection still in her hand.

“Fuck me now,” she said and quickly pulling her wet knickers off, she sat on the edge of the table and opened her legs as wide as she could, displaying her wet and pink fanny to Mr Darby.

Without waiting to be told again, he stepped forward and slipped his stiff penis into Natalie’s waiting pussy. She gasped as he thrust deep inside her and as if he knew exactly what she wanted, he started to fuck her hard and fast.

Natalie couldn’t believe the gorgeous feeling coming from between her legs and she lay back, arching her back against the hard table underneath her naked body. Suddenly, Mr Darby pushed hard inside her and let out a low moan. Natalie felt his warm spunk deep inside her and she relaxed, a smile of satisfaction spread across her face. A few moments later she sat up, Mr Darby’s penis still inside her.

“Is detention over then?”, she said coyly.

“Unfortunately, yes” replied Mr Darby as he slid out of her, his cock covered in her juices.

Without speaking, they dressed and within minutes, nobody would have guessed what had transpired shortly beforehand. Natalie picked up her books and turned to Mr Darby who was sat back at his desk, collecting his stuff together.

“If detention’s going to be this much fun, I’ll be naughty more often,” she said before blowing him a kiss and walking out of the door, smiling as she went.

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