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Did That Really Just Happen?

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Did that really just happen?
It was just a normal day for Stephanie; get up, get ready, go to work, bore the day away. But she really wasn't in the mood to go work, so she called in sick and stayed home. Ok, she really wasn't sick but, who gives a fuck, everyone takes a sick day; and that is exactly what Stephanie did. Since she stayed home, she got really horny, ran upstairs, took off her work clothes, which consisted of her short skirt, button down top, matching jacket to go over that, her knee high boots and of course the sexy little matching bra and thong, laid in bed and started to slowly rub her clit. As she rubbed away she slowly descended into a sleep.

"Where am I?" thought Stephanie..

"You're in London love" replied a voice.

She couldn't find where the voice was coming from. She walked along trying to find him. 

"Are you looking for me?" said a punkish looking man.

"Yes I am, how about we go for a nice fuck?'' replied Stephanie.

"Yeh, I would sexy!!" agreed the sexy punk man

So off they went, into a secluded area, Stephanie stripping down into nothing and teasing the sexy punk man. She could tell he was getting aroused as she could see his hardon trying to protrude out of his leather pants. She went over to him and unbuckled his pants, letting it out. The minute his cock popped out it grew to 9 inches. Stephanie was surprised at how big it was. She took it in her hands and started to stroke it.

She began to slowly stroke it, her hands going up and down his shaft, at every stroke he let out a soft moan of pleasure. She then decided to take her tongue and drag it up and down his shaft. She did this really fast and he loved it, his moans were getting harder and faster and he couldn't control himself. Stephanie then started to suck on his cock, she was sucking as hard as she could, rubbing his balls while she sucked.

He was moaning loud and fast, he started to shake and Stephanie knew his cum was coming. He shot his load down her throat and as usual Stephanie swallowed it. He got up and lifted her onto his face. He started to slowly suck on her hardened clit, as his finger went in and out of her dripping wet pussy. The feeling he was giving her was amazing, she was moaning and shaking on his face. She couldn't handle it, then she blew, squirting all over his face.

"Thanks for the quickie, baby!" as the punk man thanked Stephanie

"No problem babe, I love pleasing men and playing with their sexy cocks!" responded Stephanie

As they were about to kiss, she felt a coolness coming down her spine, she let out a moan and woke up. Looking down she noticed a big wet stain on the sheets of her bed.

"Wow did I really squirt that much?" wondered Stephanie.

She did. The dream of that sexy punk rock man set her off like a dripping faucet; not able to stop letting out her pussy juices. In the end her dream was able to let her horniness away and she felt a lot better not feeling as horny, but as she went to get the new clean sheets to change her bedding one thing still crossed her mind...

"Did that really just happen?"

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