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Dinner for Two

My one nighter with my stepdad's colleague
I stretched my arms up high over my head as I turned, posing in front of the full length mirror. My new yellow waspie and thong looked so good against my golden tan. My dark, brownish-pink nipples and newly waxed pussy were both clearly visible through my underwear. I sighed in satisfaction, poor Chris wouldn't stand a chance when he got a look at this little vision of pure sexuality.

I heard my mobile do a short ring, it was the taxi driver texting me to say he was outside. I quickly wriggled into my little black dress and smoothed it down my thighs, then slipped on my four inch heeled black stilettos. I vigorously ran a brush through my shiny dark brown hair, the ends just flicking up over my shoulders. Satisfied with the result I picked up my bag and tottered down the stairs towards the front door.

"See you later, don't wait up for me, I will probably stay over," I cried to the open door of the TV room.

"Okay, make sure you've got your phone with you, let us know what you're doing," my mum replied.

"Okay will do; see you later, bye,” I replied as I left the cool of the villa and stepped out into the hot and humid atmosphere outside.

I walked the ten metres to the cool of the cab. It was my favourite driver Ahmed. I opened the front door and got in.

“Hello, Miss Jay, you look very special tonight. I think someone is a very lucky man.”

"Hi, Ahmed,” I replied as I blushed. “Can you take me to Jumeira Towers please."

“Of course, Miss Jay, only thirty minutes for my favourite English lady.”

Sure enough and true to his word half an hour later we pulled up in front of the magnificent entrance to the recently opened five star hotel. I paid the forty-five dirham bill and gave him a five dirham tip. He rushed around to my side of the cab and opened my door with a flourish, bowing deeply as he did so.

Chris was waiting at the door of the plush hotel. He was dressed immaculately in a white, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of white linen trousers. He looked gorgeous! His recent tan contrasted beautifully with his white outfit.

He grasped my shoulders, pulled me tightly to him and kissed me on both cheeks then gave me a long lingering kiss on the lips.

I pulled away abruptly and looked about me nervously, hoping that no-one had noticed what was regarded here in Abu Dhabi as a flagrant display of public affection.

Chris looked a little puzzled and then suddenly realised his ‘faux pas’.

"Oops I’m so sorry, Jay. I was so captivated by you I forgot where we were for a moment. Please forgive me. I must say you look fabulous that dress really sets off your tan. Shall we go up to Ray's bar for an aperitif before we go to the restaurant?"

"Sure that would be lovely" I replied a little nervously, still amazed that I'd netted such a suave and sophisticated catch, even if he did use a machine gun style of verbal delivery.

We crossed the huge marble foyer that was dominated by the huge Swarovski crystal chandelier and were swiftly ushered into a high-speed lift by one of the staff. The lift rocketed soundlessly up to the sixty second floor and we exited directly into the bar. I swallowed hard as I pinched my nose a couple of times, to clear my ears as it soared skywards.

Chris was about thirty-five, so about nearly twice my age, but for me that was just perfect, I just love older men. Boys my age really didn't do it for me at all. In my limited experience they were gauche, inexperienced and worst of all didn't have a clue how to treat a girl sexually.

I looked across the table at Chris, he was just so lush, was the best way to describe him. About six feet two, his tanned arms and hands were smooth and covered with a fine down of blonde hairs. His chest as I could see at his open collar also had a light covering of curly hair. I shuddered in anticipation of seeing more and running my long scarlet nails across his taut pecs. Scratching lightly down across his narrow waist and into the forest of blonde pubes before stroking along the length of his erect penis seeing him jerk as he felt my nails on its raging tumescence.

"Jay, are you with me?"

I jerked back into reality. "Sorry, Chris I was miles away."

"I was just asking if you'd like another drink here, or whether you were ready to go upstairs to the restaurant?"

"Let's go up to the restaurant, I'm starving," I replied, my mind still full of my earlier thoughts and a definite feeling of anticipatory moistness between my legs.

The dinner was fabulous, we started with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne, my favourite. I had a starter of seared asparagus wrapped in pancetta and followed it with a lovely dish of poached salmon. Chris of course, started with calf’s liver followed by a huge fillet of beef. What a caveman! He was obviously anticipating the need to maintain his strength during the night to come.

Neither of us bothered with dessert, instead we skipped straight to a cognac for me and a malt for him. We left the table and were shown to the smoking lounge. I lit up my only cigarette of the day as Chris lit up a small Cohiba cigar.

The Louis XIII cognac was like an angel’s kiss on my tongue and before I knew it, I’d emptied the glass. Ever the perfect gentleman, Chris ordered me another, with another large twenty five year old Macallan malt for him. The combination of the pre dinner drinks; the champagne, wine with the meal and now two large brandies was playing havoc with my brain and I could feel my head beginning to spin. I guess the altitude didn't help as the restaurant was one thousand feet above sea-level. I turned to Chris and gripped his thigh a couple of inches below the distinctive shape of his impressive but still flaccid cock.

"If you feed me any more alcohol, I'm going to pass out; so if you'd like to fuck me, you'd better take me to your room right now."

"Then my room it is then, it would be such a shame not to finish this wonderful evening with a bang," he quipped in reply.

Two minutes later we were in the lift; he punched the button for the fifty eighth floor, then turned and put his arms around me. He pulled me firmly towards his chest crushing my boobs against him and covered my mouth with his. He dropped his hands and gripped the twin orbs of my bum firmly. He pulled me hard against his growing erection and in doing so separated my buttocks. The feel of the string of my thong being forced onto my puckered hole was exquisite and I shuddered as a wave of lust crashed over me. My tongue snaked into his mouth, tasting the tang of cigars and malt whisky. I nearly came on the spot as I identified the distinctive taste, so redolent of the smell of my whisky and cigar loving fantasy lover and the strong almost overpowering sexual association.

Our frantic prelude to sex was interrupted by the gong announcing our arrival at the 58th floor. I hurriedly tried to smooth the back of my dress down from where Chris had lifted it above my hips as he massaged my bum cheeks. My lipstick, so carefully re-applied half an hour earlier was smeared all over my mouth by our abandoned snog.

I looked in the mirror of the lift and giggled. "God, what a mess I look, it looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards."

Chris chuckled, "That's nothing to what you'll look like in half an hour, if I get my way with you."

Arriving at his room he swiped his key-card and opened the door, he inclined his head and ushered me through the doorway into his luxurious hotel suite.

"Nice room, and just look at that view, you can see right down the Corniche, its lovely," I cried excitedly.

“Not as lovely as you," he said as he circled my waist with his sun bronzed hands. I wriggled out of his embrace and walked across the living room to the expanse of glass that led out onto the balcony. I pulled the door open and stepped out into the humid heat of the evening. Chris followed me as I stepped the couple of paces to the waist high glass balcony wall.

“Are you trying to tease me now, Jay?” he queried, a quizzical look on his handsome face.

I leant forward over the balcony rail and felt Chris nuzzle my neck with his lips, his stubble scratching lightly against my skin. A charge of electricity flashed through my body its destination finding itself in my tingling clitoris. I pushed my head back against him as he licked around my ear and then took my earlobe in his mouth, suckling like an infant. He pulled my hair back hard and licked and sucked my neck, raising goose-bumps down my spine.

"No, what makes you think that, I just wanted to see the view.”

He continued nuzzling my neck and ears.

“Oh yes, Chris that is so good," I uttered breathlessly.

Once more he gripped me by the waist and turned me to face him, our mouths met in a long languorous kiss, our tongues mashing together and darting in and out of each other’s mouths.
He stood back and looked directly into my eyes then reaching up with both hands, he slipped the straps of my little black dress off my shoulders.

The straps slid down my arms and then gathering momentum the dress slid past my waist and down my flanks and pooled on the floor of the balcony around my ankles, leaving me in just my new yellow underwear. My dark nipples and the freshly waxed lips of my pussy were clearly visible to him through the diaphanous materials of both skimpy undergarments as he drank in the view.

"Fuck, you are so beautiful, Jay. I've imagined seeing you like this since the first time I saw you at your house. You are far and away more beautiful than I ever believed possible."

I reached down and grasped his erect cock through his linen trousers rubbing my thumb over the head, feeling the wetness of his desire leaking through the linen onto my finger tips.
I reached behind me and with some difficulty unzipped my lacy yellow waspie, allowing it to fall and join my dress on the floor.

"Watch me,” I said. “Watch what I've been doing as I’ve thought about you, since we met last week."

Sitting down on the armchair beside the table, I lifted my leg and placed the heel of my left foot onto the table top with my legs spread wide. Slowly, my eyes locked onto his, I moved my hand down and rubbed my fingers between my wet open lips pushing my outer labia out of the confines of my tiny yellow thong.

He drew in a deep breath as he unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging it carelessly off his broad tanned shoulders. He then stood and undid the tie of his trousers, unbuttoned the fly and dropped them down his heavily muscled thighs leaving him totally naked and revealing his hard body. His cock was magnificent; it stood out at forty five degrees from his body, its foreskin drawn back over the edge of the glans, pre-cum glistening at its tip.

I pulled my thong to one side and slid two fingers into my wetness; my thumb circling my clit, my pink wetness shining from the light in the adjacent room. My fingers increased the tempo of their rubbing as I looked at him masturbating his hardness, as he stared intently at my hands.

Seeing me masturbating in front of him, he gripped his cock tightly in his right hand and started to wank. Pausing briefly, he dropped a large globule of spit onto his hand and smeared it over his cock-head to give himself sufficient lubrication. Up and down moved his hand, in perfect synchronisation with my hand as my fingers slid wetly through the gash of my gaping wet sex.

"I've dreamt of seeing you like this Chris. Every time I've made myself cum since we met, I've done this thinking of you and your big hard cock in front of me. Come closer, I want to suck you as you wank for me."

He took a half pace forward and offered the head of his cock to me as he continued to wank the shaft. I sucked its head into my mouth matching the movements of my mouth to the stimulation of my dripping pussy. I felt a minute twitch run through his cock as my cheeks caved in with the force of my sucking.

He released his cock and put both hands each side of my head covering my ears. He didn’t pull it on to his raging hard on, but just held it gently. In turn I forced my face against him my lips reaching to the base of his neatly shaven cock as I sucked it into my throat, causing me to gag a little.

As the tempo increased I felt myself approaching my orgasm. My thumb strummed my clit mercilessly as it approached. As my fingering increased in speed so did the movements of my mouth on his cock; overcome by excitement he then started to fuck my face, each thrust hitting the back of my throat until I felt a tremor begin through the fingers of my left hand as it gripped his right bum cheek.

His impending cum signalled itself clearly, as his glutes clenched tightly. He groaned, and growled an unintelligible guttural sound. Then I felt a flood of his cum hit the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue around his cock head; withdrawing it slightly from the depths of my mouth, allowing his cum to fill my mouth. I stopped briefly, allowing my taste buds to savour the sweet salty taste. This precipitated my own orgasm; my right hand with two fingers deep inside me in the shape of a claw as I stimulated my g-spot, rubbing the rough sensitive pad with my fingertips.

My orgasm followed mere seconds after his, my ejaculate splashing wetly over his legs. He immediately dropped to his knees catching the second squirt across his chin as he pushed his stubbly face against my open gushing cunt. His tongue dived deep inside me seeking to suck me dry of my cum. As I felt the last trickle run down the crack of my arse I pulled his face up to mine and we swapped each other’s emissions swirling them around our mouths allowing the tastes to mingle in an orgy of cum.

He collapsed on the floor his eyes riveted on the sight between my open thighs.

"So I take it, this isn't the first time for you then?" he asked with a huge grin splitting his face.

I giggled like a schoolgirl, "Not quite the first, but I've never done that before. I loved it, can we do it again?"

"Bloody hell Jay, give a guy a minute to recuperate," he replied.

"OK, I'm just going to the loo and then I expect a repeat performance, or something like it. I need to make the most of you while I can while you’re here."

My bladder was at bursting point as I squatted on the loo and my pee burst from me in a huge gush of pale gold liquid. As I’d done so often before, I rubbed my fingers between my lips and savoured the feeling of the hot urine splashing over my wrist and into the bowl as I gently rubbed my engorged clit. I hopped across the couple of feet and squatted again, this time over the bidet. I directed the jet straight at my clit rejoicing in the sensation and rinsed myself thoroughly. I lathered the soap between my palms and washed my hands thoroughly in the warm water.

When I emerged from the bathroom Chris was laid naked on the bed leaning against the richly upholstered headboard. He was idly stroking his half-hard cock as he looked at me, completely naked except for my black ‘fuck me’ shoes.

"Give me twirl, I want to see all of you," he asked.

I put my hands on the under slope of my breasts and lifted them up, straining to take a nipple in my mouth. My mouth fastened onto my left teat and I did as he requested, slowly turning until I was facing away from him.

"What a fantastic arse, I could see you looked fabulous in your dress, but I have to say your body is even better in the flesh. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you are just made for fucking."

"You don't look so bad yourself, your cock is just lush. I can't wait till you have it inside me. I just hope it's not too big for me." I giggled.

I bent at the waist (like all good girls should) and leant forward until I could look back at him between them, my two engorged labia framing the view. His cock was now fully erect and he was stroking it slowly as he looked at me. He seemed to be enjoying the sight of my tanned bum cheeks and between them my dark pink anal rosette and below it the cleft of my still wet and fiercely engorged pussy lips. I was so pleased that my mum had done such a good job this afternoon waxing me completely bare and exposing my entire sex for him to see. If only she knew why I’d insisted on her doing it so meticulously.

"Mmmmmm, not a hair in sight, just how I like it," he observed.

"I had it done just for you Chris, I didn't want to disappoint you."

He swung his legs off the bed and walked around to stand behind me. He reached between my legs and felt my oozing wetness with his fingers.

"You certainly haven’t disappointed me so far Jay. God, you are so hot and wet, you feel lovely," he said as he insinuated the wet spongy head of his cock between my gaping lips.

A second later I felt them gape even wider as the head of his cock penetrated me with the first inch of his hard manhood. I grunted in such an un-ladylike way, as he pushed another inch into me. I just adored the feeling as his cock glided into my liquid depths. I spread my legs a little wider for both stability and to allow him better access to me.

Feeling me open up, he increased the depth of his strokes pushing more of his lovely big cock into me. At last he was fully home and I felt the head of his cock slamming into my cervix, the pleasure/pain sensation was indescribably good and I knew my second orgasm of the evening wouldn't be long in coming. I leant forward a little more and braced myself against his thrusts with my left hand against the bathroom door jamb.

My right hand was fully occupied in both cupping his balls with my fingers and mashing my clit with my thumb as he buried himself balls deep inside me. His hands moved from their grip either side of my hips and I felt a finger or possibly his thumb, ease its way into my tiny unspoiled arsehole. The sensation was incredible as he pushed it into my virgin hole. I could feel him screwing it into me, twisting it deliciously on each in-stroke.

My orgasm was fast approaching as he reached with his other hand around past my waist and grabbed my swinging left tit, kneading it and tweaking my erect crinkly nipple. That added sensation tipped me over the edge and I came noisily with total abandon, screeching obscenities as I did so.

I’m not sure whether it was my squeals of pleasure or the iron grip of my inner cunt muscles squeezing his cock. I still have no idea; but I felt him start to unload another heavy load of his cum, this time flooding my insides with the spurts of his hot spunk. Utterly fucked, I fell forward onto my knees totally spent. With a masterly contortion; he followed me down onto the carpeted floor, his cock still buried deep inside me and we both knelt there for what seemed like minutes, regaining our breath and composure.

"Fuck me again," I uttered breathlessly, as I felt his cock push more deeply into me as he collapsed onto my back.

"What again?" he asked in reply. "Not sure I can manage another one quite so soon, I'm not as young as I used to be. But I'm sure if you give me a few minutes, I'll be raring to go."

Chris eased his softening cock out of me with an audible ‘plopping’ sound and got up from the floor. He then leant down and gave me a really sweet, but chaste kiss on my lips and walked over to the open plan lounge area. He picked up a bottle of Veuve Cliquot from an ice bucket I’d not previously noticed, deftly opened it without spilling a drop and poured two flutes to the brim.

Feeling as horny now as when we started, I stood up. As I did so, I felt a rush of his cum and mine pour out of me and run down my inner thighs. I decided I’d see how far I could push him and scooped a large gloopy drop on my fingers and licked them hungrily. He passed the test with flying colours. He walked across the ten feet that separated us placed the glasses on the sideboard and scooped his own fingers full of our emissions as they dripped out of my gaping labia. He put his fingers to his mouth and sucked them all then licked each of them individually.

“Mmmm, that was a good idea of yours, Jay. Don’t we both taste lovely?”

He handed me the glass of champagne and offered his glass for a toast.

“To the sexiest young lady in the world and to many more hours of disgraceful behaviour.”

We chinked the crystal glasses and each took a long drink.

Chris looked down at the gold tank watch on his wrist.

“Mmmm, don’t you love champagne in the morning,” he quipped.

“Yes, I love it,” I said as I reached across and took a firm grip on his flaccid cock.

“What were you saying about me waiting for a few minutes?” I continued.

He took my glass and put them both down on the sideboard. Then taking me by the hand he led me over to the huge King-size bed. I followed him onto the wide expanse of white cotton sheets. He then pushed me gently but firmly down with my shoulders on the pillows. I relaxed there looking at his hardening cock as he knelt between my widely spread thighs.

“Open wider, Jay. I want to lick you until you can’t take any more, then I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

I allowed my legs to spread wider, my knees resting on the sheets, my lips spread and gaping wide. The feeling of him looking at me in such an exposed manner only served to fuel the fires re-igniting in my inner core.

He reached between his legs and gave a couple of quick tugs on his cock, bringing it to its full tumescent glory once more. I shuddered with desire and anticipation. Satisfied with his newly erect state he grasped me around each ankle and lifted my legs pushing my knees up towards my shoulders.

“Hold your knees up really high, Jay. I want to see your gorgeous cunt spread wide open so I can get my tongue really deep inside you.”

I complied, putting my arms around the back of my knees and gripping my wrists together I pulled up so that I was totally open in the lewdest position imaginable. As I pulled my knees up tight I felt more of our joint emissions being forced out between my open labia and running down the crack of my bum onto the pristine sheets.

He then began the most amazing instance of cunnilingus I have ever experienced from either a man or a woman. His tongue did things to me that I had never thought possible, one minute he was licking me from my little puckered rosette to my engorged crimson clit. The next he was using his tongue like a cock and literally fucking me with it. Then he hit the jackpot. I felt him concentrating on my arsehole, his tongue flicking over and around it and then licking between my gaping lips to my clit.

“Oh fuck, Chris. That is so good,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Can you push any more of our cum out of you, Jay?” he asked.

I strained down and felt another large glob slide out of me.

“Perfect,” he said with satisfaction.

His tongue pushed it down to its target and I then felt a digit smear it around my hole as he pushed gently in past my sphincter. The feeling was amazing, I felt like my whole being was focused on both of my pleasure holes. I just hoped he would continue the stimulation of my clit as I could feel my orgasm approaching like the 06:30 express from Crewe. Bless him he didn’t disappoint me and resumed his oral stimulation of my cunt as he thumbed me hard and fast in the arsehole.

“Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop. Keep doing it just like that, Chris. I’m going to, oh fuck yessss, I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm.”

My hips jerked spastically against this dual assault on me and I felt my clit slam into his mouth, the sharp pain of his teeth only serving to multiply the ecstasy I was feeling as I came for the third time of the evening. I felt my orgasm beginning to die away and the starburst behind my eyes began to subside. I released the grip on my wrists, suddenly aware how much they ached and allowed my legs to relax and placed my feet down onto the sheet.

“Now, Jay, here’s the encore if you’re ready?” Chris chuckled.

I opened my eyes and saw him positioning himself between my knees; his cock at forty five degrees from his body its foreskin partially retracted, the spongy purple head slick with his pre-cum.

My senses were in total overload, I had no idea whether I could possibly be taken to greater heights of sexual pleasure. He thrust forward and I felt the head of his cock once again slide slickly between my lips. The feeling of it sliding in and spreading my engorged labia wide was just indescribable and ‘Yes.’ I answered my question for myself, I could be taken to a nirvana I had never imagined achievable as he thrust firmly fully into my molten cunt. His cock only stopping as the tip came up hard against my cervix.

I lifted my legs and spread them as wide as I could go allowing him maximum penetration, holding each of them behind my knees I pulled them up to my shoulders and felt him go deeper than ever. The feeling was truly one of ecstasy as he rammed his cock into me over and over.

“Fucking hell, Chris. What are you doing to me? Whatever it is don’t you dare fucking stop. Fuck my horny wet cunt you fucker. Fuck me, fuck me harder, faster you cunt. Fuck me.”

Chris bless him did not disappoint; he kept up his hard and fast pace, slamming his cock into me time and time again. His sheer energy and stamina were amazing. I also gave as good as I got; meeting every thrust of his with one of my own, our pubic bones crashing together like a pair of head-on stags in rut. This continued for a blissful few minutes until yet another massive orgasm just blew me away.

I felt my release approaching suddenly. I felt a momentary tensing of the muscles deep in my core; then like the geyser at Yellowstone, came the rush of molten-hot liquids that gushed around his cock as he fucked me. It sprayed obscenely and uncontrollably in all directions, soaking us both in the hot spray. I was barely conscious, totally unaware of anything except the feelings deep in my cunt as he fucked its squelchy mess.

At the sight of my cataclysmic release Chris allowed himself to join me in my explosive cum, he grunted loudly like an animal as he slammed his cock deep inside me. I felt the instant of his orgasm, his cum splashing deep into me mixing with my juices and flooding my cervix with his hot viscous man juice.

“Fuck yes, Jay. Me too, I’m cumming nowwwwwwwwwwww,” he howled. “Oh fuck yes, Jay. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

We both collapsed onto the sodden sheets; both sweating profusely. Both utterly satiated but totally exhausted.

It was at this moment that I decided that an older man like Chris was the way ahead for me in my sexual future, then lapsed into total unawareness as I feel into a deep sleep.

What seemed like mere minutes later I was awoken by a beam of strong sunlight hitting me between the eyes. I held my hand up shading my eyes and opened them unsure of what I would see. I looked around in wonder at the magnificence of the opulent hotel suite. Then glanced down at the stained mess I was lying in; the beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets looked ruined, all stained and stuck together with our previous night’s emissions. What was missing? Shit, I was alone, where the hell was Prince Charming?

Seconds later I had the answer, the door to the en-suite opened and Chris walked into the bedroom his face wreathed in a self-satisfied and somewhat smug expression as he whistled tunelessly.

“Morning, Jay. How are you this lovely morning?” he asked.

I flopped back onto the sticky sheets holding my head in my hands and groaned loudly, the pain pounding between my temples.

“Terrible, I have got the hangover from hell. Can’t you be a little quieter?”

He laughed as he walked across to the bed. “Come on, Jay. A youngster like you! Don’t tell me you’re suffering? I’ve rung room service and they’re sending me a full English and I ordered Eggs Benedict for you. Don’t worry, I told them to send up gallons of coffee and fresh orange juice. Come on, up you get, get yourself in the shower, you’ll feel much better.

I then decided that maybe I’d been wrong the night before. He may well be the fuck of the century, but he was already seriously getting on my tits.

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