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Dinner with Charlie

Boy fucks girl...good.
 I lay on a blanket in the grass, sun reflecting off my black sunglasses and butterflies fluttered around in my stomach. "I'm so nervous!" I said.

"Really? It's just dinner and a movie, right? What's there to be nervous about!" replied Monica lying next to me on the blanket. She was looking for shapes in the clouds floating by in the sky as we waited.

"No, he said dinner and a show. I think it's not a movie he has planned for us. But what kind of show is the question," I explained to her. I slid my bare feet back and forth in the grass enjoying the distraction of the blades between my toes.

"I'm sure you just misunderstood him. It's a movie and he will suck your face off!" she laughed at me. I just groaned as the breeze picked up and lifted the hem of my sun dress. Swatting the fabric back into place , I noticed a car coming around the winding curve to the house. My stomach knotted up as I looked for the driver. "Is that him?" asked Monica sitting up to get a better look.

"Oh yeah, that's him. That's Charlie!" I squealed with delight.

A big gray Lincoln sedan pulled up and out jumped my handsome man in blue jeans. He rushed up to us on the grass and grabbed my bag and jacket. "Hey Monica! Hope you've been good. Sorry to run off," he said. Reaching a strong hand down he pulled me up and smiled sheepishly at me. "We have to get to dinner before the show and we're running late. See you later," he waved after her as we walked to the car. I breathed in his scent when he leaned in to open my door. And I waved goodbye to my friend as we drove off.

"Nice car" I said.

"Slide over hear next to me. We have a long ride to our destination. Get comfy," he added. I scooted across the bench seat and leaned into his side. He put his arm around me and explained that he borrowed the car so I could sit next to him like this.We talked as he drove along the tree lined roads and across small bridges to reach our reservation.

An hour or so later we pulled into a secluded wooded area off of the bay. "What are we doing here?" I asked looking around at the rippling dark water lapping at the shore.

He parked the car beyond the tree line away from the open areas. "This is were we have a reservation for two with a killer water view." he stated. "Look in the back seat. I have everything we need for a nice picnic."

In the back seat he had an old patchwork quilt, a bottle of wine, and a picnic basket. If this was our meal what could the show be? I wondered as we placed the blanket on the sand and he set about opening the wine. We had a nice bite to eat and drank most of the bottle. His arms were wrapped around me as we sat and watched the sun dip down to meet the bay. 

It was that time of year when nightfall came about quickly turning the trees and sky into a wall of darkness around us. The lights from nearby homes sparkled in the moonlight off the rippling water. "Now we can go swimming," Charlie announced as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"What?" I squealed, "Not in there... at night! It's cold and I did not want to find out what is swimming about!"

But he just laughed and continued to strip down. He waited a few seconds before he took his boxers off. He wanted my full attention while he revealed his semi-erect cock to me. It was massive to me and I stared up at him and smiled. He smirked, then ran off to the small floating dock a few feet into the water. His muscular frame was outlined by the moon as he ran and jumped in with a big splash. Not wanting to be left out I unbuttoned my dress to the waist and slipped the straps down my arms. I jumped when I heard a dog bark in the distance not wanting to get caught skinny dipping by anyone.

Quickly shedding my garments I ran to the dock and jumped in too. Cold water splashed up on my body immediately turning my flesh to goose bumps. He grabbed he to him as soon as I broke the surface. "I'll keep you warm," he whispered as his eyes fixed onto mine. Then he looked at my pouty lips like he wanted to eat them before he locked his mouth onto mine. Pulling me tighter against him , kissing he dragged us further out. The water deepened and I had to wrap my legs around him to keep above water. He had no problem standing this deep being a full foot taller than me. Dropping his hands under the water, he grabbed my ass hard with both hands squeezing. I felt his hard cock press up against my open pussy. I locked my legs behind him and fell back to float my body on the water with legs still locked in place. I began to slide my pussy up and down his shaft feeling the pulse of his cock in my lips. He ran his fingers over my cold flesh and bent to suck at my erect nipples. My butterflies were gone, but my body was tingling.

Just when things were heating up, the sky lit up with a loud cracking noise and it began to rain hard. We scrambled to get out of the water and get to our clothes. But it was too late everything was soaked! We jumped into the car to get out of the rain. He told me we could go dry off at one of his employers rental properties. It was close by, he had keys and it was empty.

This time I sat facing him as I leaned into his chest. He drove us through the darkness hardly seeing the road. His neck was salty on my tongue as I nibbled and sucked distracting him from the road. He kept leaning in to taste my lips and almost drove off the road a few times as my hand squeezed tighter around the hard cock trapped in blue jeans. I wanted to lick his cock and taste him in my mouth. But we soon pulled under a carport attached to a small two story cottage.

Dashing into the house soaked through in our wet clothes, I suddenly became apprehensive about this house. The house was cold and dark, but there was a furnished formal living room complete with a fireplace. Charlie gathered firewood from the porch and started a fire to warm our bones. Standing in wet clothes, he approached me. He looked at me with those deep brown eyes and I was frozen in place. Charlie wanted me and I wanted him, but I was feeling those butterflies again preventing me from taking a step.

He reached out to caress my pointy nipple poking through my wet dress. It pinched me to action as I slide my hands up his chest feeling the rain on his body. His skin burned it was so hot and drew me to him like a moth to the flame. I grabbed his ass and slid his pants down. That big hard cock bounced out as I pulled. I dropped to my knees and it was right above my face. Hesitantly, I reached out and took hold of him in my right hand and pulled it down toward me. I leaned in and gently kissed the tip. There was a drop of salty liquid I licked off before I wrapped my lips around the shaft and twirled my tongue around his bulbous head. He was leaking in my mouth already. I could taste him on my tongue as I devoured his dick. He fell back into the chair with a moan.

I stopped to remove his pants the rest of the way before finding his throbbing cock again. My dress was half off some how. Unbuttoned to the waist with all the bottom buttons but one keeping my body partially draped in wet cloth. But I didn't even notice. All I knew was the rigid cock that I needed to suck. I licked it from tip to bottom on all sides. Sucked hard and fast as I cupped his balls in my hand to massage. "You're gonna make me cum before I get inside that tight little pussy!" he moaned.

"Mmmm hmmmm," I groaned back.

"Oh God! I just want to blow it all over your body!" he said. So, when his balls went up, I backed off. He grabbed his throbbing cock and aimed as the hot cum squirted out. I leaned back on my knees exposing my breasts yo him fully as the hot liquid splattered across my body. I jumped a little at the heat touching my skin over and over as he painted my petite frame like a Jackson Pollack work. Sucking his cock only made me want to feel him inside me more. I dripped with wetness between my legs as my body ached for him to touch me more.

Charlie climbed down on the floor next to me. His big strong hands rubbed his cum into my skin and caressed me. It wasn't long before I felt his hard cock on my thigh. He was still hungry for more of me. He kissed me hard devouring me with his mouth. He bite my nipples and put his fingers between my legs. He smiled and moaned when he felt the warm wetness inside me. "You're so fucking wet!" he groaned bending down to kiss my slit. "Show me," he asked pinning me down with his eyes. I took my fingers and spread my lips apart for him to see me. He gazed my glazed pussy for awhile then bent to greet me with his mouth. He sucked and licked at me until I cried out for him to stop. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me!" I moaned, "Fuck me Charlie!"

His eyes went wide just before he pounced. He was on top of me pressing the head of his cock into me, parting my lips. He gently slid inside me until I thought I was full. He was bigger than I expected and my hot cunt wanted it. He felt me tighten inside around his dick. He moaned and groaned. "You're so fucking tight!" And we lost control. He thrust in and out of me. I was in so much pleasure, but his size was painful. The pain was exquisite too. He pulled out and grabbed his dick. He smacked it hard against my clit over and over as I was cumming. He shoved it back inside my waiting walls.

I cried out in pleasure and pain as he pounded me hard on the floor. Licking, sucking and biting; he consumed my body. Lifting up to him I was grinding my clit into him as he thrust over and over. I came so hard when he erupted inside of me. His cum was like a hot explosion that brought me to climax. I tore his flesh. Ripping my nails down his back, screaming in ecstasy he spurted deep inside my hot pussy. I don't even know how many times I came as we lay spent in each others arms. My heart pouding in my chest, I just lay there spent. I could feel him pressed against me as we drifted off to sleep in front of the fire until he woke me with his mouth for more.

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