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Dirty Girl

I had an urge late that night...
That night I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why I just couldn’t.  The house was eerily quiet. It was around two in the morning so of course everyone was asleep. I decided to watch some steamy television and relax. I got a text from my friend who wanted to know why I was still awake, he lives in another state so it was about 11 over there. He called soon afterwards and decided that he wanted a little more out of the conversation. I declined; he has a girlfriend so it wouldn’t be right. Besides, I was feeling really frisky and some phone play really wouldn’t have sufficed my need. To his disappointment I ended the conversation which obviously wasn’t leading anywhere. I looked over at my door and thought about who was across the hall. I thought about how he was sleeping in his tank and pajama bottoms and how his lean toned arms gripped his pillow as he slept on it. Oh how I wish that I was that pillow. I instantly got wet and hot as I developed my plan as to what I would do about that. In my leopard bra and white cotton panties I crept across the dark hallway and into his dark room.  As I lightly crawled into his bed he turned over and softly asked, “What are you doing?” I didn’t answer. I knew exactly what I what I was going to do.
 I put my finger to his lips and whispered, “Shhh”.  I then slowly dragged my finger down from his lips, to his chin, down his neck, to his chest, down his stomach, traced down from his happy trail and my hand stopped at his generously endowed special place. I rubbed it slowly through his pj bottoms. Then I slid them down. I felt his legs tremble as I blew on his member. I then put it, soft, in my mouth and began to suck. I heard him moan softly as my lips moved up and down his still soft shaft. He felt sweet and I took delight in feeling him grow hard while he was in my warm mouth. I licked up and down his velvet smooth shaft and caressed every vein, curve and groove with my playful tongue. It was pitch dark and I still knew where all his sweet spots were. I heard his moans grow stronger as I continued to pleasure him and I soon grew restless.
I reached over on the floor, picked up a condom, opened it and slid it onto him. I pulled my panties to the side and then climbed on. I slid him in and let out a yelp as I felt my body jump. I always forget how big he is when it comes to him being inside me. I started to grind up and down on him. He grew even harder inside me. I felt so naughty for doing this. He barely moved while I was on top of him. Here I was taking complete advantage of him while he was still basically asleep. I slowly bucked back and forth on him as I felt him slide past my grooves and ridges that hugged tightly around his member. I unhooked my bra and threw it off. I needed to enjoy this more. I played with my soft big breasts. My nipples were really hard and I pinched them as I continued to ride. I then lost it. I felt like I needed him harder inside me so I began to ride him faster, bucking my hips wildly on top of him. It felt so good. I moaned to myself as I began to feel my legs get even hotter.  Biting my lip I went harder. I was so beside myself I even started to kiss him while he was asleep. Ha.
Then realizing that this would go nowhere I climbed off of him, took the condom off and pulled his bottoms back up. I went crept back to my room, got in my bed and tried to go to sleep. What happened next was something I seriously couldn’t even fathom happening. After about 3 minutes I heard my door open and close. I tried to act like I was asleep which obviously didn’t work. I heard a wrapper open and something be put on. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He lifted up my covers, crawled in my bed and made his way between my thighs. Fuck this was so exciting. He pulled my panties to the side and slowly entered me. My back arched off the bed. Every time he first is inside me it always too much. He then started to thrust inside me slowly. He then put his mouth to my neck and began to suck really hard. I felt this throughout my entire body. My want ached even more as he simultaneously pleasured me. The pain melted into pleasure as all of the excitement began to build inside me.  I could see the want in his sleepy eyes. He began to thrust harder then motioned for me to turn around with two pats on my ass.  I obeyed and got on all fours. I dripped with anticipation as I thought about what it would feel like this time. He then slowly slid in and once again I forgot how it would feel. Even better than before it was this time, and I showed my appreciation by tightening around him.
 I moaned into my pillow as he impaled me from behind. This of course being my favorite position I didn’t want this to stop. Then he took himself out of me. I turned around and saw him take off the condom. I hate it when he does this. I said “No” and he slid back inside of me. It always feels so much better when he does this but I was upset. I just moaned “Stop” over and over as he went harder inside me. Part of me wanted him to stop and the other part didn’t want this erotic event to end. I was so turned on and knew this was exciting to him. He was showing me how much of a man he really was and as he gripped my hips he drove himself deeper inside of me. “Yes daddy!” I moaned. He loves it when I call him that. 
He started to go faster and after about 10 minutes took one hand off my hips, slapped my ass and grabbed the base of his dick. He always does this when he’s about to cum. He went faster, and faster, and faster. His grunts and moans became stronger as he thrusted like a fiend inside of me. I moaned louder into the pillow and about a minute felt him pull out. I turned around, opened my mouth and felt his sweet cum fill my mouth. I sucked his dick until all of his cum was down my throat and I felt his body give out. He was finished and as I popped him out of my mouth watched him collapse onto my bed. I licked my lips and got back under my covers.
“Goodnight” he said as he left my room. “Goodnight” I replied. I smiled slyly to myself as I closed my eyes. I then drifted off to sleep, relishing in the thoughts of one of my many fantasies coming true.

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