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Dirty Girl and the Challenge

The terms are set.
    Since he wanted to be such a jerk I told him that I wouldn’t have sex with him for a while. I don’t know if he was joking or not, but he agreed. I knew his will power wasn’t that great when it came to sex with me so when he said, “I really don’t care because I’ll last longer than you”, I knew he was bluffing. We had tried this before and he was always the first one to crack. I typed, “You wouldn’t be able to last 5 days without sex with me.” And he chuckled as he responded with, “We’ll see.” Even tough we live together we use AIM to talk about sexual things when other people are around.
    He told me that he would be locking his door that night. Ever since I first went in there to “use him” he’s sort of expecting me to do it again. I don’t really know if I’d do that again.
    Anyways, the challenge had been set. We were going to see who was more successful at controlling their urges. That by no means meant that I couldn’t have fun with it. We ran errands the next day and while inside the store I decided to try on a bra, a low cut t-shirt and a skirt. I thought I’d put the pressure on him so I called him back to the dressing room. Smartly he refused. I was kind of bummed out and surprised. This shirt hugged me so well, and the bra really put the girls on display. The skirt was a little too short but that was the point. My plan had failed!
    We arrived back at his house and it was decided that he do some yard work. He went in the back for a while and started. I remained on my computer passing the time. Then I heard the back door open. He came in the house and his shirt was gone. I felt my face get really warm and my eyes glaze over as I stared at his toned lean arms, and toned stomach. His hair was in all the places it’s supposed to be. My favorite place on him was the happy trail that started around his sexy belly button and continued down to his gift in his snug jeans. They fit so well on him. They sat so low on his waist, right at the start of his hips. His underwear were slightly peeking up and I took a deep breath as his dirty, thick, fingers took off his hat, went through his thick gorgeous dark hair and put the hat back on. He smiled at me and laughed. “I see you staring at me.” I flirtatiously replied, “That’s why I have eyes that work, they’re for looking.” All the while I was saying this I kept my eyes on his lean upper body. I love his physique.
    He went back outside and I decided that I would try to push the images out of my mind. I was so turned on that I just kept biting my lip as I went back to the computer.  I went back to the page I previously viewed and had to make a phone call. As I ran to the laundry room I saw him come in the back door again. I hurried and closed the laundry room door. I go in there to make important phone calls; no one can usually hear me. I know that’s weird, but that’s what happens.
Bending over onto the counter top I was nearing the end of the conversation when all of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing between my jeaned thighs. I tried to keep my composure as the voice on the other end of the line began its farewells. All I could do was smile slyly. I hadn’t heard him come in and thought he was just teasing.  I then felt him slide down my jeans and run his fingers over panties. I played along with this because I seriously thought that he was just doing this to annoy me and I was enjoying it. He then parted my legs and I felt his velvet smooth head poke at my special place. As he tried to enter me I let out an inaudible scream. I was still on the phone!
    I ended the conversation and asked him what he was doing. He just kept trying to enter me and it hurt. So he slid my jeans down to my ankles along with my lace cover marigold panties and parted my legs even more. Then he slowly slid his magnificent cock inside me. I whimpered in pain. I told him that I wasn’t wet enough for this and he slowly slid out of me and went back in. The pain melted into pleasure as my kitty slicked up and tightened around his member. I moaned softly to myself as he started a very steady pace. He gripped my hips and pulled me back and forth onto him while I was still bent over on the counter. I then started to laugh. “I knew you couldn’t last 5 days. We just had this conversation last night!” I don’t know what happened, but after I said that the grip on my hips was harder. He then started thrusting even harder inside me. My laughter immediately turned into moans of ecstasy as he impaled me from behind. “Why‘d you stop laughing?” he asked as he kept thrusting. I couldn’t even think. The room was getting really hot and hazy and I just gripped the counter top.
My nipples were painfully erect and begging for him to pinch them, but he was more interested in my wetness at the moment. I felt trickles of pleasure down my thighs as he went even deeper inside me. He slid all the way out of me and popped back in with his swollen head. It had gotten even bigger.    
    I started to let go and let my moans out when the washer stopped. “Start it over.” I panted. “What?” “Start it over so they can’t hear us!” I demanded.  He slid a hand off of my hip, started the washer up again and then slid it back on. The room was getting even hotter and sweat was all over my face, neck and breasts. I needed out. But this was too good.
    He then turned me around, sat me on the counter top and seductively spread my legs. I propped my left up on the window sill and held my right up. Sliding into me, he deeply kissed me with his lusciously pouty lips and gripped my thighs. I was so in love with him at that moment. As he pulled his lips away and stared hungrily at my eyes I thought about all of our fights and arguments. All the times I wished I could hurt him, and all the times I considered wanting someone else. Those thoughts melted out of my mind as my baby showed me how much he wanted me.
    I pinched his rosy, pink, hairy nipples as he watched my breasts move in my shirt. I hoped he would free them but he was still fixated on my wetness. He then grabbed me off the counter, gently bent me over and slid into me again. I felt so full of him. I wanted to stay like this forever. “See? You like this. You couldn’t have gone 5 days without this Ashleigh.” I laughed then breathily answered, “Yes I could have.”  “Fine then” he said as he slid out of me.  I figured I had won, and started for the door when I felt his dirty hands grab me and forcefully bend me over onto the counter once more. He kicked my legs apart and parted me as he jammed himself inside me this time. Roughly he thrusted his hips into my ass as his tool greedily owned my kitty.
    “Do you like daddy’s dick?” he grunted at me as he fiendishly drove himself into me. “Yes, oh yes I do!” I moaned into the thick, warm air. I felt my hands slide off of the countertop and drop to the floor. I was fully bent over and the angle was amazing. “You’re so tight” he moaned to me as he slid to my hilt and back. I felt his balls smack on the back of my pussy, I always love that sensation.  I felt his sweat drip onto the small of my back as his dirty fingers gripped my nice, round, chocolate ass.  I loved being taken like this, and let him know that he was fulfilling one of my many fantasies as I moaned about how much I was enjoying this.
    I waited for him to grip his penis to let me know that he was coming, but he didn’t even seem close. I raised my ass to him as I tried to take more of him inside me. “More” I moaned greedily. I needed all of him. He thrusted deeper inside of me as I held my ankles and looked at his steel toed boots. I was so lost in my own fantasy that I forgot where I was until he asked me to lay down onto the ground.  I obeyed and lay back onto the surprisingly cold linoleum. I reached down and slid my panties back onto my hips.  I like it when he pushes my panties to the side and fucks me. It makes me feel even sexier.
    He filled me once again and then finally grabbed my breasts through my shirt. This was my favorite part. He spread my legs, lifted them and went hard inside me. This is what he does when he wants to cum.  Faster and faster he continued to pound me as if he would never see me again.  “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…!” My baby was fucking me oh so well.
    I felt him stiffen inside me as he was getting close.  He was hard as iron, (typical simile but, I swear it probably is true), as I tightened around him.  He grunted as his pushed his final thrusts into me, and then he did it. He grabbed the base of his dick and pulled out.
Like a good girl I wrapped my lips around the head of his member and he let go. I tasted him go down my throat and listened to his whimpers of release with excitement. Popping him out of my mouth I looked at his dick and smiled. I had never seen it look like that. It was much bigger and darker.
    He got to his feet, helped me up and smirked at me as he watched me get dressed. I was so smitten with him. We had fucked in the laundry room before but never like this. This time was without abandon and so good. I love it when he gets like this and can’t wait for it again. But I still won.

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