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Dirty Washing

One good turn deserves another...
I helped a single parent mother, Jill, yesterday. A courier company delivered a washing machine but the driver was refusing to take it up the lift to her flat so I offered to do it for her. Jill lives on my floor so it was no bother. We put it in the lift and wheeled it to her flat. I disconnected the old machine whilst Jill took the wrapping off the new one.

We got talking about her son Tom going to school and the both of us not having partners. Jill kept thanking me and saying she didn't know what she'd have done if I hadn't helped her.

When I'd finished plumbing it in. I turned and washed my hands in the sink as she knelt down to wipe the access water off the floor. I turned back around to see what she was doing and she was practically touching my crotch with her nose. Jill looked up at the same time and smiled—she told me it had been a while since she'd been that close to a man's willy with her face. I apologized and said sorry, but she reached out and started stroking and rubbing me through my jeans. To be honest I was quite shocked and stunned.

"Jill, I didn't stand like this to give you a hint or anything, I swear I didn't," I told her.

Jill looked up. "It's okay, I know you didn't, now let me carry on."

She worked her magic, her hands rubbing me, making me get so hard, I loved it, then she leant forward and started biting me. I could feel her teeth through my jeans,she was nibbling my dick and toying with me. She reached up and unbuttoned me, then my zip came down. She peeled the sides back and my erect dick popped out into view.

I couldn't talk, I just stood there staring at her. She pulled my jeans down a little and placed her mouth over the tip of my dick. Jill used a hand to pull my foreskin back and expose my purple head. She started bobbing back and forth on my cock, slurping and sucking expertly on my shaft. Wanking me as she licked me all the way from my balls to the thick clear liquid now seeping from my dick.

"I like the salty milky taste of your pre-come," she said. Her warm breath felt wonderful on my wet spit-covered cock.

Faster now she carried on sucking and wanking me, taking me to the back of her throat, her lips all the way down to my pubic hair. I tightly gripped the metal sink behind me as pleasure coursed through my body.

"Jill I'm going to come," I said, "get ready to move." She ignored me and carried on. I began to fuck her face, pushing my hips forward to meet her mouth as she gorged herself on my shaft. I groaned.

"God Jill, this feels so good, get ready to move."

I placed my hands on her hair ready to push her back. As I tried to push her away she resisted and carried on. I couldn't hold back any more and I came in fast spurts into her mouth. She moved back and allowed some of my semen to land on her chin and chest.

I was trying to catch my breath as Jill leaned back. "I don't mind you coming in my mouth," she said. She wiped my cum off her chin with her soiled t-shirt.

"It's okay, I don't mind where it landed, I have a new washing machine now, I can clean it." Jill smiled and pulled her top off and tossed it into the machine. I pulled her up and we stood face to face, we latched on to each other and eagerly start kissing and eating each others tongues, I could taste my cum in her mouth.

She leaned forward and started kissing my neck and ears. "Play with my tits and nipples please," she whispered to me. I obeyed and took off her bra. I gently I cupped her tits and rolled her nipples between my fingers.

"Harder and rougher," she ordered. I did as I was told.

"I miss that so much," she said. Deep breaths and groans were on my neck, her hands were around my back.

"Put your hand down my pants and finger me, please." Once more I obeyed.

The telephone rang but we carried on. Jill was wet and her pubic hair was short and curly. I slipped two fingers easily inside her pussy. Jill pulled her jeans down under her bum for me. My fingers felt out every contour of her wetness. My explorations were making her moan with pleasure.

She reached down and began stroking my cock, making me hard again, we started kissing passionately.

This time her mobile phone rang, the ring tone told her it was her mum, she looked cross and apologized as she reached to grab it from her pocket.

Jill started describing the washing machine to her mum as she held my shaft. Feeling cheeky, I knelt down in front of her and pulled her jeans down to her ankles, she was wet as I started licking her pussy lips and pubic hair. Could she keep up her phone conversation as I pleasured her? I continued sucking her pussy as I slipped two fingers back inside. Jill stuttered and stammered as she tried to talk to her mum, seconds later she shivered and a stream of liquid covered my hand.

Quickly she told her mum she had to go, she pushed me onto the floor and slid a leg out of her jeans, she climbed on me, placed my dick in her pussy and immediately started riding me furiously. She was grinding forward and backwards on my shaft, her eyes closed and her tits swinging as she moved.

"It's here, I'm coming! Oh god, it's a good cum," She groaned and moaned loud as she neared orgasm.

"Don't come just yet," she told me, "just hold on a few seconds more." She road my cock like a possessed woman, then let out a squeal that tipped me over the edge. I groaned loudly and shot my cum into her in pleasure-filled spurts. I pushed my arse up to force my cock in deeper. She slowed down and the just dropped onto my chest, sighing and panting.

"You have no idea how much I enjoyed that," Jill said.

We lay there for a while, then got up and got dressed so she could get her son from school. We kissed before we parted.

"I have a new tumble dryer arriving next week, would you like to help me?"

I've told her I'd be very glad to help.
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