Disgust to Lust

By HotBloodedSiren

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Dana's hatred gets the best of her...

Dana hated him.

At that moment when he entered the room he rubbed her in a way that burned her and she didn't like it, if it wasn't for her dad she would've walked over and slapped him. She didn't fall for his looks or his body like all the other females who buzzed around him and she thought it was pathetic. Anger boiled through her as her dad made introductions.

"Dana this is Derek," the boy smiled raising his hand towards her but she made no move to take it, he was her dad's new wife's son, he was not related to her whatsoever and she was glad. "Derek this is my beautiful daughter Dana, get used to her because the two of you will be living in the same house since you and your mom are moving in with us."

Dana almost choked on her glass of wine and the news caused her to gulp everything just to calm herself. Regaining her composure she glared at Derek who just kept smiling at her with amusement sparking in his eyes. nine years ago when she was ten Dana's wonderful bitch of a mother walked out on them and now at nineteen she had trouble accepting the fact that another woman was taking her mother's space, she liked Glenda but her son was hell on earth, just a year older than her and a pain in her rear.

She gave a fake smile and smoothed down her blue bridesmaids dress, the words felt like fire searing her tongue, "I can't wait dad, I'm sure we'll get along in the house while you two are on your honeymoon for two weeks."

"Oh don't be so uptight Dana, it's only for two weeks," Dana's dad smacked her on the arm and her smile tightened but he didn't seem to notice I hope I don't kill Derek before they come back.

"Excuse me dad I'll just be out on the balcony enjoying the view," before her dad could speak she turned and walked away with grace, looking over her shoulder she met eyes with Derek who just watched her until she darted away.

Dana quirked her eyebrow as she found Lissa making out with some boy who would be forgotten the next day and once she got Lissa's eye they stopped and Lissa gently pushed the boy apart whispering something in his ear that made him walk away.

Dana finally reached Lissa who was grinning widely, "honestly Lissa you shouldn't hurt the poor innocent guy."

"Who said he was innocent," Lissa winked and Dana turned towards the garden that lay before them. "Anyways, have you seen that new hottie that is your brother?"

"He's not my brother! We're not related!" Dana growled burying her head in her hands. "I'm stuck with him for two weeks."

"Lucky you," Lissa sighed staring into the distance, "I'd be happy being with him for two weeks and I'd fuck him brother or not."

Dana didn't blame Lissa for lusting after Derek, it seemed every female in the room wanted to fuck him, it showed in their eyes but her statement caused her to glare at Lissa who got the point.

"I'm gonna go back into the room and get another glass of wine," Lissa backed away slowly then darted inside leaving Dana with her thoughts.

Derek Derek DEREK! His name was burned into her mind and she hated it, what made him so special? It wasn't that she was jealous since she was also hot, she had been told many times over by guys who wanted to get into her pants but none of them impressed her enough to let them fuck her, she wasn't a virgin though because she did that herself since no boy was good enough. she never did it again so she was technically a virgin since she never had sex with a boy but a dildo sufficed.

"Fuck me!" Dana groaned thinking about the two weeks she would be stuck with Derek, it was going to be hell.

"Any boy would be lucky to," Dana turned so fast her updo came undone and her dark auburn hair tumbled down in waves past her shoulders. Derek stood at least a meter away from her figure with that smile of his that made her hate him more. Moments passed by and it gave her time to register his figure, his dark blonde hair was straight and fell over his dark blue eyes, his eyes were the perfect shade of blue and it was the only thing she didn't hate about him.

"Its rude to spy on people," Dana crossed her arms and leered at him, he shook his head and moved closer to her until their bodies were touching with her chest pressed against his. "What are you doing?"

"You fascinate me Dana," his breath fell on her cheeks and it took her breathe away, she never took her eyes away from his. "You're not like all the females here who look at me as if she wants me. You look at me with hate and it piques my interest."

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be trying to screw one of those females who want you?"

Derek laughed and it rolled through her pleasantly but she quickly shook it off. He stared down at her and smiled making his blue eyes shine. "Oh these two weeks are going to be interesting."

Before she could speak his lips came down on hers and her eyes widened. She felt his mouth press onto hers softly but the intensity was unbelievable. She pressed her hands onto his chest lightly... then used all her strength to push him.

He stumbled back with a surprised look but she didn't care because she wanted to slap him right at that moment but she held herself back.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Dana hissed angrily laying aside the good daughter act for awhile and all Derek did was smirk. "If I could I would can you right now and leave you in pain!"

Her chest rose heavily as Derek waited for her to calm down but he didn't know what he had unleashed. Slowly Luke began to back away with a grin plastered to his face, god how she wanted to rip it away.

"Dana Dana Dana, we'll get along just fucking great," chuckling Derek turned and went back to the party whereas Dana didn't want to follow him. She leaned against the balcony and forced herself to calm down, this war wasn't over just yet.


The day after the wedding and Derek loved every second of it, he started  loving it after his saw his new sister  Dana, she was unbelievably gorgeous and her lips tasted wonderful. He laid on his new bed smiling and replaying that moment when she looked like an angry goddess. Dana had given him the cold shoulder after their little kiss and now that she's stuck with him Derek grinned in triumph.

Dana hated him and he loved it.

She was different from all the other girls who always went after him but Dana was a different kind of candy, she was kind of that hot kind that makes you stay away but left you wanting more. He couldn't help but kiss her at the wedding after seeing her tied up hair come loose and frame her face like a fallen angel. God she was too damn hot for this world!

Derek sat up and decided to see his new sister who was out bathing by the pool. She wasn't informed of his arrival and he was anxious to see her reaction. He stopped immediately by the glass door with his mouth wide open, there she was sitting on a pool chair with a magazine in her hands but it was her body that caught him off guard.

He only saw the dress clinging to her body but what he was seeing now sent blood rushing through his body. She was wearing a two piece string bikini that clung onto her body like an elastic and he couldn't help but get a hard-on.

He swallowed the lodge in his throat and stared at her body imprinting her image in his mind. Collecting his thoughts together he sauntered over towards her and no words could explain the emotion he felt when he saw her face register his figure as if she were dreaming.

"Hey sis," grinning with all the confidence in the world Derek stood over Dana's frail body and she was light enough for him to throw her against the wall and have his way with her.

"Why the fuck are you here?" Dana sighed flipping the pages of her magazine without looking up to meet his eyes. He loved it, the way she didn't notice him was a very big turn on. "And don't call me sis, you're not my brother."

"Is that so? Then you won't mind me taking a swim then?"

"Do whatever you want," the words sent chills through his body as he kept his eyes glued onto Dana's body, he would do so many things if he were able. "Its your house too, now."

Smiling Derek didn't hesitate in bringing his shirt over his head and was satisfied to see Dana eyeing him from the corner of her eyes, this was the first time he had to show off and he loved it. He winked at her and jumped into the inviting pool and laughed as he began swimming laps, Dana was going to be his whether she liked it or not.


Derek was an idiot.

A hot smoking sexy idiot. Dana couldn't help but keep her eyes on him as he slid his shirt off and showed how chiseled he was, damn for a moment she thought about how it would feel to run her hands all over his body but then stopped herself.

This was Derek!

She glared at him for a moment but then gave a smirk, she knew how to tease Derek because every guy had the same reaction whenever she used it and this was perfect. She jumped into the pool and gave a yelp which caused Derek to turn and his eyes widened.

"Its fucking freezing!" Dana wrapped her arms around her and she felt her skin give goose bumps but she smiled silently to herself when Derek came over with a concerned look.

Derek went close to her and she felt power for a moment but was surprised when water was splashed on her face, she spat the water out and stared at Derek with wide eyes while he laughed. "Suck it up sis!"

"Fuckin bitch," Dana whispered to herself as Derek swam away but he wasn't going to run so easily. He was close enough for her to jump onto his back and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck while her legs clasped his waist. "Don't call me your sister damn it!"

"What are you doing?" instead of flinging her around he froze as if everything wasn't happening and Dana smiled, her planned worked perfect now all she had to do was push him to his limit.

"I'm cold!" Dana shivered and gripped him tighter Derek was able to stand so she didn't fear herself drowning. "I need something warm."

Her opportunity came and she ran her hands all over his hard body giving a sigh and she glanced at Derek who had his eyes closed, she couldn't believe her plan was working!

After a couple minutes of being still Derek pushed her away and got out of the pool in a hurry forgetting to hide the bulge in his pants and Dana watched him. "I need to unpack some stuff so I'll see you later Dana."

Once he left Dana began to laugh then shook her head climbing out of the pool, "I need to take a shower."


Derek stood under the jungle shower stroking his cock thinking of Dana who was just running her hands all over him and now he couldn't take it anymore, he had the biggest bulge in his shorts and he would've cum in the pool if she continued. His hand worked faster on his shaft until he felt the tightening in his balls spreading towards the head.

"Fuck!" Derek groaned as spurts of cum shot out of his cock and onto the shower walls and some went on his hand. Standing on trembling knees he stopped the shower and got out reaching for the towel that he wrapped around his waist.

At that moment when he wrapped the towel around his waist the bathroom door flew open and Dana stepped in stopping the moment she saw his eyes. She stared at him as if he wasn't standing in front of her with a towel around his bottom. "I thought you were in your bedroom."

"I was," Derek tried to not look at her body knowing it would cause his tool to stir. His eyes flashed up and saw that Dana was looking at his right hand with interest, he looked down and almost had a heart attack. He forgot to wipe the cum that fell on his hand when he was masturbating and now Dana was looking at him with amusement.

"Seems like you were doing something else other than taking a shower," walking towards him Dana took his right hand and he didn't dare take it away.

Not taking her eyes off of his Dana slowly bent down and licked... his cum!

He didn't deny the hard one he was getting when Dana moaned and kept lapping her tongue on his hand, it was the most sexiest thing he ever saw and he couldn't believe it was happening to him. "D-Dana what are you doing?"

"I want more," Dana moaned then dropped his hand while licking her lips. She moved towards him and placed her mouth on his and her hand gripped his neck tightly while their tongues swirled together and Derek let the towel fall as he explored her body with his hands. She tasted fucking great and he wanted to know what her sex tasted like.

His hard tool rested on her stomach and as they were kissing Dana grabbed his cock and pushed him against the bathroom tiles. She kissed him hungrily as she stroked his shaft hard and he couldn't help but moan as he was lost in her spell. She slowly knelt never taking her eyes off his until she was face to face with the head of his cock, it seemed as if some sex spell was cast on her and she didn't hesitate as she took the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Shit!" Derek breathed heavily as he watched Dana sucking his cock like it was her favourite candy, her mouth was everywhere on his dick and he knew he would come quickly if she kept going. "God Dana don't stop!"

Dana paused and looked into his eyes then back at his cock, "It tastes soo fucking good! I never thought sucking your cock would make me so... wet!"

"You like sucking my dick?" Derek hissed as Dana nodded and he couldn't help but thrust himself deeper into her hot wet mouth, his eyes widened as Dana welcomed his shaft and brought it deeper into her mouth until her lips touched the base and not once did she gag. "Oh fuck! Take my cock you fucking slut."

Dana obliged and began bobbing her head up and down while she moved her tongue. Derek gripped her hair and soon began a slow rhythm which rose in tempo, he couldn't believe he was fucking Dana's mouth and it seemed like she loved it as much as he did. His thrusts quickened as he felt his balls slowly tighten getting ready to release his cum into her mouth. "Shit Dana I'm going to cum, do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"Mhmm," Dana reached up and gently squeezed his nutsack which increased his time and he began to full out fuck her mouth, his moans were beginning to grow louder with each thrust until he felt the tightening move towards his opening and he knew he couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck!" Derek thrust deep into her mouth one last time and growled as loads and loads of cum was shot into Dana's throat which she happily swallowed. His legs trembled from the force of his orgasm, he never orgasmed as hard as Dana had made him. "Holy shit that was fucking amazing."

Dana slipped off of his still semi hard cock and licked every inch of him cleaning his manhood. After she was finished she licked her lips seductively and gave him a kiss on the mouth, her kiss tasted salty and at the same time sweet. She grinned satisfied, "Thank you Derek, that was my first piece of cock and I loved it."

Derek's head snapped up and stared at her questioningly. "Are you-?"

"A virgin?" Dana giggled and began to walk away giving his dick one last kiss before turning to the door and just as she was about to walk out she turned and looked at him over her shoulder. "You could say that."

Derek watched as her figure disappear into the dark and he fell against the wall. He couldn't believe the girl of his dreams or lusts that had given him the best blowjob (and he had to make her do it again) was a virgin.

A hot gorgeous sexy virgin.

Dana was full of surprises and he fucking  loved it.


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