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Dish Served Cold 2

Sexy Cougar fulfills her desire big young cock in pursuit of revenge against a cheating husband.
Dish Served Cold 2

Don Abdul ©

Mrs. Robinson avoided Roman for the next one week. Not trusting herself to act the part of the prim and proper matron, and fearing that others might notice, she thought it best to stay away from him for the time being. Although she had been thinking of him, after almost twenty years of sex exclusively with a man her own age, she had almost forgotten the amazing sexual stamina of youth. In the course of the past week her mind had been filled with a craving for that awesome sexual energy and recuperative power of young men, she craved Roman's cock badly.


A week later, she sipped a glass of wine as she awaited his arrival, she was alone in the house as she was most Saturday afternoons, and the cougar in her was on the loose. Her reverie was interrupted by the chimes of the doorbell. It was Roman; he was right on time too.

Once inside, they kissed and then she offered him some Orange juice, but he declined. The longing in their eyes was naked and it wasn't long before they were tearing off each others clothes. They kissed deeply and passionately while he pawed her gorgeous mature breasts, she moaned into his mouth as he rolled her erect nipples between his finger and thumb. She reciprocated by rubbing his erect cock, giving his tight balls a light squeeze, and firing up his desire.

Roman disengaged from their kiss and began to suck on her nipple. She felt her pussy lips swell with desire as her juices began to flow, dripping down the crack of her ass. She was aching for his tongue on her clit and his mouth on her pussy. She wanted him to eat her until she was senseless so she pulled his face away from her breast.

She bent over and kissed the blunt head of his penis, and then took hold of his shaft. Abandoning their discarded clothes on the hallway floor, the horny lovers hastily made their way to her bedroom.

"I want your beautiful cock in me, I've missed your youthful energy so much darling, but we shall do it right this time, in my bed, not on the floor like some cheap fuck!" Roman's cock jumped in her hand as he felt the rush of excitement at her foul language.

She laid down spread eagle on her matrimonial bed and urged him to eat her pussy. She spread her engorged pussy lips and said, "I want you to eat me out darling, pleasure me with your tongue and then I want you to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I want to feel your huge cock both in my pussy and in my ass!"

‘For a teenager Roman sure knows an awful lot about sex' she thought as she wondered how he came by the knowledge but then she thought ‘That's a question for another time' as she turned back to her more immediate need.  He spent decent time exploring her clit with the tip of  his tongue while nibbling on her swollen labia as he fingered her cunt in search of her G-spot.

He fucked her with one finger, then two, and three as he ate her pussy.Her passion built up and when he sucked her clit deeper into his mouth, the suction sent ripples through her, a few seconds later he found her g-spot and massaged it deeply. She spiraled into a mind blowing orgasm that left her screeching and thrashing about like one possessed by a thousand demons, even as her pussy squirted a clear syrup in his face.

As she laid near comatose in her bliss, Roman licked her pussy clean of her squirted juice. The exercise was so arousing for them both that as she recovered; she was already as horny as he was. His cock was so hard it hurt. Flipping her over on the bed onto her knees and elbows, he settled in behind her. Gripping her hips, he sank his throbbing dick into her at an angle of entry that opened them both to a whole new vista of awesome sensations, and he responded to that by fucking her harder and rougher than the first time.

He spit down on her puckered rear hole and rubbed it in. He thereafter pushed his finger into her ass, lubrication it with his spit, he fingered her ass and drover her crazy. She loved it and within minutes
her usually chaste mouth was once again dirtier than a public toilet as she mouthed obscenities in the throes of passion.

‘Being alone in the house must be fuelling her resolve to scream freely', Roman thought as her love cries carried though the house. He followed in her footsteps, letting himself go too. He pummeled her
pussy in response to her robust pleas, but when he began to feel the familiar ticks of a nearing orgasm, he pulled out of her cunt with a wet 'plop'.

"What is it darling?" she mumbled, her face in the sheets, her elbows no longer supporting her front half ... only her ass was sticking up the air.

"I'm quite close to cumming so I'm going in the back now ok?" "Okay. Just start on it really slow."

His cock was already covered in her pussy cream. He wiped it off and rubbed it over her asshole, and then he pushed the head of his cock against her sphincter steadily until he felt the tight ring of muscle give way.

Mrs. Robinson took a deep, rapid breath and then let it out with a hiss. The rush of sensation from entering her tight back door caused Roman to freeze, lest he ejaculates there and then. He remained frozen for a moment, neither pushing in, nor pulling out.

"Oh no Roman, please don't stop",  she panted. "Just go slow. You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Way too much" he whispered out of breath, and then he seized the twin globes of her ass cheeks. Gripping and squeezing them apart, he thrust his cock an inch deeper.

"Hell yes, I'm enjoying this!" she screamed as he began to hump her ass. She was so tight back there that he fucked her ass for only three minutes before he succumbed to a powerful orgasm. She on the other hand had been delaying her release in anticipation of his, once she felt his tremors building up, she increased the intensity of her rubbing motions on her clit, and as he erupted in her ass filling her up with his fresh young sperm, her dam broke and she had a blissful orgasm too.

Hardly had they recovered from their climax than they heard sobs from the direction of the bedroom door. They looked only to find Dr. Richard Robinson, huddled by the door, crying as he watched another mans cock deeply embedded in his wife's asshole.

Mrs. Robinson smiled wickedly, her plan had come to fruition, Richard had caught her not only cheating, but cheating with a man young enough to be their son. But the real icing on the cake of his humiliation was the fact that, in their two decades of marriage, he had only ever been allowed to fuck her in the ass just once and that was fifteen years ago.

Indeed revenge is a Dish best served cold. It was exactly a year to the day she had caught him in his surgery with that whore nurse.

The end.

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