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Dish Served Cold

Sexy Cougar fulfills her desire big young cock in pursuit of revenge against a cheating husband.
Dish Served Cold

Don Abdul

Mrs. Rebeca Robinson was 45 years old when the proverbial fickle finger of fate beckoned, and led her into the exciting world of cougars. She was the head teacher at a "special high school". She was still very fit and shapely, probably more so than most women her age. Her ample breasts were just about starting show signs of sagging. Her thick thighs and heart shaped ass were still at the dawn of a losing battle with age and cellulite. Her regular jogging helped her stay in decent shape and kept her body as firm as possible.

She was proud of the gracious way in which she was aging, and refused to conceal the silver streaks in her auburn hair. And why shouldn't she be so proud? After all her husband of 18 years loved her just the way she was. The sex was great, and they still enjoyed the occasional evening in, together alone despite his tight work schedule.

She had however been feeling a lot more lonely since her daughter went off to college. To fill the void, she pursued her one vice, if you could call it that. She was a superstitious woman. She read her horoscope daily and believed in the usual mumbo jumbo of folks being able to tell the future. Mrs. Robinson's transformation into a cougar however truly began one summer afternoon when she left work early to surprise her darling husband at work. It was their anniversary and she wanted to take him out to lunch. When she arrived at his surgery, his secretary was nowhere to be seen, so she pushed his inner office door open, her mouth poised to utter the words "Surprise! Surprise!!" What she saw left her frozen mid-step, unable to say a word. Her near catatonic state of suspended animation gave way to a state of absolute devastation.

Right there behind his desk was her husband of close to two decades, slumped back in his chair, receiving a blow job from a very young nurse. She was too shocked to even make a scene. ‘The lying bastard!' she thought over and over, wondering how many times and with how many more women he had cheated on her.

He was so caught up in the throes of his climax that he didn't even notice her entry as he shot his load in the nurse's mouth. Distracted by the sound of the door, the young woman bolted up and ran out of the office with her firm tits hanging out of her unbuttoned uniform with her good for nothing husband's spunk trickling down the side of her mouth.

From that day, that very moment. She decided she would get him. She promised herself, she would give him a dose of his own medicine.


Being a teacher in a "special high school" she had always been around older-than-usual students, mostly inner city kids who for some reason or the other couldn't get through high school when their peers did. It was quite the norm to find seniors in their 18s and 19s, even 20s.

Eleven months after reconciling with her husband Richard, she had an opportunity to get even with him. She had heard of a student in her school who had a special gift. He was the son of an immigrant Roma Gypsy family from someplace in Europe. His name was Roman Davidoff..... He was a strong, big boned boy, 19 and a half years old and hung like a horse. The crotch of his jeans was always so tightly stretched over his huge package. Close proximity to him awakened the dormant desire in her to seduce and fornicate with a much younger man.

The second time she invited him to her office to read her palm, things got quite interesting as he ended up reading much more than just her palm. She knew she shouldn't be doing something like that, but then naked lust was no kin of logic. Her simmering desire to get even with her husband only supplied the trigger.

As he read her palm, his eyes suddenly popped, he looked up at her face and their eyes locked. He quickly returned his gaze to her palm. She thought she saw his crotch swell, and indeed she got confirmation when he unconsciously reached down to rearrange himself.

"Oh my Roman, did I cause that?" she asked unable to hold her tongue. Roman felt his cheeks flushing in embarrassment. He looked up from her palm, there was something different in his eyes this time; caught off guard and embarrassed, they first both looked away, and then they slowly turned back to look into each others eyes. The smoldering exchange of lusty looks was palpable.

Her mind was racing through a full spectrum of emotions. She worried about the thought that she was actually dying to sleep with a boy not even half her age. Her inner turmoil went from the guilt, to the likely consequences of such an act. Finally she decided. "Damn the consequences dammit! God knows, I could use a good fuck and some youthful energy booster right now!"

She deliberately dropped her pen and bent down to pick it, as she did, Roman's eyes ogled her cleavage and she could see his erection grow for sure this time. She reached out and patted his bulge, and as he tried to reciprocate by reaching for her breasts, she stood up and walked towards the door swinging her voluptuous ass seductively.

When she returned from locking the door, he boldly reached for her hip and pulled her into an intense embrace and then he proceeded without permission to seal his lips to hers. Being so energized by his youthful zeal, she parted her lips and welcomed him into her mouth. It felt so good to be in the arms of a young man who nakedly desired her. Whatever professional reservations she had about fucking her student, or being old enough to be his mom melted away as his tongue swirled around and danced to the music of lust in her mouth.

His hands squeezed her tight ass and then moved higher to favor her bra-clad breasts. Her own hands reciprocated by wrapping around his athletic back, and rubbing his huge, hard crotch. As their kiss deepened they both took their sensual explorations to the next level as each reached in between them and sought the others hidden treasure. He groaned when she unzipped his fly and reached within his pants and found his thick veined throbbing cock. She ran her hand up and down its length rubbing and massaging his fine male flesh.

"Oh fuck yeah! Mrs. Robinson, you make me so hard!" he moaned just as his hand struck gold. If he had expected a response, what he got was even better. "Oh....Yeahhhhhhh! Love it!" she moaned as she humped and ground her wet twat against his finger. Her tight ass-hugging skirt had ridden up her thighs even higher as she humped his hand and pleaded that he finger fuck her. She knelt down and unbuckled his belt, his cock whipped out almost smacking her in the face.

"Oh wow! I just love the size of your cock!" she moaned under her breath as she gulped. The older woman took him in her mouth and sucked him like a devoted cock slut.

"Oh my!" Oh, please don't stooooooooooooooop......." As far as making sense goes, that was a far as he got before he got so enraptured in the whirlwind of mind blowing sensations coursing through his entire being. In a last minute moment of clarity, Mrs. Robinson realized that she had crossed the line; there was no going back now. It even felt funny and ironic that she was now engaged in the very act for which she was intent on punishing her lying cheating bastard of a husband.

Whatever residual trepidations she had, however dissolved as she felt Roman's teenage cock swell even more in her mouth, and felt it breathing against her tongue. She sailed her hand south and found her engorged clit, and rubbed it until she could feel the trail of her pussy juice down her inner thigh.

Roman's moans grew louder just before he gently pulled away, removing his anaconda from her mouth. She looked up at him and no words were needed, it was time. She shifted to her left and rested her head on the couch, presenting him with unfettered access to her ass.

Roman paused for just a moment, drinking in the magic of her parted cheeks and the lust-thickened slick, and smiling lips of her sopping wet mature cunt. His cock jumped impatiently and he grasped it just to keep it still for his triumphal entry into her Eldorado of burning desire.

He slipped the blunt head of his uncut cock into her wet pussy and drove it in steadily until he was buried deep inside her. "Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned deeply, as she felt him fill her up so completely. Within a couple of minutes he was fucking her with ever increasing intensity.

‘Oh how I'm so feeling his every stroke' she thought... with no apparent effort his huge cock was stimulating her in places her jerk of a husband never could find. She wriggled her waist, and writhed her body in the heat of passion; it seemed to drive him to pound her faster until he lit a fuse deep within her core.

"Oh....ohhhhhhh!" she moaned as she is seized by the first in a series of her multi-orgasmic releases. Roman felt the aftershocks of her every quaking release but carried on pounding her pussy. It was incredible how indestructible his youthful stamina seemed. Mrs. Robinson was reduced to a foul mouthed mature slut, whispering her dirty little pleas. "Oh Roman, fuck me harder....oh yessssss!"

He drove his cock up her pussy so far and so hard the sound of their colliding skins carried across the room. As the fire of his bombardment of her sex began to consume her yet again, she lifted her head off the couch, writhing and moaning uncontrollably. The movement pressed the head of his cock closer against her g-spot, as he carried on thrusting. The heat of the resulting friction was so much more than they both could cope with. She felt a deafening rumble within her soul as the tsunami of her orgasm struck, leaving her body thrashing about like a rag doll. Her pussy grabbed Roman's cock in a tight vice grip, driving him over the edge.

He bit down hard on his tongue to muffle his cries as he shot a rainstorm of cum deep inside her pussy.

They both laid on the rug, recuperating from the biggest seismic event of their sexual life. Each ruminating over the implications of what had just happened. Roman was just happy he found her as he had always preferred mature women but ‘who could have ever thought he'd get to fuck Madame Prim and proper herself' he wondered.

Mrs. Robinson on her part realized that for the first time in 18 years, she had just cheated on her husband. She wondered how this encounter could possibly serve her purpose for doing it though. At that moment she made up her mind on what to do. Smiling wickedly, she thought of her new plan; ‘It would definitely serve the cheating bastard right!'

The story continues..............

PS: If you'd love to find out what she has in mind.... and if you'd like to read more please let me know in your comments.
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