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Distracting the Author

The 'how to' for distracting your favorite author.
As I sat engrossed in writing my newest story with music blaring in my ears I caught a glimpse of you walking toward me. I hurriedly typed the rest of my sentence thinking that you would try to distract me, but you walked past without even so much as a glance at me or kiss to my head. I shook my head and watched you walk away and return to my story. I didn’t even notice you were back until I took a break from my typing. I stopped my music, did a quick save and turned to you as I rose and stretched. I thought I must have imagined you getting up earlier.

“Sorry I’m so into this story,” I say as I walk toward you.

“I know how you get when you write. If I wanted I could distract you,” you smiled and raised your eye brows, “I could,” then you flash your devilish grin.

“I’m aware of that, but I feel like I’m ignoring you. Are you really ok with me writing today,” I ask you just to be sure you’re not mad.

“I’m fine. I have a good book to read today, but I can’t wait to see what the new story is about. Are you close to finishing?”

“Maybe a few more hours, but you never know,” I smile, lean down and give you a kiss. With my lips right by yours I say, “I never know when I might need some inspiration,” then I kiss you again long and passionate before leaving you breathless and go back to my computer.

“You are a tease,” I hear you say as I sit back down on the couch to finish my story.

I put my headphones back on and took up where I left off. Just the few minutes of teasing rejuvenated me and the ideas flew by, my mind running faster than my fingers as I worked out the ending. I was nearing completion when I felt your hand on my back.

I pull out one of the headphones, turn to you and ask what you wanted. You say you are going for a walk and want to know if I need a break. I tell you that I’m close and want to finish while the ideas are fresh. You sigh and say you will read awhile longer. I put my headphone back in my ear and start to write again.

Not long after you startle me when you start to kissed my neck and nibble on my ear. I turn to you.

“Oh I’m so close to being done, please let me finish this thought,” I beg.

Your hand covers my mouth as you pull out one of the headphones.

“It’s time to inspire my writer,” you whisper in my ear as you turn my head toward you.

You remove your hand, grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back as you crush your lips to mine. I moan into your mouth. You hold me still as you snake your other hand down the front to my shirt and to the band of my pants. I try to wiggle my hand out from in between us but you are too close. Your fingertips slowly travel under my waistband and lower toward my slit. I push my hips up to meet them, but you stop. I can feel you loosen your grip on my hair and your body relax. Your lips pull away from mine and kiss the tip of my nose. I whimper thinking you are just teasing me like I did earlier. I watch as you stand and loom over me still wearing your devilish grin.

“You know distractions will get you everywhere,” I say breathless with a wink.

“I’m just trying to get a taste of the new story. I’m curious about the topic of this one.”

“I want you to get a taste of something else.”

“Maybe I want to tease not taste,” you reach down and pat between my legs making me jump, “You really are horny.”

“I get that way when I write. In case you were wondering she is wet and eager,” I tell you in my most sultry, ‘come hither’ voice.

You smile as you say, “Oh I am more than aware what your writing does to you,” you wink and walk away.

I frown and close my eyes. The urge to follow you fills my mind as my hand rubs the cloth covering my wetness. I can feel the damp moisture soaking into the fabric and the course grain tantalizes me. As I push the fabric inside me my desires for you increase ten-fold. I grit my teeth and open my eyes to see you looming over me with a rope in your hands.

“Awww, you really didn’t have to stop I was enjoying the view. Now will you follow me like a good little girl or do I need to treat you like a bad little girl,” your tone is neutral so the decision is solely up to me.

I purse my lips and put my hands under my ass showing you that I want to be bad. Your evil little grin appears and I have a split second to react, but you are too fast and have me over your shoulder. I lightly kick at your chest and bounce my fists off your back telling you to put me down interlaced with giggles.

‘Thwack, thwack,’ as you spank my ass making me relax and fall under you control.

“Better, now behave,” you scold.

You toss me on the bed saying, “You tease others with your tales, now you tease me and expect me to let it slide. Well you are not getting away with it this time,” you grab both my wrists and bind them in front of me while you talk, “you are mine and it’s time to remind you who is in charge here.”

Holding my wrists between my breasts you slide your other hand down my belly, lower and lower until your fingers are at the band of my pants again. I squirm trying to coax you under.

You shake your head right and left before you say, “My way.”

You straddle my hips and pull my wrists above my head. I hear metal rattle and look up seeing the hand cuffs attached to the bed and now to the rope binding my wrists. Your fingers linger as they move down my arms to my neck. I look to you and see that there is determination in your eyes and a look that says I will behave.

You start to lift my shirt slowly tickling my belly. I twitch and dance pushing harder against you. I feel you growing harder and pushing on my belly. I moan wanting to feel you lying hard along my now bare stomach.

“Oh so eager, such an eager little girl you are,” you tell me as you lean over toward the night stand.

I know there is nothing but a stash of fun toys in the drawer. I smile knowing that you are going to tease me with no mercy. I watch with wonder wanting to know what you have in mind. My eyes go wide to see that you have picked the blindfold and a gag. You show them to me as your grin grows.

“Now your last image is of me,” you place the blindfold over my eyes, “and before I silence you answer me this… Are… you… mine,” you whisper in my ear.

I muster a moan, but can’t seem to find words. I feel you straighten above me and roughly squeeze my breast through the fabric of my shirt. I groan and pant, writhing my body under you. Quickly my shirt is pulled above my breasts and your mauling continues with the added sensation of your course hands and an occasional pinch to my nipple. Your rough treatment of my breast brings long, low moans as my head falls back and I try to arch my back. I feel your hot breath on my neck then teeth bearing down.

“Are you mine,” you growl into my ear, “Tell me… are… you… mine?”

I try to find my voice as you softly bite my ear sending shudders down my spine. Your teeth brush my shoulder and you squeeze my breast every time I open my mouth to respond stopping any utterance I attempt. I stop trying to answer and feel the hard bite of your teeth into my shoulder making me groan.

“Are you mine,” you again growl into my ear.

“Yes, god, yes,” I quickly reply.

“Say it!”

“I-I’m y-yours,” I stammer.

“Better,” you praise as you loop the gag over my head and into my mouth, “with that resolved I think it is high time I remind you.”

You start slowly pulling my pants down to my knees as you kiss my belly. I wonder why you are leaving my panties on. It’s not like I’m wearing a pair of sexy ones, just your basic everyday white cotton panties. As you raise my knees and place my feet on the edge of the bed you finish pulling my pants off. Your lips tickle up my thighs to my damp panties. You pull my legs further apart and rub your thumbs along my cloth covered slit. I feel you ball the top of my panties up and pull them so they form to my lips and feel like a thong between my cheeks, the tight pressure curling my toes around the edge of the bed and my back arch.

I moan and barely hear you groan, “So wet, so beautiful and so mine.”

Holding my panties tight you ever so slowly push two fingers against my folds and began to move them up and down my slit. I want you to touch my skin but all I can do is pull on my restraints. Since I can’t beg verbally I thrust my hips toward you. You use your other hand on my belly to hold me down.

“My way,” you scold.

I relax my hips back down on the bed and groan into the gag. You increase the pressure on my lower body and it feels like you are trying to push my panties inside me. I shudder from the feel of the fabric being pulled tighter and then you abruptly stop. I whimper and twist my hips trying to find you.

Your response to my tantrum is to rip my panties off. I hear you groan as the cotton fabric tears. I twitch and groan with you, I love the feel of your control and haste.

As you open my panties I hear, “Mine, all mine.”

I see mental images of your face and the smile you have knowing that I am bound and silenced only for your pleasure. My mental imagery is broken as you lightly touch my clit with the tip of your tongue. My head fell back and I moan as your finger goes back to its previous location now void of cloth. Your tongue and finger make me spasm and twist as you massage both sensitive locations. I try thrusting my hips to take your finger deeper, but you are again holding me down.

“Easy, slow,” I hear and feel you say against my clit.

I tighten my toes around the bed and flex my fingers to keep from thrusting and moving. You reward my effort with another finger inside me and a tickle to my clit with your tongue. I groan my desires around the gag and feel the pull of my orgasm. I lock my thighs tight around your head only to feel you pulling them apart.

“No, my way,” you chastise.

I whimper and furrow my brow to show you my frustration only to feel your lips touch my forehead. I instantly relax and know that you will not leave me wanting. As I try to sense where you are I feel the light caress of your manhood on my clit. Your rub circles over and around my swollen nub. You mercilessly tease my clit with your precum covered head as I circle my hips trying to get you lower and inside me. Anticipating my every move you keep close to my clit and I feel my orgasm overflowing. Just when I feel that I might lose the battle with my body you drive inside me deep and hard.

My hips leave the bed following my arched back pushing you deeper as my body takes over my mind. I ride the wave of sensations you caused. My walls clamp down, my skin runs hotter and I feel the beads of sweat pooling in my pores as I cover you in my sticky fluids.

My breathing is in pants as I realize you are very still. Just as the thought registers you commence pounding me. I love when you take out every ounce of your pent up lust on me. I take every thrust with a moan encouraging you to go faster and deeper. You respond with more power and speed as you soon have me built up to explode again. You must have felt that I was close because you stop and pull out completely leaving me writhing and unbearably close.

You push my knees to my chest rolling me into a ball. I then feel your now lube covered fingers playing with my other hole. I expect you to push them inside before you fill my ass, but you just keep teasing adding to my squirming. I’m so intently paying attention to your fingers that I didn’t expect you to bury your tongue inside my wet hole. With your tongue licking deep inside and your fingers playing with my asshole I let my body free.

I let out a stammered moan, twitch from toes to head and let my juices flow down your tongue. You lap up as much from inside as you can and then lick down my cheeks to gather the rest. Each stroke of your tongue sends shivers up my spine. I fell spent and done for the night, but know in the back of my mind you are not done with me.

My conformation that you are not done comes as you inserted the plug deep into my lubed ass. I groan. You release your hold on my legs and guide them down to the bed increasing the depth and sensation of the plug. I listen as you unlock the cuff holding my wrists above my head. You flip me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass high. I am now perched on my arms and knees. I fell you move up behind me and ram your hard shaft deep into me. I scream around the gag from the overly full feeling you cause inside me. Instantly I fall over the edge and close my walls in around you. You ride my instant orgasm pounding me like you were earlier.

As I feel you break the strap on the gag I spit it out and let out a loud scream. I start to push back against you, but you hold my hips still not breaking your pace or depth. I cry out feeling you fight my crushing walls. You start to spin and move the plug in and out in time with your pounding making me flail.

“Can’t take anymore, please, please…,” I beg.

“You want me to stop,” you ask as you stop deep inside me.

I moan, pant and say in a hoarse voice, “No, don’t stop, please, god, please don’t stop.”

Without a word you begin to fuck me again just as rough and deep as before. My head now down on the bed between my arms, exhaustion creeping up quickly. You don’t seem to notice.

Your pace slows and I think that maybe you are close, but as you grab my hair and pull me to a kneeling position I know that you are not. The change in position pushes you farther inside causing a little pain.

“Too deep,” I cry.

You hold still and reach around and massage my clit.

“Needed to wake you, you’ll kill a guy falling asleep like that,” you say in my ear as you pull my hair.

I moan and say, “I was not asleep, just spent.”

“Well then I better wake you up,” you bite my collarbone eliciting a squeal.

You shove my head down into the bed and hold my hips high. As you ram in and out of me your fingers pinch and twist my clit beginning to arouse me again. I moan your name as I feel the building pressure between my legs. You have me nearing the edge again in no time flat and just as I feel the teetering effects of the edge you stop again and pull out of me.

“Oh, god what are you doing to me,” I whine out.

You don’t answer me except to pull the plug out and push roughly in. I groan, in part, from the pain but also from the nudge over the edge. With one thrust you push me over and I start to push back taking you deeper. I feel you pulsing just before you unload deep in my ass. When you fill me I let go once more and spasm for each shot you release.

My legs give out and I fall forward taking you with me. You roll to my side and curl up against my back.

“Thank you,” you whisper low in my ear and kiss my shoulder blade.

“Thank you.”

We fall asleep with me still bound and blindfolded.


I looked up from the chat window and found that I had been lost in the visuals that we created and lost track of time. I quickly typed that I had to go because of the late hour. He grumbled like usual that he didn't want me to leave, he makes it so difficult to end conversations; but that is what I find so intriguing. We are very compatible. We finally said our good byes and before I closed the chat window I thought that this would be a great story. He has told me before that I can use our conversations for ideas so I quickly saved the chat and decided to write it out later. It might take a few days, but I think he’ll love knowing that he inspired a story. I can’t wait to tell him that this is his story and to see if he was serious about using our conversations.

**This is a story of fiction, well as far as two creative minds can devise fiction.**

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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