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Diversion -- Part 1

The beginning of her sexual freedom...
I step out of the shower into the steam filled room. I wipe the fogged mirror so I can see my reflection. My blond hair wet and slightly curly clings to my face. My blue green eyes staring back at me. I look every inch of my body over in careful examination. Have a few pounds I could lose.

Other than that I was happy with my appearance. Pale skin, light freckles dusting my nose and cheeks. Beautiful firm breasts, curvy seductive hips and a perfectly shaped butt. Not the sexiest girl out there but beautiful enough to do some damage.

I dry my body and mess up my hair making it more curly. Walk to my dresser and make my selections. Black lace bra and matching panties that hug perfectly to the best parts of me. I pull on a pair of slightly distressed dark jeans that are my favorite.

Then a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to my forearms and enough buttons undone to show some nice cleavage. To top it all off a deep purple tie tied loosely around my neck.

A huge suit case filled with shorts, bikinis, jeans, lots of cute tops and an abundance of my sexiest bras and panties lay on my bed.

I finished my hair and make up and proceeded to throw stuff in the bag. After grabbing the essential phone charger and pillow I zipped the bag shut.

I was ready. Ready to make a change. I took a look around the room. Room where so many memories were made. Shut the light off and never looked back.

On my trip to the airport I shut my phone off not wanting to be bothered with phone calls, emails or texts. I know what they would say anyways. Family and friends telling me not to go or that I was crazy for doing so.

I didn't want to deal with that. Not now! I felt alive and more free than ever. At twenty-two years of age I should have felt this freedom long ago!

What I would do with this new found freedom I wasn't sure but I was really ready to find out! One thing I knew for sure is I had a plane to catch!

Several hours later I was seated on the plane conveniently next to a very sexy man. I watched him as he inspected me from head to toe.

I took out my headphones out and he smiled at me. I looked up at him through my eye lashes and smiled warmly at him "Hello" I say.

"Hello" he says shyly.

"So where are you headed?" I ask.

"Well we are headed to MIA. So I guess Miami."

I laugh! "Funny. You could have a lay over there and be headed somewhere else. I'm not that blond I did think of that."

"You're smarter than me cause I didn't think of that" he smiled.

After talking and flirting for a hour or so I really looked at him. His deep green eyes so enchanting. He had this smile that turned up slightly in the corners making his lips look oh so kissable. His sandy brown hair looked a little shaggy but very sexy. Made more sexy by the stubble on his face.

He got up to use the rest room and it was then I noticed his wonderfully fitted tee shirt and his even better fitting jeans. His arms were to die for.

I felt the heat between my legs grow more intense. He turned around and smiled at me! I was so busted!! I immediately blushed and looked down.

He returned shortly after with this devilish smile on his face and said "So I saw you checking me out!"

My face got instantly hot! I tried to stammer out an answer but in the end I just looked up at him with a flirty smile and said "Yes, yes I was."

He laughed, "Then I think you need to "use" the restroom so I can do the same..."

I agreed.

I took a few deep breaths and got up and strutted to the bathroom. Flashed this little grin and blew a kiss at him then ducked in the bathroom. While in there I quickly fixed my hair and make up. Making sure I looked perfect.

I exited and walked back down aisle swaying my hips slightly. Looking him right in the eyes as I licked my lips. I sat down and said well?

He laughed and nervously looked down. My eyes followed his to his dick. Which was snug against jeans.

My lips formed a smile and I pulled his jacket over his crotch and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

His eyes widened in surprised. He sat up a little and pulled his jeans and boxers down just enough that his hard cock sprang free.

I inspected his cock and my pussy got wet. Well wetter! I wrapped my hands around him and he gasped. I smiled at him and started slowly stroking his hard cock. I moved my hand up, down and around.

Feeling him grow between my hands. I rubbed until he started grasping the arm rests.

Then I finally rubbed my thumb over the head of his cock and it twitched in my hand.

I began to feel an overwhelming heat spread between my thighs. I wanted so badly to touch myself. To feel the same sweet release I was about to give him.

This was one of the most thrilling things I had ever done.

I rubbed faster wetting his cock with his pre-cum. He began to grow harder than ever beneath my hands. I watched his face as I stroked him over and over again until he was about to cum.

I lifted his jacket and he shot his hot white fluid on the seat in front of him. I became more wet.

He quickly grabbed a tissue and cleaned up himself and the seat.

I sat back and smiled.

He fell asleep shortly afterwards.

I put my headphones back in and laid my head on his shoulder falling fast asleep. I woke about an hour later with him smiling at me.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily as he said, "good morning sunshine!"

"How close are we?" I asked.

"Ten minutes" he replied as he put his arm around me. I snuggled into him and we sat in content silence.

The plane landed and we grabbed our things and exited. We were waiting in the baggage line and it hit me. I didn't even know this guys name! That might have made it more exciting!

I grabbed his phone, ignoring his questions and punched in my name and phone number. I handed him his phone, grabbed my suit case and said "if you're ever up for a good time..." pecked him on the lips and left it at that.

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