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Diversion -- Part 2

Tags: cop, freedom, oral
She continues her journey...
I must really thank C.O. And G.S. for inspiring me! Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to read Diversion -- Part 1!!

It was getting late as I left the airport and rented a car. I browsed the lot as it was quickly turning to dusk.

I turned the corner and saw the car I wanted. Not just any car though, a jet black 2012 Mustang Boss 302!

I speed out of the parking lot headed for HWY 863. I was several miles down the highway going a cool 99 mph when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a police car behind me with his lights on.

Really? Busted twice in one day!

I pull the car over and slow to a stop. I grab my license out of my purse and registration out of the glove box. I look in my mirror and see this drop dead gorgeous male officer come sauntering up to my window.

I quickly push the button and my window rolls down. I can see him check me out as he removes his hat and runs his hand through his dark wavy hair; reminding me of the wetness between my legs.

Replacing his hat he asks, "Do you know how fast you were going ma'am?"

I smile sweetly at him, "Two things. Please don't call me ma'am, I'm not nearly old enough for that. Secondly I was going somewhere around 100".

He took off his sunglasses revealing ocean blue eyes. He raises an eyebrow at me and says, "so miss you were going around 100 miles per hour in a 70?".

I defiantly tilted my chin up, said yes and shot him this sexy smile.

He smirked and asked for my license and registration. He walked back to his car.

I loosened my tie slightly and undid several more buttons on my shirt. I ruffled my hair a little and applied some lip gloss.

A few minutes went by and he returned to my car. He hands me my stuff back. He looked down at my breasts and I puckered my lips slightly.

"Can you please step out of the car?" he asked.

I opened the door and stepped out, he grabbed me by the hips and pushed me gently into the hood of the car.

My hands were flat against the hood as He pushes his hips into my ass leans over and whispers in my ear, "I need to search you. Thoroughly".

He nibbles my ear, breathes heavily and sighs, "I'm going to enjoy this" before he ducked down.

He starts at my left ankle and works to my mid thigh before stopping. He then moves over to my right ankle and works his way up.

This time he doesn't stop, he goes all the way to my pussy. I again feel the hotness emanating from my pussy as he cups it through my jeans.

His hand lingers there for a while before he reaches around the front of me to slide his hands roughly over my breasts, then into my shirt.

His hands roam over my bra and then he finds my nipples perking up under the fabric. One hand goes from my bra into my jeans and panties and the other one goes under my bra to pinch my nipple.

I push my ass back against his hard cock as he tweaks my nipple. I grind against it more as he quickly slides a finger inside me.

His thumb brushes my clit as a moan escapes my lips.

I push my pussy more into his hand and his finger slides in deeper. His hand switches breasts and pinches my peaked nipple. I cry out.

He removes his hands and turns me around pulling me to the other side of the car. He pulls my jeans and panties off hastily and lets them fall to the ground.

He picks me up and sets me on the hood of the car. I feel his finger slide into me, then back out only to dive into me again.

"You're so wet" he says in a husky voice, as he continues to finger fuck me.

He removes his fingers and licks my juices off of them. His tongue is suddenly on my pussy, licking between my lips.

I feel his tongue flick my clit and a finger slide into my pussy. After only a few seconds of that I cry out as my pussy clenches around his finger and my juices run down his hand.

He hastily undoes his pants and pushes both his pants and boxers down. It's then I feel just what I have been longing to feel. His hard thick cock in my very wet pussy.

He thrusts deep into me. Harder and faster, my nails dig in and scratch down his uniform as he moans loudly.

I begin to feel the pressure build deep within me as he continues to pump my pussy.

"Fuck me hard! Faster! Please now! I want your cum! Please!" I shout!

He pumps me again and again bringing me to the edge, then pushing me over.

He pulls out of me and rips open my shirt, pulls me off the hood to the ground. He strokes his cock a few times and a spurt of his hot white cum hits me in the cheek.

His next spurts I make sure land on my tongue. I drink it all down.

He continues rubbing until every last drop of cum is out. I wipe the cum off my face and lick it off my fingers. As he's putting on his pants he says "God that was hot!".

I smile as I pull on my jeans and panties. I do up the three buttons on my shirt that weren't broken.

He walks me around the car, kisses me and whispers in my ear to slow it down.

He smacks my ass as I get in the car.

I turn on the ignition and peel out as I honk the horn...

To be continued....

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