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Diversion -- Part 3

Getting to know her...
This part has no sex! Please please stay with me! It's building up to something good! I promise!

I check into The Hotel on Collins Ave and jump in the shower. I washed quickly and wrapped my towel around me.

I lay on the bed and turn my phone on for the first time since I began this journey. My phone buzzed, I don't even want to know what it says but I check anyways.

Three voicemails all from mom asking where I was. Two texts from dad and one from my brother asking the same thing. A couple other unimportant texts and then the emails came through, the emails I knew would be there.

I opened up the first one and smiled as I read.

"Good morning baby! How was your night? Did you sleep well? I have a busy day at work today and won't have much time. I'll be in and out of meetings all day. I will try and make some time later on this morning if you want to talk. I missed your voice yesterday. Hope you are well dear. Talk to you soon. Xoxo..."

I read the second email.

"Hey it's after 1:00 where are you at? Haven't heard from you since mid-day yesterday. Are you mad at me or something? Please let me know... Xo. G"

The final one read...

"Jayna I'm worried about you. It's almost midnight. Have never gone this long without you. I'm praying you are safe. That perhaps I'm worried over nothing. I miss you. Please contact me baby".

I breathed a heavy sigh.

Gavin I thought, a man I have been in contact with for almost a year but had never met in person. I knew his voice so well though. He was always calm and reserved, never hasty to act.

From the pictures I have seen he had dark brown hair with the same color eyes. He was tall much taller than me standing at 6 feet.

We had both tried several times to meet up but we either chickened out or plans had fallen through.

That's why I came down here. To surprise him, hopefully I would be a good surprise. I couldn't wait another second, I pressed reply.

"Hey Gavin I'm sorry it's been an insane 36 hours! Give me a call when you get a chance. I'll be waiting ;) impatiently as always! J xoxo".

I was always impatient. One of my biggest down falls actually, but I was trying my very best to become more patient. Not sure it was working out.

I had always been mature for my age, always sassy and quick witted. I was only serious when I needed to be, fun and flirty the rest of the time. I wasn't sure why Gavin had stuck around but he did.

I went in the bathroom to get ready. I straightened my hair and applied my make up. Brushed my teeth and added some lip gloss.

Then I heard my phone ring. I ran and grabbed it off the bed and answered "Hello handsome man!"

"Jayna I have been worried sick about you! Where have you been? Are you ok? It's so good to hear your voice my love!"

I laughed, "Yes Gavin I'm fine no need to worry baby. I've just been incredibly busy. How are you? How was work? Have you missed me?"

He sighed, "I have missed you so much. It's been a long time since I've went without you that long. I don't want to do that ever again baby. I don't. I really need you in my life. Work was okay it's been busy, but not busy enough to keep my mind off you..."

I smile "Well I'm glad you feel that way. Why don't you take tomorrow off and spend the day on the phone with me? We'll lay in bed all morning, watch the same movie, have a phone date. Do you want to do that with me love?"

"Oh Jayna I would love to. It's been way to long since we have done that."

"I know, that's what I thought. Oh by the way I have a present for you. Don't ask what it is cause I'm not going to tell you. It's a surprise. So where can I ship it to?"

"Awe you didn't have to do that for me. Also you know I'm going to ask anyways, what is it?"

"I'm not gonna tell you! I already told you that Gavin!"

"I know but I had to ask. I'll email the address because it will probably be easier. When are you going to ship it? I am so excited to see what it is".

I laugh again, "You are too funny! I will get it out to you tomorrow. For now though I'm gonna go out for a bit perhaps have a drink then come and get some sleep."

"Okay dear, I'm probably gonna do the same. I'll call you in the morning say seven?"

"Sounds great! You have a goodnight sweetie. I can't wait for tomorrow!"

"Me either. Muah!"

"Muah!" and the phone call ended.

I opened my suit case, pulled out a sexy little black dress and put it on. Grabbed my purse and keys then headed out the door.

My destination was on NW 2nd Ave. the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. A place I had heard Gavin mention more than a few times, so I thought I would check it out.

As I drove I comtimplated calling Gavin and telling him I was in Miami, but I figured I could just wait til morning. I shook my head and parked my car.

As I walked in and the atmosphere consumed me. It seemed so inviting and relaxed. I walked up to the bar and took an empty stool.

A cute bartender came and asked me what I was drinking with a smile and wink.

"Sex on the beach please..."

"You want to have sex with me on the beach??"

I laugh and smile as I bat my long lush eyelashes at him. "If you are offering" I laugh again.

He smiles as he makes my drink, "Perhaps I am".

I blush as he hands me my drink.

"You look familiar" he says to me, "have you been in here before?"

"No actually this is my first time ever in Miami!"

"Well I really feel like I have seen you before..."

"No I am pretty sure you haven't, but while I've got you here I do have a question for you. Do you know Gavin Swim? He's..."

I didn't get to finish my sentence before he said "Gavin of course I know Gavin. He's a regular in here. In fact that's where I have seen you before!! Gavin showed me a photo of you!"

"He did..? Well how did that come about?"

"Well he used to sit at the bar and toss back a couple, flirt with some girls, you know. But within the last year he has slowly nursed his drinks and been consumed by his phone. I asked him why one day and he showed me your photo. Said you were the most amazing girl he has ever met. Well hoped to meet. Also said he was nervous that he wasn't good enough for you and didn't want to disappoint. So is he meeting you here?"

"Actually he doesn't know I'm in Miami. I plan on surprising him tomorrow. When does he usually come in because I don't want to run into him tonight and ruin it..."

"If that's the case I'd make a fast exit left cause he's coming in on your right!"

I turn slightly to my right and catch my first glimpse of Gavin in person. I gasp slightly and turn my back towards him. I hear him take a seat at the bar just a stool or two away from me.

"The usual please."

"Sure thing Gavin..."

"Marcus can you please tell me why you have that ridiculous grin on your face?"

Marcus laughs nervously, "what ever do you mean?"

"Never mind" Gavin said as he pulled out his phone.

"Emailing your girl again tonight?" asked Marcus.

"I'm not sure, she said she was going out for a drink so..." his sentence inturpted by my coughing and Marcus' laughter.

I quickly threw a ten on the bar and exited careful as to not show Gavin it was me. The bell dings as I exit.

I start walking to my car as I hear the door ding behind me. I glance behind me and it's Gavin carrying my purse!!

Shit I thought. I kept walking and even picked up the pace.

With his long strides he was catching up to me. I hastily unlocked the door and jumped in starting the engine simultaneously with me shutting the door.

I whipped it in to drive and the engine roared down the street. Leaving Gavin standing on the side walk holding my purse.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I throw my wallet on the seat. Him finding my ID could have ruined the entire thing.

When I got to the hotel I had a grand time explaining to the staff how I had lost my key card on my short time out on the town. The man behind the counter thought it was one of the cutest, funniest things he has ever heard.

I finally got into my room around one and I was exhausted! I slipped off my dress, panties and bra, pulled up my hair and slid into bed.

I fell asleep with thoughts of meeting Gavin tomorrow...

"Did you catch her?" Marcus asked as Gavin returned to the bar.

"No, it's strange it's almost as if she knew I had it but didn't bother to turn around and grab it from me. She did drive a hot car and she had a fantastic ass. Have you ever seen her in here before?"

"Yes I mean no, I've never seen her before..." "Marcus you are acting strange tonight. I've got a date tomorrow I'm going to head home. See you tomorrow night."

Gavin left money on the bar and drove home. He couldn't get that mystery girl from the bar out of his head. He fell fast asleep thinking of her and Jayna...

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