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Diversion -- Part 5

Tags: boat trip, sex, fun
Jayna and Gavin start their adventure...
He turns around and we both laugh!

"Perhaps we should get some clothes on and maybe pack a bag and take a little boat trip. What do you think?"

"I think that sounds amazing. I'd have to stop at my hotel and grab a few things. If that's okay?"

"Of course. In fact why not check out and when we get back you can stay with me. Sorry if that's to forward of me..."

"Are you mocking me Mr. Swim?!?" I ask.

"Yes Miss Speed I certainly am."

I smile as we both dress. Him this time putting on khaki cargo shorts and a nicely fitting grey tee. He was so incredibly sexy.

I sat on his bed and we talked as he threw clothes into a suit case.

"Jeez, how long are we going for?"

"I'm packing for a week. If that works for you lover..." he said as he zipped the bag closed.

"Of course it does. Are you ready?"

"Yes I am. Let's get out of here!"

We walk to my car.

"Can I drive?" he asked.

I look at him and laugh.

Yeah right I say as I run for the drivers seat. With his long strides he easily catches up to me and traps me between his body and the car.

"Only because I know how you like to go fast Speed Racer!" he said as he kissed me. We got in and drove to my hotel.

He opted to stay in the car as I went to my room and packed up my stuff. When I came down stairs I found that a Mr. Swim had already checked me out and paid in full.

I smiled as I walked out to the car and saw him on the phone.

"Please just keep her for a week. I know it's short notice but I have something important to do. I'll owe you one. Please. Thank you. I have to go I'll call later tonight. Yes, yes, thanks again."

Then the call ended, I continued walking to the car. He looked a bit shocked to see me.

I got into the car still wondering who that was on the phone, but kissed him anyways.

Brief but loving, "Thank you Gavin. You didn't have to do that."

"It's the least I could do. You did come all this way for me..."

"Not just for you Gavin. For us..."

"Us. I love the sound of us."

I smile as I give him another quick kiss.

He directed me to the grocery store and once in there we were like little kids. Randomly throwing things in the cart and running up and down the aisles.

When we finally stopped and looked in the cart we realized we had no food with substance. So we had to run all through the store again.

Over an hour and two hundred dollars later we were ready for our boat trip.

We drove to Miami Beach Marina where he kept his boat. When we arrived Edward, who was Gavin's boat care taker was waiting.

"Mr. Swim I got Diversion ready for you. She's fueled and waiting for you."

"Thank you Edward. Would you grab the rest of our things please?"

"Of course sir." Edward said as he ran off with a cart to get our things.

"Wow that's um service."

"I pay good money for my boat and I to be all taken care of. Hope you don't mind. Diversion is my escape. I want her in top condition at all times."

"I don't mind at all."

"Well come aboard baby and find out why I love it so much!"

I step aboard and am just in amazement. This was a boat not a house right? It was beautiful. I could see right away why I he loved it and we haven't even been below deck yet.

Edward brought the rest our things and left us with a very nice tip from Gavin. I could now see why Edward was so eager to please him.

Gavin brought our things below deck and came back up with his sunglasses on.

"Ready to go?" he asked as he pulled me close to him.

"Absolutely!" I said as I put my sunglasses on.

"Jayna I just feel like I belong on the water you know. I love feeling in control being able to go where I want to. I do know to have respect for the elements of mother nature though, I know how powerful the water can be when it gets angry. When it's calm though it's so peaceful, quiet, surreal and relaxing. It's makes me never want to leave..."

"I'm glad you are willing to share this experience with me Gavin."

We went out of the marina and came out of the bay into the wide open Atlantic Ocean. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Once we were far enough into open water he turned to me and asked if I wanted to drive!

"Of course I want to!"

He smiled "I knew you would love. You are my speed racer!"

I sat on his lap and drove the boat with his help. Pretty soon I was over that and got off his lap, stood up and took my shirt off and threw it at him. Next came my shorts.

My bikini had replaced my bra and panties while at the hotel and I was ready to get tan.

"My love, you wear that bikini well..."

He stayed at the wheel as I went and was about to lay until I had a great idea.

I striped down to nothing, laid down on the chair on my stomach and then tossed my swim suit at him.

"Hey babe I think you'd agree I un-wear the bikini better!" I shouted across the deck.

He was at in instant by my side. "Yes I do agree sweet girl. You wear nothing beautifully!"

"Thank you love. Why don't you join me in the wearing nothing party?" I giggle.

The words were barely out of my mouth before he was stripped down to nothing.

"Bow chick a wow wow! Check you out Mr. Swim! What a stud!!"

He blushed slightly.

"Was that a blush from you? You never blush! Never are embarrassed and are always so composed! Now your standing naked on your boat and you're blushing. I don't know this side of you."

"I have a few sides that you haven't seen yet, hopefully you will be around long enough to see them all" he said.

"I hope so too lover..."

We both laid on our chairs soaking up the sun, completely naked and enjoying each others company. There was never any uncomfortable silences or awkward pauses. We had spent endless hours on the phone so we were more than comfortable carrying on conversation and then also being content to sit in silence.

I smiled to my self, it was better than I ever imagined being here with him. Little did I ever imagine within my first 24 hours of meeting him we would be going to the Bahamas by boat. Well we were, and I liked it.

He was every bit of the man I had met online almost a year ago.

"Jayna baby are you hungry?" he asked right about the time his stomached growled.

I laughed, "Well we both know you are!".

He and I got up, replaced some of our clothes and then I got my first look below deck. He certainly lived a life most only dreamed of. He had said that exact thing to me about eight months after we had met.

Told me that he had money, more than he knew what to do with. He wanted to get to know me first and know I liked him for him and not his money.

So he then proceeded to tell me about the things he had, like his crazy beautiful house, three practically brand new vehicles and his pride possession Diversion.

It was then I began to feel like I could never measure up to his standards.

I pushed those feelings aside knowing nothing would ever really become of us, but being here now those feelings were rising up again. He goes to fancy dinners and always has a beautiful girl on his arm with a slinky dress on. I'm a blue jeans kind of girl.

He has a house that is twenty times the size of the trailer I grew up in and the apartment I currently live in. He knew just what to say at just the right time and I was always at a loss for words. He had his life so together, everything fit so well and I was just about the opposite. How would this ever work?

"Jayna? Are you okay?" he asked.

"What? Yeah um I'm fine it's just been a crazy last 24 hours."

"I couldn't even imagine! I'm still a little shocked that you're here and that now we are on our way to the Bahamas. I have dreamed of taking you on this trip so many times. Half the time we just end up parking to boat and spending countless days just being with one another."

He pulled me close and kissed my lips then my forehead, "I'm so glad you came."

"So am I Gavin. This all just so crazy."

"Crazy bad or crazy good?"

I kiss him, "crazy good for sure."

I volunteered to make lunch, so we talked and laughed while I cooked. Half hour later I plated up some delicious looking Philly steaks.

We brought our food on the deck to eat. Before I even sat down he was raving.

"Oh my god babe! These are amazing!"

I smile, he frequently talked about getting an amazing Philly at Jarrons Box.

"So is it better than Jarrons?" I ask.

"Babe this puts Jarrons to shame! You are the winner winner chicken dinner for sure!"

I lean over and kiss his cheek, "thanks sweetie."

After lunch we unpacked our stuff and went above deck. We were headed to Nassau and honestly it could take the rest of my life to get there and I wouldn't mind.

Okay that's a lie, not sure if my sea legs would last that long.

I smiled as I saw him pull out some fishing gear, he had always talked about wanting to teach me to fish. I was very apprehensive about this however because I have heard his insane fishing stories!

It once took him over nine hours to reel one in! I mean of course a couple of his buddies took some turns too, but still!

Oh and I heard about the 420 pound shark that his friend Sean caught that was almost seven feet long! What if I reel in a shark and it kills me? Fishing is risky business at least in my mind.

He calls me over and puts a rod in my hand, "are you ready for this?"

"Um heck yes I am!" I shouted.

"Alright let's do this then. I put a ballyhoo on your line for you love. That way you are less likely to get a shark."

"Well that's great news because you know I was worried about that. I'm pretty nervous about this baby."

"It's just adrenaline, you're gonna be fine. I promise Jayna".

I smile nervously at him as he grabs my hands and helps me cast my line into the ocean.

"So now what?" I ask.

"Now my love, we wait. Yes you don't have to remind me, I know how you hate waiting" he smiled at me.

"Oh Gavin you know me so well, it's kind of unreal..."

"Almost a year of talking to you, emailing you, watching you smile, laugh and blush on video. Watching your eyes sparkle and light up when you saw me, that made me incredibly happy. Jayna I think I know you very well. As well as someone can know another without actually meeting".

I smiled and was about to tell him I never wanted to leave him when I felt a hard tug on my line.

He pulled me back into the chair and strapped me in. He helped me pull the line for about fifteen minutes before we finally reeled it in.

On the end of the line there was a two and a half foot blackfin tuna! You could imagine how proud I was! He took it off the line and weighed it.

My fish weighed about 30 pounds, I couldn't believe I had caught that! Sure it wasn't the biggest fish ever caught but it was my first fish!

He took my picture with the fish and I'm sure I had a cheesy grin on my face. He smiled at me after looking at the picture and he chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing you just reminded me of Olivia when I take her fishing. That light in your eyes and that cheesy grin" he pulled me close and kissed me.

"Speaking of Olivia, do I get to meet her?" I asked.

"Well I'm not sure, she's up at my parents house for the week. How about we see what happens when we get back home, okay love?"

"Okay baby."

Gavin taught me how to clean and filet my fish and let me tell you it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be. We put the fish in the fridge for later and went above deck.

I laid out in my bikini as I watched him fish. Everything he caught he threw back, he just fished because he loved it. I watched him, completely memorized by how happy and content he was.

He had just thrown a fish back when I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his back.

He put his stuff down and turned to face me, "so baby..."

He often said that so it was interesting to hear in real life.

"So baby I think I'm gonna call my family. It's been almost two days and I didn't exactly tell them where I was going. Don't want them to worry too much..."

"I totally understand, in fact I need to make a phone call as well. So how about we go do what we need to and find something to do together afterwards."

"I'm in..." I said as I made my way below deck to retrieve my phone. I laid on Gavin's bed as I checked my phone for messages. As I imagined there was several again.

I know my family cared for me and I also know this was the longest I had been out of contact without them knowing where I was but still. I listen to about three voicemails from my mother before I realized they all said the same thing.

So I delete all eight of them and called her back. It had hardly rang once before I heard her frantic voice on the other end.

"Jayna are you okay? Where are you? Do you need us to get you?"

"Mother I'm fine. Please relax a little before you give me a panic attack. I'm okay mom. I'm in Florida actually on my way to the Bahamas. I know you think I'm crazy, but I'm not. This is what I needed, I needed to find out if he was the one or if I was wasting my time."

"Well sweet heart what did you find? Is he everything you made him out to be?"

"Mom he is amazing. I can't believe I waited this long to meet him. He's so caring and so loving. He's funny and just so much more than I thought he would be."

"Jayna I'm happy for you. Not very happy that you surprised us all by just leaving but if it's what you had to do then you had to."

"Mom I didn't mean to just rush off, but you can't honestly tell me that if I had told you, you wouldn't have tried to talk me out of it because I know you would have."

"You're right I probably would have but that's beside the point."

"Is it? Because that's the whole point I was trying to make. Mom I'm safe. I'll call you when I get back home. I love you."

"Jayna!" my mother sighed heavily knowing there was nothing she could do, "I love you too. Make good choices..."

I ended the call. Make good choices. That was something my mother had said to me my whole life and for once I really truly felt as though I was. That this was right.

I quickly texted my brother and father to let them know I was okay and that I'd call them in a few days. I then was on the hunt. I quietly crept through the rooms of the yacht in search of Gavin.

I peeked above deck and found him lounged in the captains chair. He almost appeared to be sleeping. So I stealthily snuck behind the chair and blew slightly on his neck.

"Jayna!!" he exclaimed, "you scared the crap out of me!"

He picked up his phone that he had dropped in the commotion.

"I'm sorry Gavin I didn't realize you were still on the phone."

"Its okay love" he said as he kissed me. He sat down in his chair and pulled me into his lap.

Speaking into the phone he said, "Olivia guess who is here with me?"

She rattled off a list of Gavin's friends, "nope" he said to all.

"I give up then, who?"

Gavin handed the phone to me.

"Hi Olivia, do you know who this is?"

A shriek of what I thought was glee came from the other end of the phone "Jayna!!"

"Hi there sweetie! What are you doing?"

"Jayna you came to visit! I'm at grandmas house and she is spoiling me rotten!"

"Oh she is? Well good you should be getting spoiled. That's what grandmas are for."

"When do I get to see you?" Olivia asked in the sweetest voice I have ever heard.

"I'm not sure when we are going to be back, but if it's before my plane leaves you better believe I will be coming to see you. Does that sound okay?"

"Yes! I can't wait, I can't wait!!!"

"Alright I'm going to put Gavin on the phone for you. I'll talk to you soon Olivia"

"Okay! Bye Jayna!!" she shouted.

Gavin finished up the on the phone with an I love you and then pulled me around to straddle him. I could feel a bulge growing beneath me as he began to ravish my mouth with his. I felt this hunger he had for me and it turned me on.

The heat spread between my legs as I ground my hips against cock. I wanted there to be nothing between us!

I stood up and pulled him with me as I did, I hastily stripped my bikini as he took off his shorts. He sat back down and set me on top of his cock! I gasped as his hard cock filled me.

"Jayna, god you are amazing. You make me want you so bad. You are so tight and wet! Fuck I want you!"

"Then take me baby! Fuck me, I'm yours!"

As soon as those words left my lips he pushed up into me hard. I cried out and began to ride his cock. This was raw and passionate, pure sexual hunger.

His teeth sunk into my shoulder as my nails dug into his back! I cried out and screamed in orgasm at least four times before I felt him ready beneath me.

Faster and harder our bodies met in wanting, craving the release that was on the verge of happening. His mouth again ravished my mouth in needy assault as his mouth and hands moved to my breast.

The sensations began to push me over the edge as I tightened around him. I hold on as long as I can just waiting for him to cum.

He thrusts up one last time as I push down and waves of ecstasy roll over us. I shudder as a another orgasm shoots through my body.

He moans my name right before my lips capture his. Our kiss is sweet and loving and lingers until my head falls onto his shoulder. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close.

We sit there together naked planting small kisses on one another, until I break the silence.

"Gavin you are amazing. Like seriously amazing, in every way possible. I don't know how I went this long without meeting you. I don't ever want to leave you. This week is going to be over much to quickly..."

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