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Diversion -- Part 6

Tags: boat, fishing, sex
"Let's not think about that yet. I just want to enjoy the time I do have you and don't want to think about goodbyes yet."

"Me either love. So now what do you want to do?" he flashed me this childish grin, "let me guess... Fish?"

"You got it. Good lord baby we know each other pretty well. Are you okay with doing some more fishing my love?"

"Yes of course..."

We get minimal clothes on and grab our poles. We throw our lines in and are conversing as we fish, when it happened. It not being entirely bad but pretty scary. Gavin fought hard with whatever was on the end of his line.

When he pulled up his line, there it was. A shark! It wasn't as scary as I thought though. It was only about a foot and a half long and honestly it was kind of cute.

Gavin took it off the line and held it for me while I cautiously took a look at it.

"Do you want to pet it?" he asked me.

"I'm not sure. What if it bites me?"

"I got him Jayna, you don't have to afraid. I promise it will be fine" he said as he looked me right in the eyes.

I took a cautious step forward and stuck my hand out. My fingers ran lightly from its head to near its tail and it was very smooth.

I went to retrace my steps and it felt rough like sand paper, I thought that was odd.

Shortly after I lost interest in it so he threw it back in the water and picked me up and spun me around, "Jayna do you know how proud I am of you! You, the girl who was scared to death of either one of us catching a shark went and touched it. I can't even believe it!!!"

"Couldn't have done it with out you baby" I smiled.

"Something to drink?"

"Yes please" I answered as he went below deck and returned a short while later carrying a Pepsi and a bottle of water.

Think fast he said as he tossed my water to me. I managed to catch the slippery bottle with one hand.

"Nice catch love..."

"Thank you. So now what?" I asked right before I took a long drink of ice cold water.

He took a drink of his pop and set it down before walking over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled the strings on my bikini. It feel to the floor as he did the same with the strings by my hips and the bottom quickly followed the top to the floor.

I looked him in the eyes stood on my very tip toes and kissed him. I then gasped as something cool hit my warm skin. He smiled breaking our kiss.

"You need some more suntan lotion or you're going to be one very burned love muffin."

I smiled, love muffin always made us laugh because it was just one of those overly cutesy names we rarely used.

"There are some spots I have trouble reaching. Do you mind helping me out?" I asked.

He lathered his hands up and went around behind me. Starting at my shoulders he worked down each one of my arms then down my back to my ass.

He took extra long there, his hands massaging my ass cheeks, but I didn't mind in the least. It was honestly a very pleasurable experience. He moved down my legs and then came to my front side. He kneeled and started at my ankles and painstakingly slow worked his way up my legs.

I was practically breathless by the time he was to my hips. His hand moved to the center of me and rubbed lotion over my mound.

"Wouldn't want pussy to get burned" he said as he flashed me his devilish grin.

He then slowly worked his hands up my stomach to my breast and spent longer there then he did at my ass. He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples, making them harder than they already were. Massaging my breasts for what seemed like forever.

The wetness between my legs growing with every passing second. He continued to my collar bone and up my neck. He brushed my cheeks and nose then planted his lips on mine.

"You are perfect Jayna, just so you know..l"

"Thank you baby but I'm just a regular girl."

"You are so much more than that" he said as he stripped off his shorts and threw me the lotion.

I squeezed some lotion into my hand, got his nose, ears and cheeks before continuing down his neck to his abs. I went around to his back side avoiding going any further down his front side. I rubbed lotion onto his shoulders, down his back and of course his ass.

I went down the back of his legs then came around the front of him again and started at his ankle working up his legs. Finally I reached the only spot I had yet to touch.

His cock was hard and erect. My hands wrapped around it and I got a little excited. I lathered it with lotion and stood up.

"Excuse me little miss, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to lay out of course."

"What about my hard cock?" he asked.

"What about it?"

"Aren't you going to um take care of it?"

"Well I actually enjoyed teasing you and I will leave you looking forward to later"

"Baby that is so mean!"

"You'll thank you later". He raised an eyebrow at me and smiled. We both went and laid out in the warm sun.

It had been about an hour and I was ready to get out of the sun. I looked over at Gavin and he smiled at me.

"Ready to be done?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I am. I could actually use a shower."

"Shower hmm, I think I could use a shower too" he grinned a devilish grin.

I stood up, "race ya" I shouted as I bolted down the stairs and down the short hallway to the bathroom. I danced as I shouted "winner, winner chicken dinner!"

I gasped as he wrapped his arms around me, "yes you are my love, but you cheated so that doesn't count".

"What? It soooo does" I said as I tilted up my chin and widened my eyes a little, batted my eye lashes and stuck out my lips.

"God Jayna you know I can't resist that face. It does it to me every time! Fine, fine you win, you win..."

My lips curled into a smile, yes I shouted.

We hopped into the shower and Gavin managed to behave himself the whole time. We washed one another up and it was hot. Very hot, but we rinsed off and got out.

I threw on some shorts and a tee shirt, forgoing a bra or panties. I laid on the bed and waited for gavin to finish up.

He donned some shorts and nice fitting tee. He plopped onto the bed next to me and pulled me close.

"Can we go to bed right now?" Gavin asked me.

"What? Are you serious?" I looked at him a little shocked.

"Yes and no. I only want to go to bed to be close to you. I am so excited to actually get to sleep with you for the first time..."

Gavin and I had been on the phone at night and talked until we feel asleep more than several times. We would wake in the middle of the night and whisper things to one another. I knew exactly what he sounded like when he slept.

"I can't either..." I whispered.

"I can't wait to be close to you as we sleep instead of more than 2,600 miles apart."

That was a long ways away. Had thought of driving and flying that distance so many times and now I was here. I was a long way from Montana, I don't think I had ever been this far from home without my family. It was odd, but I was certainly enjoying my self. Miami was so different from my little town Sun Prairie, my family owned a small ranch there.

That's where I kept my baby. My baby was 1000 pounds and at 6 years of age stood 15 hands high. She has been mine since she was born, a black as night mustang with a small star on her head. Her name was Delilah and she was perfect. This would be the longest I've ever been with out her.

When everything in my world was going wrong she was always right or me. I would jump on her back and go fast, her sheer speed wiping all my troubles away. My thoughts were interrupted by his lips on mine.

"Ready for some dinner?" he asked.

"Very much so!"

He made dinner, I was still surprised when he offered. He was a man of many talents as I was finding out. He grilled the fish with a little lemon juice, dried basil, celery salt, and pepper. He accompanied the fish with saffron rice and a lovely wine.

We sat down at the table below deck. We were seated across from one another, the lights were dimmed down low, it was just like a scene from a romance novel.

Romance novels, I had read over 300 of them in the six or so years since I first fell in love with them. I loved reading books. I would immerse myself for hours, falling in love over and over again. I had three in my bag right now.

I always wanted to live in some of my books and now it felt as though I was. I took a bite of the fish and it was amazing! Good lord Gavin could cook! I complimented him on his great chef skills and he laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"I swear fish is the only thing I know how to cook!"

We smiled at each other and both laughed. After dinner we both cleaned up and went above deck to relax a little. The sun begin to set as he had his arms wrapped around me. This was the most perfect day anyone could ask for. He turns me around to face him.

"Jayna you are an amazing woman! I can't even begin to understand how much courage it must have taken to come down here but you better believe I appreciate it! I'm not sure I could have ever done it. I'm so glad you came! So glad I finally get to hold you..."

"Wow baby thank you! I'm so glad I came too! I finally get to be in your arms! I finally get to kiss you!" I said as I planted a loving passionate kiss on his lips.

"I like that part too, but I'm very excited that I get to make love to you..." We had had phone sex dozens of times and everytime it was amazing, well for phone sex. We of course had sent some very naughty photos, but nothing could ever compare to the feeling of his hard cock deep inside me. Filling me again and again til I came.

I couldn't wait to experience that again. His hard cock pushing into my stomach told me that I wouldn't have to wait long. I began placing kisses on every inch of exposed skin I could find from his neck to his legs. I removed his shirt and shorts very quickly and began to kiss him more, kisses became licking and licking became nibbling.

Nibbling quickly turned into sucking and I left love marks all over his body like we were in highschool. He hastily stripped me of all my clothing and began to show my body the same affections. He bit my hip as he massaged my breasts.

There had never been anyone who had turned me on more than Gavin. The sound of his voice could do it for me most of the time. Something so calming but yet oh so masculine about his voice, made me shiver every time he whispered in my ear.

He slipped a finger inside me and my knees instantly weakened. He picked me up and settled me on his cock. My nails dig into his back and his hands squeeze my ass while holding me up.

He carried me down stairs and pressed me against the nearest wall he could find. He then began to push into me. Over and over again as I shouted his name! I began to convulse around him in my first of many orgasms.

He carried me over to the bed, set me on the edge and pulled out of me. He then pushed me back and began to kiss my lips. He then kissed my neck down to my collar bone and sucked there leaving a slight mark.

He then moves to my other collar bone and licks it just before he sucks hard. I can feel my skin bruise as he whispers in my ear.

"I've officially branded you as mine."

He moves lower to nuzzle my breasts giving them loving attention. Massaging one beast with his hand the other he nibbles at my nipple then sucks hard as I arch up towards him. He moves to my other nipple and mocks his motions.

He nuzzled my breasts again before he started moving down my body. Trailing kisses down my stomach until he reached my pussy. He stopped and looked me right in the eyes as his tongue slide between my pussy lips!

My eyes rolled back as my hands grabbed at the sheets. He continued to lick, lapping up all my juices, very gently as if I was a delicate flower. Savoring and tasting me, as his tongue explored every part of my womanhood.

He slid a finger barely inside me as his tongue finally flicked my sensitive clit that was throbbing for his attention. That almost sent me over the edge. He took my clit between his lips and sucked lightly. I raked my fingers through his hair and yanked on it.

He sucked harder as he pushed his finger deep inside me. It was almost too much to handle. He began to pump me with his finger until I was moving my hips.

I started to tighten around him. He slid a second finger into me while his tongue began to move faster flicking my clit. I couldn't hold on anymore and for the second time I came hard.

Juices ran down his fingers as I arched my hips towards him and I pulled on his hair. He removed his fingers and licked them clean.

"Jayna you taste so good." he mumbled as he replaced his fingers with his very hard cock.

He slid right in and kissed my lips. Our tongues swirled and our hands danced around each others bodies. He pushed into me again and again as we both moaned in pure pleasure. I felt the pressure build deep within me again as I shudder in orgasm.

He pulls out and turns me on my stomach. I grab a pillow and stuff it under me as I get on all fours, my ass sticking up in the air. He smacks my ass gently before sticking his cock inside me. He grabs my hips and begins thrusting into me!

I grab the edge of the mattress and hold on tight as he rides me harder and harder. I cry out in pleasurable pain as he pulls my hair. He continues thrusting as pressure builds and I can tell he's about to cum because his strokes become faster.

I tighten around him and shout as he stiffens and shoots his hot white cum deep inside me. I pull the pillow out from underneath me and collapse with Gavin still inside me we lay side by side, my back to him.

I can feel his cock still throbbing in me. I convulse again, both of us still trying to catch our breath. He kisses my neck as he wraps his arm around my waist.

"This has been the best day of my life Jayna..." he whispers.

"Mine too Gavin."

For as tired I was, my mind was racing. This was just crazy. I lay in there next to Gavin, just as I had dreamed of so man nights. This wasn't crazy, this was amazing!

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