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Do I make you nervous?

I stood in the kitchen and stretched my arms in the air, it was about nine am in the morning and my housemates were still asleep.

I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of orange juice. As I began to eagerly poor it into my glass, I felt warm hands around my waist.

“Hello there, sexy” A voice whispered in my ear before lightly kissing my neck. The surprise almost caused me to miss the glass.

“Tami, cut it out.” I say to her, lightly pushing her off of me.

“Why? You didn’t enjoy our fun last night?” she says and playfully tugs on my underwear.

“You know I did, and stop because Mason could be up any minute.”

“Why does it matter?” she says, crossing her arms.

“You know exactly why,” I cap the orange juice and put it back in the fridge.

“Do I, now?”

“Yes- You do.” I say firmly

“You may be a moral person, Cara,” She says, “But I’m not…” She walks up to me and leans in closely. “The one who’s ashamed”

I frown at her. “I’m not ashamed,” I push her back a little. “It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” she leans in again and grabs my hands so that I can’t push her back again. “You don’t want Mason to know you’re fucking his girlfriend?”

“Hush, he could hear you."

She giggles, “Why are you so afraid of him?” she laughs and kisses me deeply. Unable to resist, I kiss her back equally passionately.

“I’m not afraid of him…” I say against her lips.

After a few seconds she retreated. “Tell you what.” She says. “I’ll keep my mouth shut just for you.”

“What’s the catch?”

“No catch.” She smiles.

“Yea, right” I say sarcastically. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

She smiles and turns around and heads out of the door.

I wasn’t afraid of Mason, if anything I was excited just by his very presence. It hadn’t always been that way, but one night I got up and heard some noise coming from Mason’s room. I knew that they were dating but I felt too curious to ignore it. I peaked, and witnessed the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Mason and Tami fucking, but Mason clearly had control over her, and she loved it. Ever since then, I had fantasized about being in her place, to feel his cock dominating me.

I pick up my glass and walk up the stairs to my room. As I pass Mason’s room I noticed he wasn’t there. I wondered where he could be this early in the morning. My curiosities lead me to walk inside. I look around his room, imagining the scene I had witnessed that night, I liked my lips and walked over to his dresser. I pick up his cologne and smell it. I imagined his chest pressed against me.

“Looking for something?” I hear his voice and turn around

“Mason... w-what are you doing?"

“I think I should be the one asking you that.”

I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck and I sucked in my breath quickly

“But it’s okay, as long as you answer another question for me.”

He smiles and I felt my face turning red.

He leans closer to me.

“Do I make you nervous, Cara?” he trails he hand lightly up my arm.

I shiver and push it away. “No, of course not.”

“Why don’t I believe you?”

“Why would I know, Mason? Now if you excuse me, I have something to do…” I start to walk past him but he pushes me into the wall.

“Not so fast, There’s something else I wanted to ask you.” He follows me.

I take a deep breath, “Yes?”

“I’ve been hearing a lot of noise lately… coming from your room."

I felt my heart beating in my chest. “Like what- kind of noise…?” my words were slow and I knew he could sense the nervousness in the tone of my voice. I slowly stepped backwards, wanting to get as far from him as I could, somehow the way he spoke, the words he used and the tone of his voice… turned me on beyond anything I’ve ever encountered before.

He chuckles lightly, “I know that this sounds crazy but, it sounds as if someone is getting fucked… really hard.” He said the word fucked as if he had already used it to seduce me before. I could feel my panties dampening right then, and every moment that went by.

I force out a small giggle. “Maybe you were dreaming.”

“Come on Cara, I know for a fact that you’re too busy to ever meet anyone new, and I’m one-hundred percent sure that Tami isn’t seeing anyone… and then sleeping with them in your room.”

“So what are you saying exactly?”

“I’m saying… You’re letting Tami fuck you every night.” He steps closer to me.

“Th- That’s not true.”

“Is it?”

“No- it’s not.” I saw his eyes light up as soon as the words left my tongue.

He says with his face right next to mine, “You may be clever Cara, but I can tell when you’re lying.” He was leaning in so close that I could smell the spearmint on his hot breath. “I should bend you over the way Tami does and teach you a lesson or two…” He leans in as if to kiss my neck, “Then I’d show you what a real cock feels like…” he whispers in my ear sending a sharp chill down my back. He smoothes his hand down my body, into my shorts slowly and gently rubs my pussy through my thin lacey panties, “So- are you going to tell me the truth?”

I felt myself taking slow deep breaths, was this really happening?

“Is Tami fucking you… every night?” He pinches the lips of my pussy.

“St-stop, I- I don’t”

“Because I know you fucked last night too.” He takes my fingers and licks them. “Mmmm… I can still taste her pussy on your fingers… but I’m sure yours is much sweeter…” he slides his fingers past my panties and into my pussy causing me to gasp. “So why don’t I find out for myself?”

“M-mason.” I breathe faster; he plays with my pussy lips and rubs my g-spot.

“You like that don’t you?” he rubs me faster and presses his fingers deeper, it felt so good, my body seemed to respond faster then my mind and before I knew it my legs were spreading wider for him to have more access. “Mmm...” he says, slowly pulling them out and licking them. “Much sweeter…” he says.

I say nothing and just gaze at him.

“You know what that means?” His lips rested dangerously above mine.

“What?” It felt as if I couldn’t breathe.

“It means you’re a dirty girl.” He squeezes my ass and plants his lips upon mine.

I felt my body acting on its own; my lips kissed his, my tongue danced with his, it was as if I could only control my arms as I attempted to push him away; but soon even they became overtaken by lust. He pulled up my shirt and kissed down my neck.

“Mmm…” he made sweet sounds against my skin. He pulled off my shirt and before I knew it he was reaching behind me to un-strap my bra.

I breathed slowly, why wasn’t I doing anything to stop this? This wasn’t me, I’m not a…

“Naughty little whore.” He says to me pulling down my shorts and panties. “Get on my bed.” He says to me. “And spread your legs like a good little sluts.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, he spoke as if he has always had some higher authority over me, I knew I didn’t have to listen, I didn’t need to listen… but I did exactly as he said; and there I was, on his bed with my legs spread wide for him.

“You’re such a good little whore.” He says, unbuckling his jeans and pulling down his pants. “But to make sure you stay good, I have a little surprise for you.” He reaches under your bed and pulls out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. I bite my lips, am I really about to do this? Before I could decide he was already fastening me to the bed. “There,” he smiles lustfully at me.

He removes his boxers and slowly crawls over me. His eyes were filled with lust as he looked over my body. “Tell me Cara” he says as he circles his finger around my nipple causing me to let out little whimpers of excitement. “How long have you wished to be my little slut?”

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about…"

He chuckles lightly and pinches my nipple, giving it a tug.

I whimper slightly louder. “For a while…”

He lowers his lips to my breast and flicks his tongue against my erect nipple. I moan softly. He bites it lightly and pulls on the other. I whimper with even more excitement.

“Mmm…” he says. “Your body is so tasty.” He licks my stomach up to my breasts.

I moaned softly, breathing in very deeply and slowly, feeling myself get lost in his touch.

I felt his tongue sink lower and lower until he was nibbling my inner thighs. I felt myself getting extremely hot with anticipation, I wanted his tongue on my pussy so bad, I moaned with impatience. “Ohh don’t tease me…”

He looks at me and smiles, “I don’t think that you are in the position to give orders.” He then flicks my cunt with the edge of his tongue and then slides a finger inside me. I felt myself shiver with pleasure. He sucked hard on my pussy as he fingered me faster. I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm and he knew it. He stops just before I cum and I whine in frustration.

He chuckles lightly at me. “You are my slut; and you cum when I tell you to.” He gets up and walks into his bathroom, and returns with a bottle of baby oil. He grabs my hips and gesture for me to turn over.

I resist his gesture, “But- I’ve never been fucked in the ass before.”

“Doesn’t matter- your body is mine right now.” He smiles and pushes me to turn over again.

As I did the cuffs squeezed tighter against my wrists, even further limiting my movement.

“Mmm” he slowly pours it between my ass; as I felt the cool oil between my finely rounded cheeks, I became even more anxious for his cock. He slides a finger inside of my little star and slowly moves it back and forth. “Mmm your ass is so tight,” he says and inserts another finger causing me to gasp. He removes his fingers and pours oil on his cock before pulling my tight cheeks apart and placing his cock at my ass hole. “Get ready for the best pleasure you have ever felt.” He licks his lips and wastes no time plunging his cock into my ass.

I screamed at the sudden pain and ecstasy rushing through my body. He growled as he worked his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. As he fucked me harder and harder, not taking any thought into what I felt, my face was roughly shoving into the bed as he thrusts into me. “Oh yes, fuck yes!” he moaned, his cock felt so big inside my ass. He reaches and grabs my hair, pulling it back hard, I moaned into the air. He slaps my ass hard, “Oh you’re fucking amazing.” He says. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

So lost in the pleasure I say nothing and before I know it he is moaning as his hot cum fills my asshole.

“Mmm” he says and pulls it out slowly and turns me back over onto my back.

“So… are you ready for my cock?” he says.

I nod, eagerly anticipating his thick rod inside my pussy. “Fuck me please.”

He smiles and rubs the tip of his cock against my pussy. I sway my hips at him, urging him to press himself inside of me.

Finally I felt his thickness entering my wet pussy, he wasted no time getting his nine inches inside of me. “Mmm you haven’t had a cock this big in a long time have you?” He says to me. “Your pussy is so tight.” He begins to slowly thrust himself inside of me and I moan deeply in pleasure.

“Ohh Cara, you like that, don’t you? You’re such a dirty fucking whore.”

He thrusts faster and I moan even louder, almost screaming as his cock pulverized my tight pussy. It felt so good and I breathed heavily as my entire body was overcome with pleasure.

“Mason…!” I moaned as I felt myself on the verge of an orgasm. “I’m going to come!"

“Then cum my little slut,” he says and after a few more thrusts I was trembling with an orgasm, but as the intensity left my body he continued to fuck me. I felt myself twitching, unable to recover from my orgasm. “Please- Mason- I need a rest!” I whined at him

He only chuckles at me and continues to fuck me even harder, grabbing my tits and squeezing them as he does until finally pulling out his cock and cuming into my chest.

He licked my lips and kissed them deeply, I kiss him back and he un-fastens my cuffs. He stood up and put on his pants and reached in the pocket for his pack of cigarettes. “For a first time slut,” he says as his lights on and puffs on it. “You’re a pretty good slut.”

I smile as I gather my clothes. “Glad you enjoyed me.” I begin to leave.

“Oh I’m sure I will again.” He takes another puff of his cigarette.

I smile and walk back to my room and close the door. As I throw my clothes into the hamper I go into my bathroom and take a shower. When I return to my room I see Tami sitting on my bed. “Did you have fun with Mason?”

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