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Do you love me?

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a girlfriend feel upset when her boyfriend fails to say I love you staight away.

She opened the door and was happy to be greated by her boyfriend, his face was pleasant and it always made her smile. "How are you?" she asked, hugging him tightly and not wanting to let go. He looked at her and kissed her, she felt the wetness of his lips against hers and the feeling of his hands clinging among her clothing. He kissed her neck while pulling her top down, her hands felt his back, feeling his warmth and pure manliness. He moved her closer and held onto her hand, his hand felt warm in hers and she longed for him now. He rested his hand on her leg and then her breast, still kissing her. They moved closer, she could feel his body on hers now and put her hand on his leg too, feeling the swelling bulge that was his groin.

 His kiss grew stronger and he pressed his lips to hers again, continuing to kiss her, harder and faster. He put his hand on her head, moving her closer to him once again and putting his hand on her back, pushing her tighter against him. He took a breath, breathing onto her face. They lied down and looked at each other, taking each others clothes off. He pressed his mouth to her nipple, sucking it, licking it and slightly nibbling on it. They hugged, pressing their naked bodies together and smelling each other. She fondled his balls with her hands and he caressed her breasts, kissing them and then kissing her face. He put his fingers into her, feeling her wetness and making her gasp, digging her nails into his back. She felt his tongue on her clitoris, teasing it and then she put her tongue on the head of his penis, lapping her tongue over it and as a result tasting some of his salty semen in her mouth.

He kissed her again and entered her, breathing heavily and moving fast. She felt the warm full, feeling of his penis and shudders all over her body every time it went in and out. There was a nice indescribable feeling in her stomach and every time his penis went in her it was like a relief, like she had had an itch that couldn’t be scratched without somebody’s help. As they both came they hugged and she tightened her vaginal muscles around his penis, feeling pleasure and warmth. They both stayed, not moving, just breathing together and pressing their bodies close together. He got up and moved away, getting dressed and going to get a drink. She felt abandoned and alone, trying to get dressed under the covers and failing miserably. He came back, holding a beer and watching her, “What might you be doing?” she felt stunned to hear his voice, the utter sound of it that said it was his. “I’m getting dressed”.

He didn’t say anything else and went back to his daily lifestyle of doing utterly boring things. She finally succeeded with her task of getting dressed and got up, seeing him sitting at his computer again, looking dead and utterly brainless. She got a chair and sat next to him, watching him read something weird on the internet, after about five minutes she got fed up and said “I’m bored”. She realised just how young she really sounded when she had said that and instantly regretted it. She could tell that he didn’t want her there anymore, she had satisfied him sexually for now and he no longer wanted anymore company. "Do you love me?"

she asked, almost crying. "Sure", he said, looking back at his computer. "I'm not convinced" she said, thinking about going home. "Come here and sit with me" he said, looking at her and waiting for her to do as he said. "I do love you" he said, kissing her again and tracing her face with his hands. "Let's go back to bed", he said, pulling her up and walking to the bed. "Okay", she said, grinning at him.

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