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Do you?

A young girl opens up to her sexuality when she shaves in her school's bathroom.
"Do you? Well, do you?" Brandi stared at Jack in shock, and he stared right back at her intently. The circle of teens around her waited expectantly for her answer. He was a senior, but she was just 16. She could barely stand to look at him.

"Come on Brandi, this is one of the easy ones. You're not even drunk yet, and when they get drunk you know that's when they're gonna start playing hard ball." Her friend Candace coached her from her right, but all Brandi could think about was Jack staring at her and the question she had to answer. 

She nervously stroked her wavy brown hair. She had gotten highlights last week. They looked good. Brandi started to drift away, thinking about her hair, floating away from this awful game. Then she saw Jack's eyes again and she snapped back to reality. 

"Oh come on Brandi! It's not that hard a question. You could have picked dare. You picked truth, so tell me the truth, do you shave your pubes?"

"Ummm, well, umm, no." Brandi was horribly embarrassed. She'd shaved her legs since before she had any hair on them, her armpits were immaculate, and she even shaved her arms. Brandi hated hair. But she had always been afraid to take a razor to her pussy. It was too delicate, to private, she couldn't stand to put a razor down there.

A collective cry of "gross" rose from the circle of partying teens, followed quickly by laughter. Candace tapped her on the shoulder quietly and mouthed "seriously?" Brandi couldn't even bear to answer her.

The next day, Brandi sat in history class. She was still embarrassed, about the previous night, even though the game, as Candace told her, had gotten far worse. She had admitted to masturbating, to liking Jack, she had deep throated a pickle and she still couldn't get the taste out of her mouth. But all the while she had been teased. 

"How can you masturbate when you can't even find your junk in all that hair?" Christine, the head cheerleader had asked. And when she told Jack she liked him, he had sat there, stunned, until one of his friends butted in "I bet you've got enough hair for him and his mom combined."

She couldn't concentrate on the lesson. To make matters worse, her legs were itching. She shaved every day, but the hair grew very fast, and she hated to have any. She scratched at the stubble, and she thought about her shame, and she scratched and she thought and she scratched and then she couldn't take it any more, so she raised her hand.

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

She grabbed her purse and walked quickly out of the room. Staring at the tile floor, she walked into the bathroom. She filled an empty pencil case with water, then sat down on a toilet. She reached into her purse and brought out the razor and the travel shaving cream she always brought with her for occasions such as these. She hiked up her short jean skirt so her thighs were visible, then squirted a generous portion of cream into her hands and rubbed it down her legs. She quickly, deftly removed the hair from each leg until they were shiny and smooth. Then she rinsed her razor for the last time in the pencil case. 

She looked down at her white underwear. The dark thatch of her bush was clearly visible under it. Brandi took a deep breath. "This has to end," she told herself. She carefully slid down her panties, revealing her thick bush. Picking a pair of school scissors out of her bag, she trimmed it down, wincing at the idea of sharp blades near her delicate pussy, but she was able to trim away the worst of the hair.

"There, that looks better already," she told herself reassuringly. She then took her shaving cream and squirted it into her hand. She rubbed it, gently over her pubic area. She felt the cold cream rubbing over her pussy and became slightly aroused, but she glanced at the razor and grew worried again. She took another deep breath, then placed the cold blade against her pubic area.

Then, suddenly she heard footsteps coming in. She looked under the door of the stall and saw legs. The legs stopped, and stood in front of the opposite wall. Then she saw the sneakers, and the hairiness of the legs, and she realized she was in the wrong bathroom.

"Oh shit!" she thought to herself. In her hurry to get out of class, she had walked into the boys bathroom. 

"OK," she thought frantically to herself, "no problem, if no one comes into the stall, I'll be OK."

She saw the legs move away from the wall and walk toward the sinks. Brandi breathed a sigh of relief, then returned to her task. She looked down at her pussy and realized it was soaking wet. In the excitement of shaving and being stuck in the room, she had gotten rather aroused. She reached down cautiously and touched her clit, but was unprepared for the pleasure that rushed forth from it. She tried to restrain herself but she couldn't help from letting out a moan. She covered her mouth in shock, but too late, the legs had turned around and started walking toward the stall.

"Who is it?" she heard Jack's voice call. Her level of panic doubled.

She didn't move, she didn't make a sound, hoping he would go away. Then suddenly a hand reached under the door and grabbed her purse.

"HEY! THIEF, GIVE THAT BACK!" she shouted. 

"Brandi?" Jack's voice said.

"Oh shit," she said, miserably. 

"Brandi, what are you doing in here?"
"I thought it was the girls' room."

"Well, that much is clear. What I meant to ask is, why do I smell shaving cream?" 

This was more than Brandi could take, so she broke and confessed. "I came in here to shave my pussy, because everyone laughed at me, and I hate hair and I want to do it but I'm just so afraid of hurting myself and I don't know what to do!"

"Brandi, do you trust me?"

"Yes," she sobbed.

"Then open the door."

She unhinged the lock and the door swung open, revealing her with her underwear at her feet, her skirt hiked up to her waste, and her wet, cream coated pussy on full display. Jack went over to the main door of the bathroom and locked it.

"Class is still in session, so we shouldn't have any visitors, but I wanted to be sure. Now, give me the razor."

Brandi handed it over to him. 

"Alright," he said, comfortingly, "sit down."

Brandi sat, and Jack moved in with the razor. He began sliding it down the sides of Brandi's slit, exposing her soft, tender skin. Brandi gasped in pleasure. Instead of cold steel, the razor felt like a warm embrace, gently freeing her skin from the oppression of her bush. Jack worked extra carefully on the lips, guiding the razor gently down them. When the job was done, Jack led her over to the sink. He cupped his hands and filled them with water, then he rinsed Brandi's pussy off.

"Wow," he said, "you have the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen."

"T-thank you Jack," Brandi stammered.

"Brandi, I have a confession to make," he said, "when you told me last night that you liked me, I didn't answer because, well, I like you a lot too." He bent down and kissed her. Then he slid her skirt off, and lifted her top over her neck. Brandi unclasped her bra, and the two embraced. Jack trailed his hands down past her thin waist, exploring her soft, exposed pussy. He slipped two fingers in and began to massage her clit. Brandi moaned. He lifted her up onto the counter and grabbed at her perky B-cup tits. Then he began to lick her pussy, moving his tongue around over her clit, embracing the smooth skin with his mouth. Brandi began to moan more loudly and was about ready to cum. "Put it in Jack, put it in," she gasped. 

"Hold on," Jack said. "You'd better lube me up, wouldn't want to hurt you." He slid down his pants revealing his six inch dick. He was shaved too. Brandi got off the counter and got down on her knees.

"Just like a pickle." Jack joked. 

"It tastes a hell of a lot better," Brandi replied.

Brandi rammed his dick down her throat, twisting it around in her mouth and flicking at it with her tongue. Jack pulled it out and pulled Brandi up to her feet. Then he took it and inserted it into her freshly shaved slit. He began to move it rhythmically in and out, and Brandi's boobs began to bounce. The twirled around and he kissed her, and they spun into the door of the bathroom stall where just moments earlier Brandi's pussy had been denuded for the first time. Brandi leaned against the stall door as Jack pushed deeper and deeper into her, and began to thrust faster and faster. "Mmmmm, don't stop," Brandi moaned as Jack thrust again. She pushed him forward and they banged against the opposite wall, Brandi now thrusting against Jack, welcoming his cock deeper into her. She began to gasp and yell more loudly, and her moans echoed around the bathroom walls. As her pussy reached his wettest she began to push closer to Jack. As the thrust and moaned against the wall, they looked into each others eyes and, as one, they came.

"So, Brandi," Jack said breathlessly. "Do you like it shaved now? Do you?"

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