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Doctor and a very naughty patient

Who knew a routine test would be so fun.....
I couldn't put it off any longer. Having to go the doctor for a swab of my downstairs was something I didn't relish but it was only every 2 years, I had had a reminder letter and I knew it was time to make the appointment.

I rang the doctor's requesting a female if possible but that meant waiting another couple of weeks and I wanted to get this out the way so I booked in with a new doctor, Dr Smith. 'He has no doubt seen hundreds of pussy's, so no need to be embarrassed', I thought to myself.

I had recently shaved my pussy so I knew it was well trimmed. Before heading to my appointment, I went for a shower and made sure I gave my pussy a good wash. I put on some fresh cotton pants and drove to the doctors.

I sat in the waiting room, reading a magazine, avoiding thinking about the smear test. My name soon flashed on the screen, Room 3.

I paused outside the door, took a breath and walked in, my breath caught in my throat, 'James!' I exclaimed.

In front of me stood an old family friend who I had last seen when I was 17. His father had worked with mine and last time I had seen him was 7 years ago at a family BBQ. I took this older James in, he had always been pretty good looking with dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes but then he had been tall and lanky, now he had filled out in all the right places.

'Sophie! I thought I recognised the name on my screen! How the hell are you?'

Damn his voice was deep, I could feel a blush starting in my cheeks, he was having a strange effect on me.

'I haven't seen you for what 5/6 years?'

'8' I blurted out. I was remembering back to that BBQ when I had tried desperately to flirt with him. I was young and inexperienced then, keen to get a boyfriend who I could explore my body with. I had no doubt seemed immature and annoying to him, he was 21 and already at University and no doubt having fun with the girls there.

I jumped back to the present and he invited me to sit down. We spent the next few minutes catching up on the lost years. He had gone onto medical school, I had been at University, he had got married, I was living with my boyfriend, he had moved here with his wife six months ago when a position had come up.

Silence fell as we ran out of information to exchange and James glanced at his computer, 'So you are in right.'

I blushed again, how was I going to let James do this test. I had always had a crush on him, now he was even better looking, the whole time we had been talking I had been mentally undressing him, taking in his large tanned hands, imagining how they would feel on my face, in my hair. What was the matter with me, I was very happy with my boyfriend! Now the thought of James seeing me down there, was making my heart quicken and heat spread to my cheeks.

'If you don't feel comfortable with me doing this, then don't worry I can make you another appointment, but I do, do this all the time, it is just routine for me,' he said kindly.

'OK I am a grown woman who can control my feelings', I thought. He is just a doctor doing his job, get a grip and don't look pathetic by wimping out!

'Ah no it's fine, no big deal,' I muttered hoping I sounded more confident then I felt. I was feeling the familiar stirrings in my lower region and as I stood up my legs trembled slightly.

'OK well just go behind the curtain, remove all your clothes from your lower half and lie down on the bench.' I walked past him with my head bowed hoping he couldn't see my flushed cheeks, in my head that had sounded like a dirty invitation rather than a doctor talking to a patient!

'This is not sexual,' I kept repeating in my head. As I pulled my knickers down I could see that my pussy had other ideas and there was a clear wet patch of my juices. I quickly felt between my legs and I was dripping, I couldn't let him see this. I gathered my knickers into a ball and rubbed them along my slit, wiping up my juices, I rolled them up and stuffed them into my handbag.

I lay down on the bench and took some deep breathes to calm myself.

'Are you ready?' his sweet, deep voice half whispered.

'Yep' I replied, determined to get this over and done with.

He appeared around the curtain, grinning and holding his implements.

He changed to a serious expression. 'If you can pull your legs up and apart for me. I will then insert this inside you to spread your vagina open, take the swap and then we will be done.' He held up the metal cock-shaped contraption, I now saw him blushing and I couldn't help but giggle. He laughed too and I felt myself relax, this would be fine.

He placed his items by my feet and I pulled my legs up, thank goodness I had shaved them. I then jumped a little as I felt his warm hand on my cold thigh and he gently eased my legs a little further apart.

The cold air against my warm pussy lips meant I was now completely exposed to him and my heart began to race. I breathed slowly trying to regain control of my lustful thoughts but I was so turned on. 'What was I thinking,' I thought to myself. 'I am showing my pussy to this gorgeous guy, who is married, and I have a boyfriend, but all I can think about is what it would feel like to feel him inside me.'

My head was telling me this was all wrong but my body was responding to him against my will. I could feel my nipples hardening with lustful urges and my pussy was begging for him to touch it.

I breathed in sharply as the cold metal touched the opening to my wet pussy hole. I tensed, stopping myself from shivering with excitement. He slipped the smooth metal pole inside me. I cringed as I could tell I was wet, as it slid in easily. I looked up at the ceiling and bit my lip to stop myself moaning. He was silent, I daren't look down at him, I was sure he could hear my heavy breathing.

A moment later, he had done his job and was pulling the cool metal out. I couldn't help but feel disappointed, my body was craving for his touch. I looked down to James and saw he was still staring between my legs, he glanced up at me and my heart almost stopped as we locked eyes and in a broken voice he said 'I didn't need to use any lubricant.'

He smiled but I could just stare back feeling the heat between my legs and my legs began to shake. I was so turned on but so embarrassed, what must he think of me!

His hand rested on my knee as he moved round to the side of me, 'You are incredibly beautiful Sophie,' he whispered. I smiled, 'not so bad yourself' I managed my belly bubbling with lust. He raised his eyebrows and then very slowly started running his hand down my inner thigh. I almost came there and then.

I could feel my wetness running down my horny cunt and round my bum hole, all I could focus on was his warm hand and couldn't wait for it to hit the spot. As his fingers brushed my pussy lips, I couldn't help but raise my mound to meet him. His fingers expertly rubbed up my wet lips and flicked over my swollen button. He circled my clit and I softly moaned out. My nipples were rock hard and pressing against my lace bra and I gently arched my back in pleasure.

As his thumb started flicking over my clit, he slipped first 1, then 2, then 3 fingers into my burning hole. He was finger fucking me to perfection. He moved further towards my head, and as he got closer I saw the large bulge in his trousers. Suddenly his mouth was on mine and he was kissing me hard. His tongue swirling and probing in mine. I responded eagerly, enjoying the sweet taste of his mouth and the rough stubble on his chin grazing mine.

I had lost all sense of reality, all I was focusing on was the immense pleasure I was receiving. I could feel the tingling in my clit building, my pussy walls drawing his fingers deep inside and my nipples tightening.

He pumped in and out of me, I gripped onto the toweling I was lying on and as the orgasm hit I bucked and writhed, moaning into his mouth as my pussy walls clamped hard around his fingers.

As the pulsating subsided and I recovered from my release, he pulled up and disappeared behind the curtain.

I panicked but he soon reappeared. 'Just locking the door,' he said hoarsely and I looked down at his bulge, knowing it was time he received some attention.

I rolled onto my side and unbuttoned his trousers and lowered the zip, I looked up at him and he had rolled his eyes upwards. His rock hard cock immediately sprung out, he wasn't even wearing any boxers.

I pushed his trousers down his legs, licked my lips and took him deep into my mouth. He tasted different to my boyfriend, his cock was slightly shorter but it was thicker. I could deep throat him easily but it completely filled my mouth so I had little to do with my tongue except suck on him hard.

His hands were in my long hair moving my head back and forth on his dick, I could feel the tip pushing against the back of my throat and his breathing was quick and heavy. I moved one hand round to grab his arse cheek, squeezing it and pushing him deep into my wet mouth, my other hand moved to his balls. I rolled them between my fingers, brushing my fingertips over them, causing his cock to twitch in my mouth.

'I don't think I will last much longer,' he whispered, 'but I so badly want to feel your sweet pussy round my cock?' He lifted his voice so I knew it was a request. I was still horny as anything and loved the thought of having this thick cock in me. I gave him a last long suck and then rolled onto my front and up onto all fours. He got the message and moved to the end of the bed and I wriggled myself back to meet him.

He positioned the tip of his dick at my begging hole, I angled my hips upwards and shuddered as he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his cock. It stretched my pussy wide as he slowly pushed it half way in and then pulled back before thrusting deep inside me. My hole quickly adjusted to his wide girth, enjoying the sensation of him grinding against my pussy lips.

I wanted him to fuck me hard and deep so as he pumped forward I thrust my hips back, pushing him all the way in. He groaned and we moved together quickly, him slamming into me as I pushed back into him. His balls were slapping against my bum and my clit was pulsing with pleasure. I reached between my legs and felt his cock sliding in and out of me. I loved feeling him fucking me, pulling my lips apart to the limit with his thick rod and he groaned as I rubbed the base of his dick.

I started to frig my clit furiously as he fucked me hard, my fingers slipping over my swollen clit easily with my dripping juices.

I started panting between my moans of growing pleasure, my legs began to shake as I felt my orgasm building.

'I am going to cum,' he groaned and then started moaning with every thrust he made. His lustful sounds, were going to push me over the edge. He grabbed my hips and dug his fingers into my flesh as he pulled me back hard onto his cock and he shuddered as he shot his cum deep inside me. I pushed back into him, my own orgasm exploding around his cock. As he pumped his spurts of cum into me, I felt my juices squirting out over his dick and my legs gave way as my second orgasm overtook me.

I lay there recovering, feeling my juices and his seeping out of my pussy and the wetness round my thighs.

Slowly the pleasure haze lifted and reality started to flood in. I was lying on a doctors bench, in a place full of people, I had just fucked a married man who I haven't seen for years and I have a boyfriend at home.....

I rolled over and sat up. James was staring at me and smiled sheepishly. 'I certainly didn't expect that when I got up for work this morning!'

He handed me some paper towels to clean myself up, whilst he wiped his cock and pulled up his trousers.

I slipped off the bench and picked up my jeans, he came over and lifted my chin and he kissed me softly and passionately before disappearing round the curtain. I pulled my jeans on, I felt embarrassed, how long had we been in here, what if people had heard, how could I have lost control like that. I heard James unlock the door.

I pushed the curtain aside. 'Sophie that has never happened before, I always had a bit of thing for you and I just couldn't resist, I know it was wrong of me.'

'It's OK,' I smiled, 'I wanted you as well, I haven't cum so hard for quite awhile.'

We stood for a few seconds smiling at each other. 'I best be off, I said.'

'I would love to see you again Sophie.' My heart quickened. 'Maybe' I replied and quickly walked out the door. I knew if I stayed there a second longer I would have jumped on him.

I needed some to think about what had just happened. As I walked back through the waiting room, I felt flushed with pleasure and wondered if people could guess my dirty secret. I thought to myself, 'yes, I don't think it will be too long before I need another trip to the doctors.'

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