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Doctor's Visit

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I ll be your doctor from now on
I had an appointment for the doctor today, and I wanted to arrive early. When I arrived, the secretary had asked me to fill out these forms thoroughly. She asked me what kind of insurance I had. I gave her my Empire card out of my wallet. I had a seat, and started to fill the forms out to the best of my knowledge. About five minutes later I was done. I got up and gave the secretary the paper work.

"Okay no problem, you can have a seat again Steve."

I sat down and began to look at the new Rolling Stone magazine, next to that was US magazine. Christina Aguilera was on the cover of both of them. I read a few articles. One was based on Steven Tyler and his album release of 2011. A few minutes later I heard the secretary say the doctor will see you now and go to the last room down.

I walked in the last room and had a seat. I just hate doctor's offices , I said to myself.
I needed to come though and get a check up so that's what I am going to do. This doctor was nice the last time I was here and he didn't rush. All of a sudden the door opened and it certainly wasn't the same doctor as last time and it was a female and was about 26 years old with black hair. Very attractive too as she wore her hair down and wore glasses.

She wore a white doctors jacket worn with closed high heels and black stockings. I guess without the heels we were the same height. Underneath her white doctor coat which was opened, she adorned an above knee length skirt.

"Are you Steve?"

"Yes, that's me."

"I ll be your doctor from now on, the original doctor who was here, had moved his practice to the next county and I ll be taking over his patients and this office okay. You can call me Dr Steiner. Your my last patient of the day Steve."
"I'm pleased to meet you."

"How can I help you?"

"Well I'm here for a check up."

The doctor shut the door and looked at my paper work and chart.

"Okay, I' ll take your blood pressure first. Give me your left arm. Alright 110 over 80, that's great. Step on the scale Steve."


"Your the same as last time you were here at 177, that's good for your height. Okay you can have a seat on the bed," she said, "Okay now I will listen to your heart.Open up your shirt for me and just relax."
I unbuttoned my Arizona shirt I had on. Then she started listening to my heart. Her hair went in my face for a few seconds as I can smell how beautiful it was. Her hand reached under the back of my shirt as she listened on the small of my back. Her hand felt soft and creamy too.

"Alright, take your shirt off, I' m going to do another exam."

Then she started putting electrodes on me and started doing a cardiology test. As she was looking at the machine she said everything looked great there too. She began taking the electrodes and cords off of me.

"I see you took the hair off your chest so it don't hurt as much huh."

"Yeah, its the summer time, and it helps."

"Alright, I'm going to do another test, please drop your pants Steve."

I began unbuckling my belt and pulling my jeans and boxers. Dr Steiner gave me quite a smile as she looked at me with my pants dropped. I shyly smiled back and felt my dick grow as I stood there.

"Your getting big, very nice. Alright sit up on the bed while I have a look Steve." She asked, "When was your last penal exam Steve?"

"I never had one Dr Steiner."

"Call me Rachael from now on."

"I love that name Rachael."

"Did you shave down here too, Steve?"

"Yes Rachael."

"Lets make sure you got everything."

Dr Rachel held my dick in her hand as she examined it. It was now throbbing in her hand as she had a grip on it with her creamy hand as she grabbed a tube of ky gel out of her white shirt and squirted it on the tip of my dick. Rachael moved her hand up and down as she pumped my hard on.

"You are doing well, getting this nice hard on, Steve."

"Lets measure how big you got, uh."

Rachael measured me as I grew a good 7.5 inches. She pumped my dick more as she grabbed my balls. Her hand moving up and down my shaft.

"Very nice Steve, almost 8 inches your dick is."

"Oh, is good for you Rachael?"

"I want you to jerk off in front me Steve."

I began to jerk myself off as she stood be me and watched closely. I jerked my self off for
her as she smiled and egged me on.

"Beat it baby, beat it. Let me help and take care of you."

Rachael grabbed my dick and pumped me slowly and then starting to speed up a little
faster. She then slowly licked the top of my dick teasing me as she smiled at me. Her eyes so beautiful through her glasses. I moaned as she opened up her mouth and just took me
all in as her mouth went all the way down my shaft. I put my hand on the back of her head as she went down faster. My dick went all the way in her throat as she literally gagged on me. I moaned as she came up again looking at me with those beautiful eyes.

 "I want to choke on your cock."

Rachael was almost choking on my cock as she swallowed it whole, all the way down her
throat and bobbing up and down. She grabbed and massaged my balls again. I was almost building up an orgasm again and ready to cum inside Rachael's mouth.

"I want to gag on it."

She went down harder as I pulled her hair and pushing and thrusting her head down on
my dick. Then as she gripped my balls once more hard and put a finger on my ass, I had
climaxed once. When she knew it was going to come out, she pulled out and I ejaculated
into her mouth. As she pulled out some spewed on her glasses, covering them with cum.
Dripping off her cheek and lips, she looked at me and smiled at me with a face full of cum.

"That was wonderful, do you have any left?'

"Yes Rachel."

"Okay, get up Steve, we're going to switch places. I wanna ride."

Rachael then laid down on the doctors room bed. She removed her white doctor coat.
Underneath it revealed more of that shiny skirt. She smiled at me seductively as she wiped off her glasses. After lifting up her skirt and removing her black panties revealed a nice shaven pussy. She left on her stockings and sexy shoes and was ready for me.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes I'm ready Steve.

I went up on the bed as Rachael opened up her legs. She reached and gave me some ky
gel to apply my dick. I gelled it and stroked it in front of her, she smiled at me seductively
with her red lips and mouth wide open as she was ready to be fucked.

"Please fuck me."

I moved in and positioned myself on top of her and inserting my dick inside her slowly.
She moaned as I moved closer, entering her a little deeper. I started off slowly fucking her
with a smooth motion, back and forth again and again. I pounded her pussy as she
closed her eyes. Rachael then put both hands on my ass pulling me into her. I felt like she
was telling me to go harder and rougher.

"Fuck me harder Steve."

I started speeding up the motion more. I went in harder as I felt her move her hands to my back, raking my back with her nails. The examining table started shaking of course as we rocked each other. It banged against the wall as I know it can be heard through the whole entire office. If someone was even in the office. Her legs went over the to of my shoulders as we escalated ourselves towards an extreme orgasm. Then all of a sudden she stopped me and wanted to turn over to ride me. Rachael climbed on top of me, sitting on my dick.

"I'm gonna to fuck your brains out."

"What am I going to do?"

"You're gonna fuck my brains out."

Rachael started riding me hard as her chest bounced in front of my face. The examining table shook and was hitting the wall hard as she bounced on me rough. I was holding on for the ride as I held her waist. She placed her hands on my chest as they were soft and cool. I went deep inside her as she sat on me and bounced on my balls and dick. The orgasm was coming for us as she rode me harder and faster now. I held her waist as I watched her face and her tits bouncing above me. I started cumming as it went inside her. She still continued riding me hard till she was cumming on me.

I looked up at her and said, "I enjoyed that immensely."

"I m so glad to hear that."

As I got dressed and started leaving, the secretary was still sitting in the front. Rachael told her to make me another appointment for next week and a special private appointment for tomorrow night at her house. The secretary winked at me as I left.
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