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Dolce a la Gondola: Peak-to-Peak

Businessman meets cute young lady and together they go from Peak-to-Peak
During one of my recent business trips I needed to spend a weekend in Vancouver, Canada. A lovely city with beautiful sights including the women.

On Friday night after my last meeting I headed down to the gaslight district to have a good meal in one of the ethnic restaurants. I found a very typical Italian restaurant and ordered a tasty pasta which I washed down with some good Canadian red wine. Travelling a lot for business, I am acustomed of having dinner alone now and then and I always try to make the best of it.

This evening I noticed something very special; From the moment I entered I observed a cute young girl (I guess early twenties) escorting guests (no pun intended!) to their tables. She was dressed differently then the rest of the staff. The waiters and head water wore long black suits, while she wore tight grey shorts with a black glittery v-top accentuating her natural forms and beauty.

I could not take my eyes off of her. Her beautiful large blue-green eyes and her round inviting bottom and mouth got me all excited. I was imagining her giving me a blow job, that made me rock hard in seconds. I was sure if she did I would not last longer than a few seconds: that exquisite mouth and those innocent eyes would have me over my peak in no time.

I think she noticed my hungry eyes looking at her and she smiled back at me several times. After having my after-dinner grapa I asked for the check and on the way to the restroom I bumped into her and struck up a conversation. She asked me where I was from, so I told her Holland, and so we spent a few minutes talking about Holland and of course Amsterdam; She was Australian and was really eager to visit Amsterdam the “Sin” City of the world.

We walked downstairs together to the restrooms when to my surprise she suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me into the ladies room. Before I knew it we were kissing passionately and I was grabbing her crotch in her tight grey shorts. She helped me and pulled them down quickly, while I unzipped my pants and dropped. We started having sex right there in the ladies room. Appearantly she was very horny (like me) and before long her body started convulsing and reached an orgasm. With a frightened look she whispered: “Please don’t come in me,...I’m not protected.” So being the well brought up gentleman (ha ha) I quickly withdrew my stiff red cock, just on the edge of exploding. Fortunately for me she grabbed hold of my super hard tool with her soft girly hands and tenderly massaged me to a fantastic climax. I was out of this world in pleasure and breathless. Her beautiful hands however were filled and covered with a large load of my sticky cum. She did not seem to mind at all and washed her hands thoroughly before we left the restroom together, hopefully without anyone noticing.

She asked me if I had a car and invited me to pick her up the next morning for a beautiful tour of the countryside. Obviously this was an offer I could not refuse. We kissed intimately and I wondered back to my hotel.

The next morning I picked her up at the designated place. This time she wore a a short blue green dress colouring well with her eyes, which were even bigger and sweeter than I remembered from the night before. She wore the dress super thight which accentuated her beautiful forms. What arroused me most of all were the buttons in front which begged to be opened. I joked about that, and she smiled and told me: “Not yet!”. That was in any case encouraging and even the thought made me rock hard again in my pants. I’m sure she noticed...

She revealed to me that we were going to drive up to Whistler, a small village between two large mountains. Between the two mountains there is a fantastic gondola ride. If you're afraid of heights, forget about riding this Peak to Peak Gondola! Passenger cabins hang as high as 500 smeters (higher than four-and-a-half Statues of Liberty) and travel nearly 3 kilometers without passing a single support tower. It's the longest unsupported span of any lift of its type. The ride from one mountain top to the other takes about 11 minutes.

The drive to Whistler was also not so easy: a beautiful, but sometimes tricky road. So I had to keep my eyes and mind on the road instead of flirting with this beautiful goddess which was sitting beside me. We drove up in about two hours and once in the village we found or way to the ski lift which took us up to the mountain where we would take the gondola for the peak-to-peak ride.

Getting into the Gondola we waited untill we had one for the two of us alone, so we could have a private romantic ride. My beautiful princess already knew exactly what she wanted; The moment we took off from the launching pad, she unbuttoned the lower buttons of her dress and slipped off her white lace g-string. She took my hand and placed it between her legs on her clean shaven pussy and whispered: “Please fuck me with your fingers...”. And of course that is exactly what I did, pleasuring her already very wet pussy with my thumb and two fingers from my right hand while playing with her soft round ass with my other hand. She enjoyed it thouroughly, breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. My mind was going wild into overdrive: Too many exciting inputs here: A beauty speeding to an orgasm in my hands, riding in a gondala above a frightening ravine and the risk that people in the other gondolas may be seeing what we were doing.

She loosened my belt, unzipped me and mounted me sitting on my lap in the gondola.

Her motions and moanings were speeding up, and I think we were about half way, at the highest elevation of the Gondola, when she screamed and had her peak-to-peak orgasm. It was a hard one for me, but I was able to control myself not to fill her pussy with my cum right then. We sat still for a minute and I could get back into control, while I started to worry about our arrival at the other mountain. She “dismounted” me and squated in front of me taking my cock into her mouth, holding me under my balls.

My dream was coming true, those beautiful eyes and that warm wet well rounded mouth. My “control” was going out the window and I felt a fist spurt of cum exiting my penis. She stopped sucking for a few seconds, and I thought that I might have been able to hold the flood, but then she licked just across the slit opening of my cock which tickled me just enough to take me over the cliff. My cock errupted and shot a few large loads into her mouth. I was surprised how she swallowed it all calmly. My orgasm had been so intense contracting my anal muscles so strongly that I could feel a pleasurable pain in my ass for hours later that day. We were approaching the end of the ride and so we quickly fixed up our clothes. As we stepped out of the Gondola she kissed me and she shared some of my salty fishy tasting cum with me. We both swallowed together.

A friendly attendant at the Gondola nodded at us and said: “The Peak-to-Peak is quite an exiting ride, don’t you think!” I smiled friendly and answered: “Yes, a very exciting ride indeed!”

We checked in at a nice hotel in the village and spent a very exciting weekend together.

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