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Door to door service

A stranger delivers more than cleaning products.
The front door bell rang, and, knowing my landlady was out for the afternoon I went down and answered the door. There was a girl, about 20, stood in the porch out of the rain.

"Hi, is Mrs K in?" she asked.

"No, she’s out 'til later. Can I help you?" I replied, hoping the answer was yes.

"I have an order for her", she said, holding up a carrier bag, "She’s ordered some goods and I need paying for them. Could I leave them with you?"

"Come in," I told her, holding the door open, "Get out of the rain while I sort some cash out."

She hesitated for a second, then brushed by me into the house. I led her to the kitchen. “I’m just making a coffee. Want one?” I asked her.

"That would be great."

"So, what are you delivering? Most of the stuff Mrs K buys is delivered by some old dear with a headscarf."

She laughed, always a good sign.

” Caterware. Mrs K wanted some oven cleaner. And I’m only doing this to earn some money for college.”

I poured the hot water into two mugs of instant coffee, she declined milk and sugar.

“Who are you?” she asked, “A relative of Mrs K’s?”

"No, I’m new to the area and waiting on my flat to be finished, so I’m lodging here temporarily. My name’s Danny."

"Nice to meet you, Danny. I’m Natalie."

She was about 5 foot 4 tall, slender build with jet black hair, quite long but with a severe fringe. Her eyes were grey, and her features were attractive. She wore a summer dress with a light cardigan, her legs were bare, and she wore canvas shoes. I could see the curve of her breasts under the dress. Her make-up was light, just a little lipstick and eye-shadow in a pale green. All in all, she was very pretty.

We made small talk for a while, sat in the kitchen watching the rain. She told me her plans for college, I told her about the business I was starting up.

I told her, “When you come back for breaks why not give me a call. I’m sure I can find you a job in the office. Better than schlepping about in the rain.”

She smiled, “I might take you up on that. There’s not much money in delivering Cateware.”

"How much does Mrs K owe you?" I asked her, reaching for my wallet.

"Only £6.00. I have change if you need it."

I pulled out a ten pound note and handed it to her. She noticed the amount of cash I had in my wallet, and said, “Wow. Can I keep the change?”

I laughed, “If it’ll help you with the college fund, ” I said. “Of course, there are ways for you to earn a lot more than £4.00,” I said, grinning at her.

She looked at me, a frown on her face, “What do you mean?”

"Sorry, that was supposed to be a joke," I backtracked.

"Are you offering me money for sex?" Natalie asked.

I looked her in the eye. “What if I was? What would you do for, say, £40.00?” I opened my wallet and pulled out two twenty pound notes, and laid them on the table in front of her.

"That would get you a flash of my knickers," she said, not sure where the conversation was headed.

"Okay", I said, "That doesn’t sound like a fair price to me. I’d expect at least to see you naked for that. How about £60.00?"

"How about £100.00?" she replied.

"I could go £100.00, but I’d expect a lot for it."

She bit her lower lip, looking at me. I’m not a bad looking guy, mid twenties, slim build. I used to play a lot of sport before the business took off, but I still like to keep in shape. I’m a little over six feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. She was still thinking things over. I opened my wallet, and counted out three more twenties to go with the two on the table. I sat back, finishing my coffee.

"When’s Mrs K back?" she asked.

"Not 'til late, she’s gone into town with her daughter to see a show."

Natalie picked up the money, counted it, put all the notes the right way up, counted them again.

"Is this a one off deal?" she asked me.

"Natalie, let’s see how we get on today, and take it from there."

She stood up, the money in her hand. “Where’s the bathroom?” she asked.

I told her where. I could here the sound of water running, the loo flushing- the usual noises. A couple of minutes later she came back into the kitchen. The cardigan and her bag were laid on the table.

"Is here in the kitchen okay with you?" she asked, standing in front of my chair. She lifted up the hem of her dress and straddled me, her face an inch from mine.

"Here’s fine," I managed to say.

She kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth, her hands on the back of my head. I returned the kiss, my hands around her waist, running up and down her back, and over her backside. She began to unbutton the dress, her mouth still attached to mine.

I could feel the dress fabric coming loose from her body, my hands moving to her front to help to remove it. I could feel the silkiness of her skin under my touch. I ran my hands up from her stomach to her chest, around the outside of her breasts, aware of the cotton bra she was wearing. The dress, finally opened all the way, was shucked to the floor.

I broke of the kiss to look at her, her flat stomach, the curve of her hips, the swell of her breasts under the black bra, and down to her groin, made even more erotic by the tightness of the black panties. She unbuttoned my shirt, running her hands over my chest, feeling my arms and neck. We kissed again.

I moved my hand around her back, feeling for the clasp of the bra. It came free with a snap. She leaned back as I pulled the bra from her, seeing her breasts for the first time.

Natalie had large breasts, firm and proud, her nipples dark and small. I leaned forward to take one nipple in my mouth, making her moan and lean into me. I caressed the breast gently, feeling the weight in my hands.

Her nipple rapidly became erect in my mouth, I licked it, covering it in a fine film of saliva, then brushed the tip with my thumb. She pushed her breast toward my mouth. I gave each breast the same attention, rubbing them both with my thumbs at the same time, all the while she ground her groin into mine.

She felt my erection growing and began to concentrate her thrusting motions directly over my cock. Her hands, which had till now been clasped around my neck, now disentangled themselves and pulled my t-shirt off over my head,.my mouth losing its contact with her breasts.

Her hands were now on my stomach, pulling at the belt around my jeans. She dipped her right hand down inside the waistband, feeling the tip of my cock. After trying to cram her hand into my shorts she finally stood up, took a step backwards, and sank to the floor on her knees before me.

My jeans and shorts came off quickly, and I sat there with Natalie kneeling in front of me, my engorged cock bobbing in front of her. She ran her hands up from my knees to the inside of my thighs, the sensation making my cock jump. She ran her tongue over her lips, then took my erection in her left hand, holding it lightly between finger and thumb.

Her wet mouth dipped forward, her tongue tasting the glans of my cock before, with a quick look into my eyes, she sank her mouth down onto me.

It took an effort not to explode straight away. To think she’d only come round to drop off some goods for my landlady, and ten minutes later she had her lips wrapped round my cock. She took me deep in her mouth, her hands round the base, her fingers flicking at my balls.

Her head bobbed up and down, lips in constant contact with my shaft, her eyes lifting to look into mine. I placed one hand on her head, not to push her down, just enjoying the feeling and sensations of her sucking me. My cock glistened with her saliva. She kept up a steady motion, up, down, left, right, up, down.

After what felt like hours I bent forward and lifted her head to mine, kissing her deeply. “I want you,” I said. She nodded, and stood up. Her groin was level with my face. I hooked my fingers under the band of her panties, and pulled them down.

Her black pubic hair framed her vagina, her lips visible and wet. I pushed a finger into her, feeling how slick and accessible she was. Standing up, I pushed her back to the table, probing her pubic area with my cock. She sat back, half lifting her legs so her entrance was spread for me.

I ran the tip of my cock up and down her lips, then with a steady push, entered her in one motion. She gasped as I filled her, my mouth clamped to hers, our tongues meeting. I reached up for one breast as I began to thrust gently into her, the full length of my cock sliding in.

I stood up a little on my toes, changing the angle, rubbing against her engorged clit, her moans mingling with our kissing. She raised her right leg higher, my cock changing angle once again.

Natalie’s breathing changed, shallow gasps of air. I could feel the tension in my balls building up. I kissed her deeply again, my hand in her hair, pulling her head back. My mouth clamped to her left breast, the nipple between my teeth, as I increased my thrusting. Natalie wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me tighter to her.

She bit into my neck as she came, I could feel her body trembling as the climax took over her. With a final thrust I pushed my cock into her as far as I could, and released my hot cum deep inside her. Our bodies were wet from exertion, glistening in the pale light filtering through the skylight.

Natalie wrapped herself around me as we let our combined climax softly recede. We stayed like that for a few minutes, holding each other, our lips gently coming together, our hands lightly touching skin.

My erection softened, and I pulled away from her. I grabbed some kitchen towel from the roll and passed Natalie a few sheets to clean up with. She stood in that classic pose, back arched, one leg slightly raised at the knee. She looked beautiful, and I could scarcely believe we’d just made love on the kitchen table.

She caught me looking at her, a bashful look creeping onto her face.

"I don’t make a habit of doing this," she said.

"I should hope not," I laughed, "You’d never get all your deliveries done."

Natalie smiled. "Could I grab a shower? You could join me, if you’d like. You know, save water and all that…."

I helped her to collect her clothes and mine, and we headed up the stairs towards the wet room. “I’ll need to have a look in that catalogue of yours,” I said to her as we got the shower running.

"Why?" she asked.

"Did you see the state of the kitchen table? Need something to get those stains out." I joked.

Laughing, she grabbed my hand and pulled me under the stream of hot water, into her open and willing arms.

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