Double Helping of Heaven

By Zadi

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My current ultimate fantasy...
Perhaps this is one for the girls more than the boys - either way; hope you enjoy an insight to a favourite fantasy of mine...

I'm standing alone in a large room.  Naked other than a beautifully light, silk gown.  For the last week, I've been pampered, massaged, treated, exercised and beautified to a sense of glowing radiance.  Now is the culmination of my extravagance and I await with eager anticipation.  The pent up desire of not having relieved my aching for so long is going to be rewarded.

The door in front of me opens and in walk ten beautiful men.  All dressed in pure white bathrobes, they exude health and manhood as they form a circle around me.  I see their own expectation and excitement in the eyes.  I direct the one in front of me to loosen the tie and allow his robe to slip off the shoulders.  Like me, he shows a pure, body with a light tan and a skin void of any trace of hair other than on his head.  His manhood, bare and proud, is already slightly engorged.  His physique shows the perfect amount of muscle.  A shiver runs through me as I realise how much I want to be taken.

I direct him to undo the tie of the man next to him.  I want him to see how beautiful his competition is.  And so on, as each man is exposed to me, so he must expose the next, until all ten are facing me in their perfect nakedness.  I take some moments to look at each, savouring them like works of art to be used and enjoyed.  After all, they know that there is only one task at hand and that is to be entirely and wholly focused on my need.  Only I can also see their own longing for release, their own pent up desire as they gaze on me.  My firm small breasts, my flat stomach, kept in trim by regular runs and the pert bum.

I nod to the first man and he comes forward, and then leads me to a large floor level mattress.  I am laid face down, my face in a hollow.  I feel my legs and arms stretched open.  Ever so lightly, I feel caresses begin on my skin.  Sometimes it is merely a hint of a breath or the wisping touch of a finger tip.  Then there is more.  The smooth movement of skin on bare skin.  A hint of oil, a kiss, a trailing hand over a curve of muscle.  My body reacts to the amazing pleasure as every touch is heightened in intensity.  

The guys become bolder in their approach and begin to massage every limb, every crevice, every expanse of my body.  A hand slips up the inside of my thigh.  I ache for it to continue deeper and deeper, but only halfway up, it withdraws and strokes back down to the knee.  I feel this hand repeat its move over and over, each time reaching slightly higher, and each time I feel my centre longing for its touch more.

My head and neck have fingers and gently kneading me, my arms are caressing from finger to shoulder, others lightly graze my buttocks, one of my most erogenous zones.  And still the hand rises up my thigh, closer to my sex but never seems to quite go far enough.

I notice a change.  Some of the hands draw away and I feel breath against my bum.  Then a tongue, ever so gently at the top of my cheeks.  It draws down between my bum and lingers as if it has all the time in the world.  Other hands are all around me.  I pull my own arms up to feel the bum of a guy at my head.  I explore his opening and smooth sac as he presses his own hardness against my head.

And still the tongue plays on my bum, probing further and further.  I arch my back to rise towards his moistness until he has full access to my exposed rose bud.  Eventually he licks me at my centre and some release comes to me.  The radiating pleasure of having my bum hole touched is ecstasy; the sphincter knows how much I love to be explored and entered and it allows him to find every little crevice.  Over and over his tongue takes me, building my own desire until I want to be taken there and then.  But of course, they aren't going to give in to me, just yet.

I'm turned over and open my eyes.  They are all there around me.  Their full penises are all pointing to me, each wanting to be given its own orgasm.

The guy in front of me looks down to my bare pussy.  I know how wide and wet my lips are and oh how much I want to be filled.  I nod to him.  He leans down and kisses my pussy, tasting me, drawing his tongue up and over my burning clit.  I open my legs wide to let him satiate his hunger and delight as he buries himself in my pussy.  I want him to stay there forever, but must stop before I go too far and lower my legs.

He climbs on top of me and holds himself there.  We kiss.  My scent permeates his lips, nose and face and I find it only turns me on more.  We connect our tongues in a deep, sensual longing kiss.  With a hand I pull him down.  A hand guides his manhood into my pussy which is so wet, he slips straight in.  My pussy alights at the feel of his shaft entering my womanhood and with both arms, I hold him tight.  Still kissing, we begin to make love.  His rhythmic pumping of my centre only fires my wanton desire more and more.

Any sense of demureness and calm is beginning to fade as I feel his cock withdraw and pump, withdraw and pump, withdraw and fuck.  Oh god yes - his taughtness and masculinity on top of me as he repeatedly takes me.  I see the others entranced by our love making, jealousy too that they wish their own cock was deep inside my pussy.  His breathing speeds up as his own orgasm starts to build.  This isn't planned for me.  It's too soon and I need more that just a quick one.  I consider casting him aside but I look into his eyes.  He needs me and has no conscious thought outside me.  His face is contorting as control begins to leave him.  I take his head and pull him towards my lips, whispering, 'Fuck me - fuck me - fuck me'.

He responds and lets go of holding back.  Our tongues collide and his hips buck again and again until with a groan he seizes as his cum starts to pump into my pussy.  For those few seconds, he fills me again and again, riding the heights of orgasm as my pussy milks his hardness.

As he subsides, we look at one another.  I kiss him gently as he realises he's failed in his task and disappointment comes over him.  The others lift him away and before I know it, he's gone.  Instead I'm looking at nine more beautiful, hard and throbbing cocks.

"OK, boys... you know what I want..."

Smiles come over their faces and inside the tingling anticipation mixes with spent cum to take me to a new level of desire.

I'm gently lifted and bodily turned over to find a man on his back, member rigid and waiting for me.  I'm lowered directly onto his cock and lean down to kiss him.  We remain there, absolutely still, with only our mouths and tongues moving.  His cock is slightly larger than the last and he fills me perfectly.

Slowly, I rock back and forth, feeling him inside my pussy, pleasuring my clit against him, feeling his hands run up and down me.  

As we continue, hands massage my bum and fingers trace to my centre, applying copious amount of warm lube.  The fingers circle round and round the rose bud.  You know how wonderful that feels don't you?  That yearning pure pleasure which also feels slightly taboo.

A finger probes and pushes inside lighting that pulsating fire of pleasure from my sphincter.  My eyes are locked with the man whose cock is deep inside me.  We smile at one another as we enjoy the sensations rippling out from our genitals, holding one another’s head in our hands, and that finger slowly probes in and out of my anus.

Then the finger is withdrawn and we make way for another man to approach my rear.

He holds his shaft against my crack, brushing is up and down and then against my bud.  I feel the copious lube and know how smooth this will be.  I sigh like a cat who's about to enjoy heaven.

As he pushes his bulbous head against me, I push my bowels down and gasp as the head slips inside.  The man below me raises his own eyebrows as he feels another cock so close to his own.  Slowly, but surely, back and forth, the cock eases deep inside my bum until I feel him pressing against me.

The fullness of both of them is overwhelming and for a few moments I must be still, allowing my body to accustomise itself.  Whilst it does, another cock comes between my mouth and the man below me.  At first, he is shocked.  The idea of being so close to a fully aroused penis is new to him.  He's never felt another let alone kissed or sucked one.

I encourage him as I lick and kiss the engorged head between us.  He soon realises how amazing the feel of the throbbing meat is and we compete to taste the precum and hardness in our own mouths.  He turns his head to accept it full in his own mouth and for the first time blows another guy.  I see the twinkle in his eyes and the receiver can't resist stroking himself.

I whisper, "do him, take him, feel his cock baby, make him cum".

And between them, the guy sucking and the other stroking, it isn't long before orgasm arrives and spurt after spurt of cum fills his mouth.  I dive down and join in the orgy, licking cum from both the cock and mouth.  Together we kiss deeply, savouring the bitter taste, holding one another tight.

The orgasm breaks our own moment of serenity and we start to move together, panting as the temporarily held back desire floods in to us again.  "Oh yes baby... now I need it".

I start to ride him whilst behind me the tempo moves faster and faster.  My bum is taking meat as hard as my pussy.  Together I feel both of them, there own urgency matching my own.  Around us, the other guys can't take any more and stroke the own or their neighbours cocks - for some of them, revelling in the sensations of feeling one for the first time.

"Oh yes guys - take me - Fuck me fuck me"

Hands are all over my body, my nipples being pinched, my hair being pulled, my pussy being fucked and my bum hole being pumped.  My clit is rubbing against him and the psychological effect of being surrounded and fucked takes me beyond any previous known sensation.  I feel like I'm being taken by all of them and at that moment, the first orgasm explodes in me.  Wave after wave of ecstasy radiates from my centre.  My clit is alive whilst my bum seems to finds it's own orgasm.

I sense the boys own ejaculations building and in time with one another, their cocks fill pussy and bum, spurting cum deep inside me.  Around us, they have all forsaken their own hand to masturbate the one next to them and each of then groan as their own cum flies in great globs to splatter us over and over.

Still I ride and each time an orgasm subsides, another glob of cum hits me, or I catch sight of a man watching us and the next explosion within me takes over.  The cock in my bum never ceases pumping deep inside me, even when I collapse in the gooey cum and kiss my unknown lover in post euphoric bliss.  

Eventually, in semi-consciousness, we slow and stop moving.  For, sometime, we all hold one another in a big pile, stroking and caressing in our natural lubrication.  Only the sound of panting and groaning remains.

Bit by bit, the cocks inside me wilt.  That in my bum gradually withdraws and as it does; I'm left with that exquisite emptying and a gaping hole.  I feel the caress of a tongue tasting the cum which is dribbling out and move slightly to fully expose myself.  A last shiver of residual orgasm is spent and he licks me.

We are all replete.

And then, in that blissful glow, I'm vaguely aware of the men leaving me alone for a few minutes.  I savour the experience and am slightly sad that it is now past.  But just then, several beautiful white robed women enter.  The floor on which I'm lying begins to open, revealing a massive bath and massage area.  

The women remove their robes and each has a twinkle in their eye.  I realise that dessert is about to be served...