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Double or Nothing 2

Caught, and caught again!!
I had just had the busiest lunch any girl would have wanted today. After getting fucked by Teddy my married fling and Lance my neighbor till I passed out, then fucked again by Lance in the shower and every room as I gave him a tour of the apartment, we had lunch and then headed back to our houses.

When I got home, I realized my dad was not there so I invited Lance in for a few minutes. He left me a note informing me that he traveled to VA and was possibly staying the night . I looked at Lance and smiled and jumped in his arms knowing that the night was yet young and we were far from tired and sore.

"Wait here let me get my bathing suit...lets go in the pool!" I told him as I started to go upstairs. He reached out and grabbed my hands as I reached the second stair and lifted my dress. His cock was rock hard as he entered me from behind"

"Aaaahhh fuck yessss Lance....mmmm baby fuck me lover!" I growled as he began to fucked me fast and deep. "This pussy is mines Nikki baby!!" he said as he grabbed my ass in his hands. Then....

" here?!" was voices coming from the front door. "OH SHITTTT!" we both said....but we continued to fuck. I recognized the voices to be that of Tasha and her boyfriend Bradley.

I did not respond because Lance was fucking me so good that all I could have done was cheer him on. "Ohhhh mmmmm baby....fuck this pussy!" I said as he continued to fuck me. Then I got visible sight of my uninvited guests.

"What the fuck!" Tasha said as she came around the foyer. "Girlllll...YOU always have your favorite tool working inside you dont you?" she said as she licked her lips.

"Uh Huhhh...oh yessssss!" I said looking over my shoulder at Lance. "Lance, Tasha and Brad. Yall...this is Lance!" was all I said as I introduced them.

Brad stood there shocked to walk in on such intense fucking session. He pulled Tasha to him and began to feel her tits. Tasha put her head back on his shoulders and moaned. I already knew that they would soon be doing the same thing right where they were.

Tasha and I have been friends all our lives. I think we have done so many wicked things together, and have covered for each other so many times to our parents. You see, Tasha was also the daughter of a bishop, and her mother was the Pastor. She and I have both been involved in church as younger teens, but we had this hidden life we wanted to embraced. We both love cocks and more cocks and like she said, we always find time to handle our favorite tool.

It was Tasha that I first had my real taste of another woman's pussy and for her it was me. We have shared a few guys, and have double dated and have even had group sex with as many as six guys the same time. Yes she was my partner in home-girl!!!

Tasha walked away from Brad over to where we were and sat on the fourth step. She kissed me on my lips and I kissed her back. Then she reached down and squeezed my breast. I knew that she was about to suck on my nipples and I wanted her too. But she managed to get down below me so she can get to my pussy.

As Lance continued to fuck me like it was his last fuck, I felt Tasha's tongue licking my clit. She licked it around and around then I felt her hands touching Lance's cock as he entered me. I looked at her and sternly said..."Im NOT sharing him....HE'S ALL MINES!" She removed her hands and latched her mouth on to my clit and began to suck me like a leech.

Brad stood off and watched as his girlfriend sucked my clit. He winked at me as he rubbed his cock through his jeans. He and I have sneaked around a few times behind Tasha's back and have screwed our brains out. He is fully loaded with a 10inch cock and he sure knows how to use it.

As Lance thrusted deeper inside me, I heard a familiar grunting sound from him so I knew he was about to explode inside me. I also felt my own orgasm coming as Tasha sucked my clit to explosive mode. "Fuckkkk TASHA...ama cumm in your fucking mouth!" I said as I began to shake.

"Oh baby I'm about to blast my pussy full of seed!" he said in a sexy tone as he let out a loud growl.
"Ahhhhh fuckkkkkkkk ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmm," he said as he exploded inside my pussy load after load of cum. I clamped and squeezed his cock as hard as I could have as I milked his cock dry. Tasha was still sucking me as I came and when Lance pulled out from me. She slid her tongue inside my pussy hole as he pulled out and sucked out all our cum, driving me to another powerful orgasm.

It was then that I felt Brad's arms holding me up. I looked over for Lance and saw that he was on the phone and heard him speaking with his grandmother. He came over to me and said he had to go and take her to the hospital quickly because she was running a fever and her blood pressure was very high. He kissed me full on the lips and whispered in my ear..."I will be back go swimming later! Stay wet for me princess!!" With that he rushed out the door and left.

Tasha stood up and smiled at me. "Hey Niks, how about we go out for a swim?" I smiled at her and said yes, knowing that swimming was my idea for the evening and I wanted to just lay back as the sunset and enjoy the evening.

We went upstairs to change into swimsuits and Tasha's cell phone began to ring. The ring tone was that of her mother, and she was hesitant to answer it. I picked up the cell and answered it.

"Hello?" Hiiiiii, how are you? oh am fine, thanks for asking!" I said as I chuckled. "Oh yes ma'am, she is here. OK hold on." I said handing Tasha the phone.

"Yes ma'am, yes, OK. Its in my pocketbook. I will be right there momma, and send Ash to the gate for it so I don't have to come all the way up to the house!" was all she said as she threw the phone playfully at me.

"Look at that, she wants me to come and bring the church van keys. Dad is not home and is too far to come back with his copy so I have to drive all the way there for that! Why did you even answer?" she asked me pretending to be mad.

"Just go on, we be here waiting for you in the kitchen. We will make some sweet tea while your gone. Hurry come pussy needs a good licking nasty girl!" I said as we walked out the room.

We got back downstairs and Brad was sitting at the breakfast counter sipping on some raspberry tea out of a Sonic cup. Tasha explained to him that she had to go home, which was fifteen minutes away, but could be forty-five if caught in traffic, and we knew that she would be caught in traffic. He kissed her softly on the cheek as she left. We both stood at the door and watched as she drove off.

Brad grabbed me from behind and pushed me up against the door as I closed it and locked it. He untied my bikini top letting it fall to the floor as he sucked my breast in his mouth. I felt his hands on my ass then tugging at my bikini straps. Then I felt them on the floor. I lifted my leg to the wall as he cupped my pussy in his hands.

"Fuck girl, your pussy is wetttt! I want a taste now!" he said as he got on his knees and shoved his face inside my hot crotch. He stuck his tongue inside my pussy as his thumb massaged my clit. I was trembling as he did think, knowing that I was about to cum in his face.

"Ama cummm, fuck ama cumm Brad..." I said as my pussy began to squirt in his face. He was sucking and sucking and squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples. He licked my clit and blew in my pussy before he stood up.

He took me by my hand and walked over to the kitchen counter. Brad stood at 6'2, 220lbs with a foot ball player type body against my 5'6, 122lbs frame. He lifted me on the counter and pulled me close to the edge. He shoved his cock inside my pussy and began to fuck me. He placed his hands on lower stomach and pushed deep inside me.

"Aaahhh fuckkkk Brad! Fuck my tight pussy! I hissed at him as he began to fuck me like a wild man. I began to push down as he thrust deep inside me.

"Your pussy is calling my name baby.....take this cock sexy!" he said as he put his hands on his ass and began to really fuck me. "Yesss, oh yessss Brad....fuck me like that!" I said as he leaned forward and lifted my legs higher.

"Yeah take this fucking big cock. You like when I fuck you behind Tasha's back don't you?" he asked as I began to feel the plunging of this fat cock deep inside my womb.

"Ooow....shitttt...fuckk.....meeee!" I said as he bottomed out inside my pussy. He bended down and was sucking my nipples as he drove his cock home inside my pussy.

"Yesss, yesss, yesss, oh fuckkk yesssss!' I screamed as he continued to fuck me like the world was about to end. "You like being fucked hard don't ya Niks?" he asked me as he picked up his pace.

"Oh yeah fuck this pussy harder Brad. Deeper and faster. Give me all you got stud!" I said as I was fucking him back now more than before.

"Save some for me too!" she said as I looked towards the kitchen door. There she was standing naked, rubbing her already dripping wet pussy.

"TASHA?! Brad said in a scared voice!!

To be continued!!

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