Double or Nothing!

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It takes two to make everything alright!
This story is about when Teddy and Lance meets! Like I said in my other stories, these events I write about are all true. I try to write detail information as it happens to me and I hope that you are enjoying Naughty Nikki's life stories!!

Tired! Thirsty and hungry! I sat in the TV room wondering what mischief I was going to encounter today. I wanted to go out to the Jamacian restaurant for some spicy food since that is what I was craving. I went upstairs to my bedroom and made preparations to do just that.

I decided that I will wear a button down summer dress and some sandals today and nothing underneath, as I was feeling very lazy. I did not apply the make-up as I would normally dress, just a little powder and blush and lip gloss. I looked in the mirror and complimented myself....fucking sexy!!

As I prepared to leave the house, I received a text message. I opened the text and it was from Teddy, my married fling. He was asking me to have lunch with him and to meet him at Sam's parking lot. I texted back and said yes to his invitation, knowing fully well what the outcome would bring. I lifted my dress and began to rub my clit thinking of the hot sex I was about to have. I was already wet.

As I reversed my car out the garage, Lance, my new neighbor came across the street to meet me. He saw when I removed my hands and he reached in and took my hand and sniffed it. He licked my fingers and said, "Mmmm baby, nothing like sweet milk for lunch." He asked me what I was doing for lunch and I said nothing. He invited me to have lunch with him and I said yes. Then it dawned on me that I had agreed to have lunch with two hot men.

I had to think quickly as to what to do in order to be able to accommodate both men. Then I had a brilliant idea. My dad owns an apartment complex and there was one unit vacant at the moment. I gave Lance the address and told him to meet me there in twenty minutes and I texted Teddy back and told him the same. I ran back inside the house to get the keys and told my dad that I was going to show the apartment. He smiled and said, "Take your time!" Indeed I planned to!

I knew that Teddy would get there before Lance because he was closer to the address. When I pulled in he drove up behind me. I instructed him to park in the next space opposite me, so that Lance wont know that someone else was there. He did and then followed me inside the apartment.

As soon as we got inside, he pulled me to him and began to kiss me as he ran his hands over my ass. I kissed him back as I pressed my chest into him. "Teddy, another friend is coming over in a few minutes to join us." I said. He was surprised and just nodded his head as he took a seat. He had this smile on his face and a glare in his eyes. Then he spoke.."Is it another woman?" I spun around quickly and said, "No..its a guy!" as I heard a knock on the door.

"Come on in Lance" I said as Lance walked in. He himself was shocked to see another man in the same room with me. I introduced them to each other and they shook hands. They both sat down and began to look back and forth then at me. I sat on the couch and opened my legs revealing my freshly shaved pussy that was glistening with my flowing juices. "Are you guys gonna sit there or eat lunch?"

Teddy was the first one to remove his shirt and walk over to me. He got on his knees and began to rub my inner thighs. I removed my dress and sat on the towel that was draped on the back of the chair. Then he removed my hand and replaced it with his long tongue. I began to moan as his tongue licked my pussy lips and flicked my clit. I looked over the room to Lance and beckoned him to come to me. He sat there rubbing his already hard cock. "Bring that cock to me baby!" I said as he stood up and removed his shirt and shoes.

As he came over to me, Teddy grabbed my legs and pulled me lower on the chair, allowing my ass to be on the edge of the sofa. He was able to get in deeper as he began to finger my pussy. He pushed two fingers inside me as he sucked on my clit. I rubbed his head and he began to suck me harder. "Lick my pussy Teddy...fuck me with your fingers!" I hissed at him as I reached up for Lance's cock.

I began to lick Lance cock as he grabbed my breast. "Fuck baby, your nipples are hard as diamond stones!" he said as he pinched my nipples. "Mmmm hmmm" I moaned, unable to talk with his cock deep in my mouth. He began to move his hips forward as he pushed his cock deeper inside my mouth. I started to gag as he fucked my mouth. I gripped his cock with one hand and began to squeeze my tit with the other hand. He removed my hand from his cock and grabbed my head. He started to fuck my mouth thrusting deeper and deeper until I had swallowed his entire cock and his balls was slapping my chin. He was in my throat and I fucking loved it.

"Yeah baby suck this cock, fucking swallow it baby!" he said as his passions began to take over him. All the while, Teddy had now inserted four fingers in my pussy and was fucking me deep and fast as he can. I knew I was about to cum when Teddy suddenly stopped flicking my clit and latched on to it and sucked it in his mouth.

"MMMMM MMMMMM " I moaned as my orgasm took over me and I started to cumm in his mouth. I pushed his head between my legs into my pussy and closed my thighs around his head. I couldn't stop cumming and shaking as Teddy pried my legs open and stood on his knees and shoved his cock deep inside my pussy. Lance was pumping my throat with his cock as Teddy pumped my pussy. I was in a fuckfest and loved it!!

As Lance thrust his hips forward and his balls slapped my chin, I felt them shift and tighten and his cock enlargen in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum. I reached around his hips and pulled him to me pushing him deeper in my throat as he roared, "FUCK YEAHHHH BABY!! Take this juice!" He began to shoot load and load of cummm down my throat and I swallowed every drop.

Teddy seeing all this, lifted one of my leg to his shoulder and he begin to fuck me harder. "Yessssss Teddy, fuck my wett pussy!" I cheered him on. He began to smile at me as he rubbed my clit then squeezed my breast. I reached down and spanked my clit as he fucked me harder and harder. "Harder Teddy, mmmmm yessss...fuck this pussy baby!" I said as he begin to drive faster. Lance reached down and began to play with my clit as he sucked my nipples. I was stroking his now semi hard cock back to full potential.

Looking at Teddy I said,"I want to taste what my pussy is producing baby. Come let me taste you!" He withdrew and changed places with Lance. As they switched places, Lance told me to kneel over the sofa with my ass in the air. I got up and quickly got over that sofa and rubbed my pussy as I stuck my ass in the air for him. He reached down and rubbed my pussy and clit with the tip of his cock and Teddy fed me his hard cock. Lance began to rub and spank my clit with his cock and that sent thrills down my pussy as I began to squirt that instant. He reached under and spanked my pussy with his hands before spanking it with his cock again and again.

"Fuck yeahhh baby!" I muttered in a husky voice just as Teddy stuffed my mouth with his cock. I was holding on to the back of the chair and Teddy was gripping my head. He began to fuck my mouth with his cock. I tried to suck him like I wanted to but he took control and really fucked my mouth. I wiggled my ass to Lance and he spanked my ass as he drove his fat cock deep inside my fuck hole with no mercy. My body stiffened up for a second then he began to fuck me like an animal. He spanked my ass as he thrust deep inside me.

"You want me to cumm in your fucking mouth?" Teddy asked me as he reached under and pinched my nipples one by one. I nodded yes as he did this as I was overtaken by being fucked by two well hung men who were skilled in their fucking ability.

Lance continues to fuck me like there was no tomorrow and I felt Teddy's cock throbbing in my mouth. He threw his head back and said."OHHH FUCKK BABY...DRINK TEDDY'S MILK!" He bucked his hips as his legs began to wobble as he began to splatter his seed in my mouth. He held on to the chair as his climax almost weaken him completely. Then he pulled his cock out my mouth and I licked my lips as I smiled at him.

"Mmmmmm baby, that was...AAAHHHH FUCKKK Lance!" I screamed as Lance lifted both my legs and had me holding on to the back of the sofa. He was pulling me on his cock as he fucked me.
"Oooooh yessss, yesss yesss fuck this pussy Lance!" I said as he released his animal drive."Fucking you is what am doing you the best lunch ever!" he said as he pumped me some more. He grabbed me by the waist as he pulled me up as he stood. I wrapped my hands backwards around his neck and my feet around his upper thighs as he fucked me with all his might.

"I want your ass baby, I want it now!" he said as he licked my ear lobes and pinched my nipples. I released my legs as he sat on the sofa. I sat down on his lap taking him all the way inside me. I reached up and kissed him on the lips and he pushed his tongue inside my mouth. We kissed as Teddy sucked my nipples, biting down on them. I raised up off Lance's cock and Teddy reached down and rubbed my pussy sticking his fingers right inside my slippery hole.
"Mmmmm baby such beautiful pussy!" he said as he removed his fingers and offered them for me to suck my juices off.

I licked his fingers clean and then I position myself over Lance cock, directing it to my asshole. I started to push down on it but the purple head was too big. So I rubbed the head along my pussy slit lubricating it some more. Then I made the attempt again to take him in my ass. I pushed down again on his cock, I felt when the head entered my ass and I groaned softly. I leaned on the side as Lance finished guiding his cock into my ass. I felt with my ass cheeks was resting on his lap so I knew he was full inside. I threw my hands back around his neck as he held me by my waist and began to fuck my ass.

He started slowly pushing in and out of my ass and it felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and was being carried away into ecstasy and was enjoying it. Then I felt it...Teddy had position himself off me and Lance and he shoved his cock inside my pussy as deep as he could have gone.

"FUCKKKK. FUCKKK. OH FUCKKK!! MMMMM!" I screamed as he began to fuck me hard.

"Oh shittttttt yesssss. yesss... yessssss....fuck meeee!!!!" I begged them. "Oh fuck my asshole Lance, Fuck my pussy Teddy! Dont stop. dont stop!!!" I told them as they now was in sync with the rhythm. They begin to fuck me as hard as they could for all it was worth.

"Yeah yeah baby....this fucking tight ass is mines!" Lance said as he pumped me hard in my ass. "Yeah and this pussy is mines!!" Teddy said as he fucked me harder than he did before. I was trapped in the middle of two monster cocks and was being drilled in both holes like I never had been before.

Then I felt my pussy contracting. I started to see blackness in my head. I knew I was about to cummm harder than I probably ever did in my life.

"Ohhhh godddddddd, Im....aahhhhhh fuckkkkkkk....Im cummmmminggggg!" I screamed as my body began to shake and shake in between my two lunch dates. I was cumming, squirting, I didn't even know what and where it was coming as it came so strong and fast and hard.

"Yessssss Nikki, come on my cock baby" I heard from Teddy. "'Yeah fuck...shake on me baby as I cummm in your ass!" I heard Lance say. Then I heard them both at the same time in unison, "FUCKKKK YEAHHH!! MMMMM YESSSSS!!"
I began to cummmm again when I heard that as they fulled both my holes with milk and joy juice.
Ten minutes later, I came to myself realizing that I must have passed out again. Teddy had left and Lance was sitting in the sofa with my head in his lap and his cock in his hands wrapped in a washcloth. He told me that Teddy had to leave to go to an appointment but will call me later. I reached up and kissed him on his lips and thank him for staying with me.

We took a shower that lasted about forty-five minutes, then we went for lunch finally after cleaning back home the apartment. I removed the FOR RENT sign out the window, deciding that I wanted to keep this spot available for more days like this a few weeks longer.

We reached home the same time and I invited Lance in after noticing that my dad was not home. He left me a note saying that he went to VA for a service and will call me to tell me whether he would drive back that night. I looked at Lance and smiled and jumped in his arms knowing that the night was yet young and we were far from tired and sore.

"Wait here let me get my bathing suit...lets go in the pool!" I told him as I started to go upstairs. He reached out and grabbed my hands as I reached the second stair and lifted my dress. His cock was rock hard as he entered me from behind"

"Aaaahhh fuck yessss Lance....mmmm baby fuck me lover!" I growled as he began to fucked me fast and deep. "This pussy is mines Nikki baby!!" he said as he grabbed my ass in his hands. Then....

" here?!" was voices coming from the front door. "OH SHITTTT!" we both said....

To be continued..