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Double or quits

our relationship was over, I was heartbroken.  My parents couldn’t stand to see me so blue.  I moped around the house for weeks, skipping out on school and hiding in my bedroom. My Dad is a wonderful guy. He and my Mom presented me with a wonderful gift two weeks ago. They gave me one all-expense-paid ticket on a Princess Cruise line that was to last a whole week.  Others from school were going on the same trip, and I hadn’t bothered to ask.  I just thought it too expensive.

So, off I flew with my school friends. Six girls and about eight guys.  Two were very good friends of mine.  In fact, they were also very close to my ex-lover.  And they were absolutely gorgeous.  One was an “Italian Stallion” and the other was a beautifully sculpted black Jamaican. Over the past couple of years, we had all spent time together within our group and had an easy going friendship.  I genuinely like them both.

When the cruise set sail, fourteen teenagers made a pact that this was to be the cruise of our lives.  “Anything goes”, we agreed. “And nothing goes home with us, no one ever speaks a word.”

The drinks were plentiful and we partied hearty together.  From skinny dipping to hot tubs, we had it all at our disposal.  It was the most erotic thing to see the naked bodies of my classmates.  The alcohol had gone to all our heads, and long gone were all of our inhibitions. Drifting off into my own little world, I noticed my two friends sitting together.  I was staring at their hard bodies thinking about how absolutely wonderful it would be if they would take me off into another room and do me.

The nature of my thoughts gave the telltale signs. My lips became full, my eyes glazed over and my pussy became wet.  I’m sure the smell of sex oozed from me, drawing them nearer.

The look of bedroom eyes I was receiving from these two men was unbelievable.  I could feel my body tingle with desire.  The dirty thoughts of all of us in a sucking and fucking whirlwind storm made my juices flow like a flood.  The “Italian Stallion” came over to me and rested his hands on my naked ass. He asked me if I would join them for a wild encounter in the other room.  I said yes. As we quietly left the room my pussy began to twinge for his big hard cock between my legs.  The two of us left the room.  I assumed my Jamaican friend had some reservations, because he did not join us.

As he walked up to me with a look of lust, he was slowly stripping his shirt off, dirty dancing.  In the low lit room, his chest was like an ice sculpture in the sun. Drips of water trickling down his sturdy rippled stomach, to his opened pants, wetting the tip of his erect penis.

Romantic music was playing quietly, as he brought himself crawling to me with begging eyes. Instinctively, I began to slowly but seductively remove each piece of my clothing. Soon after, I was naked on the floor beside him. He gripped my arms and pulled me close to him. His strong but gentle hands were working me over from head to toe, I was as willing as a wanton whore now and refused to judge what I was about to do, as I should know better.

I felt mesmerized when I realized there were now more than one pair of hands working me over and the other pair weren’t mine.

Our friend was the other pair of hands. The caressing of oils massaged my body and I became the sauna, heat emulating from me. I was cooled off  with wet bubbling Champaign that was poured slowly into my mouth, around my erect nipples and down the map to where my treasure had been unlocked by the teasing, licking and tongue fucking pirate who numbed me from head to toe. So there I melted into the heat of their bodies one on either side of me, rubbing me as though to be reading my mind.

The grinding of our three bodies felt as if we were the important beat to the funky music. The tongue that knew its way around my pulsating pussy, gently turned me over and was soothing my neck, back, and eventually my cave that was no longer pulsating.  I was ready to be invaded by his rock that would hurt so bad going in and fit so perfect that no other predictor could enter.

The other cock slowly went in and out of my mouth and I was naughtily teasing it with a licking circular motion and sweet little sucks.  I was going to deep throat him and he knew it. It was driving him crazy.  As the two of them were fucking me ever so sweetly, out came the juices of my river running wild into a frenzy flood.

They decided to take this threesome over a nearby desk.  The one who I was now deep throating in a satisfying way wanted to invade my cave, but I became a little scared.  The “Italian Stallion” was big but he was bigger and rounder. There we were on the desk. I was gently placed on my back with my head hanging over the edge and my legs together sticking straight up to the ceiling.  He went around the desk and rubbed my mountains until they peaked with his salami dangling in front of my mouth. I inserted his cock carefully then with a few sucks and licking motions this cock sucking became a deep insertion, deep down my throat, with lots of moaning . 

My muffled moans became louder as his friend teased my vagina and clit area by rubbing his penis around.  He was trying to see if he could widen the way so his cock would fit. With the slow  stimulation and quick jerks of his cock, entering numbed the pain and was great pleasure. With the gasp of my voice, the widening of my mouth told him to go deep inside, as the circling motion wettened and widened my hungry pussy.  This wasn’t the gentle fuck I expected, it became hot ,heavy and hard.

I enjoyed every minute of it.  The harder he fucked me, the louder the slapping of our two bodies banging , the deeper my friends cock went into my throat, I could here him moaning “oh baby, I’m going to come”.  I felt him slide his penis out of my mouth and he climbed on the table. I knew what his intentions were.  He slid his cock between my two mountains. I could see he was enjoying himself and I, too, could feel myself guttering inside. 

My volcano was ready to explode, so was the man who was fucking me good and hard. We were all in the same groove of moaning, body jerking and heat giving, I’m sure people could hear all of us screaming the words “I’m coming!”  With one big rumble, I exploded my lava all over this big cock that ever so pleased me.  The rest followed, cum was flying everywhere, all over my sore and swollen pussy, my tits and face.

We all looked at each other with the look of tired eyes; but fulfilled.  I looked at them both, with a lot of thanks because it is true what they say, “two is better than one”.

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