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Doubling Up

The drive to the top of the mountain would have been terrifying in the day, but at night time, with a mockingly glowing full moon to illuminate the absolute nothing of the precipice next to us as we drove along the very edge of the towering mountain, I learnt to pray. It must have worked too because we eventually saw a man-made light in the distance.

“Thank God, we must be close,” I muttered aloud in my newly rediscovered religious fervour. “And they’ve left a light on for us. That’s a good sign.” Ever optimistic, I was trying to convince Patrick as much as myself that the ‘quaint’ cabins we had booked from a picture alone because it’s complete desolation appealed to us for a weekend break was a better idea than we were starting to fear.

“Close? The closest thing to us at the moment is death,” he growled back at me.

I didn’t say anything, knowing that whilst I was terrified, he’d been the one who had to keep the car on the excuse for a road under difficult conditions. Even in my fear I’d been aware of his hands cramping on the steering wheel and his shoulders seizing up into knots as he drove. I touched his leg gently and kept quiet. Obviously it wasn’t a silver lining moment.

As we drew closer to the light the road also eased off a bit. For a few seconds we lost the light completely behind a thicket of bushes, and suddenly Patrick slammed on brakes as they came into view again.

”What the …?” I started shouting in shocked surprise, until I saw the car he had nearly driven into, parked neatly in front of the house. “Oh, do you think they’ve come to meet us? It’s very kind of them, but not really necessary. I don’t feel like being polite now.”

“Only one way to find out,” Patrick said, already getting out of the car. “Make sure you have your shoes on – there might be snakes or scorpions.”

Oh joy!

Patrick came around to help me out of the car, and by the time we’d turned to face the house, a man was coming towards us.

“Hi, can I help you?” he asked proprietorially.

“I thought this was Belvedere cottage?” I asked. “We’ve rented it for the weekend.”

He looked taken aback.

“There must be some mistake. It is Belvedere, but we’ve rented it,” he answered politely but firmly.

“Shit,” Patrick ground out. “Look, I’ve got the paperwork right here.” He fetched it out from the car and showed it to us, our names and the date clearly printed there.

The man looked at it for a few seconds, but I got the impression he was trying to control himself rather than actually looking at the paper.

“Lisa,” he suddenly shouted, making me jump. A cute looking woman in shorts and a slight T-shirt appeared at the door.

“Yes? Oh, hi,” she said as she spotted us.

“Please could you bring our paperwork for the booking.” His tone sounded oddly resigned. She looked dumbfounded, then visibly shrank, her happy aura dissolving.

“Have I done it again?” she asked after a deep breath.

“Maybe. Let’s first check,” he suggested in a weary voice.

We watched, fascinated, nobody saying a word as the impressions rushed in on us. Lisa returned in less than a minute and handed the papers to the man.

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice barely audible. “We’re actually booked for next month.”

She looked on the verge of tears, but instead of shouting at her, the man just put his arm around her. “It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

“But I don’t want to drive down that road again. Especially not in the dark.”

“We’ll sleep in the car tonight. It’ll be okay.”

I exchanged a look with Patrick and saw he agreed with me.

“I’m sure we can make a plan for tonight, then you can drive back tomorrow. After all, it’s a four sleeper.”

“Yes, but that’s because there are two beds in one room. You don’t even know us,” he answered.

“I’ve just driven up the mountain pass and there’s no way I’m sending anyone down it tonight. I wouldn’t be able to sleep then anyway. And it’s ridiculous for you to sleep in a car for the night when there’s space inside. It’s only one night. That is – so long as you promise not to murder us in our sleep,” I teased, trying to lighten the moment. Truth was I’d taken to them. He had a gentle manner about him, even though he had every right to be upset, and she seemed really sweet if a little ditzy.

“Then we will gratefully take you up on the offer. Let’s help you carry your things inside and the least we can do is offer you a drink and something to eat considering that our food is all unpacked in the kitchen. By the way, I’m Kevin, and this is Lisa.”

“Hi. I’m Patrick and this is Kerry.” Smiles and handshakes were exchanged all round, and the four of us unpacked the bags from the car before we settled down for what turned out to be a fun evening. Conversation and laughter flowed as if we were old friends. Maybe the two bottles of wine we drank helped it on, but it was over a decent period of time with lovely bread, cheeses and pates to help soak it up.

Eventually bed time came and a moment that could have been awkward became an adventure.

“Do you guys want to change in the bathroom or something?” Kevin asked.

“We don’t wear anything to sleep in so there’s not much need,” Patrick answered before I could politely accept.

“Join the club,” Kevin grinned. “Why don’t we let the ladies use the bathroom and slip into bed then while we close up. Then we can join them afterwards in the dark.”

It had to be dark because as part of closing up they had to switch off the generator, but there were still candles in the bedroom. Everyone agreed and Lisa and I took turns in the bathroom before slipping into bed, clothes primly placed next to us to avoid difficulties the next morning. Soon the men joined us. They blew out the one candle we’d lit between the two beds and, after a little rustling I felt Patrick slip into bed next to me. I gathered from the sounds that Kevin had done the same.

It took a few minutes for our eyes to adjust, but we soon realised that we could actually see shadows quite well in the light of the moon because we’d forgotten to close the curtains. No one offered to get up and close them under the circumstances, so we just left them.

Patrick turned to me and gathered me close for an intensely hot kiss, one of his specialities. I was turned on in seconds as always, and loudly cursing myself in my mind for our roommates. Why had I made such a stupid offer?

As he continued to kiss me, even those thoughts disappeared. My mind became totally consumed by my body. All I could hear was his racing breath, all I could taste was his teasing tongue – and feel? There was so much to feel, it was a feast of sensation. His breath on my skin, his fingers gently slipping over my breasts, and then pinching my nipples at exactly the same time. Now he wasn’t quite so gentle anymore.

As his hands drifted, so my heart raced, and with my heart went my breath. I writhed and panted, pushing myself up against his hard, hot cock that was already coating my thigh in sticky precum. Patrick started laughing quietly, then held my hands to slow me down, to give me time to return to my senses. He turned his head towards the other bed.

“Sorry guys, we got a bit carried away. That was just meant to be a goodnight kiss,” Patrick apologised breathily to our roommates.

“Are you kidding? That was so hot!” Lisa laughed back. You had Kevin all over me in seconds. It’s the most erotic thing I have ever experienced.”

“Are you serious?” Patrick asked. “You really don’t mind if we play a little?”

“Of course I mind if you play a little,” Lisa teased him. “I want you to play a lot. The more you play, the more we can play here.”

“Careful. Too hot, someone might burn.”

“Can’t get hot enough for us,” Lisa assured us.

Kevin’s eagerly nodding head was clearly visible in the moonlight, so Patrick turned back to me with a huge grin.

“You up for it my love? I’m so hot for you right now I don’t care who hears and sees. Are you okay with it?”

“I didn’t even know there was anyone there I was so turned on. They don’t matter to me, I just want you.”

Patrick’s hand was still firmly seated on my wet pussy, and he knew that wasn’t true. If I’d been wet before, now I was absolutely flooding his hand. It was clear that I was very turned on by our neighbours. Patrick didn’t call me on my words publically, he just wiggled his fingers inside me in an acknowledging tease and slipped his head down to tease me again in other ways.

In seconds I had changed my focus back to him and his gorgeous kisses, and didn’t give it a second thought as he threw off our blanket. All I knew was that I was burning, and the only thing I wanted covering me was him.

He returned his hand to my pussy and his head drifted down onto my breast, where he suckled for a blissful age before he turned his attention to the other one. I ran my hands over his shaved head, pulling him close against me, wanting all of him all over me.

As I writhed, I inadvertently caught sight of our neighbours. Their bed coverings were also discarded. Kevin was sitting up, his back leaning against the headboard, with Lisa seated on him. He was also suckling her breasts and from the moaning breaths I could hear, Lisa was obviously enjoying it as much as I was.

Sharing the moment like this with them was so amazingly erotic that I came in loud shuddering gasps in that instant. Patrick didn’t even pause; he just carried on sucking my breast and rubbing my pussy until my orgasm passed and I was building up to the next one.

He travelled lower, pausing to tantalise and tease as he went. A nibble at my inner elbow, a long drink at my belly-button before he finally settled himself between my legs in a ritual I knew well. He was going to settle in and drink at me like a dehydrated man would at an oasis. It was the most amazing experience and just knowing it was coming was almost enough to send me over the edge again.

But Patrick didn’t start immediately. Instead he pointed with his head to our neighbours. Lisa was lying next to Kevin now and was teasing his cock with her extremely agile tongue. He was straining towards her, loving it, but their eyes were trained on us, their own personal show. She looked at us daringly and then sank her mouth over Kevin’s cock, taking him as deep as she could, but never once looking away from us. It was a powerfully sexy moment.

Suddenly I felt Patrick’s cock slide deeply into me, right there in front of them. Us watching them, them watching us, his rhythm inside me perfectly matching Lisa’s rhythm on Kevin’s bulging cock. Kevin tensed and groaned loudly, obviously in the throes of a huge orgasm, but Lisa held on and sucked him dry, not losing a drop.

In the meantime, Patrick had turned back to my pussy and he enthusiastically starting eating me, lapping up the mixture of our precum eagerly. He feasted there for an age, moving his tongue into me and around me in different and arousing angles until I was about to explode. As he felt my orgasm gathering, he slipped a finger deep into my pussy, and then out to slip in further down into my other equally aroused hole.

I groaned out loud, calling to him, but not really understanding what for because in that moment I was absolutely complete.

Once I had had a chance to really enjoy my orgasm, Patrick moved next to me. Kissing me deeply again, allowing me to share some of the flavours he had so enjoyed, he rolled onto his back and pulled me over him, settling me with an easy familiarity onto his heavily swollen cock.

Every nerve ending inside me was still on full alert as I slowly sank down onto him, savouring every millimetre. Once our groins were touching, we both paused, enjoying a kiss before I rose up again. Patrick slammed up hard into me as I crashed down onto him, starting the rhythm for a hard fuck-sprint. It was amazingly hot and within seconds my whole body was burning as I hovered on an incredibly strong orgasm that I couldn’t keep back.

Patrick’s breath was rasping and he called out almost unintelligibly, his eyes focussed solely on me. We had both completely forgotten our rapt audience. All we cared about was our sensations and the pleasure we were getting watching one another, driving one another.

Now Patrick’s moans were as hard as his body was taut, and still we were rushing, pumping in a hard semi-coordinated finish. Then a final shudder, and I felt him spurt inside me as I joined him in a quivering release before collapsing on top of his still contracting body, breathless and intensely high. He always managed to wring more feeling, more response and more orgasms out of me than any other man ever had and I somehow never seemed to get used to it.

As reality returned, we rather sheepishly remembered that we had neighbours, and that we’d maybe taken things a little further than anyone had intended. When we managed to focus on them again though, we stopped worrying. Kevin had Lisa on her knees and he was driving into her from behind as hard as we had been a moment ago. They were turned so that both of them were facing us and could see everything we were doing.

Lisa’s boobs were bouncing around uncontrollably as Kevin fucked her until with their own excited cries, they also collapsed into a breathless bundle of slick, wet skin and racing breaths.

“Ohgodohgodohgod,” Lisa repeated over and over again until we all started laughing.

They didn’t move on the next day, but stayed for the weekend, and then shared their booking with us the next month. It was the beginning of a very interesting friendship that never got to quite be a foursome, but never quite wasn’t one either.

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