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Down by the Creek...

Having hot sex on a hot day down by the creek.
The day is hot and we are together down by the creek getting away from it all. We are hot, happy and horny. I love the water and I get into the middle of the creek and lie back in it with the cool water rushing over and by my body. You are sitting on the bank watching me and seeing just the tips of my breasts like they were floating. I spread my legs so the current can rush up against my hot pussy, giving me a thrill. Raising one leg and propping it up on a rock that is in the creek, you could see the water actually swirling around and hitting my pussy, caressing it gently.

The continued force of the water hitting me is getting me so excited. I start to watch you sitting on the bank, and keeping eye contact, I start to caress my big breasts and just watch you, watching me. You see my eyes turn a darker shade of green and you know that I am getting really aroused. You start to stroke your cock and seeing it swell in your hand is making me even hotter. Without a word, I give you a sexy smile and a wink and without breaking eye contact my other hand slowly travels down my belly.

You are staring at my hand following its path downward, anticipating what I will do next. Your cock is fully erect and hard as a rock as you continue to stroke it up and down, squeezing it and your eyes are just devouring me. My hand reaches the junction of my legs and I open my legs wider, holding my pussy lips apart with my two fingers. The water is rushing over my little hard clit and I moan out loud, “ahhhhhh yes”, letting you know how wonderful it feels. The cool water caressing my hard clit, then my hot little fingers get busy. I start to diddle myself, making little circles around my sensitive nub and slowly plunge a finger deeply inside, lifting my hips almost out of the water. The water drops glide off of my body, glistening and looking like jewels as you watch intently.

Your hand starts to move faster, stroking your cock harder as you get more excited. My hand is moving faster and faster, two fingers going in and out of me and then pressing against my nub and going round and round. I lift my sweet ass up out of the water and really start to finger fuck myself harder and faster, knowing I am going to explode soon and wanting you to see all of it. The sunshine is making the water on my body glisten and creating little rainbows all over me. You are telling me to do it faster, urging me on and I start to go wild, splashing and telling you that I am going to explode baby, soon.

I throw back my head and my body arches out of the water and my hand is moving so fast that I start to cry out as I reach my peak. I begin exploding, gushing and cummming so hard, thrashing around and calling out your name. Watching me, spellbound, stroking your cock fast and furious, almost losing it yourself, when I fall back and lie still.

You get up and grab me from the water and help my trembling body to lie face down on the bank. You are so excited that you lift me up onto my hands and knees and grab hold of my hips and thrust into me with one long mighty stroke. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss baby, your hot cock and body are such a contrast to my wet and cool ass. You reach around and start to pinch my nipples making them even harder as I push back against your cock.

You are so hot and excited and the sensations of my cool ass and hot pussy and your hard cock going in and out is your undoing as you plunge in and out of me relentlessly. I collapse onto my elbows and this gives you even more penetration as you ram into me over and over again.

I start to whimper and you feel my body start to tighten knowing that I am going to climax again. Faster and faster and deeper you plunge into me making me yell out my delight as my orgasm overcomes me and I start to gush my hot pussy juices all over your cock and balls and clench your cock deep inside of me. You are pumping and slamming into me faster and faster and when your hold on my hips tighten, I feel your cock start to twitch and jerk inside of me. “Yes baby, yes, give it to me, cum with me baby, now.........”

Your cock explodes and you start shooting so much hot sweet cum deep inside of me, jerking and spewing your juices again and again, seeming to go on forever. I collapse and you fall on top of me. We are trembling and shaking and breathing hard.

We lie still and I turn over and wrap my arms around you, holding you closely. Then I kiss your sweet lips and whisper into your ear softly, “Thank you baby, that was got me sooooo hot watching me and then taking me in such a forceful way, I came and almost passed out from sheer pleasure.

We fall asleep, totally spent.

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