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Dream Come True

Tags: guy, girl, sex, oral
A girl finally gets to do what she wants with him
I was standing in the doorway to his room, completely still, staring straight at him. I didn’t think twice about it and I walked straight up to him, putting my hands on his chest and pushing him back lightly. It got to the point where his calves nudged the side of the bed and I forced him to sit down.

He looked up at me, I pushed some of his dark hair out his eyes and straddled him, nestling my head in the hollow between his neck and his shoulder. He reached back and stroked my waist, reaching up to my shoulders. He caught hold of the bottom of my braid and tugged slightly at it so that I would lift my head up. Instead of fastening our lips together, I softly poked his lower lip with the tip of my tongue. He stuck out his tongue, but I restrained myself and moved to avoid him, before I did it again.

He let out an irritated sound of both anticipation and need. I took that as a sign to abruptly plunge my tongue inside his mouth. He jumped a little as I bit down on his bottom lip but grinned and then did the same to mine, rolling the hoop of my piercing between his teeth. He was holding my chin up so my neck was forced back. He put his right hand on it and squeezed a little, while forcing his tongue further into my mouth. 

I squeezed into him, took the opportunity to bring my legs around and caught him tight. Doing this, I caught a handful of his hair and pulled slightly hard. A deep groan emanated from his throat, making his entire chest vibrate.

He pulled away from our kiss and looked down at me, he stood up and turned around, pushing me into the mattress, me still clinging at him. He was lying on top of me and pressed down onto my chest, pushing the air out of my lungs, making me gasp slightly. He was propped up a little on his elbows, and was staring down at me with a wide grin, and started kissing me again. He was making a wet trail down onto my neck, biting slightly at it. I was breathing erratically as he took his tongue and proceeded to lick down my neck, behind my ear and in the hollow of my collarbone.

I was tugging at the rim of his t-shirt, attempting at pulling it over his head, he let go of my skin and lifted himself up off of me and did it himself, he then followed by gripping my tank top from the bottom and nearly ripped it off along with my bra. I doubled-up and gripped at his waist with an attempt to hide myself; he caught hold of me and tried to pull me off. 

He was now standing at the edge of the bed, so I took the opportunity to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. He chuckled as he realised that I would manage at getting his mind off of me for a while. He took my shaky hands and turned around me to sit on the bed again. I was now kneeling on the floor at his knees and had managed to pull his pants and boxers down to his knees. His cock sprang up and he laughed out loud, surprised by his hard-on. I moved forward and licked it from the base to the top of it.

I cupped his balls and squeezed at them, making him shiver. I looked up at him to see his gaze water and head tilt back, I pushed myself up onto him and took the head of his cock between my lips and tweaked at it until pre-cum had ran down its entire length and covered it in a slick matter. I caught hold of it with my hand and moved it up and down, while still suckling at his head. I slipped my head down and swallowed up his cock whole, it hit the back of my throat hard as he had thrust his hips forward, fucking my mouth.

Drool was dribbling down my chin and he had regained enough composure to reach forward and wipe it off. I slipped his cook out of my mouth and continued jacking him off. He groaned deeply and caught my hair to pull my face back. His grip was surprisingly strong, and he held me like that until I felt his balls tighten and saw the first spurt of cum fly at me before I shut my eyes tight.

When I opened them I saw him smiling down at me, and I felt his sticky cum dripping into my lap, onto my black jeans, creating a white splodge. I smiled at him and he handed me a corner of his bedcover so I could wipe the excess off of my face. I pulled the rest of his jeans off his feet, crawled up onto him and was surprised when he kissed me straight on the mouth. 

He shoved his tongue past my teeth and rolled me over so I was laying on my back and him on top of me again. He continued his trail down from my collarbone. He was pulling at the dermal anchor in my skin, sending shivers down my spine to my clit. He continued down to my chest and breasts, he nipped at the skin of my cleavage but didn’t stay there long as he grabbed my hips and thrust me up. Levelling his face with the belt at my jeans. He unbuckled it swiftly and tugged them down along with my thong.

He threw them at the bottom of the bed and started kissing the bottom of my stomach, nibbling at the skin while he made his towards the inside of my thighs. He trailed his fingers slightly above my skin so I would only feel his touch as lightly as the one of a feather. He nibbled, getting closer to my lips, and started kissing them. He poked at the entrance with his tongue, and joined it with his fingers.

The callous end of his fingertips scratched slightly at my slick insides, making me writhe under his touch. He was holding onto my hipbone tightly with his other hand, making my hips buck slightly less. I could see his knuckles getting white from the pressure he was putting into my bones, but I would only feel the warmth coming form his hot breath onto me. 

He abandoned my clit and moved back up my body. Moving teasingly slowly up onto my pelvic bone, he left a wet trail where his tongue slipped over each bite mark he applied on his way up. I caught hold of his hair again and tugged at it, trying to move up faster, but he just grabbed my wrist and kissed the palm of my hand while staring straight into my eyes.

He squeezed at my bone, making his knuckles white, and pulled my hand towards his jaw. He left it there and closed his eyes as I scratched at his growing hairs in the hollow of his cheekbones. He let out another groan and turned his face to my body, his face now levelled with my ribs. He let his tongue slide the length of each bone, biting the soft skin under each breast long the way. 

He moved himself up onto me, both naked; I could feel his wood pressing into the hollow of my hipbone and my navel. He pushed my lip piercing around with the tip of his tongue, biting my bottom lips at times. I pushed myself up off the bed and into him. Forcing him to move his concentration to his cock, now pushing into my stomach, I could feel the pre cum trailing out of it’s head and into gliding down onto the bed sheets. He stretched towards his bedside table and returned his hand to my face with a condom in it.

He grinned at me, kissed me deeply and helped me sit up, the soft moonlight falling onto his side, making his pale skin look pale blue. The wind coming form his open window ruffled his hair and sent shivers through my body, which he carefully stroked on my arm so that they would fade away.

He handed it to me and stretched backwards. I fumbled with the wrapper but managed to open it even with shaky hands. I poised it on the tip of his cock after pecking it with a kiss, which made him laugh. I rolled I down and used the pre cum on the bed sheets to make it slightly slick. I moved my hand up and down several times until he grabbed my hand away and pushed me back down on the bed. 

Without giving me the time to catch my breath after having been whacked onto the mattress, he plunged deep into me with a deep growl and hovered over me. He started kissing me softly as he pulled out, making me whimper. He thrust back into me, deep, grunting into my mouth. I caught his waist with my legs, wrapping myself around him as he made his thrusts deeper and stronger.

His kisses got deeper as his thrusts faster and more erratic. He bit on my tongue, making me cry out. I tasted blood. He collapsed onto me as I felt his cock swell inside me. He pushed deeper as his cocked swelled, and I clenched my walls around him, a shudder flowing through me from the tip of his lips on my jaw to his hips pressing hard into mine.

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