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Dream Four

A female astronaut loved having sex in space.



A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It

usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the

sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be

influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or

indigestion. External factors may affect dreams too, such as an alarm

clock can be transformed into a dream telephone call and therefore

carry on sleeping.

Dreams are often an illogical combination of events from the past of

the dreamer, from his or her daily life, and of his or her imagined

future. Though erotic dreams are often inspired by desire, lust or pure

covetousness. These too are somewhat disjointed but when on

waking, if the person can recall the dream it then runs in a logical

sequence, which is the form used in the following dreams.

Dream Four.

It was with some trepidation that I opened the letter that I had just received and then burst into tears when I saw that I had been accepted as one of the three man crew to take the latest space flight to an unmanned space station orbiting the earth.

I say three man which is a misnomer for I was the female selected to take this trip into space along with two men. I have vague flashes on the training that four men and myself along with another woman went through before the final selection was made. Half of this was physical and the other on the technicality of handling what would be my part in this flight and subsequent tasks aboard the space station.

My name is Amanda White though I’m always called Mandy, and the letter told me who the two men I would be going with on this flight that I had dreamed of for years. I had studied hard and now I was being rewarded for the effort that I had put into achieving my dream. Captain of the flight would be Jack Schwartz, known as BlackJack, a play on his name because of his German extraction though he was a real American from three generations. The other man was Patrick Murphy and known as Paddy with him being like BlackJack, several generations of being an Irish-American. Oh, I’m English by the way.

We had trained along with the other three until this selection and I felt sorry for the other woman, but, that’s the way the cookie crumbles as my American colleagues would say. It was a gruelling six months spent at NASA until this final day and we would now be taking this trip in two months time. BlackJack was married while both Paddy and I were single and it was only the fact that we were basically confined to the base that I had no chance of scoring with either of the four men during training, all being good looking men and had superb physiques as noted during some of our training programs.

I played coy at our news interview when I was asked the question at how did I feel at being in close contact with two males in the confined space of the modules cockpit. With the word feel being used in the question, I had to hold back the answer which would have been ‘with both hands’.

After two months of having our last training in the cockpit simulator, the day finally arrived for our space mission, and I was a bag of nerves when fully kitted out when we made our way to the top of the gantry and entered the shuttle. This was still two hours away from the scheduled time of take off because we still had lots of checks to make while the clock was being counted down and given a running commentary on how all our systems were showing back in the control room. With us stretched out on our backs, the position I liked when a man was on top of me, we were firmly strapped in having completed our checks and we watched and heard the countdown getting ever closer to take off.

‘All systems are go,’ came the controllers voice. ‘Initial firing is commencing,’ and we heard and felt the first firing of the propulsion units and then zero hour was there and we felt the massive power vibrate throughout and heard that we had lift off.

The noise was terrific as we started and began to feel the pressure on our bodies as we started on our voyage, being pressed closer to our seats as the speed built up and we were away, flying up into the stratosphere and then on into space once being freed from the Earth’s gravity. Once we reached this stage, the first propelling unit fell away as the second unit took over to carry on pushing us up to the stars

‘You’re looking good,’ came the voice again as we felt the ship roll a little as it settled us onto our flight path, and with the ship moving now at an angle, we could see the whole world through our windows and it was the most wonderful sight I’d ever seen. I’d seen pictures and videos of this when down below, but now I was seeing for real and nearly creamed my knickers at the kick it gave me.

I don’t know how long we were in the cockpit of our module having shook off our second stage but we soon had the station in our vision as we approached and it was now that BlackJack took over to control our approach to the docking station. This was what he had been practicing in the simulator, this procedure in docking and my heart was in my mouth as we crept ever closer until with a gentle bump, we were there and had the locking arms clamp us firmly to the entrance of the space station.

It was virtually an obsolete thing now and not manned but it still gave Earth a lot of statistics while circling the planet. We were just to check over all that it held and see if it would last for quite some years to come. I was glad that we’d arrived and we could strip off our space suits which were rather cumbersome when you had the need of the toilet.

We entered the airlock and when all were inside, the outer door was locked and we activated the oxygen system so that we could breathe without our helmets on when inside. This was a relief when we were able to do this when we entered the station, getting our helmets off first before moving off in the weightlessness to find our accommodation first.

We had had practice of doing this before in an aircraft quite a few times but there’s nothing like having the experience for real. We bumped about quite a bit as we had to adjust our arm, leg and body movements to be able to move about without banging our heads on pipe work. It was out of this world, (ha-ha), to float in air as we pulled ourselves along and sometimes pushing with our feet to propel forward, fending off the sides of the tunnel with our hands.

Knowing the layout of the station, we soon found where the accommodation was and separated to each take one of the eight rooms that would be our sleeping place for the month that we expected to stay up here. Pushing the door shut of the room I selected, I drifted in and found it rather difficult to get my space suit off with my body keep on moving about, but I managed it. I drifted into what would be the bathroom, somewhat cramped, but with hand holds to help, and was glad to find that the shower worked. This used recycled water and knew that there was enough in the tanks for us to have our showers.

It was bliss to get the rest of my clothes off and able to wash myself properly, hooking my feet into straps that were fitted to the floor so that I was stable as I showered. There were other foot straps in the bathroom so that you could be firmly held when using the wash basin and drying yourself. When dry, I drifted back into what was the bedroom just as a knock came at the door and in drifted Paddy.

‘Oh,’ he stammered, seeing me naked, drifting towards him. ‘Sorry,’ he said, his face going quite red as he tried to turn round but moved even closer to me as he tried this movement, until we collided.

I hung onto him as we faced each other, the front of our bodies touching and I couldn’t help feeling that he had an erection inside of his trousers.

‘Well you are a real man after all,’ I said as I rubbed the lower front of our bodies together, his face going even redder.

‘I....I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have barged in,’ he stuttered, his hands trying to push me away as we floated in the middle of the room, but I hung on to him.

‘I’m not sorry,’ I said, giving him a smile and rubbing myself even tighter to his body as I gave us a twist so that it appeared as if he was lying on top of me though I didn’t really feel his weight at all but could feel my naked breasts being squashed between us. ‘I rather like the position we’re in,’ I said as I brought my legs up to cross my heels over his waist as we drifted, trapping him in our embrace. ‘Now if you were as naked as I am, you could, if you wanted to, put yourself inside me the way we are now.’

‘I....I....’ he started in a stammer which I stopped by putting my hands up to his head and pulled it down so that I could kiss him.

‘Would you like to fuck me?’ I asked, breaking off the kiss, our eyes looking each other’s and giving him a chance to answer me.

‘Oh Mandy,’ he began before burying his head down to my neck. ‘Yes please,’ he breathed out.

What an acrobatic dance we had as we tried to get his clothes off, but we managed and before we could drift apart, I managed to get a grip on his lovely erect cock and pull him towards me, moving down and taking the head of it into my mouth to give it a suck. He gave out a groan as we twirled round in slow motion as I sucked and tongued him for a minute or two before letting him free from my mouth and pulling myself up his body.

It was as his body collided to the ceiling that he managed to get in between my legs and I had the thrill of at last having his lovely hard cock being able to move up into me. As I lifted my legs up, they hit the ceiling and so knocked our bodies downwards until I hit the bed were I hung onto the covers with my hands. By my holding on, he was then able to move his body on mine by holding me and gave me, and him I’ve no doubt, the thrill and stability to really move himself in and out of me as we fucked.

I was in heaven in space, having a man fuck me after nearly a year of celibacy, having that wonderful tool of a man soothing my insides and quelling the itch that I had there. It must have been some time since he last fucked a woman for it could only have been a minute or two before he was grunting as he tried to get as much of his cock inside me and having his sperm surge up into me. He hadn’t given me enough time for my body to work itself up into having an orgasm, but maybe next time I thought as I still had my hands firmly gripped the bed cover. I really wanted to pull him tighter on top of me but if I had let go to do this, we’d probably shoot off the bed

I gave out a cry as his still throbbing cock began to slide out of me was when I let go of the bed cover and pulled myself down his body as we started to float into the air. I moved down until I had his still erect cock in front of my face and opened my mouth and took it inside. He gave out a groan as I did so, my hands now moving up to hold the cheeks of his bum as I sucked away, taking in not only the remnants of his coming but my juices too.

Mind you, I nearly choked when his back hit the ceiling, forcing his cock right into my throat causing me to jerk away and had his still wet cock sliding out of my mouth as I coughed. Somehow, he managed to push himself off the ceiling and came down on top of me again as we floated down to the bed again where I clung to the cover again as we kissed, him telling me how much he had wanted me.

I let his words wash over me for it was almost the same words that I’d heard many times with the men I had already fucked with which made me think that they had all gone to the same school. But it was nice to hear them say this anyway. Then forgetting myself, I moved my arms up to crush him closer to my tits and had us then moving slowly through the air, rolling over and over as I mashed his deflated penis up against my stomach, hoping to rouse him up to fuck me again.

It took nearly an hour before he was up and hard again but this time, I had him fuck me in the doggie position, hanging onto the bed with him behind me, sticking his lovely hard cock back up inside me. It was just as good as the first time and he lasted longer, moving his shaft in and out of me as we fucked. This time I had my orgasm and loved him for it and couldn’t wait to suck him again, which I did when he pulled out.

I kept him there in my room for another hour, playing with his limp dick until raising it up again by sucking on him, being able to have the whole of his penis in my mouth until it was up and hard again. But this time, I just jerked him off and it was great fun to watch his stream of semen shoot out into the air and then float above us. It was even greater fun to float myself in the air to catch this floating sperm into my mouth to roll it around getting the flavour of him before swallowing it.

He never got to sleeping in his own room for I had him in mine for the whole month we were there in the station, getting him to fuck me at least three times a night before it was time for us to leave. I had literally been taken to heaven out there in space, having a man all to myself to fuck me and also to suck on as we played with each other in our sexual coupling.

* *

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