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Dream Lover

it seemed so real, how could it be a dream
I see you standing there on the beach, looking so straight and tall in your surfing gear. Yes you are a handsome specimen. Your hair all wet and windblown, your back straight. I see you smiling at me your hand raised in a wave of greeting. Oh my, you take my breath away.

I turn to remove my clothing. I feel you come up behind me and put your arms around me, I feel your breath then your lips on my neck as you kiss me and tell me I look so sexy. I feel your body tight against me, your growing cock pressing into my back.

I hear you say “I want to take you right here, right now, I have never wanted you as badly as I do now.”

I close my eyes and lean against you moaning in anticipation of what is to come. Your strong hands cup my breasts and tweak my nipples causing them to grow hard and I moan. I watch your hand descend down my stomach causing the muscles to contract, it feels so good. I feel your fingers massaging my mound and I hear you groaning into my neck, where your lips are leaving a burning trail where ever they touch. I want you inside me... my pussy is wet just from the touching, oh how you excite me.

“Kneel down sweetheart,” I hear you say. “Give me that sweet pussy.”

I drop to my knees and lower my head, leaving only my ass in the air. I feel your hands on me, separating my cheeks, I hear you groan again.

“Baby, I am so hard and I am going to fill you so full.”

I feel you nibbling on my cheeks, you know I love it when you nibble on me, its so erotic. It sends shivers all over my body. I feel you panting as you bury your face between my cheeks and I feel your tongue touch my slit. Oh My, that is so good don't stop oh please don't stop.

My body quivers as the pleasure of your tongue increases, my pussy is dripping wet. Your mouth is hot on my swollen lips as you suck them in, tasting my nectar. Your tongue is darting every where, in and out of my wet hole, over my clit, you make me tremble holding me so close to orgasm but not letting me go over. I want to cum so bad but you are holding me off, you play and lick and suck just enough to keep me on the edge and your driving me crazy. Your fingers push into my dripping pussy grazing my sweet spot over and over again. My body is on fire with the need for release, my muscles tight oh baby let it happen now.

“Fuck my pussy, let me cum please let me cum.”

I hear you groan, “Cum for me baby cum now.”
Your tongue dives into me as far as you can push it and I feel it wiggling around inside me. My pussy clenches your tongue and holds it inside of me,

“God I'm cumming,“ I cry.

Whimpering I feel your tongue lapping up all my juices. I'm quivering with the thrill of release. I feel you kneel behind me and grasp my hips, pulling me back into you. Your cock rubbing against my sensitive clit almost makes me scream.

In one swift thrust I feel you bury your cock deep within me, spreading the walls of my pussy, your so big it feels like your splitting me open. But it feels so good

As your pulling me back onto you I feel you leaning back until your sitting on the ground between your heels and I am sitting upright on your lap, your cock in me further than ever before. Your arms reach around me and your hands are once again pinching and pulling my nipples.

“Fuck me Teresa. Fuck me hard! Work that pussy on my cock, make me cum!”

My pussy clenches you and I start to raise up on my knees until just the head of your cock is left inside me. Then I plunge back down, the slapping sound of skin on skin so loud, so seductive. My body responds by moving a little faster and squeezing harder, I hear your labored breathing. Your trying so hard not to cum. I feel one of your hands sliding down to find my clit, I feel you rubbing and pinching it and pulling on it, oh yes just like that, and I will be cumming again, very soon.

My body rising and falling faster as your cock slides in and out of my dripping cunt, I feel your teeth nipping at my back and shoulders, oh yes you know what I need to finish. I'm so close.
Suddenly you push me forward and you're on your knees, thrusting into me so hard and so fast. I hear you grunting with each thrust. Your cock ramming into me so hard you almost knock me over. The only thing stopping me is your hands on my hips pulling me into you.

“Use your cunt to milk my cock baby, make me cum. I'm gonna fill you with my sperm. Fuck baby i'm cumming!” I hear you growl at me.

As your cock erupts inside me, my body jerks and I scream from the pleasure of my orgasm, my pussy rippling around your cock, the muscles convulsing and milking your cum from you. Our cum mingling inside me, and running down my leg with each movement of your cock in and out of my dripping pussy. Your body collapses on top of me, as we fight to catch our breath, as we lay there in the euphoria of our coupling.
I hear you telling me "I love you baby, but I have to go for now, I will be back tonight."

Suddenly you stand and turn from me and start to walk into the ocean, disappearing quickly. I run after you but you cant hear me calling you, there is too much noise,the sound is like a million seagulls screaching, how I wish it would stop. Wait thats not seagulls, thats my damned alarm clock. But it felt so real, I could feel your skin on mine, your cock in my pussy deep inside me. I could have sworn you were here with me.

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