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Dream Reality

Cassie felt herself drift off, and into the dream world she entered.
Cassie laid upon her bed in her dorm room cramming for her last exam of the semester. Economics was not her strong suit and she was getting quite tired of staring at the book laying in front of her. She would have enjoyed studying biology more, but that was a subject she had yet to take. Her dormmate was out studying with her boyfriend for her last exam, so that gave Cassie the room to herself. The quiet of the room was beginning to close in on her, causing her attention to fade, so she got up and moved toward the dresser where she cut on the radio. Within a few seconds, Van Halen filled the room and Cassie found herself swaying to the beat. It was just what she needed to get her mind off the economics staring her in the face. 

Cassie danced her way back to the bed and laid upon it again. She moved the economics book from the foot of the bed so she would be able to spread her long and slender body upon it. Cassie was looking for a little rest before she started studying for that economics exam again, so she laid there with her head down on the pillow and her eyes closed, and listened to the music coming out of the speakers. Moving her feet to the beat, she let the music sooth her, taking her away for a moment. She never intended to fall asleep. Most of all, she never intended to dream. Or so she thought. 

Cassie felt herself drift off, and into the dream world she entered. It was not some ordinary dream world, it was the type she had not had since she was at least fourteen or fifteen. For the first time in a long time, the erotic dream came back to Cassie. 

She watched him enter through her dorm room door. Tall and tanned, Cassie stared at his six foot five inch frame as he made his way to her bedside. Cassie was beginning to breathe heavier just at the site of him. She was still laying in the bed as he sat on the edge of it and gently leaned down to kiss her like she was Sleeping Beauty. Cassie felt his tender lips against hers and she could not help getting lost in them. She pulled him close to her to feel the heat of them even more. In doing so, Cassie felt his chest against hers, and immediately, she felt her breasts tighten and become more rigid from the excitement. She also felt her puffs come alive as the heat entered them and began raising them ever so sensitively. Her nipples became so sensitive, the rubbing of them on the fabric of her padded bra caused her to fill with excitement even more. She could even feel the wetness form between her legs. 

He let go of his hold on her and Cassie fell to the bed in exhilaration from the sexual rush she was undergoing. It had been a long time since she felt this way, even though she had a boyfriend and did things with him. This was something she had been longing for. 

Kneeling on the bed, he took off his shirt. Cassie smiled and felt another rush go through her. Somehow, she gathered the energy to lean up and pull the tee shirt she was wearing over her head exposing her 34A cup breasts covered by gentle padding. Cassie could feel the beating warmth of her nipples under its covering even more and they were screaming to be let out. Cassie could not take it anymore and unclipped her bra, coming out of it and throwing it on the floor. As soon as she did, her breasts became so tight and firm, that they formed perfect cones. This caused the bulge in his pants, she saw, to become even larger and pound with each beat of his heart. She knew it would not be long until he let it loose, and she knew when he did, she would feel the warmth of her moisture flow even more. Cassie already felt the moisture slipping from her ever so slightly. She knew that if she didn’t soon get her shorts and bikini style panties off, both would be soaked with sexual fluid. 

Then he did it. He unbuckled his pants and let them fall, along with his boxers, to his knees. She saw his cock bob up and down for a second and then, in its full erect state, point straight at her. She could see it pulsate with each beat his heart pumped, and its bright red color giving the impression it was on fire. And it was on fire. It was burning to enter the place on her that could only put its fire out. 

Cassie wanted it there too. She let him reach down to her waist and pull. With his hands, he pulled her shorts and underwear off and as he did, the smooth spot between her legs glistened with dampness. It was even more inviting to him since she had no pubic hair. He began to pound even harder than he was already pounding. He just could not wait to have her put out his fire. 

Moaning in desire, Cassie swore she could feel her genital lips speak to his hard cock. She could just feel them part and say, “Come on in, the party is just beginning,” and she could feel them stay open in anticipation of his entrance. Then, straddling her midsection with his arms, he lowered his waist to hers and did something she did not expect. He positioned the underside of his rock hard shaft to sit upon her aroused clit. Cassie could feel the heat of him upon her clit and it gave her a new jolt of sexual rush. He could feel the heat from her too, so he began to pump slightly, letting the underside of his hardness ride upon her damp clit ever so gently until he knew the moment was right to enter her. He knew when that moment would be. 

Cassie was squirming with excitement and could feel the tingles of him upon her aroused state run through her body. She could feel the pressure beginning to build with each stride he made on her clit and she soon knew that she would explode way before she even got to feel him go inside. And that was what he was waiting on, for her to reach that orgasmic climax so that he could plunge deep down inside her. 

Cassie began to feel the heat rush through her, and the tingles of needle pricks upon her skin. She felt the pressure growing bigger, deep within her sexual place of entry as he kept gliding against her firm clit.  Then, without a warning, like a tea kettle upon the stove, Cassie’s whistle blew and the most powerful orgasm she had ever had let itself blow. The next thing Cassie felt was the warmth and hardness of him pierce her God-given gash as the moisture poured from her loins. It was the best thing she had experienced in her life. 

Cassie’s orgasm continued even while he was plunging deep inside her. She moaned and groaned with each insertion he made into her moisture-laden cavity. It seemed that with every third push into her, Cassie let out a high pitched scream and he knew that her orgasm was continuing. And that made him go even longer. Knowing that Cassie was enjoying every minute of it, he just continued to pound into her, trying to go deeper each time. 

Finally, it was his time and Cassie knew he was getting ready to explode. She could feel him throbbing even more and even get harder inside her than he was. Plus he began to slow down his movements. She knew that when guys slowed down their movements, they were getting close to letting themselves go. Then, she felt one last pump into her, heard him groan with pleasure, and felt the warm flow of his ejaculate fill her up, spasm by spasm. By the time she felt the last warm flowing spasm, she had counted eleven. The most that any guy ever had with her. Normally, she had counted five or six, but not this time. She was certainly impressed to say the least. 

Cassie, relaxed now, could feel her head light upon her pillow. She began to move around under the covers in a very relaxed state. She was not restless, but could feel herself waking ever so slightly. Without opening her eyes, she flung the covers off of herself, sat up on the bed, legs and feet dangling beside it, and stretched. Standing up, she went to scratch her stomach thinking that she would be scratching through her tee shirt. When she went to scratch, it was skin she felt. Alarmed, she opened her eyes and was surprised she was standing there totally naked. She saw all of her clothes on the floor, even the undergarments she usually wore. Then something else caught her eye. She saw the clothes of a man on the floor as well, and it was the same ones she had seen in her dream. Cassie then turned herself around and looked at her bed. Her eyes got big as she did. It was then she realized that it was not a dream she had after all. It was the real thing and it was the best she had ever had in her life.

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