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Dreams of Lydia

A Fantasy



I stood at the hotel bar sipping a welcome cool beer as I scanned the entrance eagerly.   Then I saw her,my first thought was that she was even more attractive and sexy looking than in her pictures.   She smiled as our eyes met across the room and she came toward me.

I felt the blood rush to my penis as I recalled our conversations on line. The stories she had written describing herself masturbating, making love to another girl. We had spent weeks talking about sex on line, about our fantasises. Now I was meeting Lydia for the first time.

I slid an arm round her waist “Hi” I murmured softly lightly kissing her full lips and pulling her close to me. She was also taller than I had thought, only a couple of inches smaller than my 5’11”. She kissed me back “Hi yourself”.   Her body was close to mine, her full breasts pressing against my chest. I pulled her closer as I said softly “You want a drink, or should we go upstairs?” I looked into her dark eyes and her body pushed against me feeling my hard cock brushing against her. She smiled so sexily and her dark eyes flashed as she said in a low voice “I think we should go upstairs.”

We stood in silence waiting for the lift; I slid my arm around her waist and slid my hand under her sweater letting my fingers stroke her bare flesh at the waistband of her jeans. As I pressed the button for the fourteenth floor and the lift door closed with a hiss I let my fingers move up stroking the bare skin of her back then as I realised she was not wearing a bra and I moved around and cupped one full firm breast letting my thumb caress the hardening nipple. In response her hand moved over the bulge in my jeans and she gently squeezed my hardness.

As the room door clicked shut I took her in my arms and we kissed passionately our tongues sliding against each others. We were both breathing quickly as we broke for air. “Lydia” I murmured “I want you so badly”

She thrust her body against mine “I want you as well” I could see the desire in her dark eyes and she reached down and pulled off her sweater as I pulled off my t shirt. “You are beautiful” I murmured looking at her naked breasts. They were bigger than I had imagined soft firm globes of pale flesh tipped by tiny nipples that were stiffening.

All thoughts of us having long slow sex were gone as I fumbled with her jeans. She pushed my hands away and unfastened them. She pushed them down stepping out of them and giving me a glimpse of her pale blue thong. The wetness of her desire stained the front and I groaned pushing off my own jeans.


My hard cock stood straight out from my body. I felt harder than I had ever been as I looked at her standing naked in front of me. How many times and I imagined this. How many times had I masturbated thinking of this moment? These thoughts went through my mind as I looked at her shaved pussy, the soft lips glistening with desire.


We tumbled onto the bed her hand gripping my hard cock, she rolled onto her back and her pale thighs parted as I moved over her. “Now” she urged pulling me to her.   We both gasped as my hard cock slid into her tight wet passage. “Fuck me” Lydia moaned.


I moved with long hard strokes becoming faster as her body started to thrust back, This was pure animal lust I thought as we thrust wildly at each other our breathing becoming faster and harder. It was hot in the room and sweat streamed from our bodies as we moved as hard and as fast as we could. Nothing mattered except us and the race to the end. Lydia’s long brown hair was spread across the pillow as her head moved from side to side. Her nails gripped my back and her body arched into me, tensing then shuddering as she moaned. Feeling her orgasm start triggered my own and I shouted out “Lydia” as I ejaculated stream after stream of spunk into her. Her nails raked my back but I barely felt it as her body convulsed under mine.   As Lydia’s body spasmed the walls of her pussy pulsated and gripped my cock prolonging my orgasm as it squeezed every drop of semen from me.


Wreathed in sweat and trembling we clung to each other as our breathing returned to near normal and my cock softened slightly letting the mixture of out cum spill from her.


We lay on our backs still coming down from our orgasm “Wow” I said “I don’t think I’ve ever cum as hard as that”

“It was pretty good for me as well” Lydia grinned

Remembering our online conversations I joked “Better than masturbating”

Lydia turned on her side and reached down grasping my semi erect cock and lightly stroked me to full hardness again.


Lydia moved over me and sat astride me still gripping hard cock as she lowered herself down on me taking my cock deeper into her. Her body gave a little shudder of pleasure and she started to slowly ride me.

Strands of her long dark hair stuck to her face as she increased the pace. I looked up watching her large breasts bouncing erotically; I reached up and cupped them squeezing her small hard nipples.   I could see my hard cock coated with her juices slide in and out of her and I began to make little upward thrusts. As we struck up a rhythm our breathing became harder and she began to ride me faster. I squeezed her breasts and nipples just hard enough to cause her a little pain. Her body started to shudder and I felt her pussy walls grip my hard cock tightly as she started to orgasm. Pleasure rippled through her body and her face contorted in pleasure as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her. It was too much for me and I let go ejaculating rope after rope of semen. Her body gave one final shudder as she climaxed and flopped on top of me. We lay for a while like that until slowly my cock deflated.


I must have dozed off. As I came to I reached for her but found only an empty space, my eyes opened taking in the familiar surroundings. I groaned feeling my erection start to throb and I realised it had all been a dream.

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