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Drilled at the Dentist's

Who knew the dentist could be so much fun......
I pulled my shirt over my head and stood in front of the mirror. I patted the wrinkles out of my tight shirt and short denim skirt and I looked myself over. I knew this outfit was a little much for a dentist appointment but, Dr. Mark was anything but the lame old dentist. He was about 6 ft. tall, silky dark hair and had blue eyes that I could stare into forever; my panties moistened at the thought of him. I slipped my wedge sandals on and headed for the door.

“Are you leaving Carrie?” My roommate Grace asked.

“Yeah, Ill be back in a few hours,” I replied.

Grace winked at me and said, “Tell Dr. Mark hi for me.”

I laughed at her and said, “I will,” And then left.

As I sat in the waiting room of Dr. Mark’s office I felt awkward, here I was dressed as slutty as possible in hopes to seduce my dentist; what a laugh right? It wasn’t as far fetched as I thought. The last two visits I had with Dr. Mark led me to believe he had an interest. I took note of his subtle behavior. The “accidental” brush of his hand across my breast, the fact he kept mentioning how hard it was to find a good woman and how alone he felt at times; if that wasn’t suggestive behavior I don’t know what is.

I was jolted from my deep thought. “Ms. James,” Said the receptionist.

“Yes,” I responded.

“I’m sorry but, we had to push your appointment to the last one of the day,” She said apologetic. “We had an emergency patient come in. Would you like to reschedule?”

I thought for a moment and decided I would wait. “No, I can wait. It’s not a problem,” I told her.

“Ok, if you would like some refreshment please help yourself,” She said as she pointed down the long hallway.

Rather than sit in the office I snuck out back to grab a smoke; I was trying to quit but had been unsuccessful. I lit my cigarette and took a long relieving drag.

“Those are bad for you,” A voice said behind me, startling me enough to fling my smoke into the grass as if I had been caught by my parents.

I turned to see Dr. Mark standing behind me grinning. “Oh Hello,” I said. I stared at him for a moment and made a realization. “Aren’t dealing with some sort of emergency?” I asked.

“No,” He smirked. “I do that when I need a break,” He continued, bringing a cigarette to his lips to light it.

“Is that so?” I asked. “I suppose next you’re going to tell me that you don’t smoke either.”

Dr. Mark laughed at my slightly smart ass comment. “I like you Miss James,” He said. “You are very witty.”

“I try,” I smirked and then looked at my watch. “You seem busy; will you have time for my cleaning today?”

“Of course,” He laughed and then threw his cigarette down. “Follow me.”

I followed Dr. Mark into the front office. “Miss Lynn,” He said to the receptionist. “You’re all done for today, you can go.”

The receptionist thanked him and locked up the office before she left. Dr. Mark led me to a room where I waited while he gathered his supplies. The office was quite with the exception of thunder rolling in from a distance.

“Alright,” Dr. Mark said. “Go ahead and lay back for me.” I did as I was told and laid back in the dentist’s chair. I situated myself until I was comfortable and subtlety hiked my skirt up a little higher. “Open wide,” He said as he peered into my mouth. “You have gorgeous teeth Ms. James.”

I could see his eyes drift towards my legs a few times as he checked all of my teeth. When he was done poking around in my mouth I asked, “Is there something else you would like to see?”

He leaned back and scanned my entire body. “Actually there is Ms. James…,” He began as his soft fingertip’s traced my knee. “…There is.”

I spread my legs a little wider allowing his fingers to continue up to my thighs. “Dr. Mark…,” I said and then was cut off.

“Carrie. Please, call me Mark.” He said.

“Mark,” I said eagerly. “I didn’t come for my teeth today.”

“I know,” He told me and then winked. “That’s why we’re alone.”

I sat up and looked at Mark. I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge he was already displaying. “Mmmm that looks nice,” I told him as I stared.

He grabbed his hard-on with his hand almost as if he was trying to hide it. “This happens every time you’re in my office,” He revealed. “You are a sexy woman and you turn me on.”

I pushed his hand aside and lightly stoked his cock through the thin fabric. “Sorry I do that to you,” I said sarcastically, moving closer to his face. “Good thing I am here to help you.”

Mark leaned in and softly kissed my lips. We both parted out lips allowing our tongues to meet for the first time. My hand gripped his cock tighter as our tongues swirled together. Mark’s hands rubbed my outer thighs as we kissed. His cocked throbbed with excitement as our kissing became more aggressive. I leaned my head back allowing him to kiss down my chin and then my neck. My pussy began to release my warm juices and I felt my temperature rise.

“Oh,” I moaned as goose bumps covered my skin. I ran my fingers through marks hair as his lips kissed a trail between my cleavage.

“You have beautiful breasts,” He said fondling them. Mark then grabbed my shirt by the hem and pulled it off also removing my bra in one swoop. He gazed upon each tit and admired my taught pink buds. Mark took each nipple into his mouth and gently circled them with his tongue. I marveled in the pleasure that he gave me as he gently squeezed and caressed my breasts.

“Mark that feels amazing,” I told him still grasping his hair. He continued to tease my nipples a bit more before his kisses found my tummy. “That tickles,” I giggled as his warm breath washed against my skin.

“Your soft skin smells good,” He said biting at my belly. Mark then unfastened the snap on my skirt and I lifted myself off the chair to allow him to pull them off; I hadn’t worn any panties so he was face to face with my smooth shaven twat. “Beautiful,” He said.

I leaned back on my arms and spread my legs wider. My body shuddered as I anticipated his touch. Marks finger parted my lips and exposed my wet folds. He rubbed through them gently causing me to moan. Mark then brought his tongue to my mound and lightly licked my outer lips teasing me softly. My hands gripped the sides of the chair when his tongue forcefully began to lick my erect clit.

“Your pussy tastes so sweet,” Mark began. “You’re so wet too.” He took no time in stroking my entire pussy with his tongue. I groaned as the incredible feeling took over my mind.

“God Mark, I love your tongue.” I said. “Oh don’t stop.”

Mark didn’t stop he continued to pleasure me by shoving his tongue as far into my twat as it would go; The sounds his mouth made against my pussy only heightened my pleasure. “Yes, yes, Mark,” I groaned as I gripped one of my nipples; my orgasm was close and I was ready for it.

Mark grabbed my thighs and pushed them farther apart so he could bury his face deeper between them. He licked and sucked my pussy harder as I moaned louder. “I’m g-going to cum,” I let out loudly as I came hard against his face. My body tensed and my legs squeezed together clenching his head between them. I held on to the chair tightly as my orgasm waved through.

I breathed hard as Mark stood up and spun me around in the chair. He pulled me to the edge and removed his pants. I watched intently as his throbbing cock sprang out in excitement. I couldn’t help but to hop off the table and taste the pre-cum that had escaped.

“Unh,” Mark moaned as I pushed him against the wall and took to my knees. I sucked his cock into my mouth slowly at first, only to force him deeper into my throat. “God,” He moaned as I forced my mouth over his length faster. With every plunge I could taste more pre-cum at the back of my throat. I gripped the base of his cock with my hand and squeezed causing his cock to swell even more in my mouth. “Fuck,” He let out loud.

Before I could finish coaxing his load from within him, Mark grabbed my hair and pulled me up to him. He kissed me hard forcing his tongue deep into my mouth. I kissed him back and we mixed our juices together. My body pulsed from the rough kissing almost bringing me to climax again; every sense that I had was heightened.

I wasn’t expecting it but, Mark spun me around and pulled my back against his bare chest; he had removed his shirt at some point but I didn’t know when. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist and kissed my shoulders, using his face to brush my hair out of the way. We made our way back to the dentist chair and he gently bent me over. Mark rubbed his hands down my back and grabbed both of my ass cheeks in them.

“God you have a great ass,” He said as his cock twitched against my waiting hole.

Mark pulled my ass cheeks apart and opened my hole wider. I pulsed as I awaited his cock, feeling it hit my hole a few times and miss. Mark then gripped his cock and placed it at my entrance which caused my juices to flow even more. I gripped the sides of the chair as I felt him rub his rod through all of my folds.

“O-oh,” I moaned as I felt his head just pop past my entrance. He bobbed there for a second teasing me. “Give it all to me,” I begged.

He didn’t listen; he slowly pulled his cock from my pussy allowing air to fill his void. He repeated this several times before finally shoving himself inside of me at full force.

“Oh God, that’s great,” I yelled as he began to move faster; I could feel his balls bounce against the top of my mound. I stood on my tiptoes trying to assist his thrusting but, the twinge of pain his cock gave me caused me to stop.

“Fuck that’s a tight pussy,” He moaned as he drilled me hard. My tits bounced back and forth over the leather chair caressing my nipples. I could feel the familiar feeling of climax but, I held on for the right moment.

“Fuck yeah,” I yelled. “Oh Mark, fuck me,”

Mark grunted through his teeth as his pace quickened. His hands held my ass cheeks still and he used them for leverage. He pulled my body over his length hard and fast. I reached down and circled my hard clit with my fingers; I was ready to cum for a second time.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I egged on. “I’m going to cum again.”

“This pussy is amazing,” Mark moaned. “I’m going to c-c-,”

Before he could get the words out of his mouth his cocked stiffened like steel. Mark shot his load hard and fast; painting my insides with his warm mess. I pushed my ass against him and rubbed my clit harder.

“Oh-Oh-Oh my God,” I yelled as my second orgasm incapacitated me. My body tensed and I collapsed onto the chair as I came hard.

Mark collapsed onto my back. “Oh, that’s was great,” he breathlessly said into my ear.

“Oh yes it was,” I agreed.

Mark and I both took a few minutes to relax before cleaning up. He helped me fasten my bra before I pulled my shirt on.

“I want to see you again,” Mark announced.

“I would like that,” I told him. “I’ll see you in two weeks for another cleaning.”

We both laughed at my joke. “I mean outside of the office,” Mark said.

“I knew what you meant,” I said grinning. “How does Friday sound?”

“Sounds great…,” Mark said. “… I can’t wait.”

“Me either,” I said, never realizing that the dentist could be so much fun.

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