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Drinking On The Job

A boring day at the office turns into a day of sexual fulfilment
It was a typical day at the office for Ann, a 50-something married brunette. Paperwork and more paperwork! The only thing that was making her day a little less boring were the glances she was getting from one of her male colleagues that occupied the office next to hers. Every time she walked past him she could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and she knew he craved what lay beneath her skirt and knickers.

Ann had fucked this colleague before but despite both swearing they would never indulge again, sometimes the urge was too tempting to resist. Today was one of those days and it was clear to Ann her colleague needed to bury his cock in one or more of her holes. This thought alone was beginning to make Ann's tight, shaven cunt tingle with excitement and it wasn't long before she could feel herself becoming wet with desire.

The only thing stopping Ann and her colleague from enjoying an afternoon of sex was their co-workers. If any of them knew of their lust for each other, or worse still, discovered them performing a sexual act, one or both of them would lose their jobs. Not that they hadn't fucked in the office before - far from it - but the thought of someone walking in on them had always prevented them from being able to relax and make the most of each other's intimate parts.

As the afternoon wore on, Ann was becoming more and more desperate for her colleague and she decided she needed something of him inside her. On several occasions she had sucked his delicious cum from the tip of his cock and had loved the way it made her feel so dirty. It was his cum that she craved now and it wasn't long before she'd figured out a plan to get some. Quickly she scribbled on to a piece of paper: "I need to taste your cum. Get some drinks and cover the rim of my glass with some!" Then, without hesitation, she walked into her colleague's office and placed the note in front of him before retreating back to her desk.

Thirty seconds later Ann heard her colleague asking his co-workers if they wanted a drink, before entering her office, picking up her glass and giving her a coy smile. Her plan had worked! As the minutes went by she imagined him downstairs working his 8" cock between his hands until a thick stream of cum was ejaculated on to the rim of her glass. She could also picture him rubbing his thick, purple dome over it and squeezing his shaft until every drop was deposited ready for her to devour.

When Ann's colleague returned with the drinks, she was shocked by the site of her glass. The top half was entirely covered in his hot sticky mess, giving it an almost frosted look, and a few thick wads of the stuff were suspended in the water. She also noticed the large bulge between her colleague's legs and she knew that what she was about to do excited him as much as it did her. As the glass was placed on her desk, she couldn't resist brushing her hand across his tethered cock, and wished she was able to lick cum from that instead of her glass.

After Ann's colleague returned to his office, she lifted the glass to her mouth and tentatively tasted a droplet of spunk with the tip of her tongue. It was still warm, had a thick consistency and tasted divine. Without hesitation, she started to run her tongue and lips around the entire circumference of her glass, and soon felt her colleague's seed pooling in the bottom of her mouth. She loved the taste of his cum and her filthy act was setting her cunt on fire.

After licking all evidence from the glass and drinking every drop of spunk-tinged water, Ann decided she would let her colleague know how wet and tasty she was. After pulling her knickers to one side, she grabbed her pen then slid it effortlessly into her juicy snatch until the entire length was covered and glistening with her fuck juice. She then quickly scribbled another note, walked into her colleague's office then left it and the pen on his desk.

Minutes later Ann said her goodbyes then walked downstairs to grab her coat and finish work for the day. As she prepared to leave the building, she heard footsteps on the stairs and she knew her colleague was coming down to meet her like she had instructed in her second note. As they shared a passionate kiss she could taste and smell her own sex on his lips and she knew he had followed the note's other instructions and had sucked her pen clean. The hard bulge that was now pressing against Ann's crotch and the sticky fluid that was soaking into the gusset of her knickers was evidence enough that it was time to leave the office and take a ride in Ann's car in order to find somewhere to fuck.

As soon as they were out of sight, Ann's colleague had his hands between her legs and was pulling her knickers to one side to reveal her juicy fuck hole and swollen clit. As his middle finger touched her slightly parted slit, she almost lost control of the car, and as the finger slowly worked its way from her clit to her anus then back up again, she had trouble concentrating on the road ahead.

Ann's colleague spent several minutes lubricating his fingers on her labia before plunging them inside her hole until they could go no further. Several more minutes were spent exploring her warm, wet insides, before she felt her fuck button being lightly rubbed in a circular motion. Waves of pleasure were now rippling up from the depths of her pussy, and she was worried she might cum and lose control of her car completely! She begged her colleague to stop, but he kept stimulating her clit while occasionally slipping three fingers in then out of her welcoming hole. She decided she needed to get to a place where they could fuck quickly, so she squeezed the pedal and accelerated through the country lanes.

When they arrived at their destination - a lay-by next to some woods a few miles from the office - Ann couldn't wait to get hold of her colleague's cock. While he continued to finger her, she unbuttoned his trousers then pulled out the object of her desire. She noticed the remnants of the wank he had earlier, and the sight of his thick, veiny shaft, and the smell of sex emanating from it and her cunt was making her hornier than ever.

Without warning Ann's colleague jumped up from the passenger's seat, and while managing to keep his fingers inside her hole, straddled her then crouched until his cock was level with her mouth. A small thrust forward and she felt the tip of his gorgeous prick touch then part her lips, and as the bulbous head slid inside she used her tongue to lick the remaining cum from its surface.

Ann grabbed her colleague's balls and used them to control how deep his cock penetrated her mouth. Back and forward she manipulated his spunk sack causing his hips to move in a fucking motion and his cock to screw her mouth until she began to feel it ooze droplets of pre-cum.

Ann's colleague was close to coming but he had the foresight to withdraw his cock, knowing that ejaculating twice within the hour would likely deplete his ability to fuck her in the way he wanted. Instead he suggested they go for a walk in the woods.

Ann grabbed a blanket from the boot and minutes later she was spreading it out on the woodland floor in readiness for them to fuck. As they kissed, Ann pulled off her colleague's shirt, unbuttoned his trousers and let them and his boxer shorts fall to the floor. At the same time he undid her bra then pulled off her blouse to reveal her large, firm breasts - the nipples of which were already erect with lust. He now pulled down her skirt then her knickers until they were both embracing each other completely naked.

As they continued to kiss, Ann could feel her colleague's erect prick resting between her inner thighs, and thought it would take little effort for it to glide into her wanting pussy. He, however, had other ideas and instead pulled her to the floor until she was laying on her back with her legs wide apart. Seconds later her exposed cunt was being devoured - her swollen sex lips were delicately kissed, the entire length of her slit was licked, and her sodden insides were intermittedly penetrated by his warm tongue. Moments later her clit was between his lips and was simultaneously sucked and licked until the first signs of an orgasm began to develop from her core.

As Ann's orgasm took hold, she began to gyrate her hips and push her ass off the blanket, causing her cunt to be pressed hard against her colleague's face and her clit to be stimulated even more than before. When she felt several fingers enter her pussy and start to furiously finger fuck her, her orgasm reached its peak. While screaming in ecstasy her entire body shook uncontrollably and the walls of her cunt pulsated and squeezed her colleague's fingers with every wave of pleasure. Thirty seconds later she flopped almost lifeless on the blanket, unable to move from the intense pleasure she had just received.

Ann's colleague now rolled her over until she was face down on the blanket. He then pushed her legs apart, positioned himself between them, sunk his hips towards her ass then placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. While kissing the back of her neck his large prick parted her sex lips then slipped effortlessly into her oily fuck hole.

The fuck Ann was receiving was slow and extremely sensual, and as she lay on the blanket, still exhausted from her orgasm, she wished she could remain there and feel like this forever. The long strokes of the cock massaged every inch of her insides and as her colleague's pelvis pushed down on her ass cheeks with each forward motion she could feel the tip touch the very end of her hole.

Minutes later, the weakness in Ann's arms and legs subsided and she decided she could muster enough energy to repay her colleague for the pleasure he had given her. As he pulled his cock back she took the opportunity to push herself on to her hands and knees and crawl forward. As she did so his cock slipped from her cunt along with a trickle of her fuck juice that dripped onto the blanket below. Immediately she turned round and instructed her colleague to lay on his back.

Ann now stood up, positioned her legs on either side of her colleague's head then faced towards his cock. Slowly she began to crouch down, her dripping pussy moving closer to the mouth that had pleasured her earlier, until at last she was sat on her colleague's face. Immediately she felt his tongue slip inside her vagina and his hands pull her cheeks apart to reveal her tight anus which he began to caress then penetrate with his fingers. She now leaned forward and took the entire length of his cock in her mouth until it reached the back of her throat, almost making her gag. Up and down she bobbed her head on the thick fuck tool while simultaneously tantalising every inch of it with her tongue and lips. Like before, it wasn't long before she tasted the first signs of her colleague's orgasm, and having drunk enough of his spunk already she withdrew his cock and watched his pre-cum drip from the tip.

Pulling her cunt from her colleague's mouth, Ann swivelled herself around and repositioned it over his prick. Her cunt was so wet that it swallowed the entire cock with ease, and when she felt her clit touch her colleague's midriff she knew she had every inch and it was time to fuck.

With the prick still embedded to the balls, Ann slowly began to move her hips in a circular motion causing her insides to stretch and her clit to grind itself against her colleague's pubic bone. Faster and faster she worked her cunt on the cock until it stirred her insides like an electric whisk and a constant stream of her fuck juice was squeezed out on to her colleague's balls and abdomen.

After fives minutes of furious fucking, Ann's cunt was so wet and stretched she was certain the stimulation her colleague's cock was getting from it was not as pleasurable than if it were inside something tighter and a little less sodden. To resolve this, she lifted herself up until the cock slipped from her well-used hole then turned round to present her ass to it. Her colleague knew what was about to happen and also realised it needed lubricating before he could penetrate it without causing Ann too much pain. Thankfully the plentiful supply of fuck juice that was seeping from her cunt was perfect for this task, and he took time to massage it around and just inside her tight anus until it was glistening and ready to take his meat.

Ann used her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and subsequently widen her anus slightly before lowering herself towards her colleague's fuck rod. Her aim was perfect and the tip of the cock touched her moistened entrance before it slowly started to ease itself inside. As the tip entered her pert hole she gasped as a wave of pleasure travelled up her spine, encouraging her to push down further and take more of the bulging head. Centimetre by centimetre it edged inside until finally the entire dome was entombed.

The head of the cock in Ann's ass felt huge but despite the slight pain it was causing, it was making her feel dirty and extremely horny again. She held it just inside her entrance for about a minute contemplating whether she could take the whole 8" into her tight, un-lubricated depths. However, at that moment she lost her footing and her crouching position turned into a sitting position. Of course this sudden downward motion caused the entire length of the cock to instantaneously plunge into her anus, and as she felt her ass cheeks touch her colleague's lower abdomen she let out a scream that emanated both pleasure and pain.

Her colleague's hard, thick prick was now buried deep in her ass and as she let it settle there for a few moments the pain subsided and she began to enjoy how it filled her insides. Like she had done when the cock was in her cunt, she started to gyrate her hips and allow the cock to stir her depths while she prepared herself for when she would start moving up and down on it.

When Ann felt her colleague's fingers start to massage her clit and the beginnings of another orgasm ignite, she slowly lifted herself up until the stiff cock almost left her hole. She then lowered herself down again, her eyes watering as the huge girth stretched her tiny tube. Up and down she went, slowly increasing the momentum until she was fucking the cock at the same frantic speed as her colleague's fingers were rubbing her throbbing clit.

When Ann heard her colleague groan in ecstasy and felt his cock twitch uncontrollably, she slammed her ass down in order to take as much of him as she could. As she felt his hot cum drenching her insides she threw herself backwards so she was lying on his chest, and remained there while her second orgasm washed over her.

As their orgasms subsided, Ann's colleague grasped her breasts with each hand and lightly fingered her stiff nipples. They lay like this for several minutes until his spent, limp cock slowly slipped from her spunk filled ass, signalling to them it was time to get dressed and leave the wood.

A normally boring day at work had turned into a day of sexual fulfilment for Ann. She had devoured her colleague's cum, taken his cock in her mouth, cunt and ass, and had been fucked and licked until she was unable to move. Unfortunately tomorrow was Saturday and she would have to wait two days before she could quench her desires again with another of her colleague's sex-inducing drinks!
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