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Drive Home

It was the end of hockey season and tonight was the Stanley Cup.  I had a few friends over for the game and among them was my beautiful girlfriend.  We ordered pizza and started drinking beer as the game began.  I’d drank a few beers already and my girl had already downed over a 3rd of her bottle of captain. She looked at me seductively and hinted at what was in store for me.  Everyone in the room knew what was coming next and told me to take her to my room.  As the door closed behind us we were all over each other. 

We slowly walked backwards making out and before we’d reached the bed she dropped down to her knees and pulled my pants down.  She grabbed my dick and started sucking so hard that I was instantly hard.  We went straight to the bed and before I’d had a chance to lay down my cock was already back in her mouth.  She slide her mouth tightly up and down my big cock.  She’d jack me off while she sucked hard on the tip of my dick.  With her lips wrapped around my head as she sucked it dry I could feel her tongue dancing around.  She could almost deep throat my 8” cock as she buried as much of my dick in her mouth as she could.  She couldn’t take just having my cock in her mouth and she stripped her panties off and climbed on top of me.  She was dripping wet as I felt the tip of my dick slide between the lips of her pussy.  Her pussy was so hott as she slid my big cock inside her tight wet pussy.  She went down nice and slow and we both let out a soft moan when my cock disappeared inside of her.  Overwhelmed with the feeling I grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy.  She lifted up a little bit so I could go in and out and I started fucking her as hard as I could.  She leaned down and started kissing me and I went harder and deeper.  I could feel her moaning through our kiss. 

Suddenly we’d heard a knock on my bedroom door.  We quickly cleaned up and I walked out first and she pretended to be passed out and just went to sleep.  My mom had came home early from work.  I left my girl alone in the room to sleep and I finished watching the game but the night wasn’t over for the two of us just yet.  Shortly after the game was over everyone left except my friend Jarrett.   He stayed back to give me company on the drive home from her house since was 40 minutes away. 

 On the ride home things began to heat up again.  She was sitting in the passenger seat telling me how she wanted to taste my big cock again…she started rubbing it through my pants.  It grew in her hands as she moved back and forth and seconds later my cock was free’d.  She leaned over and started giving me road head.  Finding it hard to focus I did what I could to stay on the road.  She came up and said ‘god I’m so wet just fuck me.’  We pulled over and Jarrett hoped in the drivers seat while me and her climbed in the back. 

As he took off she got on all fours and my dick was already out and hard.  I pulled her shorts and panties down and slide the tip of my dick between her lips.  I grabbed my shaft and slapped my cock against her pussy teasing her just a minute.  I ran the head of my cock between her dripping wet lips…She was so wet and I wanted to taste her pussy so bad.  Finally I slowly inched my big cock into her tight wet pussy.  I started off slow at first but I started going faster and faster.  I smacked her ass pounding her pussy so hard.  She screamed ‘don’t stop…don’t stop…awe yeah right there…” Jarrett turned the music up louder but I still heard her screaming in ecstasy.  I fucked her as hard and fast as I could go thrusting my cock deep inside her pussy.  The car rocking hard back and forth as we drove down a dark road.  Cars were passing by us as I fucked my girlfriend in the back of my moms car.  She screamed that she was cuming and I shoved my dick deep inside her as she cam all over my big cock…I pulled it out and slapped her pussy again before I started fucking her.  I didn’t waste anytime as my cock slide between her lips again and I started fucking her hard.  I slapped her ass again, harder this time than before.  I reached forward and pulled her hair pulling her head back.  Her pussy was so wet I could feel her juices dripping down to my balls as I banged her pussy.  I felt myself about to come and she spun around and took as much of my cock in her mouth jacking off the rest as I shot my load down her throat.  She jacked me off as hard as she could as she felt my cock spew inside her mouth…I start twitching when she jacked my whole cock getting every last drop in her mouth.  She loved the taste of my cum swallowing every last drop.  We kissed and played with each other for a bit before we switched positions just a few streets before she pulled into her drive way.  That kiss good night was one that tasted of both me and her…a taste we’ll never forget. 

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