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Early for the Lesson Pt. 1

Courtney sat in the closet, thighs pressed against her breasts, bound, gagged, and dripping.
Alex heard a sharp rap at the door. He had rescheduled with Zoe at the last minute, and she must’ve come early. Not that he minded. Their weekly visits had turned into increasingly filthy fuck sessions, so the extra time would be well spent. Alex got up to let Zoe in, ready to grab her, turn her around and take her right there in the entry way.

He opened the door, devilish grin plastered across his face.

It wasn’t Zoe.

“Hi, I’m Courtney,” a girl standing before him said in a no-nonsense tone as she brushed a wave of brunette curls from her face.


“Zoe’s friend?” she continued with a sigh, managing to make Alex feel slightly dumb for not having known. “I thought I might find you here, but I was hoping you might be wearing a little less. So are you watching porn or what?” Courtney peered around Alex’s shoulder and he moved instinctively to block her view.


Courtney let herself in, passing Alex who was too shocked to stop her.

“Yeah, that’s how it happened that first time you two did it, right?”


Courtney continued walking through Alex’s living room, and continued down the hallway to his bedroom. Gathering himself, Alex followed her. His heart began pounding. Who was this girl and how much did she know?

Alex drew in a deep breath. Charging into his room, he began a stern speech: “I’m sorry – Courtney was it? I’m due for a lesson really soon and I have no idea who you are, so you really need to…”

He trailed off, stunned. Courtney was calmly unbuttoning her white blouse while exposing a black lace bra holding what Alex couldn’t help but notice were a perfect pair of pale, voluptuous breasts. Her green eyes were locked onto Alex’s through cat-eye frames, and her lips were full and red, almost pouty in repose.

“What? Actually no. Not yet,” she said simply.

“I don’t know if you heard me...” Alex began, not knowing quite how to finish.

Courtney slipped off her plaid skirt, and now stood in her bra and panties, a vision of flawless white porcelain from head to toe.

“Your…thing. I need you to show it to me, for one. From what Zoe said, it’s really quite something.”

Alex felt it stirring in his groin in spite of the strange invasion.

Before he could protest, Courtney announced, “Then we can, you know, do it too.”

She nonchalantly slipped off her panties and then sat herself up on Alex’s desk. The soft skin of her thighs peeled apart, apparently stuck together, revealing a hot shade of pink, glistening with wetness. A downy tuft of black hair sat atop her mound.

“Do it?”

“Have sex...” she trailed off for a moment, then quietly said, “You know…fuck.”

Great, this is just great, Alex thought.

“What the hell would Zoe think of you barging in like this?” he demanded.

“Oh she doesn’t know. And you’re not going to tell her. I don’t think she’d appreciate it.”

“Yeah, you’re damn right she wouldn’t!”

“So what you’re saying is I’m just going to have to get myself off then?”


“It’s okay, you can watch…oh, that feels good.”

Courtney had slipped a finger over her wet lips and began riding it up and down her slippery clit, moaning softly. Alex went white as all the blood in his body rushed to his cock. She had found his weak spot, that was for sure. Alex heroically mounted his last stand against this hot, precocious teen.

“Listen, Courtney, I really don’t appreciate you showing up like this unannounced.”

“Oh don’t you? I’m getting a different story from your little friend…” she said motioning to the obvious bulge in his jeans. “Well maybe little isn’t the right word.” Courtney flicked her clit as she stared, her eyes fixated and her mouth now hanging open.

Now nearly overflowing with dangerous levels of lust, Alex moved to adjust his now painful erection in an attempt to ease off the pressure. This only set off the nerve endings on his sensitive tip, causing it to further jerk forward. Alex grunted. Regaining his composure, he tried to reason further.

“I have a lesson—” he started.

“Then we’d better hurry,” Courtney interrupted with a smile.

“It’s Zoe!” finished Alex, playing his trump card and folding his arms expectantly. Courtney appeared thoughtful for a moment as she made circles around her swollen clitoris. This did give her pause for a moment.

“Oh. Really? Damn, I thought she was on Tuesdays.”

“You know our schedule? Okay, you need to leave!” interjected Alex with as much authority as he could muster.

“Guess we’d really better hurry,” continued Courtney. “Wow, your voice, the way you just said that all in charge and stuff, just made me so wet! Seriously, you should feel how wet I am!”

Courtney licked her finger seductively, and Alex was now angry, and dying to show this girl who was boss.

“So what are you gonna do, teacher?”

Okay, she wanted to play this game?

Alex marched up to Courtney and grabbed her shoulders, hoisting her up off the desk. Courtney squealed, surprised and delighted that her baiting had worked. She clung to him, legs wrapping around his torso. He felt a warm, wet spot start to form on his T-shirt where her vagina rubbed against his midsection.

With a swift motion, Alex threw her onto his bed, and ripped off his shirt, revealing a smooth, chiseled chest, toned abs, and well-defined pelvic V that led promisingly down to his pubic region.

“Wow, Zoe was right about your body—”

“Shut up,” Alex cut in.

Courtney looked surprised, but then obeyed.

“Turn around,” he commanded further.

Courtney let a smile drift over her lips, and complied with that directive, too.

Alex had his pants down to his thighs and got himself in position behind Courtney’s round, dimpled ass. His balls drew in tight, cock twitching as he resisted the urge to push inside her right then.

“You know you’ve done something very naughty, don’t you?” said Alex.

“I just had to see for myself what Zoe was talking about. Are you going to punish me? Please don’t spank me, whatever you do don’t—”

A loud smack filled the room, cutting Courtney off as Alex’s hand made contact with the smooth flesh of her right buttock. Courtney let out a surprised yelp. Her ass rose in the air while her tits sunk to the bed. Contrary to her words, her body seemed to be asking for more. Alex obliged, with a series of smacks that left her ass bright red, and her pussy, exposed, wetness collected around the edges of her upper thighs. Her pink little asshole contracted as well with each slap.

Though it wasn’t normally his thing, Alex couldn’t help but lean in and begin to tongue the tight star-shaped hole above her pussy, it was just too inviting, and Courtney had been so bad, coming in like that without warning. Courtney let out a series of long sighs. Alex brought his hand up to stroke her clit from behind, immediately feeling his fingers become coated with her slick juices. She bucked wildly against his hand and mouth, grabbing the bed covers and screaming into the fabric.

After bringing Courtney to the edge of an explosive orgasm, he suddenly backed off. His cock was positively aching at this point.

Courtney looked back at Alex, ass still facing him, suddenly confused. “Oh my god don’t stop. Why did you stop?” she pleaded.

“What did you come here for?” Alex demanded. He brought his hand to his swollen member and began stroking it. Courtney was transfixed.

“Because I wanted to see what it was like.”

“What what was like?”

“That big fat monster you’re stroking,” she said with a sly grin.

“Then tell me how much you need it. Beg for it.”

Courtney turned around and crawled right up to Alex, her face to his cock, seduction radiating out through her eyes as she looked up at him.

“I want that hard cock so fucking bad, my pussy is literally dripping.”

“What else?” Alex pressed.

“I want it so bad that it’s all I’ve been able to think about ever since Zoe told me about you. All her stories about the things you do to her…It keeps me up at night while I play with myself.”

“What else!”

“It distracts me in class and I have to squeeze my legs together for relief. Then I have to run to the bathroom as soon as class is over so I can…” She hesitated.

Alex wouldn’t have it. “Keep going.”

“Just so I can finger myself and cum thinking about how much I want your big…hard…cock.”

Alex had no idea if she was making this all up, but it was working. As she spoke, a teardrop of precum emerged from his tip. Her face was now less than an inch away from it. She licked her full red lips, then licked the drop off, causing his cock to bounce and produce yet another drop.

“Fucking take it already,” insisted Alex.

And take it she did, popping it right into her mouth, eagerly working her lips up and down. She hummed with satisfaction, sending vibrations through his groin.

“Fuck yes you little slut… god your mouth feels so good.”

Courtney worked her hands over Alex’s shaft, looking up as she did. Alex grabbed a handful of curls from behind her head, pulling gently at first, then harder, guiding her head as she fucked him with her mouth.

Alex couldn’t believe what this hyper-sexual girl was doing, and wondered what kinds of things Zoe was sharing. Had Zoe shown her the pictures? The videos? The filthy texts they exchanged on a regular basis? It was all so surreal. Above all he was surprised at himself, the things he was saying and doing.

But after that first encounter with Zoe, things had changed. Alex had grown more confident in his sexuality, more equipped to handle, say, a horny girl showing up at his doorstep demanding to be fucked. Life after Zoe had definitely become more interesting, that was for sure, and continued to become even more so.

Courtney slid her tongue back and forth on the sensitive underside of his head, snapping him back to the present. Her fingers were buried in her mound while she continued to work her mouth over his cock.

He pulled her head up, and she let a long trail of saliva come with her, still attached to his tip. Courtney looked up, in somewhat of a daze—she herself had been lost in the delicious sensation of tasting his hard, salty cock while pleasuring her clit.

Now beyond words, Alex nodded his head, indicating Courtney should lay back. As she did, he paused to appreciate her naked sexuality, pussy bright red and glistening, chest flushed and hair now a wild mess. The sound of both Alex and Courtney’s short breath filed the room.

He knelt on the bed, then pushed her fleshy white thighs apart. He brought his cock up to her opening and paused again, teasing his cock head against her slit. Courtney was breathing hard, her lips slightly parted. She simply nodded, eyes pleading. She bit her lower lip, a gesture Alex always found so sexy, and that was enough to prompt him to finally drive his massive cock into her soft, wet pussy. He spread her thighs wide against on either side of her torso while he fucked her.

Courtney became vocal once again, releasing sharp moans with each thrust inside her up to the base of Alex’s shaft. He kept pace with long, steady pumps, now moaning himself, and confident that they could be here all day, or at least until –

Alex heard knocking. Knocking! Shit!

Alex quickly pulled out of Courtney, his cock glistening with her wetness, his balls aching from drawing back his load. He glanced at his bedside alarm. “Fuck, she’s early!” Alex said in a panic.

“Okay, we can do this. Let’s just get dressed real quick, and it’ll be like you were just giving me a lesson for the first time,” Courtney offered.

“Yeah, I don’t think she’s going to buy that, considering the things I’ve been doing with her, and everything you seem to know. You have to leave, now,” Alex insisted.

“What about you, how are you going to get dressed?” she pushed back.

“Let’s just say it wouldn’t be the first time she’s caught me naked,” he replied.

“Where am I going to go?”

She had him there. No other exit than out the front. Looking around the room, he settled on the closet. The knocking grew louder, more insistent.

“There, get in!” he said, indicating the slatted double doors. It was a terrible idea, and literally his only option.

“No, I’m not going in there, perv!” Courtney retorted.

“Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!” Alex shot back. He glanced back at the closet door and noticed a tie hanging on the knob.

“What the hell does that mean?” Courtney called out to Alex as he marched to the closet, dick still hard and swinging. He grabbed the tie. He saw a bandanna hanging under that, and snatched it up, too.

“It’s an idiomatic expression, maybe you’d know that if you took lessons from me instead of showing up at my door begging to – never mind!” Alex cut himself off as he approached Courtney.

“I’m not getting in there, if you think I am then – hey let go of me!” she protested. Alex had swept Courtney’s arms behind her, and began tying her hands together.

“If you’re not going to cooperate, then this is how it’s going to be. Got it?” said Alex as he finished an expertly tied knot.

“Damn, Zoe said you were kinky, but I had no idea –” the rest of her words were muffled as Alex tied the bandanna over her mouth, using it as a gag.

“Now, you’re going in that closet whether you like it or not, and you’re going to wait there, and watch and listen to whatever depraved things we do, and you’re not going to say a word about it to Zoe. Is that clear?” Maybe he had gone overboard a bit, but she nodded in submission. Then, relenting, he continued. “If you’re good, then I’ll finish fucking you too. Would you like that?”

Courtney smiled, and clearly had a witty reply on her now-gagged lips. She nodded.

“I may be a giant perv, but so, my dear, are you. Come on,” Alex said, shuffling her, now willingly, into the closet.


Zoe knocked impatiently for what seemed like the twentieth time. Swim team had let out early, and she was ready for some hot playtime with Alex. Her wet, chlorinated hair clung to her shoulders. She still had her suit on under her nylon shorts and tank top (figuring Alex wouldn’t mind if she showered at his place, counting on him to join in, in fact), and it was actually getting a bit cold. She would have just walked in, but he insisted that she wait for him these days. She found his need for this modesty (one of his “rules”), despite all the crazy things they’d done at this point, kind of endearing. And she was happy to have things on his terms. He never disappointed.

This wait, however, was getting ridiculous, and her teeth were starting to chatter. He would just have to excuse her disobedience…or else punish her. Her heart skipped at the thought. She finally pushed the door open and walked in.

“Alex…I got out of practice early! I’m coming in and being a very bad girl! Gosh I’m all wet from swim practice…Alex?”

She noticed the books weren’t even out on the table. Maybe he’d gotten distracted. She heard a door slam from within the apartment, and felt her pussy pulse with anticipation. Maybe they could replay that first time she caught him tugging at his thick cock while watching porn and flipping through Facebook pics of Zoe in a bikini.

She slipped her shorts and tank top off, leaving her in her damp one piece clinging to her svelte body. Zoe’s mind was going wild with the fantasies they could play out.

“Come on out, coach, I need you to show me how to perfect my breaststroke,” Zoe giggled at her own bad pun.

After another moment, he finally called back, “I’m in my room. You come in here.”


Courtney sat in the dark closet with her thighs pressed against her breasts, bound, gagged, and dripping. Things had gotten even crazier than she thought they would with Zoe’s arrival, and Alex’s unexpected resistance. Zoe made it sound like it was so easy!

The whole situation was degrading and humiliating—and had left her more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. The way Alex just took control had her body on fire. Her inner legs, ass, and pussy were completely soaked.

She could have fled, of course, but something about the way Alex handled her, firm, but never violent, made her trust him. Her restraints were tight, sure, but slack enough that she knew she could break free. Alex was right; she was a giant perv, and she was loving it.

Courtney could hear Zoe call out from the other room. Something about getting back early from swim practice.

“Come on out, coach, I need you to show me how to perfect my breaststroke.” Courtney heard Zoe giggle from somewhere inside the apartment.

Through the small sliver of opening of the shut the closet door, she spied Alex smiling as he emerged from the bathroom, having cleaned his cock a bit. Obviously likes that one, she thought, jealous but also aroused at the prospect of watching these two gorgeous people fuck.

Alex rifled through his dresser drawers. His leg muscles rippled up to his firm ass while he pulled a Speedo out of one of the drawers, slipping it over his hips. She could see the outline of his still-hard dick pressed sideways in the spandex against his right hip flexor. The suit clearly wasn’t designed to handle massive hard-ons.

“I’m in my room,” Alex called out. “You come in here.”

Alex stood and waited, facing the door to his bedroom, while his sprung cock pointed right at Courtney, taunting her. Alex had really surprised her, matching every bold move of Courtney’s with an even bolder one.

Courtney swallowed right along with Alex when Zoe walked in. She looked so fetching and girlish in that tight suit of hers, in contrast to Alex’s sculpted lines and sharp angles. The way it compressed her tits against her body somehow made it naughtier.

God, why is she so fucking hot? Courtney was in for an agonizing wait, with her hands restricted and unable to provide relief.

Zoe herself stopped short, surprised at Alex’s attire. They stood for a moment looking at each other.

Jesus just get on with it already. Courtney was growing impatiently horny. Alex broke the silence.

“I thought you could use a massage after your practice,” he said. “Your muscles must be sore.”

“They’re sore all over, coach. All over. But I thought I might shower first.”

“Later. Things might get messy.”

“Whatever you say, coach.” Zoe smiled back.

Eye roll. How often do they play this game?

“Why don’t you lie down right here, and I’ll take good care of you,” Alex said, placing a towel down on the floor, right at the foot of the closet door.

He is not…

Zoe complied, laying face down on the towel right in the line of Courtney’s sight through the angled slats.

That bastard is out to torture me, I swear to god!

While Alex was rubbing some lotion on his hands, he looked over at the closet for a moment, smiling, clearly enjoying himself. He knelt down, affording Courtney a generous view of Zoe, and began working on Zoe’s legs, starting at the calves and making his way upwards. Zoe moaned her approval once Alex reached her upper thighs, and started working his way into the fabric of her suit, massaging her ass with tight squeezes, and bringing his fingers close to her pussy, currently hidden from Courtney’s view.

“You seem to have a lot of tension in this area,” said Alex while began rubbing his hand steadily between her legs, giving her pussy a nice massage over her the spandex. Courtney saw him take his hand to his Speedo to adjust, running a hand along his cock up and down for good measure. Courtney salivated as he eased his engorged mushroom head to peak out of his waistband.

“Yes, it’s very tight,” answered Zoe.

Courtney, meanwhile, was making a mess. Her pussy was contracting in time to Alex’s movements, and pushing out a hot flow of viscous fluid that dripped to the floor inside the closet. Her breathing was labored, and she worried that Zoe might hear her, maybe even smell her arousal from her spot so close by on the floor. She leaned in closer.

Alex gave her back a quick rubdown (a valiant effort, but there were other things to do here, clearly) before having her turn over. Zoe’s outer labia, clearly swollen from Alex’s finger-work, were puffy and visible under her suit, and the nubs of her nipples stood firm and button-like against the restrictive swimsuit. Zoe faced the closet, and seemed to be studying it for a moment.

Courtney’s heart quickened. She held her breath.

But Zoe was soon distracted as Alex ran his hands over her shoulders, now straddling her hips.

“It’s better if I take this down a bit,” Alex said quietly, indicating Zoe’s shoulder straps. His arousal was evident not only in his swim trunks, but in the labored quality of his voice and breath.

He peeled the damp suit off of Zoe’s shoulders, and then her chest to allow her tits to finally return to their perky, natural state. Zoe sighed as he did, and allowed him to slip her shoulders out from under the material. Apparently no longer able to restrain himself, Alex placed his mouth on an erect nipple, and began sucking on it in earnest.

Courtney marveled at Zoe’s perfect body, deeply longing to be in Alex’s place. Holy shit, if I don’t get some relief I’m going to have to break this door down and take them both on, she thought. She glanced down over her own flushed and tender body, the closet door slats forming a striped pattern over her stomach and breasts. She wondered how she was going to make it without a chance to touch her pussy for relief.

Then she got an idea.

Courtney’s right foot sat close to her wet slit. Using what little resources she had in movement, she pushed her heel closer and closer until she made contact.

Fuck, finally. She pressed her heel against her clit, making slow circles around her pussy. She called upon every last bit of her willpower to suppress the moaning she wanted desperately to release.

Outside the door, Alex was peeling Zoe’s suit down further and further until it reached her pubic mound. Zoe’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was coming in slow and deep. Alex had applied yet more oil to her body, making it shine. Courtney could smell the coconut oil mixed with sex from her spot a few feet away. By now she was catching herself regularly making subtle noises that she couldn’t really control.

Alex finished sliding off Zoe’s suit, rolling and pushing it past her mound, past her taut legs, and finally, completely off. Zoe lay completely naked, lithe and white, with rosy pink cheeks that matched the color of her lips, nipples, and the swollen folds between her legs. She looked beautiful, glowing with lust.

Alex’s dick was red and pulsing, still up against his abs and held in by the Speedo. His hands were pressing ever more firmly into Zoe’s body, and she was responding with deep satisfied sighs. Zoe’s eyes opened, and she stared at Alex’s bulge, fixated on the underside of his cock head peaking out. He was involuntarily sliding the sensitive skin against the material of his suit, in the zone as he stroked Zoe’s breasts, stomach, and then between her legs.

Zoe propped herself up on her elbows to watch Alex’s handiwork. While she gazed at Alex, her moaning became more constant, punctuated by the occasional “Oh yes” and “fuck that feels good.” Zoe licked her lips (causing Courtney to respond in kind), and grabbed a hold of Alex’s swimsuit, tugging on them.

“Not so fast,” Alex pushed back playfully.

“Sorry…coach. I want it so bad now. I’m so ready,” she said, practically moaning out the last few words, “and so wet. Can I please have it?”

Jesus, let her have it, for god’s sake! Courtney was with Zoe on this one, and could hardly wait to have Alex fulfill his promise to take care of her later.

“Well, you do feel quite ready,” Alex responded while working his fingers inside of Zoe’s pussy. “You may start by stroking it,” he said finally.

Zoe sat up eagerly and yanked Alex’s Speedo down to his legs.

Courtney’s heart was pounding with anticipation. She pressed her heel further into her clit, sending a hot wave of pleasure throughout her body. Her vision blurred, and she almost collapsed against the closet door. Damn, better be careful, she thought.

Zoe grabbed the bottle of lotion, slathered some on her hands and began pumping up and down on Alex’s cock. The restraint he had shown with Zoe up to now melted in her hot little hands.

Courtney was mesmerized by Zoe’s stroking and the steady squelching created by the lotion against his skin. Zoe caressed his balls with her other hand like an expert, eliciting a low and deep moan from Alex.

“Wow coach, you must really like that,” Zoe teased.

His cock looked giant, almost inappropriately so, in Zoe’s girlish hands, and Courtney had to catch herself from drooling at the impossibly hot scene. She could almost feel his cock in her mouth she wanted it so bad.

Alex was getting worked up into quite a state himself. His moaning was becoming louder and his hips bucked up and down while Zoe stroked away at a slow but steady pace that was obviously driving him crazy.

“Why don’t you…work the rest of that tension out,” Alex said in between sharp breaths, “and take a ride.”

Zoe smiled. Courtney leaned in, her face nearly up against the slats of the closet door while she continued masturbating herself with her heel.

“If you insist, coach,” Zoe answered. Zoe stood upright. Courtney could only see her feet straddling Alex. A drop of liquid landed right on the tip of his cock, and then another.

My god, she’s literally dripping. 

Courtney’s foot was working overtime trying to satisfy her intense longing.

Alex shivered and moaned while his cock twitched. “My god you’re so wet. You look so hot when you play with yourself like that, but I need you to come fuck me,” Alex said breathlessly.

Zoe’s hands fell on either side of Alex’s shoulders, and her face came into view over his. Courtney was entranced as she saw Zoe lower herself slowly onto Alex’s throbbing cock. Courtney was so turned on she felt like she was outside her own body. Her abdomen spasmed involuntarily with pre-orgasmic pleasure—dangerous given the circumstances—and her head nearly banged the closet door while she witnessed Alex’s cock disappear inside Zoe.

Hold it together…come on Courtney, she pleaded with herself. But things weren’t looking good on the self-control front.

Alex and Zoe began fucking with long, wet thrusts. Thankfully, neither of them heard Courtney’s uncontrollable moaning, as they were completely lost in each other. Alex’s hands were glued to Zoe’s lovely, tight ass, kneading it with each push inside her. Zoe’s hands were roaming all over Alex’s chest as she rode up and down on his cock. The two glided rhythmically against each other, answering each other’s gasps and grunts in a rising crescendo.

Fuck, this is so unfair! 

Without the proper tools to provide relief, Courtney was in the most frantic state of the three of them. She continued working her heel against her clit with a rapid pace, with no intention of stopping or slowing down. The heat that had started building inside her the moment she walked in the door was reaching a head. She dug in, bracing herself.

“Fuck me like your little slut,” Zoe screamed.

“Oh yes, you are my little slut. I’ll fuck you ‘til you cum all over my big…hard…cock,” Alex grunted.

The words rang in Courtney’s ears, her body awash in lust. She was crazed and helpless, a starving prisoner watching kings indulge in a feast. Courtney saw Alex’s cock emerge completely from Zoe’s pussy, covered in her juices, and slam back in to start pounding with fury.

Then she lost it.

Courtney screamed over her gag, contracting and releasing her whole body as a monstrous orgasm overtook her. The spasms kept coming and her pussy was gushing. She knew she was being loud enough for them to hear at this point, but she couldn’t do anything to stop herself.

With a deep contraction, Courtney lost control of her own body and crashed dramatically against the closet door, popping it open, and falling out before Alex and Zoe, mid-coitus. She thought she was done, but when she looked up and saw them both staring, another wave hit her, and she spasmed several more times.

“Holy fucking shit,” Courtney managed before passing out, completely spent and exhausted.

Alex sat and stared at her, speechless.

Zoe jumped up with a startled shout. Then when she realized who had fallen out of the closet she grew immediately angry.

“What the fuck!” demanded Zoe.

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