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Easy Money

Stood up by her boyfriend, an opportunity to earn some cash presents a girl with a dilemma
I was seriously pissed off. My boyfriend had stood me up again, off with his pig-ignorant mates. He'd only texted me when I was in the shopping centre making my way to the multiplex. Well, fuck him, I thought. I went outside to smoke a ciggie, before I'd make my way home, maybe stop in at the club on the way for a game of pool and a cider.

I sparked up, pulling my long black coat tight around me. My long purple hair was blowing in the wind, and I could feel the biting wind against my stockinged legs, my short skirt offering no protection.

I saw a guy sit on the bench beside me, lighting up a cigarette. He looked me over, seemed to make his mind up, and said, "Nice look. Goth or emo?"

"Fuck off," I replied, turning away from him.

"Wow. Nice mouth."

Cheeky cunt, I thought. "Yeah, and this mouth would blow you for fifty quid." The words were out before my brain had engaged. 

He took a drag of his cigarette, then dropped it to the ground, grinding it out underfoot. He pulled his wallet from his jacket pocket, and counted the contents.

"What would I get for £200?"

I turned to look at him. He had longish hair, greying, smooth features, attractive in a bookish kind of way. He was dressed in a suit, dark blue, with a white shirt and a pale yellow tie. His leather jacket looked expensive, as did his shoes. 

"You serious? I'm eighteen, and you're offering me money for sex? You fucking old pervert." I sneered at him.

He smiled, and put the money back in his wallet. "I'm in town on business, was supposed to meet someone for dinner but they've just cancelled. I'm at a loose end. I'm sorry if I offended you."

He stood up, and made to leave. I had to admire his audacity.

"Cash up front," I found myself saying.

He stopped, and looked me over. I stood up, dropping my cigarette butt on the ground. I had on my long black coat, short leather skirt and black stockings, and my calf length boots. Under my coat I had on a scarlet bra and a lacy black top. I had the full make-up on, lots of bright red lipstick, and tons of black eye-liner. My mum said I looked like a panda, the bitch. My ears were covered in studs, as was my tongue, and I had three hoops in my lower lip. I also had both nipples pierced, and a clit ring.

"Half now, the rest later."

I nodded, and took the offered £100. What the fuck was I doing? Getting back at my piece of shit boyfriend? I was strangely attracted to this guy, but I'd never been with anyone other than my boyfriend. "Where are we gonna do this?" I asked.

He was staying in the hotel across from the multiplex. "I'm in room 306. I'll go ahead and you follow. I'm trusting you not to do a runner." He turned and crossed the road, going in through the revolving door. I could just run, I thought, his fault for trying to pick up a stranger. I lit another cigarette, smoking it down to the filter. Could I do it? Fuck it. My mind made up, I stood up, and entered the hotel.

I could feel the stares from the staff as I crossed the foyer and headed to the lifts. They seemed to take forever to arrive, and my hand was shaking as I pressed the button for the third floor. The lift doors opened, and I saw the sign telling me the room I wanted was to the right.

I knocked on the door, there was no turning back now. He opened it, and stood to one side letting me in. He'd taken off his leather coat and his suit jacket and tie. The shirt looked like silk. He closed the door behind me, motioning me into the room. He undid the cuff-links on his shirt and placed them with his expensive looking watch on the dresser.

"Would you like a drink?" He opened the mini-bar so I could see the contents.

"A Magners, please."

He took out the cider, and a premixed vodka and tonic for himself. There was only one glass, and he poured the cider into it. My boyfriend would have just given me the bottle. I thanked him, took a swig of the cold drink. The room was pleasantly warm. I took off my coat, and went to throw it over the chair. He took it from me and hung it up in the cupboard. I stood there, in my short leather skirt and lacy top, all gothed up. He smiled at me. "Relax," he said, "I want you to enjoy this as well."

I smiled back, despite myself. I sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower," he said. He took off his shirt, revealing a toned body. He stepped out of his shoes and removed his socks, then took off his trousers. He wore boxer shorts and left them on as he turned on the light to the bathroom. "Won't be long. Make yourself comfortable." He motioned to the bed.

I could hear him in the shower. I finished my cider, and thought about smoking, but there were numerous signs up to the contrary. I took off my boots, kicking them into the corner, and my clothes followed. I stood naked in the room. I have small breasts, a 32B, and I'm skinny. I'm five feet two without my boots, five feet seven with them on. I decided he didn't need to see me standing up. I got onto the bed. The shower turned off, and I could hear him moving about. The door then opened and he stepped out, naked. He came and sat on the bed beside me.

His eyes took in my body, from my purple hair, down over my tits, my stomach, my shaved pussy, down my legs to my purple painted toenails. I'm sure he'd never seen a Goth close up, let alone paid one for sex. His hand was on my leg, moving up my thigh. He leaned in. "Is kissing OK?"

I didn't answer, just put one arm around his neck and pulled his mouth to mine. Our tongues met, and we kissed deeply. His hand moved up across my stomach to my left tit, his fingers finding the nipple and the ring. His touch was gentle at first, then began to pull at my nipple, his hand kneading the flesh of my minuscule breasts. 

My hand moved to his lap, finding his cock. It felt big in my hand. I gripped his shaft, and stroked him to full hardness. My boyfriends cock was small but fat, this guy's was long and fat. I wondered what it would feel like in my cunt, hopefully I wouldn't have to wonder for too long. He sighed as I wanked him slowly, his kisses more urgent, deeper. His hands found both my tits, pulling the rings upwards. His mouth left mine, and he dipped his head to suck on my nipples, his hands pushing the flesh together. I put my free hand on his head, holding his hair and forcing his face into my tits.

"Suck me."

He leaned back, his cock standing proud, the head pointing to the ceiling. I shuffled back, and leaned forward, one hand around his shaft and my mouth over the head. I licked, tentatively, his pre-cum coating the purple tip. I stuck my tongue out so he could see my piercing, then took him into my mouth.

I give good blow jobs, my boyfriend never lasts very long when I suck him, and yes, I always swallow. I took this guy's dick like a pro, doing all the tricks I knew, licking and nibbling the shaft, rubbing the head, sucking his balls. I tried to deep throat him but he was just too long. My spit coated his cock, and it got even bigger, thicker. I sucked him until my jaw ached. He lasted a good ten minutes before he tensed, and I took him as deep into my mouth as I could. He spasmed and came hard in my mouth, I squeezed his balls and wanked his shaft, getting every drop out of him. I opened my mouth to show him his load, then swallowed the lot. 

He kissed me, pushing me back on the bed. He obviously wasn't finished with me. He kissed down my neck and sucked my tits again, then licked down my stomach. He grasped my legs and pulled them apart, exposing my hairless cunt to him. He ran a finger over my opening, over the clit ring, getting the finger coated in my juice, then licking it clean. The second time he did it he offered the finger to me. I'd never tasted myself, but greedily sucked on his digit. He then bent down and started to eat me out. 

My boyfriend would lick me but only for a minute or so, this guy went to town on my cunt, bringing me off countless times, his tongue, lips and fingers all over me, rubbing my clit then prodding inside me, kissing, biting me, pulling at my clit ring. I thrashed around on the bed, the sheets beneath me soaking wet from my orgasms. I felt well and truly used, but I loved the feeling.

He looked up at me, his face wet from my cunt juices, and kissed me, our tongues mingling. I could feel his cock against my hole, solid again. I reached down and rubbed his cock against my clit. He felt good. I held the tip of his cock against my opening, and pushed myself against him. The head disappeared between my lips.

He gripped my knees and brought them up level with my shoulders, and sank his prick deep into me. Fuck, I could almost feel him in my stomach. He stretched me wide, my cunt lips taut around his shaft. He drew out slowly and then sank his cock back in just as slowly, shifting his hips from side to side, getting contact with every inch of my vaginal walls. My nipples stood up like bullets, I held my legs wide open as he rested on his hands and started to speed up his fucking motion.

I kept cumming, over and over again, I was aware of screaming but it felt like a different person. I begged him to fuck me, I ordered him to fuck me, I pleaded with him to make me cum again. I couldn't take much more, but wanted everything he had.

He slipped out of me, eliciting a gasp from me. "Turn over", he told me.

I scooted around on to all fours, my legs wide and ready for him. I felt his cock against my anus. "No!"

"For two hundred... yes," he said. He pushed firmly against my arsehole. I'd never done anal before. He had the head of his cock buried in me, my cunt juices lubricating his passage. "Just relax," he told me. I tried. Little by little he fed his fat cock into my arse. I reached down between my legs and pulled at his balls, then began to finger my clit as he started to pump into me. It was uncomfortable, at first, then the pain turned sweet and he started to build up his speed, my hand stroking my pussy lips and clit in time to his fucking. He pushed hard into me, I could hear his cock squelching inside me.

I came hard, again and again, the feeling of his cock in my arse sending me into exquisite rapture. My legs were almost beyond use at this stage, it was only the fact that I was impaled on his prick that kept me up. He tensed as his own orgasm built. With a soft plop he pulled out, shooting his warm cum across my back, and over my butterfly tattoo. I collapsed on the bed. He wanked the last bit of cum out of his cock and onto my arse, then lay down beside me.

I awoke with a start, the room was dark, and he was gone. My money, I thought. I got up, and turned on the lamp beside the bed. There was a sheet of notepaper folded over, with five twenty pound notes inside. There was a note, too. "I had a great time, sorry I had to go out and I didn't want to wake you. I'm in town once a month, and would love to make this a regular thing. J." His phone number was written underneath.

I took a shower, my legs shaking under me, the smell of sex lingering. Getting dressed, I checked my phone. One message from the boyfriend: "My mate's let me down. Where are you?" 

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I smiled. Two hundred pounds and the best fuck of my short life. I opened the contacts in my phone and entered the number from the piece of paper. With my eye-liner pencil I added a footnote to his: "You have yourself a deal".

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